Tuesday, December 30, 2008

playlist dec 30th

1. ariel pink. i can't hear my eyes [new 7"]
2. twin lion. safest bearhugs [awesome power]

3. animal collective. summertime clothes [merriweather post pavilion]
4. teengirl fantasy. now that's what i call volume [demo]
5. religious girls. esl [forthcoming ep]

6. the library tapes. a summer beneath the trees [a summer beneath the trees]
7. mazes. bowie knives [demo]
8. vivian girls. girl don't tell me [surf's up b-side]
9. the barbaras. heaven hangs [demo]

10. palace. agnes queen of sorrow [hope ep]
11. dirty beaches. west coast bird [the bird ep]
12. stag hare. holy quinn [black medicine music]

13. animal collective. also frightened [merriweather post pavilion]
14. here we go magic. tumblevision [s/t]
15. nodzzz. i don't wanna (smoke marijuana) [i don't wanna... 7"]

16. lovvers. no romantics [think ep]
17. windy & carl. btwn you + me [songs for the broken hearted]
18. goldmund. threnody [the malady of elegance]
19. cold cave. the trees grew emotions and died [the trees grew emotions and died]

20. grouper. false horizon [split 7" with city center]
21. LAKE. oh, the places we'll go [oh, the places we'll go]
22. thee oh sees. kids in cars [the peanut butter oven ep]
23. david thomas broughton. all yr woman things (smog cover) [demo]

24. pens. yeah baby i'll take you to bagel town [demo]
25. gentle friendly. sky burial [night tape ep]
26. animal collective. guys' eyes [merriweather post pavilion]

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


1. meneguar. we own we sell [the in hour]
2. zola jesus. the way [poor sons 7"]

10. ERIC COPELAND - ALIEN IN A GARBAGE DUMP [alien in a garbage dump]
09. WAVVES - WAVVES [wavves]
08. DEERHUNTER - NEVER STOPS [microcastle]
07. XIU XIU - FTW [women as lovers]
06. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY - SO EVERYONE [lie down in the light]
05. CHEVAL SOMBRE - I SLEEP [i sleep 7"]
03. GROUPER - HEAVY WATER/I'D RATHER BE SLEEPING [dragging a dead deer]
02. ARTHUR RUSSELL - I COULDN'T SAY IT TO YR FACE [love is overtaking me]

10. THESE ARE POWERS - COCKLES [taro tarot ep]
09. RUBY SUNS - KENYA DIG IT? [sea lion]
08. PENS - FREDDIE [graffiti island/male bonding/pens split]
07. NO AGE - BRAIN BURNER [nouns]
06. TELEPATHE - CHROME'S ON IT [chrome's on it ep]
05. WAVVES - SO BORED [demo]
02. SALEM - REDLIGHTS [yes i smoke crack ep]
01. HIGH PLACES - SHARED ISLANDS [03/07-09/07]

23. mount eerie. through the trees [split 7" with no kids]
24. henry mancini. white christmas [retro christmas]
25. bing crosby. let it snow [sinatra crosby christmas]
26. marvin gaye. purple snowflakes [dunno]

27. frank sinatra. have yrself a merry little christmas [sinatra crosby christmas]

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Wire Playlist December 19

1. Beaches. Freeway [Beaches]
2.Kurt Vile. Freeway [Kurt Vile's Accidents EP]
3. Zola Jesus. Sea Talk [Tsar Bomba]
4. Salem. Whenusleep [Water EP]
5. Cause Co-Motion. Don't You Know [It's Time!]
6. Cause Co-Motion. Cry for Attention [It's Time!]
7. The Dodos. Fools [Visiter]
8. High Places. Oceanus [Split 7"]
9. Grouper. Heavy Water (Phaseone Edit) [Phaseone Remixes]
10. Deerhunter. Nothing Ever Happened [Microcastle]
11. Ariel Pink. Can't Hear My Eyes [Can't Hear My Eyes]
12. Telepathe. Michael [Dance Mother]
13. Nodzzz. I Can't Wait [Nodzzz]
14. The Ruby Suns. Kenya Dig It [Sea Lion]

