Tuesday, August 29, 2006

this is yr last chance to be famous. playlist aug 29

1. jens lekman. you are the light (when i said i wanted to be yr dog)
2. polyphonic spree. sonic bloom (wait ep)
3. brightblack morning light. friend of time (s/t)
4. snowden. between the rent and me (anti-anti)
5. bishop allen. click click click click (july ep)
6. the gordons. spick and span (gordons first album)
7. the raincoats. fairytale in the supermarket (s/t)
8. half-japanese. bright lights, big city (charmed life)
9. the cure. why can't i be you (live) (kissmekissmekissme deluxe)
10. andrew bird. nervous tic motion... (mysterious production of eggs)
11. pajo. let it be me (1968)
12. castanets. three days three nights (cathedral)
13. the crayon fields. living so well (animal bells)
14. haints of dean hall. in the golden age (s/t)
15. pinback. loro (s/t)
16. kings of convenience. singing softly to me (quiet is the new loud)
17. blood brothers. 1,2,3,4 guitars (young machetes)
18. frog eyes. 1 in 6 children will flee (the golden river)
19. tap tap. way to go, boy (lanzafame)
20. man man. english bwudd (six demon bag)
21. lightspeed champion. waiting game (demo)
22. eric's trip. my chest is empty (forever again)
23. clinic. family (visitations)
24. the thermals. a pillar of salt (the body the blood the machine)
25. the mint chicks. funeral day (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)

edit: fixed!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

cansei de ser indie. playlist 22 aug

1. pavement. billy (terror twilight)
2. mazarin. new american apathy (we're already there)
3. joanna newsom. peach plum pear (milk-eyed mender)
4. television. venus (marquee moon)
5. ? and the mysterious. 96 tears (96 tears)
6. whitest boy alive. don't give up (dreams)
7. johnathan richmond. vampire girl (you must ask the heart)
8. ryan adams. my winding wheel (heartbreaker)
9. entrance. grim reaper blues (prayer of death)
10. the black keys. your touch (magic potion)
11. akron/family. gone beyond (meek warrior)
12. pajo. who's that knocking (1968)
13. scout niblett. wet road (sweet heart fever)
14. the decemberists. sons & daughters (crane wife)
15. herman dune. not on top (not on top)
16. BOAT. last cans of paint (songs you might not like)
17. the sneaky feelings. wasted time (wasted time 7")
18. beach boys. god only knows (pet sounds)
19. brian wilson. heroes & villains (smile)
20. sunset rubdown. shutup i'm dreaming... (shutup i'm dreaming)
21. mount eerie. where lies my tarp? (singers)
22. fugazi. waiting room (13 songs)
23. sleater-kinney. the fox (the woods)
24. sonic youth. mildred pierce (goo)
25. pavement. serpentine pad (wowee zowee)


Monday, August 21, 2006

the title is this


only have a couple of things to report this week!
and they are: the shocking pinks final show this saturday at the dux! . word on the street is that they'll be playing tunes from dance the dance electric and also NEW STUFF?!!? kit from house of dolls/pig out is dj-ing, and it's all free. apparently nick is off to noo yoik to do some shit with DFA records so make sure you head along and wish him good luck and stuff.

saturday after that is a BENEFIT GIG FOR HEPATITIS C - at the media club. it features the chills, the renderers, charlie ash, pig out and coal. only ten bucks yo!

on the show tomorrow i will be playing a few traxx from the forthcoming DECEMBERISTS ALBUM the crane wife.

if yr quick you might be able to pick up a few MP3S from the album from red blondehead

anyway, to finish off - i was looking through this artbook today and i noticed there was an artist called devendra banhart AND yes indeed it is none other than our favourite freak-folker! take a look:


show TOMORROW NIGHT! you should tune in!



Tuesday, August 15, 2006

um yeah. playlist 15 august

1. beirut. postcards from italy (gulag orkestar)
2. samuel flynn-scott. it's a fact (hunt brings us life)
3. circulatory system. yesterday's world (s/t)
4. the curtains. green water (calamity)
5. half-handed cloud. earth outside of ghost... (halos & lassos)
6. sprites. i started a blog nobody read (modern gameplay)
7. grizzly bear. on a neck, on a spit (yellow house)
8. sparklehorse. mountains (dreamt for lightyears in the belly of mountain)
9. peter & the wolf. strange machines (experiments in junk)
10. bruce springsteen. old dan tucker (we shall overcome)
11. wooden wand. rolling one sun blues (second attention)
12. badly drawn boy. born in the uk (born in the uk)
13. guided by voices. echos myron (bee thousand)
14. jakob. semaphore (semaphore)
15. spiritualized. electricity (ladies and gentlemen ...)
16. espers. moon occults the sun (espers ii)
17. +/-. steal the blueprints (let's build a fire)
18. beck. i get lonesome (one foot in the grave)
19. i'm from barcelona. we're from barcelona (let me introduce my friends)
20. destroyer. painter in your pocket (destroyers rubies)
21. jens lekman. sweet summers night on hammer hill (oh, your so silent jens)
22. love. the red telephone (forever changes)
23. viva voce. from the devil himself (get yr blood sucked out)
24. the shocking pinks. victims (mathematical warfare)
25. afghan whigs. debonair (live) (gentleman)
26. the mint chicks. welcome to nowhere (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)

