Tuesday, October 30, 2007

circular brackets are the dark horse playlist 30/10/07

big thanks to the g-man gareth for filling in for shea!

1. gravenhurst. trust (the western lands)

2. yeasayer. sunrise (all hour cymbals)
3. stephen malkmus. ballad of a thin man (i'm not there ost)
4. orilla opry. shadow shadow (lighthouse for strugglers eyes)

5. swirlies. wrong tube (blondertongueaudiobaton)
6. cap'n jazz. little league (analphabetapolothology)
7. the black swans. change (change)

8. beirut. forks and knifes (la fete) (the flying cub cup)
9. lightning paw. somethings true (holy, holy)
10. css. knife (friend ep)

11. broughton and casati. the rage (the rage ep)
12. pants yell! tried to be good (alison stratton)
13. the red krayola w/ art and language. fairest of all (trapped by liars)

14. the teenagers. scarlet johansson (fuck nicole)
15. yume bitsu. i wait for you (yume bitsu)
16. yo la tengo. fourth time around (i'm not there ost)

17. the pyramids. piblokoto (s/t)
18. the liars. cycle time (s/t)
19. white hills. radiate (heads on fire)

20. the breeders. safari (safari ep)
21. pylon. volume (gyrate)
22. radiohead. reckoner (in rainbows)

23. HEALTH. zoothorns (s/t)
24. les savy fav. patty lee (lets stay friends)

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