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


1. ariel pinks haunted graffiti. can't hear my eyes [new demo]
2. valet. fire [naked acid]
3. the love is so fast. soy rebelde [the love is so fast]


10. DUCKTAILS - II (track: let's rock the beach)
09. PUMICE - QUO (track: world with worms)
08. FABULOUS DIAMONDS - S/T (track: 2)
07. BIRD BY SNOW - SONG BREAD/ANOTHER OCEAN (track: domestic freedom)
06. ERIC COPELAND - ALIEN IN A GARBAGE DUMP (track: king tits womb)
05. ATLAS SOUND - LET THE BLIND LEAD... (track: ativan)
04. ARTHUR RUSSELL - LOVE IS OVERTAKING ME (track: close my eyes)
02. MOUNT EERIE - DAWN/LOST WISDOM (track: i say no)
01. GROUPER - DRAGGING A DEAD DEER UP A HILL (track: invisible)


10. GROWING - ALL THE WAY (track: green flag)
08. DUCKTAILS - II (track: boating)
07. WAVVES - WAVVES (track: wavves)
06. FIGHT BITE - EMERALD EYES (track: swissex lover)
05. ABE VIGODA - SKELETON (track: cranes)
03. GROUPER - DRAGGING A DEAD DEER UP A HILL (track: fishing bird)
02. NO AGE - NOUNS (track: cappo)
01. HIGH PLACES - HIGH PLACES/03-07/09-07 (track: gold coin)

24. vivian girls. i believe in nothing [s/t]
25. times new viking. (my head) [rip it off]
26. boduf songs. things not to be done on the sabbath [how shadows chase the balance]
27. blood on the wall. the x [liferz]

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

playlist dec 9

1. wavves. so bored [wavvves]

2. animal collective. my girls [merriweather post pavilion]
3. dent may. god loves you, michael chang [good feeling music of dent may]
4. kurt vile. breathin' out [demo]

5. the pink noise. cobra snake [dream code]
6. country teasers. bung oats [w.o.a.r.]
7. velvet underground. lady godiva's operation [white light/white heat]

8. zola jesus. sea talk [tsar bomba]
9. swirlies. two girls kissing [they spent their wild youthful days in the glittering world of the salons]
10. harry pussy. smash the mirror [you'll never play this town again]

11. deerhunter. like new [flourescent grey demos]
12. giant drag. swan song [swan song ep]
13. mark kozelek. new partner [the finally lp]

14. beaches. freeway [beaches]
15. adventure. track 11 [adventure]
16. suicide. dream baby dream [the second album]

17. gravenhurst. farewell, farewell [the western lands]
18. cause co-motion. who's gonna care [it's time]
19. gala drop. parson [gala drop]

20. eric copeland. alien in a garbage dump [alien in a garbage dump]
21. woods. gypsy hand [some shame]
22. the love is so fast. soy rebelde [the love is so fast]

23. kria brekkan. kind mighty asylum [apotropaiosong armor]
24. ghosts. drum lake (dream version) [demo]
25. finally punk. the place you love is gone [hypertension 7"]

26. casiotone for the painfully alone. ice cream truck [dunno]

Friday, December 05, 2008

The Wire Playlist December 5

1. Cold Cave. Sex Ads [Painted Nails 7"]
2. Blank Dogs. Passing the Light [The Fields EP]
3. Flight. Over My Head [Demo]
4. Dent May. God Loves You, Michael Chang [Good Feeling Music of Dent May]
5. Dent May. Love Song 2009 [Good Feeling Music of Dent May]
6. Hunx & His Punx. Gimmie Gimmie Back Yr Love [You Don't Like Rock n Roll 7"]
7. The Crayon Fields. Mirror Ball [Mirror Ball 7"]
8. Teeth Mountain. Keinsein [Demo]
9. The Very Best. Dinosaur on the Ark [Esau Mwamwaya + Radioclit are The Very Best]
10. Radiohead. Reckoner (Salem Remix) [Remix]
11. Panel of Judges. As the Blowflies [Bad Vibrations]
12. Kurt Vile. Freeway [Kurt Vile's Accidents EP]

