Tuesday, July 17, 2007

playlist 17th July 07

1. alden penner. let me sleep (all make parts & collision)
2. the fiery furnaces. navy nurse (widow city)
3. headdress. the painted desert (turquoise)
4. pwrfl power. it's ok (demo)
5. swans. god damn the sun (the burning world)

6. orange juice. falling and laughing (you can't hide your love forever)
7. liars. protection (s/t)
8. surf city. headin' inside (s/t ep)
9. half japanese. vietnam (charmed life)
10. slaraffenland. show me the way (private cinema)

11. pink reason. goodbye (cleaning the mirror)
12. 14 iced bears. hayfever (peel session) (in the beginning)
13. crescent. our river (little waves)
14. panda bear. bonfire of the vanities (take pills ep)

15. marissa nadler. no surprises (stereogum ok computer tribute)
16. mum. blessed brambles (go go smear the poison ivy)
17. lucky dragons. new men (faults)
18. new pornographers. the spirit of giving (challengers)

19. oh no! oh my! the party punch (between the devil and the sea ep)
20. the ruby suns. criterion (xfm session)
21. port o brien. i woke up today (the wind and the swell)
22. frog eyes. reform the countryside (tears of the valedictorian)

23. tiny vipers. campfire resembelance (hands across the void)
24. holy fuck. the pulse (s/t ep)
25. this song is a mess but so am i. monument (satan be here now)
26. so so modern. fire fights (fire fights ep)

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