Tuesday, May 29, 2007

simon barnett is a creep. playlist may 28

1. his name is alive. in my dream (detrola)
2. cut off yr hands. still fond (blue on blue)
3. brightblack morning light. friend of time (s/t)
4. golden smog. starman (blood on the slacks)

5. little wings. little bird (grow)
6. department of eagles. no one does it like you (gold suits demo)
7. chas mtn. cinematic, unbearable (hugs)
8. another sunny day. anorak city (london weekend)
9. beirut. elephant gun (lon gisland ep)


10. frase & bri. 8hr crush (single)

11. mi & l'au. they marry (s/t)
12. woodpigeon. a hymn for 2 walks in different cities (songbook)
13. new order. blue monday (brotherhood)

14. psychic ills. january rain (dins)
15. videohippos. rider (unbeast the leash)
16. royal trux. i'm ready (accelerator)
17. les savy fav. meet me in the dollar bin (inches)
18. holy shit. written all over yr face (stranded at two harbours)
19. the motifs. races (s/t)
20. over the atlantic. glass breaks (junica)

21. the sproutts. ogre song (flying out of the washing machine)
22. yoko ono. walking on thing ice (yes i'm a witch)
23. phoenix foundation. slightest shift in the weather (pegasus)
24. pink mountaintops. cold criminals (axis of evol)
25. rand and holland. it's alright (caravans)
26. deerhunter. spring hall convert (cryptograms)

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