Tuesday, December 18, 2007


1. bill callahan. sycamore [woke on a whaleheart]

2. no kids. bluster in the air [come into my house]
3. bowerbirds. olive hearts [hymn for a dark horse]
4. magnetic fields. the nun's litany [distortion]

5. valet. fire [second marriage records comp]
6. beach house. astronaut [devotion]

- cut yr hair [pavement cover]
- interview
- postcards from italy [beirut cover]

8. okkervil river. listening to otis redding during christmas [live]
9. the motifs. diagonal [s/t]

- i wanna hippopotamus for christmas [live]

11. frank sinatra. santa claus is coming to town [compilation]
12. destroyer. foam hands [trouble in dreams]
13. evangelicals. the last christmas on earth [song]

14. casiotone for the painfully alone. cold white christmas [etiquette]
15. belle & sebastian. o little town of bethlehem [peel christmas party]
16. magnetic fields. mr mistletoe [distortion]

17. okay. simple [huggable dust]
18. xiu xiu. i do what i want when i want [women as lovers]
19. yeasayer. red cave [all hour cymbals]

20. bonnie prince billy. the cursed sleep [wai notes]
21. hello blue roses. shadow falls [forthcoming]
22. parenthetical girls. if it's a time for christmas [parenthetical girls christmas]

23. frank sinatra. have yrself a merry little christmas [christmas comp]
24. run dmc(!!!!). christmas in hollis [a very special christmas]

Wednesday, December 12, 2007




12. LIARS - S/T


9. M.I.A. - KALA



















6. LIARS - S/T






Tuesday, December 11, 2007


1. dan deacon. big milk [spiderman of the rings]


shea: SONGS OF GREEN PHEASANT - GYLLYNG STREET. track: king friday
richard: BEN & BRUNO - ONE HUNDRED GRIM REAPERS. track: pack of light blue birds


s: ELECTRELANE - NO SHOUTS, NO CALLS. track: cut & run
r: MAGIK MARKERS - BOSS. track: four/the ballad of harry angstrom


s: SUNSET RUBDOWN - RANDOM SPIRIT LOVER. track: the courtesan has come
r: SLEEPING STATES - THERE, THE OPEN SPACES. track: the next step


s: OKAY - HUGGABLE DUST. track: my


s: JOHN MAUS - LOVE IS REAL. track: my whole world's coming apart
r: LIARS - S/T. track: protection


s: NURSE & SOLDIER - MARGINALIA. track: satellightning
r: JEFFREY LEWIS - 12 CRASS SONGS. track: i ain't thick


s: NO AGE - WEIRDO RIPPERS. track: my life's alright without you
r: DIRTY PROJECTORS - RISE ABOVE. track: gimmie gimmie gimmie


r: OKAY - HUGGABLE DUST. track: natural


s: ANIMAL COLLECTIVE - STRAWBERRY JAM. track: winter wonder land
r: GOWNS - RED STATE. track: rope


s: PANDA BEAR - PERSON PITCH. track: comfy in nautica
r: PANDA BEAR - PERSON PITCH. track: take pills

22. deerhunter. strange lights [cryptograms]
23. m.i.a. $20 [kala]
24. BARR. first [summary]
25. magic weapon. capital of colour [demo]

26. phosphorescent. be dark now [pride]

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

argh this is a horible song yo. playlist dec 4

1. sleeping states. september, maybe [there the open spaces]

2. atlas sound. recent bedroom [let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel]
3. deerhunter. activa [daytrotter session]
4. black mountain. wild wind [in the future]

5. sam amidon. little johnny brown [all is well]
6. cass mcombs. deseret [dropping the writ]
7. ray rumours. tomorrow [split with bare knees]

8. the field mice. if you need someone [where'd you learn to kiss that way?]
9. cryptacize. cosmic singalong [dig that treasure]
10. sunset rubdown. idiot heart [daytrotter session]

11. castanets. rain will come [in the vines]
12. tall dwarfs. dare to tread [fork songs]
13. the watery graves and genevieve. pour romain [s/t]

14. white denim. mess yr hair up [let's talk talk talk about it]
15. psychedelic horseshit. portals [magic flowers droned]
16. ariel pink. everybody [through the wilderness madonna comp]

17. snowfield. if this is liberty give me death [forthcoming]
18. animal collective. doggy/hey light [live on bbc]
19. high places. sandy feat [s/t ep]

20. magnetic fields. strange powers [holiday]
21. ride. all i can see [smile]
22. manishevitz. dead birds [east to east]
23. growing. first contact [lateral]

24. unreliable narrator. these fucking mountains [concrete lions]
25. real live tigers. beard of bees [this is sometimes a riverbed]
26. these new puritans. costume [beat pyramids]

27. worms. impossible [s/t]
28. pre. popping showers [epic fits]
29. coughs. fencing [secret passage]

30. minisnap. new broom [bounce around]

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

you make supper so nice. playlist nov 27

1. neil young. ohio [live at massey hall 1971]

2. dan rossen. graceland [cover]
3. bonnie prince billy. the world's greatest [ask forgiveness]
4. yeasayer. waves [all hour cymbals]

5. dan rossen. too little, too late [jojo cover]
6. panda bear. ain't got no troubles [s/t]
7. frog eyes. masticated outboard motor [ego scriptor]

8. m.i.a. pull up the people [arular]
9. the black lips. veni vidi vici [good bad not evil]
10. marnie stern. vibrational match [in advance of the broken arm]

11. mount eerie. mount eerie pt 6 [parts 6 & 7]
12. shocking pinks. affection [dance the dance electric]
13. !!!. take ecstasy with me [7"]

14. magnetic fields. three way [distortion]
15. the show is the rainbow. gothic cajun [gymnasia]
16. japanther. river phoenix [skuffed up my huffy]

17. these new puritans. en papier [beat pyramid]
18. black mountain. tyrants [in the future]
19. a place to bury strangers. don't think lover [s/t]

20. television. elevation [marquee moon]
21. vampire weekend. cape cod kwassa kwassa [s/t]
22. why?. the hollows [the hollows ep]

23. okay. beast [huggable dust]
24. big black. crack [hammer party ep]

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i flirted with a girl in sign language. playlist nov 20

1. lou reed. safety zone [nanking]

2. jens lekman. you can call me al [live]
3. french quarter. stay [s/t]
4. gravenhurst. grand union canal [the western lands]

5. fiery furnaces. ex guru [widow city]
6. cats and cats and cats. brilliant the brilli ant [split ep]
7. the puddle. no sequels [no love no hate]

8. magazine. shot by both sides [real life]
9. public image ltd. attack [first issue]
10. manishevitz. dead birds [east to east]

11. richard youngs. low bay of sky [autumnal response]
12. tenniscoats. baibaba bimba [tan-tan therapy]
13. bonnie prince billy. am i demon [ask forgiveness]

14. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. nana [underground]
15. okay. truce [huggable dust]
16. animal collective. from a beach [live on bbc]

17. thanksgiving. home alone [welcome nowhere + extras]
18. feu therese. la nuit est une femme [ca va cogner]
19. kemialliset ystavat. himmeli kutsuu minua [s/t]

20. the tough alliance. the last dance [a new chance]
21. curtains. show me the way things work [worried noodles]
22. sambassadeur. the park [migration]

23. shugo tokumaru. green rain [exit]
24. shooting spires. quarantine [s/t]
25. white mice. dieabeasttitty [whatevs]

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


1. jeffrey lewis. punk is dead [12 crass songs]
2. clear tigers. boredom [brutal]

3. soft machine. dada was here [second s/t]
4. hello blue roses. shadow falls [roughs]
5. paul barribeau. things i wish [grand ledge]

6. king khan & the shrines. welfare bread [s/t]
7. smoke. trust [another reason to fast]
8. yeasayer. red cave [all hour cymbals]

9. akron/family. lake song/new ceremonial music for mothers [love is simple]
10. jackie-o motherfucker. valley of fire [valley of fire]

11. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. ghost town [underground]
12. shapes & sizes. alone/alive [split lips, winning hips, a shiner]
13. broadcast. green peter [forthcoming]

14. fuck buttons. bright tomorrow [bright tomorrow 7"]
15. francois. nightlights [unfinshed album!]
16. shuta hasunuma. discover tokyo [ok bamboo]

17. bon ivor. skinny love [for emma, for ever ago]
18. devastations. mistakes [yes, u]
19. the monks. cuckoo [black monk time]