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

this shit is soooo spacey. playlist dec 2

1. the acorn. flood part one [glory hope mountain]

2. dent may. girls on the square [the good feeling music of dent may]
3. shocking pinks. how am i not myself? [infinityland]
4. the dodos. ashley [visiter]

5. the coolies. throw away (pumice remix) [demo]
6. pens. high in the cinema [3 way split cassette]
7. blank dogs. army crash [captured tracks vol. 1]

8. eat skull. dawn in the face [new demo]
9. harlem. south of france [free drugs;-)]
10. the wicked awesomes. test pattern [split 7"]

11. hotel hotel. midwinter blues [dunno]
12. cold cave. always someone [painted nails 7"]
13. low. words [i could live in hope]
14. valerio cosi. i wanna be free [demo]

15. brian eno. here come the warm jets [here come the warm jets]
16. blank dogs. now signals [the fields ep]
17. magic lantern. gateway [s/t]

18. outer space. weighted ghost [weighted ghost single]
19. mount eerie. rich (homeless) [thanksgiving cover]
20. teen kill. monster [demo]

21. the ribbon. beat beat [field]
22. teeth mountain. keinsein [teeth mountain]
23. my disco! you [paradise]
24. old blood. colors within boundary [old men]

25. flight. over my head [demo]
26. hunx & his punx. you don't like rock n roll [you don't like rock n roll 7"]
27. city center. girlfriend in a coma [demo]
28. beaches. sandy [beaches]

29. the bats. castle lights [the guilty office]

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

playlist november 25

1. enright house. broken hands [six acoustic renditions]

2. ducktails. status quo [ii]
3. animal collective. brothersport [merriweather post pavilion]
4. rainbow arabia. holiday in congo [rainbow arabia]

5. his electro blue voice. fury eyes [duuug]
6. the hospitals. this walls [hairdryer peace]
7. us girls. herdcore [gravel days ep]

8. bush tetras. too many creeps [too many creeps ep]
9. harlem. why [plastic ono band cover]
10. p.r.o.b.l.e.m.s. narc grind [narc grind]

11. the usa is a monster. cocaine blues [space programs]
12. wavves. no hope kids [demo]
13. blank realm. keep it [mind peril]

14. my bloody valentine. drive it all over me [you made me realise ep]
15. casiotone for the painfully alone. toby take a bow [twinkle echo]
16. the barbaras. flow [summertime road 7"]
17. wilderness. chinese whispers [nowhere]

18. bobb bruno. snail face [clown's castle]
19. kria brekkan. armour [apotropaiosong armour]
20. jeremy jay. beautiful rebel [a place where we could go]

21. marissa nadler. so long theresa [blog demo]
22. crayon fields. mirrorball [mirrorball 7"]
23. white ring. suffocation [dunno]

24. salem. dirt [yes i smoke crack ep]
25. slurp dogs. lords in the foxhole [postal licks]
26. theoretical girls. lovin in the red [theoretical girls]
27. eric copeland. osni [alien in a garbage dump]

28. thought creature. favourite new machine (golden axe remix) [fav new machine ep]

