Tuesday, December 22, 2009


1. banjo or freakout. merry christmas, baby [xmas spesh]

(track played in brackets)

8. PEAKING LIGHTS - IMAGINARY FALCONS [silver tongues, soft whispers]
7. ATLAS SOUND - LOGOS [sheila]
3. MT EERIE - WIND'S POEM [ancient questions]
2. DUCKTAILS - LANDSCAPES [landrunner]

(track played in brackets)

9. PEAKING LIGHTS - IMAGINARY FALCONS [all the good songs have been written]
7. GIRLS - ALBUM [big bad mean motherfucker]
3. TONSTARTSSBANDHT - AN WHEN [andy summers]
2. DUCKTAILS - LANDSCAPES [on the boardwalk]

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


1. blank dogs. tin birds [under and under]
2. twinsistermoon. bride of the spirits [bride of the spirits 7"]
3. cold cave. love comes close [love comes close]


10. JEANS WILDER - MOSQUITO [split with a gal]
9. SUN ARAW - HEAVY DEEDS [heavy deeds]
6. GROUPER - HOLD THE WAY [forthcoming yalls]
2. PUMICE - PACIFIC OCEAN [persevere]
1. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE - BROTHERSPORT [merriweather post pavilion]


10. KURT VILE - BEACH ON THE MOON [god is saying this to you]
9. LUKE PERRY - AVON LUST [terminator ecstasy]
8. GIRLS - LUST FOR LIFE [album]
5. SMITH WESTERNS - TONIGHT [smith westerns]
4. DUCKTAILS - WISHES [landscapes]
1. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE - MY GIRLS [merriweather post pavilion]

24. dirty beaches. low rider [dirty beaches]

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

playlist 8th december 2009

richard rocks the decks solo in isolation

1. sic alps. clarence [skulls without borders 10"]
2. campfires. rustic arcadia [burning rivers, tv flickers, drifting off to bed]
3. ty segall. my sunshine [single]
4. liars. scissor [sisterworld]

5. dirty beaches. like dreamers do [s/t cassette]
6. shahs. pablo picasso [guts ep]
7. oneohtrix point never. terminator lake [rifts]
8. lucky dragons. honeycomb house pt 1. [vrais nomes 7"]

9. silk flowers. in yr memory [as above so below]
10. pink priest. vanishers [unreleased]
11. joy division. atmosphere [les bains douches]
12. blessure grave. stranger in the house [7"]
13. lashes. here comes the rain [split with bad life]

14. golden cup. madrigale masico [kaleidopea]
15. tyondai braxton. opening bell [central market]

16. tonstartsbandht. tio minuter/beautiful crystal [parson sounds]
17. yoga. seventh mind [megafauna]
18. lee noble. august [downtown hot-blood story]

19. wet hair. ordinary lives/mesmerized/hey chrome [the beach]
21. super minerals. graves [multitudes]
22. roy montgomery. just melancholy [324 e. 13th street #7]
23. alec bathgate. pet hates [gold lame]

24. former ghosts. hold on [fleurs]

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

guitar media playlist december 1st

1. topaz rags. sightings [capricorn born again]
2. ela orleans. something higher [lost]
3. deep sht. sidetripping [weird you 7"]
4. fluker love. in love [fluker love]

5. friendo. callers [demo]
6. henry's dress. sally wants [henry's dress]
7. wetdog. trehorne beach song [frauhaus!]
8. philip seymour hoffman. firing missiles at christmas and easter isl [fire island]

9. pygmy shrews. shame canal [the egyptian]
10. pumice. sunday doom [punches]
11. hole class. true temper [s/t]
12. procedure club. yr fat body [beko 09]

13. aldous birdlife. agea city [demo]
14. twins. left-centrefield [new]
15. speculator. stay cool [luke perry split]
16. ming ming dance company. crookline [single]

17. sex worker. ptsd [the labor or love]
18. excepter. stars in a jar [la sala rossa steps]
19. topaz rags. hardened ribs [capricorn born again]
20. expensive shit. dreamcatcher (excerpt) [pow wow with chopper]

21. tonstartssbandht. it's only love / sov gott rose marie [parson sounds]
22. taterbug. if he was a river and i was a duck, i'd swim to the bottom and never come up [savage young taterbug]
23. parasails. #6 [skylife]

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

guitar media playlist nov 24

1. clark 8. raised by sharks (technoxplosion mix) [school of expression]
2. c powers. pashuniv [new]
3. best hits. fantastic lands 2 [new]
4. speculator. we don't give a shit [speculator]

5. dirty projectors. ascending melody [temecula sunrise]
6. animal collective. what would i want sky [fall be kind ep]
7. grouper. pale through [split with xela]
8. sleep whale. green echo [houseboat]

9. twins. tuesday afternoon [split cassette w/ luke perry]
10. brother jozef. those hands still give me mercy [demo]
11. cloud nothings. hey cool kid [cloud nothings]
12. small black. despicable dogs [played this heaps oopsss]

13. dreamers cloth. I [album]
14. obsidian pond. swamp [right now]
15. oneohtrix point never. ruined lives [ruined lives]
16. ducktails. play in the sun [dept store santas cover]

17. haunted houses. we are the jackson whites [demo]
18. dublin duck dispensary. whistling/cartoons [yykes basket]
19. cas kaplan. the face that you made [an endless ocean of stars]
20. best coast. that's the way boys are [sun was high bside 7"]

21. procedure club. early hospital [beko 09 online digital singles]
22. mammal airlines. emily 2.0 [demo]
23. soror dolorosa. thousand clucks [severance]
24. pompeii. actual locks [new weird australia vol. 3]

25. sloppy tender. soaked sheets [big dream time]
26. lashes. sunny skies [fla/clan destine cassette]
27. the beex. beat beat [beat beat 7"]

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

guitar media playlist nov 17

1. andrew cedarmark. hard livin [the blue ridge tapes]
2. mount pleasant. street heat (definite forever jam) [singles club #3]
3. geotic. people watching (halloween parade) [eyes]
4. atlas sound. the screens [virtual 7 #8]

5. spectrals. leave me be [insound digital mixtape]
6. nicole kidman. woman overload [20 yrs old and no girlfriend]
7. boneless. treetops [demo]
8. jen paul/no lakes. late film [demo]

9. my dad is dead. whirlpool [the taller you are the shorter you get]
10. cool world. ice cream [gaydream nation]
11. the fall. industrial estate [live at the witch trials]
12. blessure grave. learn to love the rope [learn to love the rope]

13. speculator. driving in my car [speculator/luke perry split]
14. speculator. easy [forthcoming LP]
15. zeal. wasps [new weird australia vol. 3]
16. obsidian pond. freedom falling [right now]

17. pumice. open up [persevere]
18. roy montgomery. intertidal [324 e. 13th street #7]
19. hole class. seldom seen road [s/t]
20. crystal antlers. it's all over now baby blue [bd cover]

21. james ferraro. untitled (excerpt) [clear]
22. explorers. that beneath of realms fermenting [bermuda telepaths]
23. run dmt. money/new port richey [bong voyage]

24. big troubles. freudian slips [dem,o]
25. small black. descpicable dogs [fuckt if i know1!!!]

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

playlist nov 10

1. hanging coffins. traces to nowhere [s/t]
2. former ghost. hold on [fleurs]
3. atlas sound. kid klimax [rough trade ep]
4. elm. sacrement at dusk [nencatacoa]

5. tonstartssbandht. seriously [dick nights]
6. gape attack! be with me [demo]
7. magic kids. superball [new new]
8. cat killer. and yr heart beats [it's saying yr name]

9. sun araw. luther [in orbit]
10. wonder wheel. rascal [goldfish]
11. vodka soap. track 4 [un chand pyramidlier]

12. the twerps. dance alone [the twerps]
13. best coast. when i'm with you [new new]
14. kitchen's floor. deadshits [loneliness is a dirty mattress]
15. total slacker. psychic mesa [s/t]

16. atlas sound. i know i will escape [rough trade ep]
17. boneless. better [s/t]
18. leonard cohen. queen victoria [live songs]
19. pumice. pacific ocean [persevere]

20. lamborghini crystal. brain freeze [dial 747: creepozoid]
21. wingdings. side b excerpt [wingdings iii: symbol of infinity]
22. shits and giggles. junkanooga booga [trick or treat]

23. golden axe. wanna be startin something [new new]

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

playlist nov 3

1. flight. johnny's mixed up [7"]
2. woodsman. dikembe mutonbo [collages]
3. teepee. i told you so [morals]
4. knit separates. wolf star [swords then diamonds]

5. small black. despicable dogs [7"]
6. a grave with no name. you're gone again [mountain debris]
7. best coast. sun was high (so was i) [live hotbox: thetripwire.com]
8. tan dollar. tan dollar [demo]

9. o ye denver birds. douglas firs [sun chant]
10. prince rama of ayodhya. golden glow [zetland]
11. oneohtrix point never.

