Wednesday, June 20, 2007

playlist june 19th

big ups to gareth filling in for shea!

1. man man. the fog or china
2. blitzen trapper. wild mountain nation
3. sir. spent time with a woman
4. galaxie 500. here she comes now
5. liger. smapples
6. animal collective. peacebone
7. liars. what would they know
8. the national. mistaken for strangers
9. yeasayer. 2080
10. arab strap. direction of strongman
11. malcolm middleton. a brighter beat
12. afghan whigs. be sweet
13. hdu. stupormodel
14. drive like jehu. luau
15. angels of light. we are him
16. mclusky. forget about him, i'm mint
17. casiotone for the painfully alone. bus song
18. television personalities. she can stop traffic
19. john cale. paris 1919
20. nick cave & the bad seeds. all tomorrows parties
21. animal collective. for reverend green
22. wire. dot dash
23. shellac. steady as she goes

album titles are for suckers.

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