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Wire Playlist Nov 21

1. Graffiti Island. Head Hunters [Head Hunters 7"]
2. Yussuf Jerusalem. We Ain't Coming Back [A Heart Full of Sorrow]
3. Mayyors. Airplanes [Megan's LOLZ 7"]
4. Psychic TV. Good Vibrations [Hex Sex: The Singles]
5. Wavves. No Hope Kids [Demo]
6. The Samps. Mashed Skins [Demo]
7. Panda Bear. I'm Not (Phaseone Remix) [Phaseone Remix Demos]
8. Black Moth Super Rainbow. Milk Skates [Drippers EP]
9. The Breeders. Walk It Off [Mountain Battles]
10. Beaches. Sandy [Beaches]
11. Animal Collective. Brothersport [Merriweather Post Pavilion]
12. Ducktails. Boating [II]
13. Ducktails. Let's Rock the Beach [II]
14. Gary War. Healthy Living [New Raythenport LP]
15. Nodzzz. I Can't Wait [Nodzzz]

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

playlist november 18

1. cat power. the coat is always on [what would the community think?]
2. mythical beast. eyes in space [scales]

3. bird by snow. you are mom [song bread/another ocean]
4. the barbaras. flow [summertime road 7"]
5. no age. intimate descriptions [teen creeps b-side]

6. nodzzz. i have bad news [nodzzz]
7. sun araw. horse steppin [beach head]
8. air france. beach party [on trade winds]

9. the blithe sons. try to find memory in a dark room [the great orthochromatic wheel]
10. panda bear. i'm not (phaseone remix) [phaseone remixes]
11. ducktails. the mall [ducktails ii]

12. high places. oceanus [split 7" with xiu xiu]
13. fire on fire. sirocco [the orchard]
14. nodzzz. i can't wait [nodzzz]

15. juliana barwick. untitled 4 [sanguine]
16. eric copeland. corn on the cob [alien in a garbage dump]
17. city center. killer whale [forthcoming]
18. salem. haffa [fuckt demos]

19. slowdive. she called [morning rise ep]
20. valerio cosi. hoboland [collected works]
21. sonic youth. death to our friends [evol]
22. raccoo-oo-oon. untitled [s/t]

23. wondercastle. leave you [demo]

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Wire Playlist Nov 14

1. Cold Cave. Dreamscaper [Demo]
2. Nite Jewel. Weak 4 Me [My CD]
3. Nite Jewel. Spiritual Nite Life [My CD]
4. Fight Bite. Small Wonder [Emerald Eyes]
5. Eric Copeland. Corn on the Cob [Alien in a Garbage Dump]
6. Eric Copeland. Osni [Alien in a Garbage Dump]
7. Talbot Tagora. The Weather Man [Demo]
8. Nodzzz. In The City (Contact High) [Nodzzz]
9. Nodzzz. Losing My Accent [Nodzzz]
10. Pens. High in the Cinema [Pens/Male Bonding/Graffiti Island Split]
11. Japanther. Um Like Yr Smile is Totally Ruling Me Right Now [Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt]
12. Japanther. Radical Businessman [Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt]
13. Zazen Boys. Fureai [Zazen Boys 4]
14. High Places. Namer [High Places]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

playlist 11/11/2008

1. cheval sombre. i sleep [7"]

2. joose keskitalo. saimaan rannaila [joose keskitalo & kolmas maailmanpalo]
3. wavves. side yr on [wavvves]
4. nodzzz. in the city (contact high) [s/t]

5. fight bite. small wonder [emerald eyes]
6. grouper. giving it to you [wide]
7. larkin grimm. parplar [new shit]

8. eric copeland. king tits womb [alien in a garbage dump]
9. golden axe. tree huts [party alarm bells?]
10. daniel johnston. tears stupid tears [1990]

11. talbot tagora. the weatherman [?!]
12. pyramids. sleds [s/t]
13. roxy music. more than this [avalon]

14. peter and the wolf. balld of redhook [mellow owl]
15. belle and sebastian. like dylan in the movies [bbc sessions]
16. japanther. bloated corpse [tut tut now shake your butt]
17. times new viking. anything can happen [shred yr face]

18. u.s girls. i bradley [gravel days]
19. yussuf jerusalem. with you in mind [a heart full of sorrow]
20. nice face. rotting around [can i fuck it]
21. palms. agniezska [it's midnight in honalulu]