12. nude beach. gimmie die [forthcoming]
13. chicago police dept. butterfly on a wheel [demo]
14. dunebuggy. need somebody [s/t]
15. ducktails. house of mirrors [live hotbox: the tripwire.com]

16. dirty beaches. true blue [forthcomign amazingggg]
17. warm hands. last nite lights [clan destine comp.]
18. teepee. philippines [morals]
19. will oldham. the seedling [strange form of life single]

20. luke perry. avon lust [demo]
21. wingdings. zarathusra's puzzle pt. 2 [wingdings ii: zarathusra's puzzle]
22. melted sunglasses. sparks [sparks 7"]

23. basketball nightmare. something [something]

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

playlist 27 october 2009

richard goes solo while shea is submerged in academia/oprah

1. cursillistas. bona dea [observe ember weeks]
2. obsidian pond. sundog sinners [right now]
3. sparkling wide pressure. this room is open [guide me little tape]
4. how to dress well. suicide dream [friday morning hymnal]

5. hanging coffins. sacred grave [s/t]
6. yoga. dreamcast [megafauna]
7. blessure grave. city lights [learn to love the rope]
8. the shadow ring. i am a lighthouse [life review]
9. tonstartsbandht. seriously [dick nights]

10. oneohtrix point never. zones without people [zones without people]
11. excepter. castle morro [black beach]
12. james ferraro. underwater muscle [edward flex presents: do you believe in hawaii?]

alastair galbraith. live on radio one [2008]
14. money is so sad
15. yes jazz cactus
16. untitled
17. milky milo man
18. head down
19. extra eye
20. untitled
21. flickering birds

20. inca ore. innocent [silver sea surfer school]
21. earth station. side b [control belief]

22. mount pleasant. ghost extension [dissolute, dissolute]
23. bonnie prince billy. polestar of my life [vpro session june 1998]
24. tonstartsbandht. sarajevo preadub [dick nights]

25. blessure grave. hindsight [learn to love the rope]
25. swans. raping a slave [young god ep]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


1. CANT. ghosts [7" split w/ arthur russell]
2. pink reason. livin in the city [bloodstains 7"]
3. the shitty listener. we don't have to be in love [crying sweater]
4. emeralds. diotima [emeralds]

5. spectrals. rot with me [forthcoming]
6. best coast. make you mine [7" bsideee]
7. cat killer. my magazine heart [demo]
8. rangers. these things [friendship bracelet comp]

9. grouper. vessel [roy montgomery split]
10. inca ore. always happy [silver sea surfer school]
11. james ferraro. untitled [heaven's gate]

12. speculator. we don't give a shit [demo]
13. luke perry. luke perry's big gym [demo]
14. more bikini babes. fishing with my dad [friendship bracelet comp]
15. rotten tropics. bukowski [demo]

16. christmas island. 29 [19 7" bside]
17. fabulous diamonds. cemetary dub [albert's basement comp]
18. eternal summers. able to [s/t]
19. froe char. resume [demo]

20. sloppy tender. roof buddy [big dream time]
21. taped hiss. sky monoliths [dunno]
22. speculator. fuck this world [demo]
23. lucky dragons. power melody [open power]

24. la lakers. cough genesis ramparts for gulf eurhythmics]
25. russian tsarlag. let ponvinom care [dunno]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

playlist october 13

1. summer camp. i only have eyes for you [new]
2. yarn owl. without you [tiny dots]
3. girls. life in san francisco [lust for life b-side]
4. dunebuggy. baby, oh baby [dunebuggy]

5. fluffy lumbers. harry dolland's [harry dolland's 7"]
6. julian lynch. new jam [new album]
7. ghost wave. mood ring [demo]
8. cold pumas. jela [jela 12"]

9. street chant. scream walk [scream walk 7"]
10. ganglians. blood in the sand [blood in the sand 7"]
11. alaskas. unshackled [universal studios florida rmx]
12. joy orbison. hyph mngo [hyph mngo 7"]

13. matrix metals. flamingo breeze [flamingo breeze]
14. rangers. low cut fades side b (excerpt) [low cut fades]
15. animal collective. what would i want sky [bbc sesh]
16. raleigh moncrief. similes [combed over chrome ep]

17. the temptations. my girl [anthology]
18. the cookies. i never dreamed [one kiss can lead to another]
19. everly brothers. all i have to do is dream [best of everly bros]
20. elvis presley. blue moon [elvis presley]

21. creep fantastic. excerpt [pipe down]
22. sparkling wide pressure. color first [seven inside and out]
23. new yoga. lizard vision [demo]

24. pheromoans. tattoo boom [savoury days]
25. the cave weddings. bring yr love [bring yr love 7"]

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

playlist october 6

1. wrugs. our golden bones [pass the time please]
2. a grave with no name. silver [mountain debris]
3. shahs. pablo picasso [guts ep]
4. hornet leg. wait [ribbon affair]

5. smith westerns. imagine, pt. 3 [newnewnew]
6. hula hoop. cut backs [dunno!]
7. mean jeans. i think u stink [license 2 chill 7"]
8. fungi girls. kowloon walled city [seafaring pyramids]

(playing this thursday at HSP 84 lichfield st, you should come 4sure xoxox!!)

9. ducktails. wishes [landscapes]
10. the parasails. track 5 [the parasails]
11. ducktails. house of mirrors [landscapes]
12. ducktails. beach point pleasant [7"]
13. ducktails. the mall [ii]
14. ducktails. on the boardwalk [landscapes]

15. the yolks. jane [the yolks]
16. dirty beaches. window rail seats [horror lp]
17. matrix infinity. track 01 [divine intervention]
18. mount pleasant. autumn tour [i met her at the televised execution]

19. new yoga. lizard vision [new track yeahh]
20. emeralds. geode [emeralds]
21. matrix infinity. track 05 [divine intervention]
22. cool-world. ice cream [gaydream nation]

23. grouper. hold the way [forthcoming split]
24. brave radar. shimmer [a building]

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

playlist sept 29

1. pastels/tenniscoats. about you [two sunsets]
2. wrugs. traveller's letter [pass the time please ep]
3. cursillistas. bag of feathers [
4. woods. too clean [acoustic family creeps ep]

5. animal collective/beach boys. i'm waiting for my banshee [porch of the mystics]
6. tonstartssbandht. maihama [maihama ep]
7. boatparty. hold on [demo]
8. pure ecstasy. DWLDWD [single/future nostalgia]

9. gowns. marked [live]
10. grouper. untitled [live]
11. the mantles. what we do matters [s/t]
12. hush arbors. coming home [yankee reality]

13. blondes. moondance [new tracc]
14. salem. frost [frost 7"]
15. pearl harbor. luv goon [something about the chaparrals ep]
16. teenage lovers. teenage lovers [teenage lovers ep]

17. sparkling wide pressure. the long [touching pasture]
18. ghost wave. waves [solo songs]
19. wet hair. mesmerized [glass fountain]
20. olympia. forever [talisman]

21. matrix infinity. track 01 [divine intervention]
22. emeralds. overboard (off the deep end) [emeralds]

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

playlist sept 22

1. banjo or freakout.

2. atlas sound. attic lights [logos]
3. a grave with no name. open water [s/t ep]
4. bigger insides. big glasses [hunters gathering]

5. kurt vile. freak train [childish prodigy]
6. wild nothing. cloudbusting [demo]
7. teenage lovers. i wanna be yr boy [teenage lovers]

8. panda bear. untitled [live at atp]
9. the beach boys. god only knows [live rehearsal sesh]
10. wet hair. stepping razor (to heaven's door) [glass fountain]
11. oneohtrix point never. hyperdawn [zones without people]

12. sparkling wide pressure. warm mouth trance [impose comp.]
13. the dawns. mirage [the dawns/pink priest split]
14. tonstartssbandht. datop feb [maihama b-side]

15. hanging coffins. compacts and atomizers [s/t]
16. the beaters. fishage [dunno]
17. eternal tapestry. cosmic dream [the invisible landscape]

18. girls. big bad mean motherfucker [album]
19. hanoi janes. skeleton girl [forthcoming]
20. the mantles. don't lie [don't lie 7"]
21. nude beach. nude beach [impose comp.]

22. rangers. side a track 1, 2 [low cut fades]
23. beach boys. california girls [live in 67]

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

playlist sept 08

1. meth teeth. unemployment forever [everything went wrong]

2. fergus & geronimo. tell it (in my ear) [7"]
3. campfires. daytime tv [burning rivers]

4. tickley feather. muscles [hors d'oeuvres]
5. surfer blood. swim (to reach the end) [astro coast]
6. atlas sound. sheila [logos]

7. navajo bixby. moonlighting [demo]
8. neon indian. shouldve taken acid with you [psychic chasms]
9. wild nothing. cloudbusting [demo]

10. white rainbow. all the boogies in the world (edit) [new clouds]
11. lightning bolt. funny farm [earthly delights]
12. tan dollar. chinese song [pink sky ep]

13. arthur russell. close my eyes [love is overtaking me]
14. atlas sound. criminals [logos]
15. ned rifle. end credits: simple men [music from films of hal hartley]

16. weed diamond. every christian lion hearted man [beegees cover]
17. joose. keskitalo kaupungit puristuvat puristimissa [keskitalo kaupungit puristuvat puristimissa]
18. street beat. sooli [demo]

19. fuck buttons. surf solar [surf solar 7"]
20. tropa macaca. zona do bicho [marfim]
21. wet hair. cold city [glass fountain]

22. pink reason. scared shitless [borrowed time 7"]
23. psychedelic horseshit. dreadlock paranoia [shitgaze anthems ep]
24. visions of trees. my antlers [forest tracks]

25. hanoi janes. across the sea [forthcoming LP]

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

playlist sept 1


1. honey. waves [will ivy]

2. dunebuggy. money honey [dunebuggy]
3. neverever. the young runaways [blue genes 7"]

4. no age. yr a target [losing feeling ep]
5. lightning bolt. colossus [earthly delights]
6. chll pll. dick moves [aggressively humble]

7. weed diamond. let's burn one down [demo]
8. paint yr golden face. torrents of water subsumed their villages [single]
9. the craters. cool enough for school [forthcoming ep]

10. pure ecstasy. you're in it now [bangin on wine 7"]
11. liam the younger. clear skies [clear skies over black river]
12. the shitty listener. i call you up [constant stranges]

13. girls. headache [girl]
14. oneohtrix point never. format & journey north [zones without people]
15. soft circle. light bright [split 12" with high places]

16. basketball nightmare. come down [nervous energy]
17. julian lynch. mercury [orange you glad]
18. nudge. two hands [as good as gone]

