Tuesday, April 24, 2007

playlist 24 april

1. woods. be still (at rear house)
2. architecture in helsinki. heart it races (single)
3. magnetic fields. jeremy (the wayward bus)

4. trembling blue stars. idyllwild (last holy writer)
5. vincent gallo. lonely boy (recordings of music for film)
6. the limes. morning noon & night (s/t)
7. black moth super rainbow. sun lips (dandelion gum)
8. when. trippy happy ii (trippy happy)

9. joy division. digital (substance)
10. je suis france. wizard of points (afrikan magik)
11. the dirty projectors. imagine it (new attitude)
12. teenwolf. bloxx war (demo)

13. don caballero. new laws (for respect)
14. a northern chorus. the millions too many (the million too many)
15. sunset rubdown. apistat commander (xiu xiu remixed& covered)
16. the radio dept. it's been eight years (lesser matters)

17. ida. little things (i know about you)
18. the national lights. swimming in the swamp (the dead will walk, dear)
19. slint. good morning captain (spiderland)

20. the zincs. head east, kaspar (black pompadour)
21. aleks and the ramps. rigor mortis (pisces & aquarius)
22. the dead c. the magicians (future artists)
23. no age. everybody's down (get hurt)

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