22. the splinters. splintered bridges [oh splinters!]
23. mi ami. ark of the covenant [ark of the covenant]
24. benoit pioulard. loupe [temper]

25. psychic ills. i take you as my wife again [????]
26. the alps. cloud one [new album]
27. sexy kids. sisters are forever [7"]
28. koen holtcamp. you mean the world to me [new shit]
29. vivian girls. where do you run to [s/t]

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Wire Playlist November 7

1. Fight Bite. The Accident [Emerald Eyes]
2. Belle & Sebastian. The State I am In [BBC Sessions]
3. Nite Jewel. Let's Go the Two of Us [Good Evening Demo]
4. Beaches. The Sky Was White [Beaches]
5. Wavves. Weed Demon [Beach Demon B-Side]
6. Pallers. Humdrum [Humdrum 12"]
7. Hello Seahorse! Won't Say Anything [Hoy A Las Ocho]
8. Black Milk. Long Story Short [Tronic]
9. Black Milk. Hold it Down [Tronic]
10. Eric Copeland. Alien in a Garbage Dump [Alien in a Garbage Dump 12"]
11. Sexy Kids. Sisters Are Forever [Sisters Are Forever]
12. Golden Axe. Medley [Favourite Machine Remix EP]

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

OBAMA PLEASE. playlist nov 4

1. neil gaiman. bloody sunrise [comp.]

2. nudge. war song [infinity padlock]
3. ducktails. let's rock the beach [ducktails ii]
4. the fucking ocean. adam vs the fucking ocean [demo]

5. wounded knee. a hibees lament [s/t]
6. nice face. way it's gotta be [can i fuck it?]
7. mayyors. airplanes [7"]

8. talbot tagora. hunger strike [7"]
9. japanther. um like yr smile is totally ruling me now [tut tut now shake ya butt]
10. herr jazz. olympia [demo]

11. cheval sombre. hyacinth house [unreleased]
12. fight bite. the accident [emerald eyes]
13. city center. haunted/hawse [blog demo]

14. deerhunter. dot gain [weird era cont]
15. mount pleasant. fir friends [demo]
16. late young. monochrome [demo]

17. deerhoof. chandelier searchlight [offend maggie]
18. rusty santos. safe to say [dunno]
19. bjork. baenin [s/t]

20. cold cave. dreamscaper [the trees ep]
21. hollow stars. only yr love [7"]
22. these are powers. cracks in the lifeline [terrific seasons]
23. hush arbors. water ii [s/t]

24. the present. africanized beatnik [world i see]
25. cause co-motion. i lie awake [7"]
26. little claw. feeding you [race to the bottom]

27. michael gira. purple creek [i am singing to you from my room]

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

vhs dreamz. playlist october 28

1. dept of eagles. what is yr deal [daytrotter session]
2. dear nora. lake [demo]

3. dent may & his magnificent ukelele. meet me in the garden [good feeling music of dent may]
4. girls. lust for me [girls]
5. deerhunter. focus group [weird era cont.]

6. pvc street group. cutlass [demo]
7. the homosexuals. slow guns [love guns?]
8. nice face. thing in my head [thing in my head 7"]

9. city center. unfinished hex [demo]
10. rusty santos. moving time [the heavens]
11. juliana barwick. dancing with friends [sanguine]

12. dreams in mirror field. untitled a [dreams in mirror field]
13. arthur russell. big moon [love is overtaking me]
14. beaches. sandy [beaches]

15. cloudland canyon. harvest hunt [split with mythical beast]
16. no age. brain burner [nouns]
17. us girls. prove it all night [introducing]

18. asobi seksu. breathe into glass [me & mary bside]
19. deerhunter. vox celeste [weird era cont]
20. eric copeland. alien in a garbage dump [alien in a garbage dump 12" ep]

21. bonnie prince billy & little boy blue. little boy blue ii [little lost blues]
22. songs: ohia. the old black hen [magnolia electric co]
23. songs of green pheasant. the wormwood star falls [free demo ep]