19. deerhunter. vox celeste 5 [vox celeste 5 single]
20. paradise sisters. jeff atkins apology [
21. horse head. free as a bird [demo]

22. sic alps. l mansion. [l mansion 7"]
23. memes. small [dis-adelphia]
24. drunkdriver. firesale [7"]
25. times new viking. these days [born again revisited]

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

playlist aug 25

1. runners. blue ribbon [four track demo]

2. times new viking. no time, no hope [born again revisited]
3. dunes. handle [demo]

4. art thieves. mona lisa [hozac hookup club 004]
5. mother of tears. in the morning [hozac hookup club 006]
6. white mystery. powerglove [hozac hookup club 005]

7. taterbug. chemical vacation [demo]
8. basketball nightmare. shaking [nervous energy]
9. the craters. cool enough for school [teenage high school]

10. space dive. take yr pills [21st century sport]
11. sewn leather. smoke ov the pvnk [night people cassette]
12. john maus. do yr best [love is real]

13. mermaids. eternal summer [demo]
14. pure ecstasy. you're in it now [bangin on wine 7"]
15. fergus & geronimo. harder than it's ever been [harder... 7"]

16. julian lynch. rancher [orange you glad]
17. signer. languidly toot [next we bring you the fire]
18. jealousy. nightstalking [demo]

19. girls. summertime [girls]
20. trudgers. nothing perfect ever [rcrdlbl downloaddd]
21. creepy crawlers. beginning middle end [new demo]

22. forest swords. glory gongs [7"]
23. sun araw. get low [heavy deeds]
24. wavves. to the dregs version two [to the dregs single]

25. pens. horses [hey friend what you doing?]
26. pens. freddie [hey friend what you doing?]

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

playlist 18 aug

shea solo; richard trapped in word counts/semiotics

1. ducktails. on the boardwalk [landscapes]

2. deep sht. no no mr greenspan [weird you]
3. girls. morning light [girls]
4. my bloody valentine. sunny sundae smile [sunny sunday smile]
5. easyboy. sunny day garbage pile [friends]

6. sweet beat. wrong body [demo]
7. becoming real. tracy chapman [demo]
8. peaking lights. silver tongues, soft whispers [imaginary falcons]

9. wet hair. ordinary lives [dream]
10. ducktails. house of mirrors [landscapes]

11. julian lynch. time after time [cyndi lauper cover]
12. velvet underground. pale blue eyes [s/t]
13. dirty beaches. coast to coast [forthcoming cassette]

14. atlas sound. attic lights [logos]
15. meth teeth. i was wrong [everything went wrong]
16. social junk. all i see [forthcoming?]

17. best coast. something in the way [new demo]
18. big troubles. grey dayz [demo]
19. smith westerns. girl in love [smith westerns//7"]

20. high places. late bloomer [split 12" w/ soft circle]
21. james ferraro. toxic spill [kfc city 3099: pt. 1 toxic spill]

22. fergus & geronimo. last letter [harder than it's ever been 7"]
23. assassins 88. class of '88 [go go second chance virgin]
24. personal & the pizzas. brass knuckles [brass knuckles 7"]
25. magic kids. good to be [bside 7" hey boy]

26. beaches. hoe down [beaches]

Friday, August 14, 2009


1. Ducktails. On the Boardwalk [Landscapes]
2. Surf City. Zombies [Forthcoming]
3. Best Coast. Something in the Way [Demo]
4. Big Troubles. Sick Days [Demo]
5. No Age. Genie [Losing Feeling EP]
6. Assassins 88. Bees and Birds [Go Go Second Chance Virgin]
7. Rene Netherlands. Galacticon [Dunno!]
8. Breakfast Mountain. Prewnn [HOOOODED]
9. Frat Dad. Freak in Nature [Demo]
10. Fresh & Onlys. Be My Hooker [Yeti Vol. 7]
11. Ducktails. Wishes [Landscapes]
12. High Places. Late Bloomer [Split 12" with Soft Circle]

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

playlist aug 11 with (SLOW)-JAMS SULLIVAN

hey richard and i were bogged down in essay/academia this week but our bud james sullivan dropped some excellent tunes to soothe ears/warm hearts
back next week with new podcast xoxo

Akron/Family - Love, Love, Love (Everyone)//Ed Is A Portal...
YACHT - Psychic City....
Universal Studios Florida - Sun Glyphed Comanche Kissed....
These Are Powers - Life Of Birds....
The American Analog Set - Continuous Hit Music...
Liars - The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack....
Subtle - I Love L.A. ....
STAG HARE - born into magic....
Grouper - Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Slee....
John Talabot - Sunshine....
The Ruby Suns - Look Out Sos!.....
Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant....
Burial & Four Tet - Moth....
Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Remix).....
Delorean - Deli.....
Best Coast - Up All Night...
The Clean - Thumbs Off....
Jay Reatard - See Saw....
Deerhunter - Lake Somerset....
The Field - I Have The Moon, You Have The Internet

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

playlist august 4


1. mazes. bowie knives [bowie knives 7"]
2. meth teeth. i was wrong [
3. high castle. filth [you're on yr own way]

4. no age. losing feeling [losing feeling ep]
5. cough cool. roxette [unreleased]
6. fresh & onlys. be my hooker [yeti comp. vol. 7]

7. garbage & the flowers. love comes slowly now [eyes rind as if beggars]
8. alps. narwhal [alps of new south whales]
9. silk flowers. sand [s/t]

10. nude beach. nude beach [demo]
11. neon indian. psychic chasms [psychic chasms]
12. teengirl fantasy. hollywood hils [hollywood hils 7"]

13. tonstartssbandht. walking with jesus [an when]
14. lost girl. with scissors [unreleased]
15. nerve city. tunnel/dream house [hell tape]

16. big trouble. bad people [demo]
17. surf city. zombies [forthcoming]
18. hole. malibu [celebrity skin]

19. christina carter. aging [split with pocahaunted]
20. karl blau. apology to pollinateurs [zebra]
21. high wolf. swimming with piranhas [animal totem]

22. the parasails. track 8 [skylife]
23. exercise. side b: field of dreams [field of dreams]
24. james ferraro. underwater muscle [do you believe in hawaii?]

25. au. ida walks away [versions]

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

playlist july 28


1. blues control. tangier [local flavur]

2. ducktails. wishes [landscapes]
3. dirty beaches. lp3 [forthcoming]

4. norse horse. on rooftops [secret geographies]
5. sic alps. description of the harbor [description of the harbor]
6. fluffy lumbers. shore patrol [the police cruisers ep]

7. woven bones. your sorcery [your sorcery 7"]
8. bad hangin out. gran torino [s/t 7"]
9. flight. johnny's mixed up [flowers 7"]

10. tonstartssbandht. black country [an when]
11. deep sht. come mutilise my mind (feat. ivor cutler) [weird you]
12. lovvers. 100 flowers [ocd go go girls 7"]

13. silk flowers. nightshades [s/t]
14. geneva jacuzzi. group dynamic [big love]
15. russian tsarlag. diguise 103 [community deathtube]

16. bad rep. track 1 & 2, side b [chicago slime]
17. washed out. feel it all around [demo]
18. blondes. spanish fly [demo]

19. kurt vile. summer demons [fall demons 7"]
20. his clancyness. dover [hissometer]
21. the pastels & tenniscoats. about you [two sunsets]

22. ducktails. roses [landscapes]
23. new yoga. dogs only [demo]
24. breakfast mountain. j hollerday [hooooded]

25. andrew cedarmark. hard livin [the blue ridge tapes]
26. toro y moi. timed pleasure [body angles]
27. cough cool. rainbow glob [demo]
28. kitchen's floor. woollens [loneliness is a dirty mattress]

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21st July 2009

1. galaxie 500. ceremony (jd/neworder cover) [on fire]
2. little claw. modern vampire [human taste]
3. nerve city. sungod [hell tape]

4. atlas sound (ft panda bear). walkabout [logos]
5. real estate. green river [7" masters]
6. best coast. boy [where the boys are]

7. vivian girls. when i'm gone [everything goes wrong]
8. kurt vile. overnite religion [childish prodigy]
9. high places. dudes incorporated [high places demo]

10. fluffy lumbers. mutant barrymore [the police cruisers ep]
11. nodzzz. goodtimes crowd [true to life 7"]
12. cough cool. roxette [demo]

13. mount eerie. my heart is not at peace [wind's poem]
14. cold cave. cebe and me [love comes close]
15. golden axe. wanna be startin' something [moonlight, good times and boogie]

16. james ferraro. memory theater [marble surf]
17. parasails. skylife 5 [skylife]

18. dolphins into the future. dag 8: om-pah koperen [voyage shopibo coast]
19. rosemary krust. white lips [s/t ep]
20. john thill. vacant lot blues [girls of meth cassette]

21. his clancyness. dover [hissometer cassette]
22. pikelet. music box could well be the answer [not so still]
23. best coast. gloomy [where the boys are]

24. gary war. no payoff [horribles parade]
25. tonstartssbandht. midnite cobras [an when]
26. t.i.t.s. math [throughout the ages]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

playlist july 14

1. mount eerie. stone's ode [wind poem]

2. skygreen leopards. dixie cups in the red grass [gorgeous johnny]
3. terror bird. dream for yr bathwater [sociopaths are glam]
4. kurt vile. subliminal message [fall demon]

5. julian lynch. garden 2 [split 7" with ducktails]
6. the mayfair set. cease to be [young one]

7. gay against you. righteous signals [righteous signals, sour dudes]
8. talk normal. eureka [secret cog]
9. the urxed. gardening after dark [dunno]

10. forest swords. miarches [miarches cassette]
11. truman peyote. yes.wav [light-lightning]
12. ducktails. parasailing [split 7" with julian lynch]