20. the field mice. when morning comes to town [where'd you learn to kiss that way]
21. times new viking. (my head)/rip allegory [single]
22. yip-yip. audacity beach [two kings of the same kingdom]

23. ex-models. chrome hearts [chrome hearts]
24. HEALTH. / / M \ \ [s/t]
25. die! die! die!. blinding [promises, promises]

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

whatsup guys

1. castanets. and the swimming [in the vines]

2. gravenhurst. farewell, farewell [the western lands]
3. the antlers. east river berlin wall [cold war ep]
4. animal collective. purple bottle [live at neumos 2006]

5. feu therese. les enfants [ca va cogner]
6. bob dylan & the band. i'm not there [i'm not there ost]
7. beirut. interior of a dutch house [demo]

8. flying saucer attack. a silent tide [s/t]
9. eric copeland. la booly boo [hermaphrodite]
10. m.i.a. paper planes [kala]

11. rob. the panda coming [panda bear/surf city mashup]
12. deradoorian. grey teeth [demo]
13. grizzly bear. blackcurrant jam [worried noodles]

14. rivulets. to be home [you are my home]
15. my little airport. debbie, don't send this song to others [we can't stop smoking the vicious and blue summer]
16. christopher francis. one [worried noodles]
17. jesus and mary chain. teenage lust (acoustic) [the sound of speed]

18. pants yell! reject, reject [alison statton]
19. san francisco water cooler. rockers escape [s/t]
20. sambassadeur. the park [migration]

21. shocking pinks. emily (live on rdu) [free dfa comp]
22. the art bears. the song of the martyrs [the world as it is today]
23. pussy galore. yu gong [sugarshit sharp]
24. fuck buttons. sweet love for planet earth [street horrrsing]

25. this heat. sleep [deceit]
26. some girls. the dna will have its say [the dna will have its say]

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

circular brackets are the dark horse playlist 30/10/07

big thanks to the g-man gareth for filling in for shea!

1. gravenhurst. trust (the western lands)

2. yeasayer. sunrise (all hour cymbals)
3. stephen malkmus. ballad of a thin man (i'm not there ost)
4. orilla opry. shadow shadow (lighthouse for strugglers eyes)

5. swirlies. wrong tube (blondertongueaudiobaton)
6. cap'n jazz. little league (analphabetapolothology)
7. the black swans. change (change)

8. beirut. forks and knifes (la fete) (the flying cub cup)
9. lightning paw. somethings true (holy, holy)
10. css. knife (friend ep)

11. broughton and casati. the rage (the rage ep)
12. pants yell! tried to be good (alison stratton)
13. the red krayola w/ art and language. fairest of all (trapped by liars)

14. the teenagers. scarlet johansson (fuck nicole)
15. yume bitsu. i wait for you (yume bitsu)
16. yo la tengo. fourth time around (i'm not there ost)

17. the pyramids. piblokoto (s/t)
18. the liars. cycle time (s/t)
19. white hills. radiate (heads on fire)

20. the breeders. safari (safari ep)
21. pylon. volume (gyrate)
22. radiohead. reckoner (in rainbows)

23. HEALTH. zoothorns (s/t)
24. les savy fav. patty lee (lets stay friends)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i live for yr fleeting touch. playlist oct 23

1. ben & bruno. given the attributes (100 grim reapers)

2. graves. grupe park [seldom slumber]
3. begushkin. nightly things [nightly things]
4. orillia opry. shadow shadow [lighthouse for stragglers' eyes]

5. octopus project. queen [hello, avalanche]
6. maritime. for science fiction [heresy and the hotel choir]
7. codeine. barely real [barely real]

8. john maus. too much money [love is real]
9. swervedriver. girl on a motorbike [mezcal head]
10. half cousin. police torch [iodine]
11. white rainbow. waves [prism of eternal now]

12. the tough alliance. a new chance [a new chance]
13. jonquil. pencil, paper [lions]
14. moon + moon. act two [la societe]

15. david thomas broughton & 7 hertz. weight of my love [s/t]
16. golden axe. pumps on prepay [demo?]

17. yeasayer. sunrise [all hour cymbals]
18. phosphorescent. and the swimming [cover]
19. palace bros. come in [glr session 1994]

20. monster bobby. i heard you moved away [gaps]
21. woelv. drapeau blanc [tout seul dans la foret...]
22. math & physics club. do you keep a diary [baby i'm yrs ep]

23. the dead c. bad politics [making losers happy comp.]
24. the coathangers. don't touch my shit [s/t]
25. death sentence: panda. little one vs big one [puppy kitten or both]

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


1. tom brosseau. committed to memory [cavalier]

2. japancakes. only shallow [loveless]
3. phosphorescent. wolves [pride]
4. sea saw. microphone [magnetophone]

5. bob dylan. let me die in my footsteps [bootleg series vol 1-3]
6. the 1900s. everybody's got a collection [cold & kind]
7. grizzly bear. alligator (choir version) [friend ep]

8. shooting spires. sky for a sea [s/t]
9. weird weeds. a goose [forthcoming ooooh]
10. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. somewhere in europe/hotpink! [worn copy]
11. mattress. in yr pocket [single]

12. my bloody valentine. thorn [you made me realise ep]
13. psychedelic horseshit. anxiety [blown speaker standards]
14. red pony clock. don't forget who yr friends are [god made dirt]
15. tullycraft. the punks are writing love songs [every scene needs a center]

16. shonen knife. a day at the factory [s/t]
17. math & physics club. nothing really happened [baby i'm yrs ep]
18. the mekons. dark dark dark [natural]

19. grizzly bear. little brother (electric) [friend ep]
20. jeffrey lewis. end result [12 crass songs]
21. fire engines. candyskin [hungry beat]

22. young marble giants. searching for mr right [colossal youth]
23. eyeless in gaza. three kittens [photographs as memories]
24. teenage jesus & the jerks. i wake up dreaming [no new york comp]

25. holy fuck. safari [lp]

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

24hrs until revolution. playlist, 9 october w/ timmy dodgers

tim rogers, a most ordinary set of events, the luxury of hysteria
spoon, don't make me a traget, ga ga ga ga ga
sunset rubdown, up on your leopard, upon the end of your feral days, random spirit lover
thurston moore, honest james, trees outside the academy
animal collective, unsolved mysteries, strawberry jam
liars, houseclouds, liars (2007)
battles, leyendecker, mirrored
king loser, 76 comeback, you cannot kill what does not live
the bronx, dirty leaves, the bronx
the drones, i don't ever want to change, gala mill
kill devil hills, drinking too much, heathen songs
grinderman, depth charge ethel, grinderman
the gin club, you make it hard, virginibus puerisque
iron and wine, carousel, the shepard's dog
akron/ family, running, returning, akron/ family
elliott smith, angel in the snow, new moon
devendra banhart, tonada yanomaninista, smokey rolls down thunder canyon
architecture in helsinki, heart it races, places like this
the go team, titanic vandalism, proof of youth
okkervil river, unless it's kicks, the stage names
ween, what deaner was talkin about, chocolate and cheese
radiohead, 15 step, bootleg - live at bonnaroo 17-06-2006
karen dalton, are you leaving for ther country, in my own time
the frames, song for someone, the cost
tim rogers, goodnight boys, the lucxury of hysteria

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

richard and i are wearing the same warehouse hoody. playlist oct 2

1. pearls and brass. away the mirrors [the indian tower]

2. surf city. free the city [s/t ep]
3. adrian orange & her band. fire dream [s/t]
4. low low low la la la love love love. mayfly [ends of june]

5. romona cordova. brother [the boy who floated freely]
6. jim white. counting numbers in the air [transnormal skiperoo]
7. songs of green pheasant. the ballad of century paul [gyllyng street]

8. bearsuit. looks a bleached coral faced crow with jewels for eyes [oh:io]
9. jonquil. sudden sun [lions]
10. fire engines. candyskin [hungry beat]

11. black lips. not a problem [arriba tijuana]
12. the haircuts. the last stop [sorrow is the way to love]
13. dean & britta. white horses [back numbers]

14. kimya dawson. tire swing [remember that i love you]
15. mount eerie. in moonlight [what the heck? comp]
16. wzt hearts. lava nile [thread ropes spell making yr bones]

17. liars. volcano police [plaster casts b-side]
18. HEALTH. heaven [s/t]
19. the oblivions. ride that train [play nine songs]

20. animal collective. brother sport (live) [live on npr]
21. peter and the wolf. the ivori palms [the ivori palms]
22. the doves. the storm [some cities]
23. six organs of admittance. strangled road [shelter from the ash]

