Tuesday, September 30, 2008


mr throwing shapes mt pleasant filling in for shea WORD UP

1. boduf songs. i can't see a thing in here [how shadows chase the balance]

2. benoit pioulard. a woolgathering exodus [temper]
3. beat happening. hangman [jamboree]

4. bonnie prince billy. madeline mary [i see a darkness]
5. THE BOSS. open all night [nebraska]
6. daniel johnston. tell me now [artistic vice]

7. paul mccartney. too many people [ram]
8. the ruby suns. kenya dig it? [sea lion]
9. nagisa ni te. premonition [yosuga]

10. final fantasy. i'm afraid of japan [he poos clouds]
11. fleetwood mac. that's all for everyone [tusk]
12. jeff mangum. engine [xfm session]

13. mythical beast. coal is better than diamonds [split w/ cloudland canyon]
14. tenniscoats & secai. touch on [s/t]
15. no kids. prisoner of desire [split w/ mount eerie]

16. liars. freakout [s/t]
17. ponytail. g shock [icecream spiritual]
18. mount eerie. voice in headphones [lost wisdom]

19. banjo or freakout. is that all [5 old songs ep]
20. the pains of being pure at heart. the pains of being pure at heart [everything with you 7"]
21. the pink noise. dead glitter sun [dream code]

22. xiu xiu. bog people [la foret]
23. woelv. chanson [pamplemoose]
24. the mountain goats. slow west vultures [we shall all be healed]

25. robedoor. violent memory [pained transformation]
26. ty segall. the drag [s/t]
27. the goslings. flowerpot [between the dead]

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i'd like 2 c u. playlist september 23

1. hush arbors. follow closely [s/t]

2. chad vangaalen. tmnt mask [soft airplane]
3. bird show. clouds and their shadows [untitled]
4. nite jewel. what did he say [unreleased]

5. lucky dragons. wooden cave loop [dream island laughing language]
6. ducktails. beach point pleasant [ducktails ii]

7. wyrd visions. bog lord [half eaten guitar]
8. warmer milks. wild springs [soft walks]
9. windy and carl. my love [songs for the brokenhearted]

10. black orphan. video kids [video kids 7"]
11. the spits. black and blue [2]
12. golden axe. medley [unreleased]

13. gary war. healthy living [new raytheonport]
14. human host. smokescreen [creature mountain]
15. jacuzzi boys. island avenue [island ave ep]

16. graffiti island. pet snake [demo]
17. fungi girls. crystal roads [demo]
18. the pastels. baby yr just you [sittin pretty]

19. tickley feather. the revolution [split with serpents of wisdom]
20. the knit separates. jimmy jewel [loves true cross]
21. eddie current suppression ring. colour television [primary colours]

22. lucky dragons. new men slow [faults]
23. kurt weisman. spiritual sci-fi [spiritual sci-fi]
24. gang gang dance. vacuum [saint dymphna]

25. little claw. movies for you [spit and squalor, swallow the snow]

26. no age. teen creeps [nouns]

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Wire Playlist 19 September

1. The Ruby Suns. Palmitos Park [El Guincho Cover]
2. Times New Viking. Call and Respond [Stay Awake EP]
3. Gang Gang Dance. Bebey [Saint Dymphna]
4. Lucky Dragons. Givers [Dream Island Laughing Language]
5. Frase+Bri. Out of the Rain [Fantasy]
6. Deerhoof. Offend Maggie [Offend Maggie]
7. Gang Gang Dance. Princes [Saint Dymphna]
8. Black Orphan. Video Kids [ Video Kids EP]
9. Thought Creature. Shake About [Teleport Palace]

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

she's got the longest hair. playlist 16th september

1. david byrne & brian eno. life is long [everything that happens will happen today]

2. volcano! africa just wants to have fun [paperwork]
3. the 6ths. you you you you you [hyacinths and thistles]
4. deerhoof. offend maggie [offend maggie]

5. lucky dragons. givers [dream island laughing language]
6. vivan girls. blind spot [i can't stay]
7. wavves. californian goths [tape 1]

8. boduf songs. pitiful shadow engulfed in darkness [how shadows chase the balance]
9. loren mazzacane connors. sad at times [hoffman estates]
10. simon joyner. love is worth suffering for [beautiful losers]

11. get back guinozzi! carpet madnses [demo]
12. videotape. he the moon [my favourite thing]
13. the ruby suns. palmitos park [el guincho cover]

14. the ruby suns. birthday [beatles cover]
15. us girls. i can hear music [live on wfmu]
16. fantastic magic. sea of gold [s/t]

17. gang gang dance. princes [saint dymphna]
18. blessure grave. insecurity [s/t]
19. get set play. sdv [demo]

20. joose keskitalo. saimaan rannalla [joose keskitalo & kolmas maailmanpalo]
21. smog. real live dress [accumulation: none]
22. donovan quinn & the 13th month. quarantine [s/t]

23. human hair. happy birthday [7"]
24. male bonding. tuff [live demo]
25. salem. mine mine [fuckt demos]
26. the spits. black and blue [2]

27. surf city. kudos [new!]