13. pink priest. wolf cub or witch hunt [endless love]
14. gareth davis & steven r smith. source and thereof [westering]
15. tenniscoats. end of days/slight hunger [temporacha]

16. james ferraro. underwater muscle [edward flex presents: do you believe in hawaii]
17. vodka soap. untitled 8 [un chand pyramidalier]
18. new yoga. gold trip [unreleased]

19. mount eerie. between two mysteries [wind's poem]
20. shogun kunitoki. riddarholmen [vinonaamakasio]
21. death in june. little black angel [but what ends when the symbols shatter]

22. best coast. so gone [unreleased]
23. ty segall. can't talk [lemons]
24. the pizzas. hideous fashion [bad ass youth 7"]
25. kid romance. fuck punx [fuck punx 7"]

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Wire Playlist July 10

1. Truman Peyote. New Wife New Life [Light-Lightning]
2. Universal Studios Florida. Sun Glyphed Comanche Kissed [Ocean Sunbirds]
3. Toro Y Moi. Blessa [Blessa 7"]
4. Pikelet. Music Box Could Well be the Answer [Not So Still EP]
5. Ducktails. Parasailing [Split 7" with Julian Lynch]
6. New Yoga. Gold Trip [Unreleased]
7. Phaseone. Tower Grove Joint [Thanks But No Thanks]
8. Cold Cave. Love Comes Close [Love Comes Close]
9. Atlas Sound. Walkabout [Live, Logos Demo]
10. Surf City. Retro [Demo]
11. Deep Shit. Hector [Weird You]
12. Ty Segall. Can't Talk [Lemons]

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

playlist july 7

1. wand. eyes [hard knox]

2. amen dunes. by the bridal [dia]
3. hole class. true temper [unreleased]

4. surf city. retro [demo]
5. street beat. one by one (keeponwalkin) [S.I. tour cd-r]
6. moon palace. cessna [demo]

7. the fall. no christmas for john quays [live at the witchtrials]
8. finally punk. what the fuck missile? [casual goths]
9. onna. mune o tsutsunde [cortigiana dal velo 7"]

10. universal studios florida. startled by sparkling water (feat. alaskas) [ocean sunbirds]
11. truman peyote. beantown [light-lightning]
12. assassins 88. age of consent [go go second chance virgin]

13. pumice. pacific ocean [r.j. cardy cover]
14. wonder wheel. tv screen [idk]
15. sun araw. heavy deeds [heavy deeds]

16. terror bird. dumb sick [sociopaths are glam]
17. smith westerns. tonight [smith westerns]
18. fluffy lumbers. harry dolland's [unreleased]

19. tunnels. follow the red road [in between dreams]
20. atlas sound. recent bedroom [axis tour cd-r 2006]
21. pelican island. three part collage [dunno]
22. gold panda. triangle cloud [miyamae ep]

23. jonny telafone. don't despair all is lost [lysergic communion ep]
24. deep shit. hector [weird you]
25. total bros. distinctive hate couture [s/t 7"]

26. the pizzas. bad ass youth [bad ass youth 7"]
27. mayyors. ghost punch [deads]

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

playlist june 30 yo

shea solo; richard holidaying on the beautiful west coast. drjinkin some lemon lime & orange soda

1. jackson 5. i want you back [z trip remixx]

2. smith westerns. dreams [smith westerns]
3. blank doggs. anywhere [bside slow room 7"]
4. teepee. s.s. france [s.s. france ep]

5. the beets. for you [spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool]
6. real estate. green river [bside fake blues 7"]
7. toro y moi. blessa [unreleased]

8. shahs. handreader [divine interest cd-r]
9. jonny telafone. when 2 became 1 [lysergic communion ep]
10. canterbury rams. laika [demo]

11. julianna barwick. you were waiting [daytrotter session may 22 09]
12. sky limousine. side b [wonder]
13. street beat. sooli [forthcoming tour cd-r]

14. high wolf. the boto [animal totem]
15. universal studios florida. sun glyphed comanche kissed [ocean birds]
16. lamborghini crystal. lightning strikes twice [alien microwave]

17. sun araw. hustle and bustle [heavy deeds]
18. matrix metals. ray ban meltdown [flamingo breeze]

20. hype williams x hounds of hate. untitled (excerpt) [dueces cassette]
21. mazes. a metric tower [mazes ep]

22. pearl harbour. lost at sea [calistonia demos]
23. ducktails. daily vacation [ducktails]
24. cold cave. life magazine [love comes close]

25. eat skull. double wasted [split 7" with ganglians]
26. lovvers. AXTXTXIXTXUXDXE [ocd go go go girls]
27. mayyors. deads [deads]
28. wilberforces. my mind is in my paws [ep]

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


1. richard youngs. collapsing stars [beyond the valley of ultrahits]
2. animal collective. daily routine (phaseone remix) [phaseone remix]
3. green widow. to where [green widow]

~*** THE TOP SONGS OF 2009 SO FAR ! ! ! ***~

4. night control. good looks [death control]
5. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. can't hear my eyes [7"]
6. ducktails. friends [ducktails]
7. blank dogs. tin birds [under and under]

8. best coast. sun was high (so was i) [demo]
9. a gal. diver [split with jeans wilder]
10. lotus plaza. sunday night [the floodlight collective]

11. animal collective. brothersport [merriweather post pavilion]
12. dirty projectors. stillness is the move [bitte orca]
13. cold cave. love comes close [etsel & ruby]

14. jeans wilder. tough guys [unreleased]
15. ilyas ahmed. exit twilight [goner]
16. kurt vile. beach on the moon [god is saying this to you]

17. twinsistermoon. bride of the spirits [7"]
18. julianna barwick. bode [florine]
19. grouper. rising height [7" split with pumice]

20. teengirl fantasy. floor to floor [TGIF EP]
21. city center. unfinished hex [s/t]

22. animal collective. my girls [merriweather post pavilion]
23. jeans wilder. mosquito [split with a gal]

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Wire Playlist June 19

1. Juliana Barwick. You Were Waiting [Daytrotter Session]
2. Spirit Spine. Orange Glow [Surfhunter EP]
3. New Yoga. Gold Trip [Unreleased]
4. Pearl Harbor. Vapor Girls [Unreleased]
5. Best Coast. Up All Night [Unreleased]
6. Smith Westerns. We Stay Out [Smith Westerns]
7. Blank Dogs. Slow Room [Slow Room 7"]
8. Animal Collective. Daily Routine (Phaseone Remix) [Unreleased]
9. Memory Tapes. Bicycle [Unreleased]
10. Pictureplane. New Mind (Teengirl Fantasy Edit) [Unreleased]

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

playlist for 16th of June 2009

richard does the show by himself. feels really hungry.

1. bob dylan. mr tambourine man [live at the royal albert hall 1966]

2. highlife. f kenya rip [s/t]
3. universal studios florida. frozen bayou [ocean sunbirds]
4. dog bite. center of the mountain [the yellow springs ep]

5. ganglians. lost words [monster head room]
6. ilyas ahmed. earn your blood. [goner]
7. palace brothers. long before [there is no-one what will take care of you]

8. woven bones. janie [needless ep]
9. nerve city. the creek [catholic school]
10. nodzzz. we are the only animals [i don't wanna smoke marijuana 7"]
11. smith westerns. be my girl [s/t]

12. sylvester anfang. the devil always shits in the same graves pt 1 [ii]
13. cougar flashy. peewees funhouse [demo]
14. peter jefferies. on an unknown beach [the last great challenge in a dull world]

15. cold cave. heaven was full [edsel and ruby]
16. toro y moi. sad sams [demo/unreleased]
17. xiu xiu. brooklyn dodgers [a promise]

18. wrugs. did [braided gas ep]
19. julianna barwick. cloudbank [florine ep]
20. ilyas ahmed. some of none [goner]

21. matrix metals. tanning salon [flamingo breeze]
22. fungi girls. lady myco purple [psilo demo]
23. nobunny. church mouse [love visions]
24. aids wolf. p'tit debile [pas rapport]
25. pink priest. a peach from hell [they died in their pool]
26. spirit spine. enchanted island [surfhunter ep]

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

june 09 09 playlist ! !

1. the clean. in the dream life you need a rubber soul [mister pop]

3. rollin hunt. pamphlet [criminal c/s]
4. circulatory system. overjoyed [signal morning]

5. flight. feels so good [feels so good 7"]
6. jeans wilder. cool breeze [split c20 with a gal]
7. family portrait. please be my baby [demo]

8. nobunny. i am a girlfriend [raw romance]
9. ganglians. cryin smoke [monster head room]
10. tiny vipers. dreamer [life on earth]

11. meth teeth. never been to church [forthcoming]
12. trudgers. catholic candles [silent western]
13. haunted fucking. wooden sword [sexbeat comp. 002]

14. the pink noise. buzzsaw [alpha]
15. natural numbers. sunrising [demo]
16. black pus. river that ran too far [black pus 0 - ultimate beat off]

17. norse horse. needle beach [demo]
18. memory cassette. last one awake (friend version) [call & response ep]
19. cold cave. love comes close [etsel and ruby 12"]

20. best coast. sun was high (so was i) [demo]
21. spirit spine. orange glow [surf hunter ep]
22. dirty beaches. o'farrell [bird ep]

23. burger kingdom. ivory pillows [demo]
24. pearl harbor. vapour girls [demo]
25. best coast. up all night [demo]

26. gross ghost. the architect [dunno]
27. nobunny. oh cody [raw romance]
28. michael jordan. eyes [demo]

Friday, June 05, 2009

The Wire Playlist June 5

1. Best Coast. Up All Night [Demo]
2. The Beets. For You [Spit in the Face of People Who Don't Want to be Cool]
3. Rolling Hunt. Criminal [Criminal CS]
4. YACHT. Psychic City [See Mystery Lights]
5. Memory Cassette. Last One Awake (Friend Version) [Call & Response EP]
6. Memory Cassette. Asleep at a Party [Call & Response EP]
7. Palm Trees. Whatever You Like [T.I. Cover]
8. Teengirl Fantasy. Floor to Floor [TGIF EP]
9. Yo La Tengo. Periodically Double or Triple [Popular Songs]
10. The Clean. In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul [Mister Pop]
11. The Ruby Suns. Don't Touch the Dusty Fruit [Unreleased]
12. Wilberforces. My Mind is in My Paws [7"?]