Friday, August 11, 2006

oceans never listened to us anyway

more goodness from youtube.
new video from the mountain goats - woke up new (taken from the forthcoming get lonely lp) think the album's out in a couple of weeks?
anyway: really nice song and video

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

not as goth as they say we are. playlist 8 aug

1. olivia tremor control. sleepy company (black foliage)
2. sunset rubdown. they took a vote an said no (shut up i'm dreaming)
3. jason anderson. hold on (new england)
4. BOAT. lanterns & laughing ladies (songs you might not like)
5. neutral milk hotel. bucket (demo 1)
6. midlake. young bride (trials of van occupanther)
7. cat power. red apple (the covers record)
8. bonnie prince billy. the seedling (the letting go)
9. feathers. old black hat with a dandelion flower (s/t)
10. tv on the radio. wash the day away (return to cookie mountain)
11. sebadoh. the freed pig (III)
12. slowdive. 40 days (souvlaki)
13. metallic falcons. snakes and he (desert doughnuts)
14. swan lake. all fires (beast moans)
15. the robot ate me. apricot tea (on vacation)
16. say hi to your mom. these fangs (impeccable blahs)
17. city city city. perimeter motorshow (perimeter motorshow)
18. lavendar diamond. you broke my heart (calvary of light ep)
19. tap tap. come on feet (lanzafame)
20. slint. breadcrumb trail (spiderland)
21. the rolling stones. happy (exile on main st.)
22. david bowie. moon-age daydream (rise and fall of ziggy stardust)
23. comets on fire. holy teeth (avatar)

Monday, August 07, 2006

rattled by the rush

ok so if you were listening last tuesday, you might've heard richard mention this ad that's been circulating the internet (possibly tv in america as well?) for the forthcoming bonnie prince billy album. this is part one of three, apparently.
um it's kind of ... really strange. take a look:

also EXCITING NEWS. jagjaguwar records have just put up an mp3 from the forthcoming swan lake album which is entitled beast moans. just incase you haven't heard, swan lake is a canadian INDEDIEEE supergroup featuring dan bejar of destroyer/new pornographers, carey mercer of frog eyes and spencer krug of wolf parade/sunset rubdown. this track's called "all fires". it's farking good too.

swan lake - all fires

in gig news, the next a low hum tour hits chch friday after next. this one features post-rockers jakob, city city city (cool band from melbourne), operation rolling thunder, with support from local upandcomers the tiger tones.
same deal as usual. $10 entry/$15 with cd and mag and there's an all ages and r18 show.

HOWEVER the same night is another really awesome gig at the dux! this one has voom, samuel flynn-scott & the b.o.p and punches! if you can't decide between the two you should just copy me (cos i'm awesome) and go to the all ages ALH and then this afterwards. WOW SMART EH?!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and it looks like it's gonna be a pretty massive weekend, cos the next night ryan mcphun and the ruby suns are set to play their twinkling psychadelic indie pop at the dux!

also if you happen to be going up to wellington/auckland in the not too distant future, try and coincide yr visit with some of these AWESOME DATES:

casiotone for the painfully alone
AUCKLAND Tuesday August 29 : Schooner Tavern w/ supports TBA
WELLINGTON Wednesday August 30 : Happy w/ Over The Atlantic

jolie holland
AUCKLAND Wednesday August 23: Kings Arms
WELLINGTON Tuesday August 22: San Franciso Bath House

okkervil river
AUCKLAND Sunday September 3: Schooner Tavern

animal collective
AUCKLAND November 8: Kings Arms
WELLINGTON November 9: San Franciso Bath House

i really need to move ....

on a random note, i should tell you about the hype machine. it's like an mp3 blog search engine. type in a band/song and it searches 1000s of mp3 blogs to see if it's on the internet. wicked shit!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

at least we're cool on the internet. playlist aug 1

1. animal collective. we tigers (sung tongs)
2. the dears. ticket to immorality (gang of losers)
3. margot & the nuclear so & sos. skeleton key (dust of retreat)
4. wilco. my darling (summerteeth)
5. thanksgiving. you belong (to the blood) (cave days and moments)
6. the black keys. modern times (magic potion)
7. bob dylan. ballad of the thin man (highway 61 revisited)
8. m. ward. to go home (post-war)
9. the brunettes. boyracer (the boyracer ep)
10. the sprites. george romero (modern gameplay)
11. of montreal. tulip baroo (the gay parade)
12. the pipettes. judy (we are the pipettes)
13. elephant parade. riding in yr car (bedroom recordings cdr)
14. matt friedberger. pennsylvania rock oil co (winter women)
15. mountain goats. wild sage (get lonely)
16. jolie holland. crush in the ghetto (springtime can kill you)
17. entrance. prayer of death (prayer of death)
18. bonnie "prince" billy. strange form oflife (the letting go)
19. damon and naomi. in the sun (playback singers)
20. death in vegas. girls (scorpio rising)
21. akron/family. afford (s/t)
22. guillemots. annie, lets not wait (through the windowpane)
23. the liars. be quiet mt heart attack! (dums not dead)
24. ¡forward, russia! seventeen (give me a wall)
25. velvet underground. waiting for the man (s/t & nico)
26. blood on the wall. get the fuck off my cloud (awesomer)
27. the mint chicks. she's back on crack (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)