Tuesday, March 13, 2007

you punched a hole in the sun. playlist march 13

1. rio en medio. girls on the run (the bride of dynamite)
2. seabear. cat piano (the ghost that carried us away)

3. best of seth. alli alli (sparrow, s/t)
4. fresh cherries from yakima. good morning, stranger (buttons for north caroline)
5. dan rossen. deep blue sea (radio performance)
6. the strange death of liberal england. a day another day (single)
7. cat power. nude as the news (what would the community think)

8. wilco. you are my face (sky blue sky)
9. big star. holocaust (third/sister lovers)
10. royal city. bad luck (alone at the microphone)
11. flying lizards. her story (s/t)

12. cocorosie. japan (the adventures of ghostface & stillborn)
13. olivia tremor control. beneath the climb (singles & beyond)
14. camera obscura. let's get out of this country (let's get out of this country)
15. wolf colonel. most delicious part (something/everything)
16. y'all is fantasy island. a sight in salisbury falls (in faceless towns forever)

17. the beatles. i want you (she's so heavy) (abbey road)
18. the national. karen (alligator)
19. my bloody valentine. cupid come (isn't anything)

20. holy fuck. lovely allen (holy fuck ep)
21. rapeman. steak and black onions (2 nuns and a pack mule)
22. fucked up. baiting the public (hidden world)
23. ponytail. start a corporation (kamehameha)

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