24. the octopus project. upmann [hello, avalanche]
25. swell maps. hs art [a trip to marineville]
26. pre. scenes from a 1963 los angeles love-in [epic fits]

27. not so experimental. track 3 [ep]

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

minimal shit drumming; totally where it's at. playlist sept 25

1. luna. bonne & clyde [penthouse]

2. celebration. evergreen [the modern tribe]
3. little wings. saturday [soft pow'r]
4. tenniscoats. donna donna [totemo aimasho]

5. final fantasy. this lamb sells condos [he poos clouds]
6. beirut. nantes [the flying club cup]
7. alastair galbraith. this hard [mirrorwork]

8. surf city. dickshakers union [s/t ep]
9. tyondai braxton. hold onto distance [history that has no effect]
10. gang gang dance. nicoman [rawwar ep]

11. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. she's my girl [loverboy]
12. bearsuit. steven fucking spielberg [oh:io]
13. dan deacon. totally boner eat shit [crystal cat b-side]

14. mogwai. yes! i am a long way from home [young team]
15. slint. glenn [tweez]

16. bonjour monsoon. robot vampires from the sun [r.v. ep]
17. boris. pink [pink]
18. eyeless in gaza. john of patmos [photographs as memories]
19. shadow ring. city lights [city lights]

20. black kids. i'm not gonna teach you [wizard of ahhhs demo]
21. prinzhorn dance school. realer, pretender [s/t]
22. Aa. good ship [gAame]
23. the count five. psychotic reaction [dunno eh]

24. sightings. debt depths [through the panama]
25. hella. post-ivy league depression [total bugs bunny on wild bass]
26. disasteradio. awesome feeling [visions]

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i've got styles for miles and miles. playlist sept 18

1. scout niblett. comfort you [this fool can die now]
2. the gin club. hometown girls [live recording]
3. labradford. wr [mi media naranja]
4. xy lover. expand yr instants into oblivion [demo]

5. the mountain goats. blood royal [orange raja]
6. the vietnam war. city lights [demo]
7. andrew jackson jihad. lightning bolt [ghost mice split]
8. john maus. the silent chorus [love is real]
9. indian jewelry. bombing nightclubs [sangles redux]

10. magik markers. empty bottles [boss]
11. aidan baker. still my beating heart beats [still my beating heart beats]
12. Aa. horse steak [gAame]

13. his name is alive. this is my confession [xxmer]
14. the motifs. backwards/envelopes [away]
15. damon & naomi. cruel queen [within these walls]
16. guided by voices. my valuable hunting knife [alien lanes]

17. akron/family. there's so many colors [love is simple]
18. these new puritans. numbers [colours/numbers]
19. lungfish. necrophones [necrophones]

20. little pictures. this house can fit us all [you and me and my amplifier ep]
21. celebration. evergreen [the modern tribe]
22. electrelane. at sea [no shouts, no calls]
23. eric copeland. green burrito [hermaphrodite]
24. HEALTH. glitter pills [single]

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


1. yellow fever. culver city [demo]
2. irene. by yr side [long gone before summer]
3. scout niblett. do you want to be buried with my people [this fool can die now]
4. the haircuts. the gate [sorrow is the way to love]

5. queen victoria. the endless night [the endless night]
6. beach house. auburn and ivory [s/t]
7. arthur russell. you and me both [calling out of context]

8. miracle fortress. little trees [five roses]
9. john maus. do your best [love is real]
10. liars. the other side of mt heart attack [drum's not dead]
11. picastro. hortur [whore luck]

12. a place to bury strangers. another step away [s/t]
13. wyrd visions. sigill [half eaten guitar]
14. santa dads. the lion song [axis mundi]

15. galaxie 500. tugboat [today]
16. phony bone. penny [demo]
17. wooden shjips. we ask you to ride [s/t]
18. le loup. le loup (fear not) [the throne of...]

19. the wipers. over the edge [over the edge]
20. broken social scene. ibi dreams of pavement [s/t]
21. this heat. twilight furniture [s/t]
22. foot village. wherever the fuck arnold schwarzenegger's from [world fantasy 10"]
23. phoenix foundation. bright grey [forthcoming]

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

where'd you learn to stage dive with such grace? playlist sep 4

1. harry nilsson. ten little indians [pandemonium shadow show]
2. prairie cat. grumpy forever [attacks!]
3. alaska in winter. close yr eyes, we are blind [dance party in the balkans]
4. le loup. i had a dream i died [the throne of the third heaven of the nations millenium general assembly]

5. black dice. gore [load blown]
6. add n to (x). metal fingers in my body [avant hard]
7. DNA. egomaniacs kiss [no new york compilation]
8. jay reatard. i know a place [i know a place 7"]

9. eric's trip. stove [love tara]
10. most serene republic. multipication desks [population]
11. sly hats. liquorice night [liquorice night]
12. tullycraft. twee [beat surf sun]
13. scout niblett. dinosaur egg [some ep]

14. magic weapon. capital of colour [forthcoming ep]
15. dirty projectors. gimme gimme gimme [rise above]
16. old time relijun. daemon meeting [catharsis in crisis]
17. a place to bury strangers. to fix the gash in yr head [s/t]
18. gang gang dance. 2a glory in itself 2b egyptian [god's money]

19. magik markers. bad dream/hartford beat suit [boss]
20. animal collective. fireworks [strawberry jam]
21. the cave singers. seeds of night [invitation songs]

22. white rainbow. mystic prism [prism of eternal now]
23. nina nastasia & jim white. in the evening [you follow me]
24. dd/mm/yyyy. mr t cereal [are they masks?]
25. lightning bolt. forcefield [ride the skies]

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

yr sitting next to me reading the paper. playlist aug 28

1. the cay. the company store [don't go out tonight]
2. jens lekman. yr arms around me [night falls over kortedala]
3. broadcast. black cat [tender buttons]
4. m.i.a. paper planes [kala]
5. love letter band. this world is not my home [fear not my brother]

6. bodies of water. i turned my face [ears will pop & eyes will blink]
7. tunng. cans [good arrows]
8. my sad captains. bad decisions [demo]
9. paul baribeau. christmas lights [grand ledge]
10. alaska in winter. staring at the sun [dance party in the balkans]

11. grouper. everyone in turn [tired 7"]
12. les savy fav. patty lee [let's stay friends]
13. psychic tv. lies & then [dunno eh]
14. liars. freak out [s/t]
15. andrew kaffer. the faubian stomp [idol idle]

16. panther. you don't want yr nails done [secret lawns]
17. jay reatard. all over again [night of broken glass]
18. maher shalal hash baz. different daylight [l'autre cap]
19. jens lekman. postcard to nina [night falls over kortedala]
20. beirut. a sunday smile [the flying club cup]

21. liger. utter despair, common misery [split]
22. bearsuit. cherryade [cat spectacular!]
23. phosphorescent. a picture of our torn up praise [pride]
24. tenniscoats. hirei [totemo aimasho]

25. larsen. impro #1 [lever]
26. sunset rubdown. the courtesan has sung [random spirit lover]
27. gay against you. liquorice bloodspot [s/t]

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

just hanging out - playlist for the 21st

just me! by myself! i hate talking!

1. tk webb. phantom parade [phantom parade]
2. silver jews. smith & jones forever [american water]
3. battles. atlas [mirrored]

4. castanets. this is the early game [in the vines]
5. cocorosie. rainbow warriors [the adventures of ghosthorse and stillborn]
6. entrance. honey moan [honey moan ep]
7. brown recluse sings. margo left in bed [black sunday ep]
8. the beatles. junk [esher demos]

9. deerhoof. choco fight [friend opportunity]
10. belly boat. rind [dear robert hanoy]
11. doveman. honey [the acrobat]
12. the besnard lakes. disaster [live on sound opinions]

13. pj harvey. rid of me [four track demos]
14. tiny vipers. forest on fire [hands across the void]
15. suicide. cheree [s/t]

16. lockett pundt. bragging party [demo]
17. the radio dept. i don't need love, i've got my band [pulling our weight ep]
18. les enfant bastard. walls [bambi]
19. the moldy peaches. anyone else but you [s/t]
20. the luyas. dumbblood [faker death]
21. ned collette. the laughter across the street [jokes and trials]

22. turbo fruits. volcano [turbo fruits]
23. abe vigoda. world map forever [sky route/star roof]
24. marnie stern. platos fucked up cave [in advance of the broken arm]

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

\m/ playlist 14/09/07 \m/

simone filling in for shea! oh yeah!

