Tuesday, July 24, 2007

when i listen to the field mice. playlist 24th july

1. bob dylan. idiot wind (blood on the tracks)
2. most serene republic. sherry & her butterfly net (population)

3. red house painters. michael (down colorful hill)
4. songs of green pheasant. boats (gyllyng st)
5. ben & bruno. 100 grim reapers (100 grim reapers)
6. my little airport. when i listen to the field mice (zoo is sad, people are cruel)

7. life on earth. life on earth (look! this is life on earth)
8. can. vitamin c (ege bamyasi)
9. future islands. follow you (little advances ep)
10. les savy fav. what would wolves do? (lets stay friends)

11. little wings. gone again (soft pow'r)
12. sunset rubdown. up on your leopard upon the end of your feral days (random spirit lover)
13. shocking pinks. how am i not myself? (singles)
14. bishop allen. rain (the broken string)

15. ecstatic sunshine. little big dipper (freckle wars)
16. mum. marmalade fires (go go snear the poison ivy)
17. angels of light. black river song (we are him)
18. liars. sailing to byzantium (s/t)
19. sebadoh. jealous of evil (the freed man)

20. steve kilbey. midnite in america (narcosis)
21. brr'er. i'm a kid again (of shemales & kissaboos)
22. HEALTH. triceratops (s/t)
23. the mae shi. lamb & lion (hlllyh)
24. japanther. fuk tha prince a pull iz dum (skuffed up my huffy)
25. death sentence: panda! boomer (puppy kitten or both)

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