Tuesday, April 10, 2007

i'd give a million chocolate eggs. playlist apr 10

1. wolf tracks. being a child is being the earth (peace paws)
2. tiger tones. pop eats pop (s/t ep)
3. battles. ddiamondd (mirrored)
4. lovvers. a good book (a good book single)

5. the national. slow show (boxer)
6. jana hunter. theres no home (theres no home)
7. the clientele. these days nothing but sunshine (god save the clientele)
8. belle & sebastian. i don't love anyone (tigermilk)

9. lucky soul. ain't never been cool (the great unwanted)
10. st vincent. marry me (marry me)
11. amiina. seoul (kurr)
12. nico. these days (chelsea hotel)

13. handsome furs. sing! captain (plague park)
14. kes. the bruise (grey goose wing)
15. the crabs. market size (sand and sea)
16. wooden wand. the pushers (james & the quiet)
17. calvin johnson & the sons of soil. booty run (s/t)

18. my dad is dead. nothing special (the taller you are, the shorter you get)
19. yacht. i believe in you (i believe in you. your magic is real)
20. beach boys. vegetables (smile bootleg)
21. get set play. sdv (demo)

22. deerhunter. wash off (florescent grey ep)
23. holy fuck. lovely allen (holy fuck ep)
24. marnie stern. logical volume (in advance of the broken arm)
25. pterodactyl. ask me nicely (blue jay)
26. moulsecoomb sword gang. fencer (single)
27. xbxrx. sons of horn (wars)

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