1. red house painters. katy songs [s/t 1]
2. department of eagles. no one does it like you [forthcoming?]
3. the cilentele. bookshop casanova [god save the clientele]

4. belle & sebastian. if yr feeling sinister [if yr feeling sinister]
5. metallic falcons. snakes & tea [desert doughnuts]
6. viking moses. werewolves in the city [single]
7. akron/family. don't be afraid, you're already dead [love is simple]

8. m.i.a. paper planes [kala]
9. magik markers. axis mundi [boss]
10. the blow. hock it [poor aim: love songs]
11. white rainbow. mystic prism [prism of eternal now]

12. bobby birdman. i will come again [heart caves]
13. dirty projectors. police story [rise above]
14. april march. mignonette [chrominance decoder]
15. the brian jonestown massacre. wisdom [methodrone]

16. jens lekman. if i could cry (it would feel like this) [night falls over kortedela]
17. bird by snow. black elk in the mountains [ecstatic giving]
18. tender forever. hot [the soft & the hxc]
19. holy shit. i don't need enemies [stranded at two harbours]
20. woods. make time for kitty [how to survive in the woods]

21. jackie-o motherfucker. northern line [liberation]
22. mirah. cold cold water [advisory committee]
23. cat power. headlights [dear sir]
24. part chimp. cover me [cup]

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

you don't want yr nails done. playlist aug 7

1. xxl. last in the society [spicchiology?]
2. YACHT. we're always waiting [i believe in you. yr magic is real]
3. the robot ate me. where love goes [carousel waltz]
4. vampire weekend. campus [s/t]
5. pandatone. did it happen [happy together]
6. YACHT. so post all 'em [i believe in you. yr magic is real]
7. velvet underground. i'm sticking with you [loaded outtake]

8. panther. use yr mouth to breathe [secret lawns]
9. david herman dune. song for the family [ya ya]
10. the go! team. patricia's moving picture [proof of youth]
11. mecca normal. attraction [the observer]

12. panther. how well can you swim? [secret lawns]
13. samara lubelski. have you seen the colours [parallel sun]
14. sunset rubdown. the courtesan has sung [random spirit lover]
15. the homosexuals. hearts in exile [s/t]
16. menomena. wet and rusting [friend & foe]

17. kyp malone. playhouses [ma fama session]
18. destroyer. breakin' the law [we'll build them a golden bridge]
19. sleeping states. the next step [there the open spaces]
20. shocking pinks. girl on the northern line [infinity land]
21. atlas sound. river card [demo]

22. blonde redhead. my impure hair [23]
23. akron/family. phenomena [love is simple]
24. okkervil river. a girl in port [the stage names]

25. palace music. work hard/play hard [viva las blues]
26. octopus project. i saw the bright shinies [forthcoming lp]
27. old time relijun. indestructible life! [catharsis in crisis]
28. dd/mm/yyyy. batmanguitarclock [are they masks?]
29. ruins. refusal fossil [refusal fossil]
30. battles. leyendecker [mirrored]

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

playlist 31st July 2007

big ups to special guest dj toby

1. crescent. cup [little waves]
2. circulatory system. yesterday world [s/t]
3. okay. now [the low road]
4. beat happening. hot chocolate boy [dreamy]

5. adrian orange & her band. you're more home [s/t]
6. the zombies. butchers tale [odessey and oracle]
7. lou reed. the bed [berlin]
8. smog. what kind of angel [julius caesar]

6. bodies of water. we are co-existors [ears will pop & eyes will blink]
7. music tapes. single made the needle sing [1st imaginary symphony for the nomad]
8. graves. i'm feeling tuff [seldom slumber]
10. m ward. i'll be yr bird [transistor radio]
11. jana hunter. a goblin, a goblin [carrion ep]

12. love. live and let live [forever changes]
13. residual echoes. fresh eyes [first eyes]
14. silver apples. you and i (contact)
15. alps of nsw. i.n.l.(f.a.w.d.f) [s/t]
16. daniel johnston. speeding motorcycle [yip jump music]
17. sunset rubdown. trumpet, trumpet, toot, toot [random spirit lover]

18. sleepers union. giant spheres [giant spheres]
19. first nation. monkey [s/t]
20. animal collective. april and the phantom 3 [spirit they've gone spirit they've vanished]

21. half japanese. vietnam [charmed life]
22. olivia tremor control. califnornia demise 3 [black foliage]
23. magic weapon. cloudy people [s/t ep]
24. tim kinsellas. the singularity song [crucifix swastika ep]
25. the whiskers. the idle rich [s/t]

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

when i listen to the field mice. playlist 24th july

1. bob dylan. idiot wind (blood on the tracks)
2. most serene republic. sherry & her butterfly net (population)

3. red house painters. michael (down colorful hill)
4. songs of green pheasant. boats (gyllyng st)
5. ben & bruno. 100 grim reapers (100 grim reapers)
6. my little airport. when i listen to the field mice (zoo is sad, people are cruel)

7. life on earth. life on earth (look! this is life on earth)
8. can. vitamin c (ege bamyasi)
9. future islands. follow you (little advances ep)
10. les savy fav. what would wolves do? (lets stay friends)

11. little wings. gone again (soft pow'r)
12. sunset rubdown. up on your leopard upon the end of your feral days (random spirit lover)
13. shocking pinks. how am i not myself? (singles)
14. bishop allen. rain (the broken string)

15. ecstatic sunshine. little big dipper (freckle wars)
16. mum. marmalade fires (go go snear the poison ivy)
17. angels of light. black river song (we are him)
18. liars. sailing to byzantium (s/t)
19. sebadoh. jealous of evil (the freed man)

20. steve kilbey. midnite in america (narcosis)
21. brr'er. i'm a kid again (of shemales & kissaboos)
22. HEALTH. triceratops (s/t)
23. the mae shi. lamb & lion (hlllyh)
24. japanther. fuk tha prince a pull iz dum (skuffed up my huffy)
25. death sentence: panda! boomer (puppy kitten or both)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

playlist 17th July 07

1. alden penner. let me sleep (all make parts & collision)
2. the fiery furnaces. navy nurse (widow city)
3. headdress. the painted desert (turquoise)
4. pwrfl power. it's ok (demo)
5. swans. god damn the sun (the burning world)

6. orange juice. falling and laughing (you can't hide your love forever)
7. liars. protection (s/t)
8. surf city. headin' inside (s/t ep)
9. half japanese. vietnam (charmed life)
10. slaraffenland. show me the way (private cinema)

11. pink reason. goodbye (cleaning the mirror)
12. 14 iced bears. hayfever (peel session) (in the beginning)
13. crescent. our river (little waves)
14. panda bear. bonfire of the vanities (take pills ep)

15. marissa nadler. no surprises (stereogum ok computer tribute)
16. mum. blessed brambles (go go smear the poison ivy)
17. lucky dragons. new men (faults)
18. new pornographers. the spirit of giving (challengers)

19. oh no! oh my! the party punch (between the devil and the sea ep)
20. the ruby suns. criterion (xfm session)
21. port o brien. i woke up today (the wind and the swell)
22. frog eyes. reform the countryside (tears of the valedictorian)

23. tiny vipers. campfire resembelance (hands across the void)
24. holy fuck. the pulse (s/t ep)
25. this song is a mess but so am i. monument (satan be here now)
26. so so modern. fire fights (fire fights ep)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big ups 2 the dreaded boys! Playlist 10 July 2007

1. spacemen 3. losing touch with my mind (sound of confusion)
2. the cure. play for today (17 seconds)
3. oxbow. time, gentlemen, time (the narcotic story)

4. stereolab. tomorrow is already here (emperor tomato ketchup)
5. nedelle. the last thing i do (the locksmith cometh)
6. vampire weekend. oxford comma (b side)
7. animal collective. fireworks (strawberry jam)

8. the ruby suns. birthday & sleep in the garden (xfm session)
9. jeffrey lewis. the last time i did acid i went insane (the last time i did acid i went insane)
10. sunset rubdown. the mending of the gown (forthcoming live traxxx)
11. xiu xiu. untitled #1 (untitled david horvitz picture disc)
12. panther. tigers touch (secret lawns)

13. fabulous diamonds. track #2 (s/t 7")
14. the octopus project. i saw the bright shinies (forthcoming tba)
15. tunng. bricks (good arrows)
16. the himalayan bear. i swam with turtles (lo lonesome island)
17. smog. my shell (electric version) (burning kingdom ep)

