Tuesday, July 31, 2007

playlist 31st July 2007

big ups to special guest dj toby

1. crescent. cup [little waves]
2. circulatory system. yesterday world [s/t]
3. okay. now [the low road]
4. beat happening. hot chocolate boy [dreamy]

5. adrian orange & her band. you're more home [s/t]
6. the zombies. butchers tale [odessey and oracle]
7. lou reed. the bed [berlin]
8. smog. what kind of angel [julius caesar]

6. bodies of water. we are co-existors [ears will pop & eyes will blink]
7. music tapes. single made the needle sing [1st imaginary symphony for the nomad]
8. graves. i'm feeling tuff [seldom slumber]
10. m ward. i'll be yr bird [transistor radio]
11. jana hunter. a goblin, a goblin [carrion ep]

12. love. live and let live [forever changes]
13. residual echoes. fresh eyes [first eyes]
14. silver apples. you and i (contact)
15. alps of nsw. i.n.l.(f.a.w.d.f) [s/t]
16. daniel johnston. speeding motorcycle [yip jump music]
17. sunset rubdown. trumpet, trumpet, toot, toot [random spirit lover]

18. sleepers union. giant spheres [giant spheres]
19. first nation. monkey [s/t]
20. animal collective. april and the phantom 3 [spirit they've gone spirit they've vanished]

21. half japanese. vietnam [charmed life]
22. olivia tremor control. califnornia demise 3 [black foliage]
23. magic weapon. cloudy people [s/t ep]
24. tim kinsellas. the singularity song [crucifix swastika ep]
25. the whiskers. the idle rich [s/t]

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

when i listen to the field mice. playlist 24th july

1. bob dylan. idiot wind (blood on the tracks)
2. most serene republic. sherry & her butterfly net (population)

3. red house painters. michael (down colorful hill)
4. songs of green pheasant. boats (gyllyng st)
5. ben & bruno. 100 grim reapers (100 grim reapers)
6. my little airport. when i listen to the field mice (zoo is sad, people are cruel)

7. life on earth. life on earth (look! this is life on earth)
8. can. vitamin c (ege bamyasi)
9. future islands. follow you (little advances ep)
10. les savy fav. what would wolves do? (lets stay friends)

11. little wings. gone again (soft pow'r)
12. sunset rubdown. up on your leopard upon the end of your feral days (random spirit lover)
13. shocking pinks. how am i not myself? (singles)
14. bishop allen. rain (the broken string)

15. ecstatic sunshine. little big dipper (freckle wars)
16. mum. marmalade fires (go go snear the poison ivy)
17. angels of light. black river song (we are him)
18. liars. sailing to byzantium (s/t)
19. sebadoh. jealous of evil (the freed man)

20. steve kilbey. midnite in america (narcosis)
21. brr'er. i'm a kid again (of shemales & kissaboos)
22. HEALTH. triceratops (s/t)
23. the mae shi. lamb & lion (hlllyh)
24. japanther. fuk tha prince a pull iz dum (skuffed up my huffy)
25. death sentence: panda! boomer (puppy kitten or both)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

playlist 17th July 07

1. alden penner. let me sleep (all make parts & collision)
2. the fiery furnaces. navy nurse (widow city)
3. headdress. the painted desert (turquoise)
4. pwrfl power. it's ok (demo)
5. swans. god damn the sun (the burning world)

6. orange juice. falling and laughing (you can't hide your love forever)
7. liars. protection (s/t)
8. surf city. headin' inside (s/t ep)
9. half japanese. vietnam (charmed life)
10. slaraffenland. show me the way (private cinema)

11. pink reason. goodbye (cleaning the mirror)
12. 14 iced bears. hayfever (peel session) (in the beginning)
13. crescent. our river (little waves)
14. panda bear. bonfire of the vanities (take pills ep)

15. marissa nadler. no surprises (stereogum ok computer tribute)
16. mum. blessed brambles (go go smear the poison ivy)
17. lucky dragons. new men (faults)
18. new pornographers. the spirit of giving (challengers)

19. oh no! oh my! the party punch (between the devil and the sea ep)
20. the ruby suns. criterion (xfm session)
21. port o brien. i woke up today (the wind and the swell)
22. frog eyes. reform the countryside (tears of the valedictorian)

23. tiny vipers. campfire resembelance (hands across the void)
24. holy fuck. the pulse (s/t ep)
25. this song is a mess but so am i. monument (satan be here now)
26. so so modern. fire fights (fire fights ep)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big ups 2 the dreaded boys! Playlist 10 July 2007

1. spacemen 3. losing touch with my mind (sound of confusion)
2. the cure. play for today (17 seconds)
3. oxbow. time, gentlemen, time (the narcotic story)

4. stereolab. tomorrow is already here (emperor tomato ketchup)
5. nedelle. the last thing i do (the locksmith cometh)
6. vampire weekend. oxford comma (b side)
7. animal collective. fireworks (strawberry jam)

8. the ruby suns. birthday & sleep in the garden (xfm session)
9. jeffrey lewis. the last time i did acid i went insane (the last time i did acid i went insane)
10. sunset rubdown. the mending of the gown (forthcoming live traxxx)
11. xiu xiu. untitled #1 (untitled david horvitz picture disc)
12. panther. tigers touch (secret lawns)

13. fabulous diamonds. track #2 (s/t 7")
14. the octopus project. i saw the bright shinies (forthcoming tba)
15. tunng. bricks (good arrows)
16. the himalayan bear. i swam with turtles (lo lonesome island)
17. smog. my shell (electric version) (burning kingdom ep)

18. the figurines. childhood verse (when the deer wore blue)
19. okkervil river. our live is not a movie or maybe (the stage names)
20. the spinto band. ain't that the truth (daytrotter session)

21. yukon. legsick (mortar)
22. no age. loosen this job (weirdo rippers)
23. deerhunter. tech school (s/t)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

u can't tell me nuffin. playlist july 3

1. chris garneau. we don't try (music for tourists)
2. shout out louds. tonight i have to leave it (our ill wills)
3. jens lekman. friday night at the drive in bingo (single)
4. the brunettes. b.a.b.y (structure and cosmetics)

5. black moth super rainbow. when the sun grows on your tongue (dandelion gum)
6. architecture in helsinki. hold music (places like this)
7. sly hats. bleach (liquorice night)
8. okkervil river. unless its kicks (the stage names)
9. the dirty projectors. no more (rise above)

10. the antlers. the universe is going to catch you (in the attic of the universe)
11. the microphones. eyes for volume (tests)
12. thurston moore. the shape is a trance (trees outside the academy)
13. pumice. bold/old (pebbles)
14. yo la tengo. deeper into movies (i can hear the heart beating as one)

15. the dead science. the ghost integrity (submariner)
16. los campesinos! you! me! dancing! (sticking fingers into sockets ep)
17. boduf songs. two across the mouth (lion devours the sun)

18. yacht. so post 'em all (i believe in you, your magic is real)
19. syd barrett. bob dylan blues (wouldn't you miss me)
20. sunset rubdown. i know the weight of your throat (snakes got a leg)
21. residual echoes. lorelai (phonecian flu and the ancient ocean)

22. liars. pure unevil (s/t)
23. pissed jeans. love clown (don't need a smile to make myself disapear 7")
24. no age. every artist needs a tragedy (weirdo rippers)
25. silver daggers. the five food groups (new high & ord)
26. lovvers. near enough for jazz (single)