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

PLAYLIST june 2 2009

1. the ruby suns. don't touch the dusty fruit [new!]

2. pens. pig [forthcoming]
3. cause co-motion. because because because [because because because ep]
4. fungi girls. glare [psilo demo]

5. handglops. the first party [ronk ng rool]
6. mazes. bethseda [demo]
7. deerhunter. circulation [rainwater cassette exchange]

8. terminal island. cadmium yellow light [demo]
9. YACHT. psychic city [see mystery lights]
10. gary war. zontag [zontag 7"]

11. tndrnss. more fur [demo]
12. dirty beaches. untitled demo [forthcoming LP3]
13. blind man's colour. heavy cloud hustle [season dreaming]

14. turtle ambulance. roundabouts [demo]
15. lamborghini crystal. track 1, side a [1992 cool runnings]
16. repairs. yr eyes [s/t ep]

17. trudgers. freezing over [nothing perfect ever 7" bside]
18. cold cave. heavenly metals [cremations]
19. a gal. and all i could think of was you [jeans wilder cs ep]

20. best coast. in my room [demo]
21. rolling hunt. criminal [criminal ep]
22. pearl harbour. sunburn [demo]

23. sad city. agua [underwater peoples comp]
24. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. evolution's a lie [can't hear my eyes 7"]
25. animal collective. young prayer #2 [animal crackbox]

26. the beets. i think i might've built a horse [dunno]
27. lamborghini crystal. track 4, side b [1992 cool runnings]

28. thee oh sees. schwag rifles [the world's lousy with ideas vol 8]
29. pygmy shrews. catheter [big time]
30. happy burger. pizza all around [pizza all around 7"]
31. male bonding. pirate key [demo]

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

playlist may 26

1. crystal stilts. love is a wave [love is a wave 7"]

2. vivian girls. death [moped girls 7" bside]
3. mayfair set. already warm [7"]

4. girls. god damned [girls ep]
5. sunset rubdown. you go on ahead (trumpet trumpet II) [dragonslayer]
6. fluffy lumbers. harry dolland's [demo]

7. juliana barwick. bode [florine]
8. pajo. bullet [scream with me]
9. boduf songs. left behind like a piece of shit [there is something hanging above]

10. grass widow. lulu's lips [grass widow]
11. polyester raincoat. mind my room [demo]
12. the fresh & onlys. i saw you seeing me [i'll tell you everything 7"]

13. cold cave. chrissie sally [cremations]
14. wives. saving some for myself [s/t ep]
15. little girls. tambourine [tambourine]
16. animal collective. hey friend [animal crackbox]

17. ducktails. dancing with the one you love [ducktails]
18. beach fossils. lazy day [demo]
19. dirty beaches. low rider [forthcoming]

20. gowns. johnny [s/t cd-r ultra rare bro]
21. pajo. teenagers from mars [scream with me]
22. arthur russell. answers me [world of echo]

23. best hits. angle of mine [family days]
24. new yoga. born 2 chill [demo]
25. thrust lab. durkey [wind breaker]

26. the sun downers. the summer song [the girl with the thing in her hair]
27. woods. military madness [songs of shame]
28. vivian girls. moped grillz [moped grillz 7"]

29. many manions. big white house [return to source]
30. norse horse. on rooftops [demo]
31. smarts. general ideas [smarts]
32. teen sheikhs. sacked [demo]

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

playlist for 19/05/09

richard, all alone.

1. big black. kerosene [atomizer]
2. bipolar bear. algiers [abstract distractions]

3. mythical beast. big sky [raven sings the blue presents: vol 1.]
4. real estate. saturday morning [atlantic city expressway ep]
5. wounded knee. bools rule [shimmering new vistas]

6. nothing people. pushing buttons [late night]
7. trudgers. nothing perfect ever [7"]
8. tyvek. flowers [the world's lousy with ideas]

9. palace brothers. stable will [peel session 29/07/94]
10. silver jews. trains across the sea [starlite walker]
11. palace brothers. trudy dies [peel session 29/07/94]
12. jeffrey lewis and the junkyard. to be objectified [em are i]

13. peter jefferies. neither do i [the last great challenge in a dull world]
14. mount pleasant. reverie, reverie [nocturnes]
15. alastair galbraith. huxley [morse]
16. basketball nightmare. hug your spirit [demo???]

17. silk flowers. cannibals and headhunters [flash of light 7"]
18. the shivers. cheree (suicide cover) [in the morning]
19. ghosts. bones [demo]
20. repairs. lottery [s/t]

21. ganglians. radically inept candy girl [12"]
22. dog bite. goodbye mrs fierce [the owls and the eyes ep]
23. dana jewell. baby come on [underwater peoples compilation]
24. cass mccombs. dreams come true girl [single]

25. ariel pinks haunted graffiti. flashback [7"]
26. street beat. one by one (keeponwalking) [solo songs]
27. deerhunter. rainwater cassette exchange [rainwater cassette exchange ep]

28. valet. dealer vs ocean [false face society]
29. xiu xiu. i am the center of your world [chapel of the chimes]
30. russian tsarlag. keepers black glove [untitled c20]

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

playlist may 12


1. beach fossils. daydream [demo]
2. deerhunter. circulation [rainwater cassette exchange ep]
3. teen sheikhs. cracked [demo]

4. dirty beaches. michael i'll come see [fixture records comp.]
5. liam the younger. okay [clear skies over black river]
6. duck dive. white wind [perfumed salad]

7. real estate. snow [underwater peoples comp.]
8. cresting. reed letters [cresting]
9. liechtenstein. roses in the park [survival strategies for the modern world]

10. henry's dress. definitely maybe [henry's dress ep]
11. peepholes. my traps [demo]

12. allah las. los olivos [demo]
13. family portrait. mega secrets [mega secrets 7"]
14. rangers. woodland hills [yoga mat]

15. karl blau. bird song [nature's got away]
16. half japanese. daytona beach [greatest hits]
17. pens. high in the cinema [3 way split with male bonding/graffiti island]

18. baby sloth spirit. astrorhythmics [demo]
19. norse horse. on rooftops [demo]
20. vice city rockers. christmas calculator [demo]

21. benoit pioulard. ahn [temper]
22. coconot. verbena de los delfines [cosa astral]
23. gowns. white like heaven [red state]

24. home blitz. stupid street [live outside 7"]
25. cool world. cabana boys [demo]

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Wire Playlist May 8

1. Lawrence Arabia. Apple Pie Bed [Chant Darling]
2. Pill Wonder. What We Know [Demo]
3. City Center. Open/House [City Center]
4. Gentle Friendly. Ride Around Shining [rcrdlbl.com]
5. Beach Fossils. Daydream [Demo]
6. Burial/Four Tet. Wolf Cub [Moth/Wolf Cub 12"]
7. Teengirl Fantasy. Floor to Floor [TGIF EP]
8. Deerhunter. Circulation [Rainwater Cassette Exchange]
9. Deerhunter. Game of Diamonds [Rainwater Cassette Exchange]
10. The Cool Kids. Popcorn [When Fish Ride Bicycles]
11. Charles Hamilton. Way Cool [Excellence of Execution]
12. Liechtenstein. Roses in the Park [Survival Strategies in a Modern World]

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

playlist may 5

1. casiotone for the painfully alone. man o'war [vs. children]

2. juliana barwick. youcatcher [raven sings the blues presents: vol 1]
3. a gal. the wishing song [demo]

4. beach fossils. vacation [demo]
5. grass widow. to where [demo]
6. sunshower orphans. loisaida [demo]

7. naked on the vague. goodbye dear cliche [chitty chat 7" bside]
8. pink reason. going home [the world's lousy with ideas vol. 8]
9. the intelligence. thank you god for fixing the tape machine [fake surfers]

10. alan & rocha. clandy [demo]
11. turtle ambulance. queen lil [demo]
12. new yoga. "wet smoke 1997" [demo]

13. trudgers. dream building [demo]
14. blank dogs. ages ago [the world's lousy with ideas vol. 8]
15. city center. young diamond [s/t]

16. pill wonder. what we know [unreleased]
17. peace in. everest [demo]
18. flux forces. over my dead dottie [reanimated]

19. fantastic magic. imminent grove [raven sings the blues comp]
20. twinsistermoon. bride of the spirits [7"]
21. headdress. seethrough [lunes]

22. golden axe. hot n cold [katy perry cover]
23. street beat. so tubby [unreleased]
24. forest swords. down steps [fjree feather ep]

25. kid romance. fuck punx [7"]
26. mika miko. keep on calling [we be xuxa]
27. pillow talk. or mummy be good [downtown unga wunga]
28. personal & the pizzas. brass knuckles [7"]

Friday, May 01, 2009


1. Sunset Rubdown. Idiot Heart [Dragonslayer]
2. Friendship. Highhorse Master [4 Songs]
3. Real Estate. Suburban Dogs [Atlantic City Expressway]
4. Turtle Ambulance. Antelopes [Demo]
5. Atlas Sound. Dovers Jam [Live in Atlanta]
6. Night Control. Good Looks [Death Control]
7. Neon Indian. Should Have Taken Acid with You [Demo]
8. Burial. Moth (Excerpt) [Burial/Four Tet 12"]
9. Nite Jewel. Lover [Good Evening]
10. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names. 1999 [#4]
11. Magic Kids. Hey Boy [Hey Boy 7"]
12. Neon Indian. Deadbeat Summer [Demo]
13. Mika Miko. I Got a Lot (New New New) [We Be Xuxa]
14. Mika Miko. Blues Not Speed [We Be Xuxa]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

playlist 28 april

1. salem. ohk [ohk 7"]
2. palm trees. you can have whatever you like [demo]
3. teengirl fantasy. floor to floor [T.G.I.F. EP]