18. the figurines. childhood verse (when the deer wore blue)
19. okkervil river. our live is not a movie or maybe (the stage names)
20. the spinto band. ain't that the truth (daytrotter session)

21. yukon. legsick (mortar)
22. no age. loosen this job (weirdo rippers)
23. deerhunter. tech school (s/t)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

u can't tell me nuffin. playlist july 3

1. chris garneau. we don't try (music for tourists)
2. shout out louds. tonight i have to leave it (our ill wills)
3. jens lekman. friday night at the drive in bingo (single)
4. the brunettes. b.a.b.y (structure and cosmetics)

5. black moth super rainbow. when the sun grows on your tongue (dandelion gum)
6. architecture in helsinki. hold music (places like this)
7. sly hats. bleach (liquorice night)
8. okkervil river. unless its kicks (the stage names)
9. the dirty projectors. no more (rise above)

10. the antlers. the universe is going to catch you (in the attic of the universe)
11. the microphones. eyes for volume (tests)
12. thurston moore. the shape is a trance (trees outside the academy)
13. pumice. bold/old (pebbles)
14. yo la tengo. deeper into movies (i can hear the heart beating as one)

15. the dead science. the ghost integrity (submariner)
16. los campesinos! you! me! dancing! (sticking fingers into sockets ep)
17. boduf songs. two across the mouth (lion devours the sun)

18. yacht. so post 'em all (i believe in you, your magic is real)
19. syd barrett. bob dylan blues (wouldn't you miss me)
20. sunset rubdown. i know the weight of your throat (snakes got a leg)
21. residual echoes. lorelai (phonecian flu and the ancient ocean)

22. liars. pure unevil (s/t)
23. pissed jeans. love clown (don't need a smile to make myself disapear 7")
24. no age. every artist needs a tragedy (weirdo rippers)
25. silver daggers. the five food groups (new high & ord)
26. lovvers. near enough for jazz (single)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

playlist june 19th

big ups to gareth filling in for shea!

1. man man. the fog or china
2. blitzen trapper. wild mountain nation
3. sir. spent time with a woman
4. galaxie 500. here she comes now
5. liger. smapples
6. animal collective. peacebone
7. liars. what would they know
8. the national. mistaken for strangers
9. yeasayer. 2080
10. arab strap. direction of strongman
11. malcolm middleton. a brighter beat
12. afghan whigs. be sweet
13. hdu. stupormodel
14. drive like jehu. luau
15. angels of light. we are him
16. mclusky. forget about him, i'm mint
17. casiotone for the painfully alone. bus song
18. television personalities. she can stop traffic
19. john cale. paris 1919
20. nick cave & the bad seeds. all tomorrows parties
21. animal collective. for reverend green
22. wire. dot dash
23. shellac. steady as she goes

album titles are for suckers.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


1. battles. atlas (mirrored)
2. deerhoof. +81 (friend opportunity)
3. japanther. cable babies (skuffed up my huffy)
4. seabear. libraries (the ghost that carried us away)

5. david thomas broughton. nature (its in there somewhere)
6. dept. of eagles. no one does it like you (gold suits demo)


5. GROUPER - cover the windows and the walls (track: cover the windows and the walls)
4. JANA HUNTER - there's no home (track: bird)
3. THEE, STRANDED HORSE - churning strides (track: tainted days)
2. GOWNS - red state (track: fake july)
1. PANDA BEAR - person pitch (track: take pills)


5. VIDEOHIPPOS - unbeast the leash (track: rider)
4. FROG EYES - tears of the valedictorian (track: bushels)
3. ELECTRELANE - no shouts, no calls (track: to the east)
2. NURSE & SOLDIER - marginalia (track: back in yr corner)
1. PANDA BEAR - person pitch (track: comfy in nautica)

17. dan deacon. the crystal cat (spiderman of the rings)
18. YACHT. i believe in you (i believe in you. yr magic is real)
19. deerhunter. strange lights (cryptograms)

20. a sunny day in glasgow. 5:15 train (scribble mural comic journal)
21. bill callahan. sycamore (woke on a whaleheart)
22. the national. slow show (boxer)
23. low. breaker (drums & guns)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

simon barnett is a creep. playlist may 28

1. his name is alive. in my dream (detrola)
2. cut off yr hands. still fond (blue on blue)
3. brightblack morning light. friend of time (s/t)
4. golden smog. starman (blood on the slacks)

5. little wings. little bird (grow)
6. department of eagles. no one does it like you (gold suits demo)
7. chas mtn. cinematic, unbearable (hugs)
8. another sunny day. anorak city (london weekend)
9. beirut. elephant gun (lon gisland ep)


10. frase & bri. 8hr crush (single)

11. mi & l'au. they marry (s/t)
12. woodpigeon. a hymn for 2 walks in different cities (songbook)
13. new order. blue monday (brotherhood)

14. psychic ills. january rain (dins)
15. videohippos. rider (unbeast the leash)
16. royal trux. i'm ready (accelerator)
17. les savy fav. meet me in the dollar bin (inches)
18. holy shit. written all over yr face (stranded at two harbours)
19. the motifs. races (s/t)
20. over the atlantic. glass breaks (junica)

21. the sproutts. ogre song (flying out of the washing machine)
22. yoko ono. walking on thing ice (yes i'm a witch)
23. phoenix foundation. slightest shift in the weather (pegasus)
24. pink mountaintops. cold criminals (axis of evol)
25. rand and holland. it's alright (caravans)
26. deerhunter. spring hall convert (cryptograms)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

whoa oh oh. playlist 22 may 2007

1. elliott smith. fair city (new moon)
2. the brunettes. her herigami set (single)
3. animal collective. peacebone (live) (strawberry jam)
4. slaraffenland. polaroids (private cinema)
5. spoon. don't make me a target (gagagagaga)
6. electrelane. those pockets are people (axes)
7. the flies. walking on the sand (single)

8. liquid liquid. cavern (liquid liquid)
9. barr. the song is the single (summary)
10. snowpony. crumpled 10 (sea shanties for spaceships)
11. the swirlies. the vehicle is invisible (they spent their...)

12. arthur & yu. lion's mouth (in camera)
13. the national. apartment story (boxer)
14. the go! team. grip like a vice (single)
15. the aum rifle. why don't you come inside (a peel of bells)
16. david kilgour. bbc world (the far now)

17. television personalities. my dark places (my dark places)
18. these new puritans. navigate navigate (dior homme show/12")
19. the fall. the past gone mad (the infotainment scan)

20. paul duncan. red eagle (above the trees)
21. blackout beach. claxxons lament (single)
22. my disco! always measure wait (cancer)
23. xbxrx. sheets and organs (wars)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

if i was a horse i would throw up the reins. playlist may 15

1. colleen. sun against my eyes (les ondes silencieuses)
2. popolice. middle ground (middle ground ep)
3. pj harvey. rid of me (four track demos)
4. video hippos. tooth sub (unbeast the leash)
5. man or astroman. reverb 10000 (destroy all astromen)

6. teenage symphony. lucky (demo)
7. the blow. knowing the things i know (poor aim: love songs)
8. frase+bri. shoegazer sweat (live at the dux de lux)
9. suicide. cheree (s/t)
10. the mendoza line. aspect of an old maid (30 year low outtake)

11. the nudie suits. (dancing like a) huxtable (songbook)
12 . woodpigeon. take the hint kid (songbook)
13. jana hunter. sleep (theres no home)
14. yacht. i believe in you (i believe in you. yr magic is real)

15. dan deacon. crystal cat (spiderman of the rings)
16. early songs. long distance learning (wind wound)
17. david thomas broughton. nature (it's in there somewhere)
18. alps. LGOMWOCT (alps of new south wales)

19. bob dylan. ballad of the free man (bootleg series 1966)
20. santa dads. the lion song (amina mundi)
21. pumice. sunshine on leitch (demo)

22. frog eyes. bushels (tears of the valecdictorian)
23. skeletons & the kings of all cities. what they said (lucas)
24. liars. we got cold coughed & forgot things (we no longer knew who we were ep)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

i'll try my best to catch up with you. playlist may 8

1. peter & the wolf. fireflies (fireflies)
2. dudley benson. it's akaroa's fault (nurimix) (awesome feeling comp. free with real groove mag)
3. islaja. pete p (ullal yyy)
4. electrelane. cut and run (no shouts no calls)

