Tuesday, February 24, 2009

forest diving. playlist feb 24

1. papercuts. future primitive [you can have what you want]

2. akron/family. many ghosts [set 'em wild, set 'em free]
3. timber timbre. home [cedar shakes]
4. comet gain. brothers off the block [broken record prayers]

5. pens. the weekend starts here [forthcoming]
6. assassins 88. bees and birds [demo]
7. the mayfair set. already warm [forthcoming]

8. christina carter. quiet nights [masque femine]
9. maxine funke. winter galaxy [lace]
10. dog bite. brand new [the words of worms]

11. rangers. laker dreams [osaka]
12. sun araw. hey mandala! [predator vision/sun araw split]
13. vibes. shake it off [you god it]

14. gowns. butterfly knife [ESOPUS 10 comp]
15. christina carter. all alone [masque femine]
16. natural numbers. pacific [forthcoming]

17. gudrun gut. rock bottom riser [i put a record on]
18. these are powers. easy answers [all aboard future]
19. bill callahan. jim cain [sometimes i wish we were an eagle]

20. wooden shijps. vampire blues [7"]
21. mv & ee. drone trailer [drone trailer]
22. reading rainbow. totem pole [demo]

23. dan deacon. of the mountains [bromst]

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Wire Playlist February 20

1. These Are Powers. Blue Healer [All Aboard Future]
2. Natural Numbers. Sunrising [Comma]
3. Silent Talk. Love Go's [Demo]
4. High Places. Sandy Feat [03/07-09/07]
5. Vivian Girls. Lake House [The World's Lazy with Ideas 8]
6. The Mayfair Set. Desert Fun [Forthcoming EP]
7. Jeremy Jay. Gallop [Slow Dance]
8. The Eternal Summers. Fall Straight Back [Demo]
9. Jeans Wilder. Tough Guys [Demo]
10. Akron/Family. Many Ghosts [Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free]
11. Dan Deacon. Padding Ghost [Bromst]
12. Animal Collective. My Girls [Merriweather Post Pavilion]
13. The Mayfair Set. Already Warm [Forthcoming EP]
14. Crystal Stilts. Spiral Transit [Alight of Night]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1. ooga boogas. neon sunset [romance and adventure]
2. cold cave. sex ads [sex ads 7"]
3. christmas island. bed island [blackout summer]

4. jeans wilder. simpler times [antiques]
5. natural numbers. sunrising [comma]
6. silent talk. love go's [demo]

7. a gal. diver [demo]
8. jana hunter. blue and silver bonded [sxsw 2009 showcasing artists]
9. grouper. giving it to you [wide]

10. dan deacon. padding ghost [bromst]
11. dan deacon. get older [bromst]
12. dan deacon. woof woof [bromst]

13. little girls. venom [youth tunes]
14. sets. bat bans [demo]
15. silk flowers. costume [dunnooo]
16. dinowalrus. electric car, gas guitar [split 7" with bachelor of arts]

17. theoretical girls. mom & dad [theoretical girls]
18. ducktails. white house with green shutters [acres of shade]
19. high places. universe [03/07-09/07]

20. pan american. for aiming at the stars [widebird release]
21. lovvers. human hair [think]

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Wire Playlist February 13

1. Lotus Plaza. Sunday Night [Floodlight Collective]
2. Lotus Plaza. What Grows? [Floodlight Collective]
3. Jeans Wilder. International Waters [Antiques]
4. El Guincho. Palmitos Park [Alegranza]
5. Black Dice. Glazin [Repo]
6. Food of the Gods. Boy From Brazil [S/T 12"]
7. The Show is the Rainbow. Gothic Cajun [Dunno!]
8. Jeremy Jay. We Were There [Slow Dance]
9. Natural Numbers. Sunrising [Comma]
10. Silent Talk. Love's Go [Forthcoming]
11. DOOM. Ballskin [Born Like This]
12. Boredoms. Ant 10 [Super Roots 10]
13. Dan Deacon. Get Older [Bromst]
14. Blank Its. Windows are Dirty [Windows are Dirty 7"]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

urban super mist. playlist feb 10

1. weave. weave say leave [weave ep]
2. jeans wilder. tough guys [demo]

3. real estate. old folks [suburban beverage 7"]
4. nite jewel. what did he say [my cd-r]
5. boredoms. ant 10 [super roots 10]

6. hanglops. start a band [ronk ng rool]
7. smith westerns. spiritus sanctus [irukandji 7"]
8. the hunches. ate my teeth [exit dreams]
9. blank-its. divorce [windows are dirty 7"]

10. wounded knee. a hibee's lament [s/t]
11. topaz rags. tarot hareem [tarot hareem 7"]
12. city center. this is how we see in the dark [split 7" with grouper]

13. lotus plaza. sunday night [floodlight collective]
14. sleep school. the void surrounding you [blue attack ep]
15. my bloody valentine. sometimes [loveless]

16. be-gulls. come to pass [by the beach]
17. vibes. honeycomb [you god it]
18. CFTPA. it's a crime [advance base battery life]

19. el guincho. bombay [live on mania tv]
20. nobunny. nobunny loves you [love visions]
21. boat club. all the time [caught the breeze]
22. blank dogs. leaving the light on [diana (the herald)]
23. bubonic plague. debbie [instant coma]

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

bring on the (anti) party 03/02/09

1. sonic youth. cross the breeze [live in vienna '89]
2. smog. bathysphere [wild love]

3. japanther. the gravy [yer living grave ep]
4. graffiti island. bad potions [demo]
5. trudges. brother boogie [least evolved]

6. ghetto cross. dog years [ghetto cross 7"]
7. thee oh sees. kids in cars [peanut butter years]
8. xiu xiu. fox and the rabbit [the air force]

9. lotus plaza. different mirrors [the floodlight collective]
10. abe vigoda. the walk [kid city]
11. beat happening. bewitched [jamboree]
12. the hospitals. teams [hairdryer peace]

13. red house painters. katys song [red house painters I]
14. thanksgiving. i forgot yr name [the "in the world" e.p]

"contender for song of the year"

15. jeans wilder. mosquito [split w. a. gal]
16. gowns. cherry lee [red state]
17. whitman. i heart l.a [sun, smog and hate]

18. beachhh boyz. feel flows [surfz uppp]
19. the octopipers. sloop john b [unknown. but featuring audrey hepburn on vox?]
20. no age. things i did when i was dead [nouns]

21. grouper. poison tree [split w. inca ore]
22. christina carter. death [split w. pocahaunted]
23. kria brekkan. fondling [apotropaiosong armor]
24. blank its. windows are dirty [7"]
25. golden triangle. prize fighter [prize fighter]

26. lotus plaza. red oak way [the floodlight collective]
27. mike bones. i'm a decent man, i keep repeating [a fool for everyone]
28. old blood. i win [old men]