4. city center. gladest [city center]
5. spirit spine. trickledown [spirit spine]
6. street beat. one by one [demo]

7. fluffy lumbers. cruisers [gradeschool fantasy]
8. intelligence. pony people [fake surfers]
9. rapid youth. big growl [3" split w/ no paws (no lions)]

10. jeffrey lewis & the junkyard. if life exists? [em are i]
11. silver jews. black and brown blues [the natural bridge]
12. sonic youth. sacred trixter [the eternal]

13. turtle ambulance. antelopes [demo]
14. transformation surprise. i love all you guys [demo]
15. patten. never never [there were horizons]

16. naked on the vague. chit chat [chit chat 7"]
17. russian tsarlag. hair world [community death tube]
18. pink priest. a peach from hell [they died in their pool]

19. gold panda. quitters raga [quitters raga 7"]
20. atlas sound. time warp [time warp 7"]
21. magic kids. hey boy [hey boy 7"]

22. wounded knee. atlanta [shimmering new vistas]
23. vibes. night court [psychic 7" bside]
24. arch m. mountain tan [mountain tan commercials]
25. brilliant colours. takes so little [highly evolved 7"]

26. frat dad. morning tape [morning tape demos]
27. peepholes. stop picking on aretha pudding [stop picking on aretha pudding EP]
28. roseanne barrr. akira [demo]
29. gentle friendly. ride around shining [rcrd lbl download]

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

playlist april 21

1. bob dylan. i pity the poor immigrant [john wesley harding]
2. woods. sunlit [sunlit 7"]
3. trailer trash tracys. strangling good guys [NPIP comp]

4. kurt vile. beach on the moon [god is saying this to you]
5. deerhunter. rainwater cassette exchange [rainwater cassette exchange ep]
6. friendship. the graveyard shift [4 songs demo]

7. basketball nightmare. hug yr spirit [myspace traxx]
8. cold cave. love comes close [love come close 7"]
9. heavy times. dead dreams [ypsi vacation]

10. total bros. epic fail [demo]
11. blank dogs. tin birds [under and under]
12. kickball. underground husbands [everything is a miracle...]

13. will oldham. forest time [happy child/forest time]
14. cougar flashy. snow grave [singular sword]
15. caethua. to be a man [the pleasures of manhood]

16. atlas sound. unchained melody [unreleased]
17. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. phantasthma [flashback 7"]
18. real estate. atlantic city [atlantic city expressway cd-r]

19. atlas sound. blue moon [unreleased]
20. lotus plaza. these years [the floodlight collective]
21. i heart hiroshima. pink frost [chills cover]

22. the dreams. milk by myself [split 10" with death sentence: panda]
23. creepy crawlers. dang dawg [night prowlers]
24. funk police. horse fag [demo]

25. mount eerie. track ten [the singing from mt eerie]
26. the shadow ring. hold on to i.d. [life review]

27. grass widow. celebrate the mundane [demo]
28. yes please. crucial things [demo]
29. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. flashback [flashback 7"]

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Wire Playlist 17 April

1. Blank Dogs. Night Night [Under and Under]
2. Blank Dogs. Open Shut [Under and Under]
3. Total Bros. Epic Fail [Demo]
4. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. Flashback [Flashback 7"]
5. {{{Sunset}}}. Loveshines II [Loveshines II 7"]
6. Ducktails. Friends [Demo]
7. Dirty Projectors. Stillness is the Move [Bitte Orca]
8. Dirty Projectors. No Intention [Bitte Orca]
9. Sunset Rubdown. Idiot Heart [Dragonslayer]
10. Friendship. The Graveyard Shift [Demo]
11. Crocodiles. Young Drugs [Summer of Hate]
12. HEALTH. Die Slow [Die Slow 7"]
13. Trailer Trash Tracys. Strangling Good Guys [NPIP Comp]

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

playlist ! ! ! ! !

1. the dirty projectors. stillness is the move [bitte orca]
2. karl blau. arco iris... [anonymous monk calendar comp]
3. valet. rainbow [false face society]

4. crocodiles. i wanna kill [summer of hate]
5. suicide. keep your dreams [s/t]
6. cold cave. an understanding of nothing [crocodiles/cold cave/blessure grave split 7"]

7. ilyas ahmed. exit twilight [goner]
8. twinsistermoon. bride of the spirits [bride of the spirits 7"]
9. banjo or freakout. upside down [upside down 12" ep]

10. rapid youth. in the trench drenched [demo??]
11. blessure grave. reduce you to black smoke [crocodiles/cold cave/blessure grave split 7"]
12. u.s girls. rise and go [me + yoko]

13. silk flowers. frost [frost 7"]
14. black dice. glazin' [repo]
15. pillow talk. teenage shut-in [downtown unga wunga 7"]

16. ducktails. friends [demo]
17. night control. good looks [death control]
18. peaking lights. boy and the rabbit band [imaginary falcon]

19. the pink mountaintops. vampire [outside love]
20. wand. resuscitation distillery blues [born bad]
21. crocodiles. refuse angels [crocodiles/cold cave/blessure grave split 7"]

22. total bros. joshua fit for basketball [mysapz]
23. fuck you safari. cherries [blanket party ep]
24. mount pleasant. song for sheamus bermingham [for you, and you ep]

25. eddy current supression ring. noise in my head [that time of day 7"]
26. graffiti island. bad potion [some shit - that cassette?? a 7"???]
27. jana hunter. blue and silver bonded [sxsw 2009 showcasing artists comp]

28. josef k. revelation [the only fun in town]
29. vetiver. everyday [tight knit]

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

playlist april 7

1. casiotone for the painfully alone. streets of philadelphia [advance base battery life]
2. bruce springsteen. the wrestler [the wrestler ost]

3. eat skull. heaven's stranger [wild and inside]
4. talbot tagora. internet fixture [abstract distractions]
5. ancient crux. strange situation [interacial coupling]

6. kurt vile. red apples [god is saying this to you]
7. arch m. cat grave [mountain tan commercials]
8. jeans wilder. pretty bird [nice trash]

9. magik markers. ohio r./live/hoosier [balf quarry]
10. ducktails. landrunner [landscapes]
11. twin lion. creeps in the sun [awesome power]

12. knit separates. the black west [swords then diamonds]
13. pink mountaintops. axis: thrones of love [outside love]
14. eat skull. heaven's stranger [wild and inside]

15. ouija. parasite in paradise [split 7" ancient crux]
16. atlas sound. dovers jam [12/31/08 drunken unicorn atlanta]
17. teepee. i told you so [demo]

18. cftpa. tom justice the choirboy... [vs. children]
19. mt pleasant. you look like something terrible [horseshoe lake]
20. high places. hello [unreleased]

21. sea lions. it's a beautiful day today [let's groove 7"]
22. the makeout party. 2 ez 2 luv u [2 ez 2 luv u 7"]
23. the motifs. old faces [edition 59]

24. the shivers. insane [in the morning]
25. maxine funke. crab song [lace]
26. palace bros. riding [there is no one what will take care of you]

27. peaking lights. all the good songs have been written [imaginary falcons]
28. trailer trash tracys. strangling good guys [no pain in pop comp.]
29. wet hair. cult electric annihilation [dream]

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PLAYLIST 31/3/09

chillips in for shea...................

1. the meanest boys. i'll take whatever it takes [???]
2. the child readers. fortune [music heard far off]
3. christina carter. capable of murder [original darkness]

4. xiu xiu. suha [knife play]
5. atlas sound. dovers jam [12/31/08 at the drunken unicorn]
6. smog. prince alone in the studio [wild love]

7. lamborghini crystal 1992. first two tracks from side b of [cool runnings holiday]
8. the fall. deer park [peel sessions]
9. maher shalal hash baz. king of the north [blues de jour]

10. woven bones. with you alone [hozac hookup klub 001]
11. whatever brains. mt whatever [mt whatever 7"]
12. idle times. million miles away [hozac hookup klub 002]

13. gore. after [hart gore]
14. alps of nsw. t.c.h.u [s/t]
15. teeth mountain. keinsein [wfmu live radio shitttt]

16. ducktails. excerpt from surfs up [acres of shade]
17. ***SOME OF*** crazy dreams band. four winds of the owl [crazy dreams band]
18. thee oh sees. ruby go home [help]

19. thanksgiving. the lake at night [the lake at night 7"]
20. alastair galbraith. more than magnetic [hurry on down]
21. blithe suns. trying to find memory in a dark room [

22. fruit sand. oakland [we came from our parents]
23. chrome. chromosome damage [alien soundtracks]
24. the hunches. fall drive [exit dreams]

25. scott. the seventh seal [scott 4]
26. diane cluck. untitled [mon arcana]
27. cat power. bathysphere [september 18th 1996]

28. the ribbon. field [???]