5. page france. the ruby ring man (... and the family telephone)
6. cats on fire. higher grounds (the province complains)
7. abe vigoda. world map forever (sky route (star roof))
8. thought creature. yr telepathy (awesome feeling comp.)
9 dungen. sa blev det bestamt (tio bitar)

10. aria c jalali. bohemia (with a sea) (postmodernism ep)
11. thee, stranded horse. tainted days (churning strides)
12. department of eagles. balmy night (new demo)
13. horse feathers. finch on saturday (words are dead)

14. ladybug transistor. always on the telephone (can't wait another day)
15. priestbird. life not lost (in your time)
16. the gladeyes. damien & monika party at yrs (awesome feeling comp.)
17. grouper. cover the windows & the walls (cover the windows & the walls)

18. handsome furs. handsome furs hate this city (plague park)
19. phosphorescent. joe tex the taming blues (aw come aw wry)
20. neutral milk hotel. in the aeroplane over the sea (in the aeroplane over the sea)

21. throwing muses. the river (house tornado)
22. pterodactyl. astros (blue jay)
23. parts & labor. new crimes (mapmaker)
24. so so modern. skeleton dance (awesome feeling comp.)
25. not so experimental. resist! unlearn! defy! (awesome feeling comp.)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

and then you smiled for a second. SHOEGAZE SPECIAL

1. catherine wheel. i want to touch you (ferment)
2. yo la tengo. cherry chapstick (and then nothing turned itself inside out)
3. my bloody valentine. strawberry wine (strawberry wine ep)
4. the lassie foundation. crown of the sea (pacifico)

5. the shocking pinks. you can make feel bad (sway cd-r release)
6. radio dept. it's been eight years (lesser matters)
7. boo radleys. spaniard (everything's alright forever)
8. beach house. saltwater (s/t)
9. jesus & mary chain. darklands (darklands)

10. daylight's for the birds. flicker (trouble everywhere)
11. cocteau twins. heaven of las vegas (heaven or las vegas)
12. a sunny day in glasgow. 5:15 train (scriblle mural comic journal)

13. chapterhouse. pearl (whirlpool)
14. slowdive. souvlaki space station (souvlaki)
15. ride. kaleidoscope (nowhere)
16. shocking pinks. secondhand girl (infinity land)
17. galaxie 500. snowstorm (on fire)

18. rocketship. honey, i need you (honey, i need you 7")
19. spacemen 3. walking with jesus (sound of confusion)
20. most serene public. the protagonist suddenly realizes what he must do in the middle of downtown traffic (underwater cinematographer)
21. lush. sweetness & light (gala)

22. my bloody valentine. i only said (loveless)
23. pale saints. sight of you (barging into the presence of god)
24. jesus & mary chain. just like honey (psychocandy)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

i'm in yr guitar media, postin' on yr blogzzzz

long time no see
i'm just making a sneaky post here on the guitar media blog because last week gareth (you know, super dj robinson crucial) asked me if i could tell him some good australian bands, seeing as it's NZ music month and all. so i'm in sydney now and here's a couple of places that you can check some great australian music.

MESS+NOISE - a bi monthly magazine and website. they cover the best australian bands.

CYCLIC DEFROST - does international bands too, but heaps of interesting/experimental australian artists are on here.

MUSEUM FACE - my blog, or, the place where all the print articles i write go. plenty of good and bad australian bands getting put up here all the time

there's lots of good music coming out of australia at the moment but lots of shit stuff as well. what's happening in new zealand?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

playlist 24 april

1. woods. be still (at rear house)
2. architecture in helsinki. heart it races (single)
3. magnetic fields. jeremy (the wayward bus)

4. trembling blue stars. idyllwild (last holy writer)
5. vincent gallo. lonely boy (recordings of music for film)
6. the limes. morning noon & night (s/t)
7. black moth super rainbow. sun lips (dandelion gum)
8. when. trippy happy ii (trippy happy)

9. joy division. digital (substance)
10. je suis france. wizard of points (afrikan magik)
11. the dirty projectors. imagine it (new attitude)
12. teenwolf. bloxx war (demo)

13. don caballero. new laws (for respect)
14. a northern chorus. the millions too many (the million too many)
15. sunset rubdown. apistat commander (xiu xiu remixed& covered)
16. the radio dept. it's been eight years (lesser matters)

17. ida. little things (i know about you)
18. the national lights. swimming in the swamp (the dead will walk, dear)
19. slint. good morning captain (spiderland)

20. the zincs. head east, kaspar (black pompadour)
21. aleks and the ramps. rigor mortis (pisces & aquarius)
22. the dead c. the magicians (future artists)
23. no age. everybody's down (get hurt)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

(it just fell down the) back of a fridge. playlist apr 17

1. frog eyes. idle songs (tears of the valedictorian)
2. battles. atlas (mirrored)

3. grizzly bear. he hit me (and it felt like a kiss) (Live on KEXP)
4. department of eagles. no one does it like you (gold suits)
5. jennifer gentle. hidden flower (new astronomy)
6. lawrence arabia. dream teacher (demo)
7. low. hatchet (drums and guns)

8. minus story. stitch me up (my ion truss)
9. the mae shi. eat the prize (heart beeps ep)
10. golden smog. tarpit (blood on the slacks)
11. gowns. white like heaven (red state)

12. brown recluse sings. margo, left in bed (black sunday ep)
13. elephant parade. thirteen things (bedroom recordings)
14. the concretes. are you prepared (hey trouble)
15. marissa nadler. dying breed (songs III: bird on the water)
16. people press play. studio (s/t)

17. durutti column. the missing boy (lc)
18. the smiths. reel around the fountain (s/t)
19. the fugs. slum goddess (slums first album)
20. thee, stranded horse. churning strides (churning strides)

21. xiu xiu. helsabot (fag patrol)
22. samuel flynn scott. giving up is my new morning sun (hunt brings us life)
23. yokel ono. 3 pound infant with a crack habit (tour ep)
24. the twilight sad. that summer, at home i had become the invisible boy (fourteen autumns and fifteen winters)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

i'd give a million chocolate eggs. playlist apr 10

1. wolf tracks. being a child is being the earth (peace paws)
2. tiger tones. pop eats pop (s/t ep)
3. battles. ddiamondd (mirrored)
4. lovvers. a good book (a good book single)

5. the national. slow show (boxer)
6. jana hunter. theres no home (theres no home)
7. the clientele. these days nothing but sunshine (god save the clientele)
8. belle & sebastian. i don't love anyone (tigermilk)

9. lucky soul. ain't never been cool (the great unwanted)
10. st vincent. marry me (marry me)
11. amiina. seoul (kurr)
12. nico. these days (chelsea hotel)

13. handsome furs. sing! captain (plague park)
14. kes. the bruise (grey goose wing)
15. the crabs. market size (sand and sea)
16. wooden wand. the pushers (james & the quiet)
17. calvin johnson & the sons of soil. booty run (s/t)

18. my dad is dead. nothing special (the taller you are, the shorter you get)
19. yacht. i believe in you (i believe in you. your magic is real)
20. beach boys. vegetables (smile bootleg)
21. get set play. sdv (demo)

22. deerhunter. wash off (florescent grey ep)
23. holy fuck. lovely allen (holy fuck ep)
24. marnie stern. logical volume (in advance of the broken arm)
25. pterodactyl. ask me nicely (blue jay)
26. moulsecoomb sword gang. fencer (single)
27. xbxrx. sons of horn (wars)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the three gods of dnb join forces!!! playlist mar 20

1. impossible shapes. pan-ther (tum)
2. the orchids. take my hand (good to be a stranger)
3. bill callahan. a man needs a woman (woke on a whaleheart)
4. beirut. napoleon at the bellerophon (pompeii ep)

5. the moldy peaches. anyone else but you (s/t)
6. seabear. libraries (the ghost that carried us away)
7. can. vitamin c (ege bamyasi)
8. a northern chorus. the canadian shield (the millions too many)
9. the trembling blue stars. to love it now (broken by the whispers)

10. dan deacon. okie dokie (spiderman of the rings)
11. clinic. ipc subeditors dictate our youth (3 eps)
12. japanther. pleased to meet you (dump the body in rikki lake)
13. alastair galbraith. as in a blender (morse/gaudylight)

14. leopold & his fiction. go on have my way (wildcat)
15. the clean. beatnik (great sounds great... rotten sounds rotten ep)
16. minisnap. march hare (march hare ep)
17. arthur and yu. come to view (song for neil young) (in camera)
18. voxtrot. ghost (s/t)

