Tuesday, January 16, 2007

playlist 16/1/2006

1. over the atlantic. glass breaks (junica)
2. nurse & soldier. back in yr corner (marginalia)
3. gruff rhys. candylion (candylion)
4. page france. hat and rabbit (...and the family telephone)

5. paper cuts. john brown (can't go back)
6. apostle of hustle. chances are (national anthem of nowhere)
7. deerhunter. spring hall convert (cryptograms)
8. cyann & ben. words (sweet beliefs)

9. the arcade fire. black mirror (neon bible)
10. boris. farewell (pink)
11. stevie moore. showing shadows (phonography)
12. magic weapon. hidden veil (s/t ep)

13. pink mountaintops. forest of sex (the music appreciation society presents comp.)
14. clap your hands say yeah. goodbye to the mother & the cover (some loud thunder)
15. the gladeyes. andy (a heart full of love ep)

16. the motifs. dots (s/t)
17. viking moses. i will always love you (sandstorms 7")
18. david kilgour. bbc world (the far now)
19. mv & ee with the bummer road. cold rain (mother of thosands will provide the milk of our youth)
20. cloud cult. pretty voice (the meaning of 8)

21. pumice. 29 (raft)
22. tobin sprout. moonflower plastic (yr here) (moonflower plastic)
23. the sonics. the witch (here are the sonics)
24. yo la tengo. watch out for me ronnie (i am not afraid of you and i will beat yr ass)
25. kleenex. ain't you (7" single)
26. polysics. poly-farm (hey! bob! my friend!)

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