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


1. zola jesus. dog [new amsterdamn]
2. sunny day in glasglow. (cult of) the cemetery flowers (mandolins version) [you can’t hide yr love forever]
3. mika miko. i got a lot [will be xuxa]
4. the shivers. african passport [in the morning]

5. the pink noise. gold light [gold light 7”]
6. my bloody valentine. only shallow [live in vancouver]
7. reading rainbow. feral kids [demo]
8. hype williams. dolo [dude wants female]

9. street chant. scream walk [demo]
10. the super vacations. mister mystery [s/t]
11. pygmy shrews. catheter [big time]

12. arthur russell. keeping up [another thought]
13. ulaan khol. untitled 3 [ii]

14. nite jewel. what did he say [good evening]
15. sdf. you drive [demo]

16. dolphins into the future. day 1, the runner/day 5, the gift [excerpt] [plays themes from voyage]
17. forest swords. red rocks fogg [demo]
18. pumice. twin neck double kick bum chin [split 7” w/ grouper]
19. spirit photography. Into the heart of [time is racing 7”]

20. assassins 88. Go go second chance verson [demo]
21. male bonding. years not long [demo]
22. jeans wilder. burnt toast [???[
23. night control. those girls [death control]
24. bill callahan. eid ma clark shaw [sometimes i wish i were an eagle]
25. sore eros. one by one [second chants]

26. grizzly bear. cheerleader [veckamishtreiu0923lakjd;fz.z]

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

playlist march 17 2009

1. blank dogs. calling over [seconds ep]

2. crystal stilts. love is a wave [love is a wave 7"]
3. cryptacize. blue tears [mythomania]
4. dum dum girls. yrs alone [captured tracks 12"]

5. grouper. heavy water/i'd rather be sleeping [dragging...]
6. grouper. rising height [split 7" with pumice]

7. night control. good looks [death control]
8. david thomas broughton. so much sin to forgive [dublab session]
9. caethua. a first breath [the pleasures of manhood]

10. zola jesus. last day [new amsterdam]
11. jeans wilder. navy blue [nice trash]
12. sore eros. smile on yr face [second chants]

13. the beatles. revolution take 20 [RARE SHIT BRO]
14. the microphones. 8 months in olympia [olympia talent show]

15. night control. star 129 [death control]
16. forest swords. kaibasa claps [demo]
17. peaking lights. 5 records skipping together [clearvoyant]

18. blank dogs. the threes [the seconds ep]
19. dan deacon. wet wings [bromst]
20. country teasers. bung oats [woar]

21. banjo or freakout. from stardust to sentience [cover]
22. gun outfit. on the beach [dim light]
23. blessure grave. feeding the silence [split 12" with cult of youth]

24. eric copeland. track 1 [RGAG]
25. neil young. tonight's the night [tonight's the night]

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Wire Playlist March 13

1. Blank Dogs. Calling Over [Seconds]
2. Girls. Lust for Life [Lust for Life 7"]
3. Cryptacize. Blue Tears [Mythomania]
4. Crystal Stilts. Love is a Wave [Love is a Wave 7"]
5. Night Control. Star 131 [Death Control]
6. Charles Hamilton. Way Cool [Excellence of Execution Mixtape]
7. Mount Pleasant. I've Been Feelin So Good [Pop Hits City EP]
8. Gun Outfit. The Valley [Dim Light]
9. Blessure Grave. Feeding the Silence [Split 12" with Cult of Youth]
10. Blank Dogs. The Tied [Seconds]
11. Dum Dum Girls. Yours Alone [Captured Tracks 12"]
12. Night Control. Good Looks [Death Control]

Friday, March 06, 2009

The Wire Playlist March 6

1. Bridez. Rolling Stoned [Heart 7" B-Side]
2. Ganglians. Lost Words [Split 7" with Eat Skull]
3. Girls. Lust for Life [Lust for Life 7"]
4. High Places. Head Spins (Allez Allez Remix) [Unreleased]
5. Roxanne Shante. Bite This [Fly Girls: B-Boys Beware]
6. Lady D. To The Beat [Fly Girls: B-Boys Beware]
7. Dum Dum Girls. Brite Futures [Split 7" Crocodiles/Pens/Graffiti Island]
8. Strange Boys. This Girls Taught Me a Dance [And Girls Club]
9. Fruit Sand. Oakland [We Came From Our Parents]
10. Grouper. Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping [Dragging a Dead Deer...]
11. Grouper. False Horizon [Split 7" with City Center]
12. Camera Obscura. My Maudlin Career [My Maudlin Career]
13. Camera Obscura. You Told a Lie [My Maudlin Career]
14. Quintron. Waterfall [Too Thirsty 4 Love]

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

the most professional radio show on the planet 03/03

1. akron/family. before and again [s/t]
2. some distorted fucked cable

3. fabulous diamonds. lp1 [s/t]
4. deerhunter. lake somerset [cryptograms]
5. smog. hangman blues [the doctor came at dawn]

6. black dice. lazy tv [repo]
7. please. sutton hoo hoo [?????????]
8. john maus. my whole worlds coming apart [love is real]

9. ctpfa. suitcase in hand [pocket symphonies for lonesome subway cars]
10. alps of nsw. l.g.o.m.w.o.c.t [s/t]
11. the alps. lunar mansions [a path thruogh the sun]

12. young marble giants. final day [final day]
13. dna. egomaniacs kiss [no new york comp]
14. internet forever. 3d [demo]

15. arthur russell. a see through thought [another thought]
16. real estate. black lake [7"]
17. bpb. you can't hurt me now [beware]

18. religious girls. esl [dddemo?]
19. the samps!. magnetic thy [dunno]
20. the love is so fast. beautiful stranger [s/t ep]

21. teengirl fantasy. gasmaskk [demo]
22. the velvet underground. sister ray [white light/white heat]

23. xy lover. d.h lawrence [demo]
24. xiu xiu. sad pony guerilla girl [life and live]

24. NMH. naomi [on avery island]

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

forest diving. playlist feb 24

1. papercuts. future primitive [you can have what you want]

2. akron/family. many ghosts [set 'em wild, set 'em free]
3. timber timbre. home [cedar shakes]
4. comet gain. brothers off the block [broken record prayers]

5. pens. the weekend starts here [forthcoming]
6. assassins 88. bees and birds [demo]
7. the mayfair set. already warm [forthcoming]

8. christina carter. quiet nights [masque femine]
9. maxine funke. winter galaxy [lace]
10. dog bite. brand new [the words of worms]

11. rangers. laker dreams [osaka]
12. sun araw. hey mandala! [predator vision/sun araw split]
13. vibes. shake it off [you god it]

14. gowns. butterfly knife [ESOPUS 10 comp]
15. christina carter. all alone [masque femine]
16. natural numbers. pacific [forthcoming]

17. gudrun gut. rock bottom riser [i put a record on]
18. these are powers. easy answers [all aboard future]
19. bill callahan. jim cain [sometimes i wish we were an eagle]

20. wooden shijps. vampire blues [7"]
21. mv & ee. drone trailer [drone trailer]
22. reading rainbow. totem pole [demo]

23. dan deacon. of the mountains [bromst]

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Wire Playlist February 20

1. These Are Powers. Blue Healer [All Aboard Future]
2. Natural Numbers. Sunrising [Comma]
3. Silent Talk. Love Go's [Demo]
4. High Places. Sandy Feat [03/07-09/07]
5. Vivian Girls. Lake House [The World's Lazy with Ideas 8]
6. The Mayfair Set. Desert Fun [Forthcoming EP]
7. Jeremy Jay. Gallop [Slow Dance]
8. The Eternal Summers. Fall Straight Back [Demo]
9. Jeans Wilder. Tough Guys [Demo]
10. Akron/Family. Many Ghosts [Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free]
11. Dan Deacon. Padding Ghost [Bromst]
12. Animal Collective. My Girls [Merriweather Post Pavilion]
13. The Mayfair Set. Already Warm [Forthcoming EP]
14. Crystal Stilts. Spiral Transit [Alight of Night]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1. ooga boogas. neon sunset [romance and adventure]
2. cold cave. sex ads [sex ads 7"]
3. christmas island. bed island [blackout summer]

4. jeans wilder. simpler times [antiques]
5. natural numbers. sunrising [comma]
6. silent talk. love go's [demo]

7. a gal. diver [demo]
8. jana hunter. blue and silver bonded [sxsw 2009 showcasing artists]
9. grouper. giving it to you [wide]

10. dan deacon. padding ghost [bromst]
11. dan deacon. get older [bromst]
12. dan deacon. woof woof [bromst]

13. little girls. venom [youth tunes]
14. sets. bat bans [demo]
15. silk flowers. costume [dunnooo]
16. dinowalrus. electric car, gas guitar [split 7" with bachelor of arts]

17. theoretical girls. mom & dad [theoretical girls]
18. ducktails. white house with green shutters [acres of shade]
19. high places. universe [03/07-09/07]

20. pan american. for aiming at the stars [widebird release]
21. lovvers. human hair [think]

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Wire Playlist February 13

1. Lotus Plaza. Sunday Night [Floodlight Collective]
2. Lotus Plaza. What Grows? [Floodlight Collective]
3. Jeans Wilder. International Waters [Antiques]
4. El Guincho. Palmitos Park [Alegranza]
5. Black Dice. Glazin [Repo]
6. Food of the Gods. Boy From Brazil [S/T 12"]
7. The Show is the Rainbow. Gothic Cajun [Dunno!]
8. Jeremy Jay. We Were There [Slow Dance]
9. Natural Numbers. Sunrising [Comma]
10. Silent Talk. Love's Go [Forthcoming]
11. DOOM. Ballskin [Born Like This]
12. Boredoms. Ant 10 [Super Roots 10]
13. Dan Deacon. Get Older [Bromst]
14. Blank Its. Windows are Dirty [Windows are Dirty 7"]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

urban super mist. playlist feb 10

1. weave. weave say leave [weave ep]
2. jeans wilder. tough guys [demo]

3. real estate. old folks [suburban beverage 7"]
4. nite jewel. what did he say [my cd-r]
5. boredoms. ant 10 [super roots 10]

6. hanglops. start a band [ronk ng rool]
7. smith westerns. spiritus sanctus [irukandji 7"]
8. the hunches. ate my teeth [exit dreams]
9. blank-its. divorce [windows are dirty 7"]