19. alexander "skip" spence. diana (oar)
20. rand and holland. the light (caravans)
21. benoit pioulard. fir (fir 7")
22. electrelane. at sea (no shouts, no calls)

23. raccoo-oo-oon. black branches (behold secret kingdom)
24. so so modern. upgrade yr chassis (it's a pythagorean party) (ep 0003)
25. die! die! die!. ashtray! ashtray! (s/t)
26. polysics. poly farm/modern (hey! bob! my friend!)
27. the sneaks. throwback (7" single)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

you punched a hole in the sun. playlist march 13

1. rio en medio. girls on the run (the bride of dynamite)
2. seabear. cat piano (the ghost that carried us away)

3. best of seth. alli alli (sparrow, s/t)
4. fresh cherries from yakima. good morning, stranger (buttons for north caroline)
5. dan rossen. deep blue sea (radio performance)
6. the strange death of liberal england. a day another day (single)
7. cat power. nude as the news (what would the community think)

8. wilco. you are my face (sky blue sky)
9. big star. holocaust (third/sister lovers)
10. royal city. bad luck (alone at the microphone)
11. flying lizards. her story (s/t)

12. cocorosie. japan (the adventures of ghostface & stillborn)
13. olivia tremor control. beneath the climb (singles & beyond)
14. camera obscura. let's get out of this country (let's get out of this country)
15. wolf colonel. most delicious part (something/everything)
16. y'all is fantasy island. a sight in salisbury falls (in faceless towns forever)

17. the beatles. i want you (she's so heavy) (abbey road)
18. the national. karen (alligator)
19. my bloody valentine. cupid come (isn't anything)

20. holy fuck. lovely allen (holy fuck ep)
21. rapeman. steak and black onions (2 nuns and a pack mule)
22. fucked up. baiting the public (hidden world)
23. ponytail. start a corporation (kamehameha)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

try to remember always just to have a good time. playlist march 6

1. grizzly bear. la duchess anne (horn of plenty)
2. odawas. the ice (the raven & the white night)
3. david thomas broughton. i don't want to believe you (it's in there somewhere)
4. dan deacon. the crystal cat (spiderman of the rings)
5. alps. everything (s/t ep)

6. dungen. intro (tio bitar)
7. usaisamonster. voices to be heard (sunset at the end of the industrial age)
8. welcome. first (sirs)
9. mice parade. tales of a las negras (s/t)

10. electrelane. to the east (no shouts, no calls)
11. tk webb. phantom parade (phantom parade)
12. paul duncan. red eagle (above the trees)
13. smog. chosen one (julius caesar)

14. camera obscura. shine like a new pin (biggest bluest hi-fi)
15. feist. i feel it all (the reminder)
16. the rosebuds. silence by the lakeside (night of the furies)
17. battles. atlas (mirrored)

18. seventeen evergreen. ensoniq (life embarasses me on planet earth)
19. the coolies. holiday/vacation (bless the babies & their mothers ep)
20. deerhunter. hazel st (cryptograms)
21. pink moutaintops. cold criminals (axis of evol)
22. cheeseburger. tiger (s/t)

23. my disco. pale (cancer)
24. these new puritans. en papier (now pluvial ep)
25. melt banana. shield for yr eyes, a beast (cell-scape)
26. fugazi. lockdown (13 songs)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

we love radio. playlist feb 27

1. hidden cameras. lollipop (awoo)
2. brown recluse sings. calm before the storm (black sunday ep)
3. daniel johnston. walking low (hi how are you?)
4. paper airplanes. fences (boyhood)
5. jordan o'jordan. an old foundry fable (not style nor season nor hard-handed lesson)

6. marnie stern. every single line means something (in advance of the broken arm)
7. ponies in the surf. little boy lost (ponies on fire)
8. the besnard ladies. disaster (are the dark horse)
9. hush arbors. bones by the sea (landscape of bone ep)

10. beirut. elephant gun (lon gisland ep)
11. a hawk and a hacksaw. in the river (the way the wind blows)
12. king kong. orange ocean (buncha beans)
13. the 6ths. city in the rain (wasps nest)

14. fields. feathers (everything last winter) UGGHH SORRY!!!
15. the monks. shut up (black monk time)
16. the evens. minding ones business/you won't feel a thing (s/t)
17. birthglow. fanta (mineral waters ep)
18. sonic youth. teen age riot (daydream nation)

19. japanther. public square (dump the body in rikki lake)
20. !!!. all my heroes are weirdos (myth takes)
21. mt gigantic. blessed be the bicycle (gleanings and gatherings)
22. liars. loose nuts on the velandrome (they threw us in a trench and stuck a monument on top)
23. coughs. life of acne (secret passage)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

so you like it vague, huh? playlist feb 20

1. the for carnation. on the swing (marshmallows)
2. ladybird. fair love (demo)
3. destroyer. j taylor (we'll build them a golden bridge)
4. the sea and cake. middlenight (everybody)

5. the books. a little goes a long way (lost and safe)
6. soccer team. solid ring fighters ("volunteered" civility & professionalism)
7. ride. dreams burn down (nowhere)
8. blonde redhead. 23 (23)

9. electrelane. on parade (the power out)
10. young marble giants. wurlitzer jukebox (collosal youth)
11. silver jews. i'm getting back into getting back into you (tanglewood numbers)
12. urbantramper. sunsets on the empty carnival (tokon & the colours)
13. the mae shi. run to yr grave (7xx7 or PWND)

14. fields. skulls and flesh and more (everything last winter)
15. samara lubelski. sister silvers (spectacular of passage)
16. os mutantes. ando meio desligado (tropicalia compilation)

17. jana hunter. babies (sxsw showcase)
18. tiger tones. pop eats pop (s/t ep)
19. beck. forcefield (one foot in the grave)
20. dinosaur jr. we're not alone (beyond)

21. au revoir simone. fallen snow (the bird of music)
22. dirty three. i remember a time when once you loved me (horse stories)
23. calvin johnson & the sons of soil. tummy hop (live) (s/t)
24. abe vigoda. casual night (sky route/star root)
25. liars. loose nuts on the veladrome (they threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i am part of a large family. playlist 13/2/2007

1. dr. dog. old news (we all belong)
2. los campsinos. please don't tell me to do the math(s) (we throw parties, you throw knives bside)
3. the makes nice. candy wrapper (candy wrapper and 12 other songs)
4. arcade fire. the well and the lighthouse (neon bible)

5. avey tare. i'm yr eagle kisser (rare bookwroom records comp)
6. great lake swimmers. catcher son (ongiara)
7. tunng. wood cat (comments of the inner chorus)
8. papercuts. unavailable (can't go back)
9. microphones. get off the internet (don't smoke bside)

10. casper & the cookies. learn how to disappear (optimist's club)
11. the battles. suzanne (tomorrow's eager hands)
12. the evens. cut from the cloth (s/t)
13. liquid liquid. optimo (s/t anthology)


14. flying canyon. crossing by yr star (s/t)
15. shocking pinks. second hand girl (infinity land)
16. bill callahan. the wheel (woke on a whaleheart)
17. paul mccartney. temporary secretary (mccartney ii)

18. the mint chicks. crazy? yes! dumb? no! (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)
19. the tiger tones. he said (s/t ep)
20. air formation. cold morning (daylight storms)
21. explosions in the sky. welcome, ghosts (all of a sudden, i miss everyone)

22. dinosaur jr. pick me up (beyond)
23. not so experimental. harry (s/t ep)
24. my disco. perfect perfection (cancer)
25. boredoms. 96 teenage bondage (super roots one)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

something witty, spelt correctly, suitably ironic

1. Deerhoof, + 81, Friend Opportunity
2. Wire, Reuters, Pink Flag
3. Goblin Cock, Striped Tiger Snaps, Bagged And Boarded
4. Shellac, My Black Ass, At Action Park
5. Q And Not U, A Line In The Sand, No Kill No Beep Beep
6. Dead Kennedys, Too Drunk To Fuck, Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death
7. Bill Callahan, Sycamore, Woke On A Whale Heart
8. J-New, Cosmia From The Block, Yeesh
9. Horsefeathers, Dustbowl, Words Are Dead
10. Chris Bell, I Am The Cosmos, I Am The Cosmos
11. Drones, Shark Fin Blues [Acoustic] Download at www.thedrones.com.au
12. Karen Dalton, Are You Leaving For The Country, In My Own Time
13. Calexico, Quattro World's Drifting, Feast Of Wire
14. The Gin Club, Jim, Fear Of The Sea
15. Panda Bear, Take Pills, Person Pitch
16. Ryan Adams, In My Time Of Need, Heartbreaker
17. Do Make Say Think, In Mind, You, You're A History In Rust
18. Devendra Banhardt, White Reggae Troll/ Africa - Happy BDay Bob!
19. The Dead Science, Cuz She's Me, Bird Bones In The Bug House
20. Elliot Smith, Cupid's Trick, Either/ Or
21. Arcade Fire, Building Downtown (Anti Christ Television Blues), Neon Bible
22. Tim Rogers And The Temperance Union, Rats, Dirty Ron/ Ghost Songs
23. New York Dolls, Looking For A Kiss, New York Dolls
24. Polysics, Plus Chicker, Hey! Bob! My Friend!
25. Deerhunter, Strange Lights, Cryptogram
26. Mastodon, Aqua Dementia, Leviathan