24. salem. asia [fuckt demos]
25. flying saucer attack. soaring high [distance]
26. high places. gold coin [high places]

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Wire Playlist October 24

1. Buttonhead. Robocop Sunset [Demo]
2. Blackout Beach. Cloud of Evil [Skin of Evil]
3. A Grave With No Name. And We Parted Ways at Mount Jade [Demo]
4. Madlib. Dillalade Ride (Contact High) [Beat Konducta Vol. 6]
5. Reefer. Let it Go (Flying Lotus Remix) [Reefer]
6. Salem. Asia [Fuckt]
7. Asobi Seksu. Me & Mary [Me & Mary 7"]
8. Pallers. Humdrum [Forthcoming EP]
9. Beaches. Sandy [Beaches]
10. Mika Miko. Bastard in Love [Sex Jazz B-Side]
11. Harlem. Witch Greens [Free Drugs;-)]
12. Capstan Shafts. Song of Monometallists [Fixation Protocols]
13. Dent May. Meet Me in the Garden [The Good Feeling Music of Dent May]
14. Cut Off Your Hands. You And I [Cut Off Your Hands EP]

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

robocop sunset. playlist october 21

1. arthur russell. i couldn't say it to yr face [love is overtaking me]

2. that ghost. open windows [young fridays]
3. christmas island. morning sunshine [demo]
4. cloud control. death cloud [7"]

5. headless heroes. just like honey [the silence of love]
6. reefer. may baleen [reefer]
7. blackout beach. cloud of evil [skin of evil]

8. holy shit. i don't need enemies [stranded at two harbours]
9. japanther. the dirge [tut tut now shake ya butt]
10. henry's dress. target practice [bust'em green]

11. gift machine. borrowed time and water [demo]
12. nite jewel. artifical intelligence [demo]
13. donovan. a sunny day [hurdy gurdy man lp]

14. mika miko. sex jazz [sex jazz 7"]
15. mount pleasant. best friends [three songs]
16. wavves. beach demon [wavvves]

17. arthur russell. eli [love is overtaking me]
18. magik markers. the place where what has been taken is returned [gucci rapidshare download]
19. mud pie sun. worrisummer [worrisummer 7"]

20. catatonic youth. freedom vanilla [piss scene]
21. atlas sound. maybe logic [virtual 7"]
22. foot village. 420 (nation of holidays) [split 12" with black pus]

23. bird names. nazi beach party [something]
24. telepathe. i can't stand it [dance mother]
25. fabulous diamonds. lp 1 [fabulous diamonds]
26. black pus. floatzilla [split 12" with foot village]

27. unwound. everything is weird [bside]
28. ima fucking gymnist. we're professionals [...so freakin juicy]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

beach goth. playlist october 14

1. pit er pat. evacuation dig [high times]

2. holy shit. rough & tumble [single]
3. corpsekisser. emotional [demo]
4. agaskodo teliverek. kamikaze curry bun [psycho goulash]

5. viking moses. jones boys [the parts that show]
6. fungi girls. lady myco purple [demo]
7. velvet underground. white light/white heat [white light/white heat]

8. the lucksmiths. pines [first frost]
9. alastair galbraith. money is so sad [demo]
10. real estate. black lake [single]
11. voice of the seven woods. 3am home [the journey]

12. coconot. ibiza [cosa astral]
13. bonnie prince billy & marquis de tren. 21/5 [get on jolly]
14. girls. hellhole ratrace [girls]

15. simon joyner. veteran's hospital song [beautiful losers]
16. capstan shafts. middle of june [fixation protocols]
17. silver jews. pan american blues [starlight walker]

18. blank dogs. blaring speeches [on two sides]
19. zola jesus. soeur sewer [single]
20. wavves. side yr on [wavves]

21. kemialliset ystavat. tassa maassa kun nain makailen [split series 19]
22. sharpie crows. i'll haunt you [demo]
23. heavy hands. she got it [smoke signals]