10. wounded knee. a hibee's lament [s/t]
11. topaz rags. tarot hareem [tarot hareem 7"]
12. city center. this is how we see in the dark [split 7" with grouper]

13. lotus plaza. sunday night [floodlight collective]
14. sleep school. the void surrounding you [blue attack ep]
15. my bloody valentine. sometimes [loveless]

16. be-gulls. come to pass [by the beach]
17. vibes. honeycomb [you god it]
18. CFTPA. it's a crime [advance base battery life]

19. el guincho. bombay [live on mania tv]
20. nobunny. nobunny loves you [love visions]
21. boat club. all the time [caught the breeze]
22. blank dogs. leaving the light on [diana (the herald)]
23. bubonic plague. debbie [instant coma]

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

bring on the (anti) party 03/02/09

1. sonic youth. cross the breeze [live in vienna '89]
2. smog. bathysphere [wild love]

3. japanther. the gravy [yer living grave ep]
4. graffiti island. bad potions [demo]
5. trudges. brother boogie [least evolved]

6. ghetto cross. dog years [ghetto cross 7"]
7. thee oh sees. kids in cars [peanut butter years]
8. xiu xiu. fox and the rabbit [the air force]

9. lotus plaza. different mirrors [the floodlight collective]
10. abe vigoda. the walk [kid city]
11. beat happening. bewitched [jamboree]
12. the hospitals. teams [hairdryer peace]

13. red house painters. katys song [red house painters I]
14. thanksgiving. i forgot yr name [the "in the world" e.p]

"contender for song of the year"

15. jeans wilder. mosquito [split w. a. gal]
16. gowns. cherry lee [red state]
17. whitman. i heart l.a [sun, smog and hate]

18. beachhh boyz. feel flows [surfz uppp]
19. the octopipers. sloop john b [unknown. but featuring audrey hepburn on vox?]
20. no age. things i did when i was dead [nouns]

21. grouper. poison tree [split w. inca ore]
22. christina carter. death [split w. pocahaunted]
23. kria brekkan. fondling [apotropaiosong armor]
24. blank its. windows are dirty [7"]
25. golden triangle. prize fighter [prize fighter]

26. lotus plaza. red oak way [the floodlight collective]
27. mike bones. i'm a decent man, i keep repeating [a fool for everyone]
28. old blood. i win [old men]

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Wire Playlist January 30

1. Cold Cave. The Trees Grew Emotions and Died [The Trees... 12"]
2. Ancient Crux. In Teen Dreams [Interracial Coupling EP]
3. Dum Dum Girls. Hey Sis [Dum Dum Girls]
4. Here We Go Magic. Fangela [Here We Go Magic]
5. Grizzly Bear. Deep Blue Sea [Dark Was The Night]
6. Real Estate. Black Lake [Black Lake 7"]
7. Wavves. Get in the Sun [Wavvves]
8. Wavves. Jetplane (Staying in a) [Wavvves]
9. El Guincho. Bombay [Live on ManiaTV]
10. Memory Cassette. Asleep at a Party [The Hiss We Missed]
11. Peter Bjorn & John. Lay it Down [Living Thing]
12. Spider. If I Were You [Spider]
13. Jeans Wilder. Tough Guys [Demo]
14. WEAVE!. Mouthpiece Hysteria [WEAVE! EP]

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

asleep at a party. playlist jan 27

1. dimmer. crystalator [crystalator 7"]

2. the hunches. from the window [exit dreams]
3. jacuzzi boys. i fought a crocodile [i fought a crocodile]
4. here we got magic. tunnelvision [here we go magic]

5. animal collective. comfy in nautica [live at bowery ballroom 01/09]
6. ducktails. gem part 1 & 2 [beach point pleasant 7"]
7. us girls. found on the ground [found on the ground c/s]

6. ancient crux. in teen dreams [interracial coupling]
7. john thill. broken freeways [broken freeways c/s]
8. twin lion. creeps in the sun [awesome power]

9. old blood. i win [old men]
10. nobunny. motorhead with me! [give it to me 7"]
11. spider. if i were you [spider]

12. florene. room 5 [rooms vol. 1]
13. fever ray. concrete walls [fever ray]
14. memory cassette. asleep at a party [the hiss we missed]

15. maxine funke. rolling boil [lace]
16. woods. rain on [some shame]
17. nicole kidman. life really sucks [demo]

18. air france. no excuses [no way down]
19. wavves. no hope kids [wavvves]
20. wavves. more fur [wavvves]

21. rosemary krust. summer [slow light]
22. xiu xiu. sad pony guerilla girl [life in live]
23. liars. let's not wrestle mt heart attack [drum's not dead]

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Wire Playlist January 23

1. Faux Pas. Chasing Waterfalls [Waterfalls EP]
2. Here We Go Magic. Tunnelvision [Here We Go Magic EP]
3. Jacuzzi Boys. I Fought a Crocodile [I Fought a Crocodile 7"]
4. Wavves. So Bored [So Bored 7"]
5. Handsome Furs. I'm Confused [Face Control]
6. Peter Bjorn & John. Lay it Down [Living Thing]
7. Telepathe. Devil's Trident (Oscillation Remix) [Devil's Trident 12"]
8. Salem. Skullcrush [Water EP]
9. Dan Deacon. Get Older [Bromst]
10. Mi Ami. Freed from Sin [Watersports]
11. Animal Collective. My Girls [Merriweather Post Pavilion]
12. Twin Lion. Safest in Bearhugs [Awesome Power]
13. Deastro. Parallelogram [Parallelogram]
14. Jeremy Jay. Love Everlasting [Love Everlasting 12"]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

playlist jan 20

1. the hunches. not invented [exit dreams]

2. fungi girls. glare [psilo demo]
3. mount pleasant. yr head [demo]
4. his clancyness. next year is ours [demo]

5. eugene chadbourne. track six [dunno!]
6. bruce springsteen. atlantic city [nebraska]
7. pumice. heavy punter [live on vpro]

8. salem. skullcrush [water ep]
9. primitive calculators. do that dance [primitive calculators & friends]
10. mi ami. new guitar [watersports]

11. real estate. suburban beverage [demo]
12. us girls. o what a nite [kanakee memories]
13. the love is so fast. do you want [s/t ep]

14. rollercoaster project. what happened [revenge]
15. jandek. i passed by the building [blue corpse]
16. jeremy jay. love everlasting [love everlasting]

17. palace. you have cum in yr hair and yr dick is hanging out [arise therefore]
18. abe vigoda. wild heart [reviver ep]
19. grizzly bear. deep blue sea [dark was the night]

20. lotus plaza. these years [demo]
21. mountains. choral [choral]
22. rose for bohdam. before the bible [there it is the creeping moral decay of the past 1000 years]

23. dan deacon. get older [bromst]
24. animal collective. no more runnin [merriweather post pavilion]

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Long tails and and ears for hats. playlist jan 14 2009


The Fall - the classical [hex enduction hour]
Hum - stars [you'd prefer an astronaut]
Crystal Stilts - crystal stilts [alight of night]

The Breeders - safari [safari]
Cause Co-motion - which way is up? [it's time]
Bressa Creeting Cake - rocky mountain [s/t]
The Yolks - i do what i do [introducing the...]
White Denim - mess your hair up [mess your hair up]

88 Keys - ho is short for honey [the death of adam]
No Age - brain burner [nouns]
Nero's Day at Disneyland - death parade (feat. Kevin Shields) [nero's day at disneyland]
The Depreciation Guild - butterfly kisses [in her gentle jaws]
The War on Drugs - taking the farm [wagonwheel blues]
The 3Ds - sunken head [hellzapoppin']

The National - mansion on the hill [the virginia EP]
Dirty Three - sue's last ride [horse stories]
The Very Best - chikondi [the very best mixtape]
Yo La Tengo - we're an american band [i can hear the heart beating as one]
Prince and Pearl - not a gun []
Sonic Youth - kim gordon and the arthur doyle hand cream [sonic nurse]
Pere Ubu - 30 Seconds Over Tokyo [datapanik in year zero]

Wire - mannequin [pink flag]
Josie and the Pussycats - josie and the pussycats theme [tv]
M Ward - let's dance [eagle vs shark soundtrack]
McLusky - you should be ashamed. sheamus [the difference between me and you is that i'm not on fire]

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

keep it real keep it real shout out. playlist jan 6 2009

1. the dodos. walking [visiter]

2. hologram. goodnight pt 1 [tape]
3. fairport convention. who knows where times goes [unhalfbrickling]
4. the caretaker. persistent repetition of phrases [persistent repetition...]

5. animal collective. bluish [merriweather post pavilion]
6. misophone. grey clouds [be glad you are only human]
7. twi the humble feather. finale [music for spaceships and forests]

8. cold cave. our tears helped the flowers grow [the trees grew emotion and died]
9. ghoul. fuck math [a mouthful of gold]
10. abe vigoda. wild heart [reviver ep]

11. cheveu. lola langusta [my answer is yes 7"]
12. psychic ills. eyes closed [mirror eye]
13. blackout beach. biloxi, in a grove, cleans out his eyes [skin of evil]

14. animal collective. taste [merriweather post pavilion]
15. rosemary krust. fish gills [slow light]
16. wounded knee. canary [orpheus]

17. richard swift. lady luck [ground trouble jaw ep]
18. the barbaras. day at the shrine [summertime road 7"]
19. plastic crimewave sound. dead island boogie [plastic crimewave sound]

20. flight. over my head [dunnooooo]
21. psychic ills. fingernail tea [mirror eye]
22. lee baggett. clover hill [burn'r]

23. animal collective. my girls [merriweather post pavilion]
24. lineland. emerald board [logos for love]
25. campamento nec nec. pinata [dunno]

26. arthur russell. losing my taste for the nightlife [another thought]
27. the dodos. red and purple [visiter]