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i don't want for us to take pills anymore. playlist jan 30

1. tiger trap. alien space song (split 7" w henry's dream)
2. jesus & mary chain. darklands (darklands)
3. psapp. tricycle (the only thing i ever wanted)

4. fine arts showcase. chemical girl (radiola)
5. akron/family. mic check (demo)
6. jack hayter. walking (practical wireless)
7. rhinoceros=riot. awkward teenage lovesong (pt.2) (demo)
8. kill surf city. headin inside (demo)

9. brown recluse sings. margot left in bed (black sunday ep)
10. andrew bird. fiery crash (armchair apocrypha)
11. neil young. vampire buff (on the beach)
12. smog. rock bottom riser (a river aint too much to love)

13. panda bear. bros (full 12 mins worrrd) (person pitch)
14. pg six. i've been travelling (slightly sorry)

15. the lemonheads. turnpike down (it's a shame about ray)
16. alec bathgate. happy hound (gold lame)
17. the motifs. races (s/t)
18. sleeping states. planning my escape (there the open spaces)
19. deerhoof. dummy discards a heart (apple o')
20. the white birch. yr spain (come up for air)

21. deerhunter. hazel street (cryptograms)
22. stereolab. orgiastic (peng!)
23. ted leo. sons of cain (living with the living)
24. sun city girls. blue mambo (torch of the mystics)
25. menomena. the pelican (friend and foe)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

get off the internet. playlist jan 23

1. david & the citizens. new direction (until the sadness is gone)
2. the high llamas. old spring town (can cladders)
3. tara jane oneil. blue light room (in circles)
4. do make say think. in mind (you, yr a history in rust)
5. eluvium. prelude for timeseekers (copia)

6. the ponys. double vision (turn the lights out)
7. meneguar. the temp (i was born at night)
8. clap yr hands say yeah. yankee go home (some loud thunder)

9. the shivers. the road (phone calls)
10. joanna newsom. bridges and balloons (milk-eyed mender)
11. woods. don't pass on me (at rear house)
12. david kilgour. you forget (here come the cars)
13. menomena. wet and rusting (friend and foe)


14. the clean. tally ho! (boodle boodle boodle ep)
15. bat for lashes. horse and i (fur and gold)
16. exploding budgies. see you round the stones (complete goblin mix and exploding budgies)
17. scout niblett. big bad man (sweetheart fever)
18. p:ano. light o' love (brigadoon)

19. john lennon. mother (plastic ono band)
20. neil young. comes a time (live rust)
21. the microphones. don't smoke (7" single)
22. wire. pink flag (pink flag)
23. gang gang dance. nomad for love (god's money)

24. of montreal. heimdalsgate like a promethean curse (hissing fauna are you the destroyer)
25. deerhoof. choco fight (friend opportunity)
26. fugazi. do you like me (red medicine)
27. forward russia. four (12 single)
28. the coolies. dance (demo)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

playlist 16/1/2006

1. over the atlantic. glass breaks (junica)
2. nurse & soldier. back in yr corner (marginalia)
3. gruff rhys. candylion (candylion)
4. page france. hat and rabbit (...and the family telephone)

5. paper cuts. john brown (can't go back)
6. apostle of hustle. chances are (national anthem of nowhere)
7. deerhunter. spring hall convert (cryptograms)
8. cyann & ben. words (sweet beliefs)

9. the arcade fire. black mirror (neon bible)
10. boris. farewell (pink)
11. stevie moore. showing shadows (phonography)
12. magic weapon. hidden veil (s/t ep)

13. pink mountaintops. forest of sex (the music appreciation society presents comp.)
14. clap your hands say yeah. goodbye to the mother & the cover (some loud thunder)
15. the gladeyes. andy (a heart full of love ep)

16. the motifs. dots (s/t)
17. viking moses. i will always love you (sandstorms 7")
18. david kilgour. bbc world (the far now)
19. mv & ee with the bummer road. cold rain (mother of thosands will provide the milk of our youth)
20. cloud cult. pretty voice (the meaning of 8)

21. pumice. 29 (raft)
22. tobin sprout. moonflower plastic (yr here) (moonflower plastic)
23. the sonics. the witch (here are the sonics)
24. yo la tengo. watch out for me ronnie (i am not afraid of you and i will beat yr ass)
25. kleenex. ain't you (7" single)
26. polysics. poly-farm (hey! bob! my friend!)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

i do everything with you, you do everything with me

the walker brothers - kentucky woman [the singles]
the ladybug transistor - everybody's missing the sun [here comes the rain]
i'm from barcelona - rec and play [let me introduce my friends]
francois - i m so glad [the people to forget]
wood pigeon - home, as a romanticised concept where everyone loves you and always and forever [songbook]

the magnetic fields - i don't want to get over you [69 love songs]
jens lekman - a sweet summers night on hammer hill [oh yr so silent jens]
the new pornographers - use it [twin cinema]
14 iced bears - like a dolphin [in the beginning]
josef k - sorry for laughing [entomology]
magic weapon - cloudy people [self titled ep]

barr - song is the single [summary]
japanther - pleased to meet you [dump the body in rikki lake]
mika miko - capricorinations [C.Y.S.L.A.B.F]
the coolies - holiday/vacation [a low hum compilation]
wire - the 15th [154]

ladybird - miranda's couch [LIVE ON GUITAR MEDIA RIGHT NOW OMG]
ladybird - seagull in my wine [LIVE ON GUITAR MEDIA RIGHT NOW OMG]

minisnap - nova [in my pocket]
the crayon fields - do it first [animal bells]
the blow - parenthesis [paper televison]

ladybird - cockroach [LIVE ON GUITAR MEDIA RIGHT NOW OMG]
ladybird - in a sky made out of gold [LIVE ON GUITAR MEDIA RIGHT NOW OMG]

the motifs - every way [dots]
dappled cities fly - fire fire fire [granddance]
uncle jelly fish - out of season [demo]

ladybird - toxic dancehall [LIVE ON GUITAR MEDIA RIGHT NOW OMG]
ladybird - boomerang [LIVE ON GUITAR MEDIA RIGHT NOW OMG]

someone still loves you boris yeltzin- oregon girl [broom]
herman dune - going to everglades [giant]
dinosaur jr. - freak scene [yr living all over me]

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

hello, 2007. playlist 2 jan 2007!!!

1. rusty santos. demon (eternity spans)
2. camera obscura. happy new year (biggest bluest hi-fi)
3. sleeping states. rivers (single)
4. field music. give it lose take it (tones of town)

5. palace bros. i send my love to you (days in the wake)
6. david kilgour. too long from me (the far now)
7. doveman. honey (the acrobat)
8. apostle of hustle. my sword hand's anger (nation anthem of nowhere)
9. do make say think. you, you're awesome (you, you're a history in rust)

10. !!!. sweet life (myth takes)
11. gang of four. guns before butter (entertainment!)
12. BARR. the song is the single (summary)
13. king loser. band on the run (caul of the outlaw)

14. nurse & soldier. green tea (marginalia)
15. the tall firs. don't prey on me (s/t)
16. low. always fade (drums and guns)
17. smog. strawberry rash (julius caesar)

18. of montreal. gronlandic edit (hissing fauna are you the destroyer?)
19. the blow. true affection (paper television)
20. los campesinos! you! me! dancing! (hold on now youngster)
21. blood on the wall. reunite on ice (awesomer)

22. explosions in the sky. catastrophe and the cure (all of a sudden, i miss everyone)
23. jackie o motherfucker. good morning kaptain (flags of the sacred heart)
24. the postmarks. winter spring summer fall (s/t)
25. these new puritans. c16th (now pluvial ep)