24. telepathe. standing in yr line [beat mother]
25. firemen. nothing too much just out of sight [electric arguments]
26. viking moses. sole command of the day [the parts that show]

27. tall dwarfs. baby it's over [something]

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Wire Playlist 10 October

1. Mean Street. Yr Philosophy [Demo]
2. Get Back Guinozzi!. Carpet Madness [Demo]
3. Coconot. Verbena De Los Delfines [Cosa Astral]
4. Weird Tapes. TV Romance [Demo]
5. The Notwist. Boneless (Panda Bear Remix) [Single]
6. Deerhoof. Chandelier Searchlight [Offend Maggie]
7. Agaskodo Teliverek. Kamikaze Curry Bun [Psycho Goulash]
8. Telepathe. Standing in Yr Line [Beat Mother]
9. Reefer. May Baleen [Reefer]
10. Holy Shit. Rough & Tumble [Forthcoming]

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

let's rock the beach. playlist 7th october

1. diamonds. the waking [rough cuts]

2. dead luke. jumping jack flash [record two]
3. over the atlantic. loveless devotion [dimension]
4. fight bite. swissexlover [demo]

5. deerhunter. twilight at carbon lake [microcastle]
6. little claw. the empty mirror [vol 6]
7. wings. let me roll it [band on the run]

8. the sleaze. smokin' fuckin' cigs [smokin' fuckin' cigs 7"]
9. beat happening. crashing through [jamboree]
10. mayyors. airplanes [megan's lolz 7"]
11. darker my love. pale sun [2]

12. telepathe. god is watching [beat mother]
13. weird tapes. tv romance [nightstalking]
14. coconot. el final del sonido tropical [cosa astral]

15. muons. spaceman [jewelled antler library]
16. babe terror. nasa goodbye [babe terror ep]
17. thanksgiving. welcome [welcome nowhere]
18. surf city. kudos [demo]

19. woods. from the horn [from the horn]
20. internet forever. 3d [demo]
21. the splinters. splintered bridges [oh splinters]
22. pens. hate yr calendar [demo]

23. world's end girlfriend. wonderland falling tomorrow [dreams end come true]
24. wavves. wavves [wavvves]
25. abe vigoda. casual night [sky route/star roof]
26. mean street. philosophy [demo]

27. mount pleasant. waking waiting [mount pleasant ep]

Friday, October 03, 2008

The Wire Playlist 3 October

1. Times New Viking. Pagan Eyes [Stay Awake EP]
2. Blank Dogs. Setting Yr House on Fire [7" Single]
3. Crystal Stilts. The Dazzled [Alight of Night]
4. Clear Tigers. Igloo [Brutal]
5. Born Ruffians. Red, Yellow & Blue (White Williams Remix) [Garcon]
6. Nite Jewel. What Did He Say [Demo]
7. Coconot. Conservad el Rayo [Cosa Astral]
8. High Places. Namer [High Places]
9. Gang Gang Dance. First Communion [Saint Dymphna]
10. Passion Pit. Cuddle Puddle [Chunk of Change EP]
11. Wavves. Wavves [Wavvves]
12. Ima Fucking Gymnist. We're Professionals [... So Juicy]

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


mr throwing shapes mt pleasant filling in for shea WORD UP

1. boduf songs. i can't see a thing in here [how shadows chase the balance]

2. benoit pioulard. a woolgathering exodus [temper]
3. beat happening. hangman [jamboree]

4. bonnie prince billy. madeline mary [i see a darkness]
5. THE BOSS. open all night [nebraska]
6. daniel johnston. tell me now [artistic vice]

7. paul mccartney. too many people [ram]
8. the ruby suns. kenya dig it? [sea lion]
9. nagisa ni te. premonition [yosuga]

10. final fantasy. i'm afraid of japan [he poos clouds]
11. fleetwood mac. that's all for everyone [tusk]
12. jeff mangum. engine [xfm session]