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

sweaty psalms. playlist 9th sept

1. mountain goats/kaki king. thank you mario but our princess is in another castle [black pear tree]

2. benoit pioulard. a woolgathering exodus [temper]
3. chad vangaalen. bones of man [soft airplane]
4. karl blau. nothing in the war [nature's got away]

5. deerhoof. gut symmetries [philogymy]
6. softboiled eggies. permanence [try it again ep]
7. vivian girls. my baby wants me dead [bside]

8. marnie stern. shea stadium [this is it...]
9. ariel pink. he's good [oddities sodomies]mixxed/dna. new new [a taste of dna ep]
10. the present. world i see [world i see]

11. bird by snow. lovers on our backs [song bread/anothe ocean]
12. banjo or freakout. archangel [burial cover]
13. benoit pioulard. brown bees [temper]

14. herman dune. lovers are waterproof [tba]
15. warmer milks. steady sheets [soft walks]
16. holy shit. rough and tumble [forthcoming]

17. hush arbors. followed closely [s/t]
18. pink reason. holding on [misc]
19. times new viking. call and respond [stay awake ep]

20. wavves. gun in the sun [wavvves]
21. pumice. tsk [white]
22. blank dogs. red world [unreleased]

23. windy and carl. my love [songs for the broken hearted]
24. nisennenmondai. ikkkyokume [neji/tori]
25. roy montgomery. in our own time [and now the rain sounds like life is falling down through it]

26. lucky dragons. wooden cave loop [dream island laughing language]
27. sic alps. mater [us ez]
28. yuppies. team education [demo]

29. tv on the radio. golden age [dear science]

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Wire Playlist 5th September

1. Max Tundra. Gum Chimes [Parallax Error Beheads You]
2. Chairlift. Planet Health [Does You Inspire You?]
3. Department of Eagles. Teenagers [In Ear Park]
4. Mount Pleasant. There Are No Roots [Digital EP; www.alowhum.com]
5. High Places. A Field Guide [High Places]
6. Lucky Dragons. Wooden Cave Loop [Dream Island Laughing Language]
7. Pictureplane. Trance Doll [Split 7" w BDRMPPL]
8. Weird Tapes. Home [Get Religion EP]
9. Marnie Stern. Shea Stadium [This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That]
10. Black Orphan. Circuits [Circuits 7"]
11. Salem. Dirt [Yes I Smoke Crack EP]
12. Benoit Pioulard. A Woolgathering Exodus [Temper]

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

clear light. playlist sept 2

1. meursault. pissing on bonfires [pissing on bonfires]

2. bruce 'the boss' springsteen. nebraska [nebraska]
3. wicked poseur. electric coach [demo]
4. vivian girls. where do you run to [s/t]

5. jay reatard. trapped here [7"/forthcoming comp]
6. chad vangaalen. cries of the dead [soft airplane]
7. jeans wilder. ouija girls [demo]

8. arthur russell. close my eyes [forthcoming comp.]
9. christmas island. morning sunhine (idle race) [split 7"]
10. flying saucer attack. november mist [distance]

11. nite jewel. chimera [good evening]
12. volcano! africa just wants to have fun [paperwork]
13. max tundra. which song [parallax error beheads you]

14. ariel pink. crying [oddities & sodomites]
15. dream tennis. FL midas [demo]
16. high places. from stardust to senitence [high places]

17. salem. dirt [yes i smoke crack ep]
18. ignatz. everyman [split 7" w shepards]
19. psychedelic horseshit. silent speed [new wave hippies bside]

20. bird show. green vines [forthcoming]
21. karl blau. nothing in the way [nature's got away]
22. mount eerie. oh my heart [lost wisdom]

23. wavves. so bored [wavvves]
24. atlas sound. quick canal [logos unmastered]

25. pens. freddie [demo]
26. sonic youth. wish fulfilment (demo) [dirty deluxe]
27. black orphan. moon decay [demo]

28. grouper. fishing bird (empty jutted in the evening bird) [dragging a dead deer up a hill]