13. mythical beast. coal is better than diamonds [split w/ cloudland canyon]
14. tenniscoats & secai. touch on [s/t]
15. no kids. prisoner of desire [split w/ mount eerie]

16. liars. freakout [s/t]
17. ponytail. g shock [icecream spiritual]
18. mount eerie. voice in headphones [lost wisdom]

19. banjo or freakout. is that all [5 old songs ep]
20. the pains of being pure at heart. the pains of being pure at heart [everything with you 7"]
21. the pink noise. dead glitter sun [dream code]

22. xiu xiu. bog people [la foret]
23. woelv. chanson [pamplemoose]
24. the mountain goats. slow west vultures [we shall all be healed]

25. robedoor. violent memory [pained transformation]
26. ty segall. the drag [s/t]
27. the goslings. flowerpot [between the dead]

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i'd like 2 c u. playlist september 23

1. hush arbors. follow closely [s/t]

2. chad vangaalen. tmnt mask [soft airplane]
3. bird show. clouds and their shadows [untitled]
4. nite jewel. what did he say [unreleased]

5. lucky dragons. wooden cave loop [dream island laughing language]
6. ducktails. beach point pleasant [ducktails ii]

7. wyrd visions. bog lord [half eaten guitar]
8. warmer milks. wild springs [soft walks]
9. windy and carl. my love [songs for the brokenhearted]

10. black orphan. video kids [video kids 7"]
11. the spits. black and blue [2]
12. golden axe. medley [unreleased]

13. gary war. healthy living [new raytheonport]
14. human host. smokescreen [creature mountain]
15. jacuzzi boys. island avenue [island ave ep]

16. graffiti island. pet snake [demo]
17. fungi girls. crystal roads [demo]
18. the pastels. baby yr just you [sittin pretty]

19. tickley feather. the revolution [split with serpents of wisdom]
20. the knit separates. jimmy jewel [loves true cross]
21. eddie current suppression ring. colour television [primary colours]

22. lucky dragons. new men slow [faults]
23. kurt weisman. spiritual sci-fi [spiritual sci-fi]
24. gang gang dance. vacuum [saint dymphna]

25. little claw. movies for you [spit and squalor, swallow the snow]

26. no age. teen creeps [nouns]

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Wire Playlist 19 September

1. The Ruby Suns. Palmitos Park [El Guincho Cover]
2. Times New Viking. Call and Respond [Stay Awake EP]
3. Gang Gang Dance. Bebey [Saint Dymphna]
4. Lucky Dragons. Givers [Dream Island Laughing Language]
5. Frase+Bri. Out of the Rain [Fantasy]
6. Deerhoof. Offend Maggie [Offend Maggie]
7. Gang Gang Dance. Princes [Saint Dymphna]
8. Black Orphan. Video Kids [ Video Kids EP]
9. Thought Creature. Shake About [Teleport Palace]

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

she's got the longest hair. playlist 16th september

1. david byrne & brian eno. life is long [everything that happens will happen today]

2. volcano! africa just wants to have fun [paperwork]
3. the 6ths. you you you you you [hyacinths and thistles]
4. deerhoof. offend maggie [offend maggie]

5. lucky dragons. givers [dream island laughing language]
6. vivan girls. blind spot [i can't stay]
7. wavves. californian goths [tape 1]

8. boduf songs. pitiful shadow engulfed in darkness [how shadows chase the balance]
9. loren mazzacane connors. sad at times [hoffman estates]
10. simon joyner. love is worth suffering for [beautiful losers]

11. get back guinozzi! carpet madnses [demo]
12. videotape. he the moon [my favourite thing]
13. the ruby suns. palmitos park [el guincho cover]

14. the ruby suns. birthday [beatles cover]
15. us girls. i can hear music [live on wfmu]
16. fantastic magic. sea of gold [s/t]

17. gang gang dance. princes [saint dymphna]
18. blessure grave. insecurity [s/t]
19. get set play. sdv [demo]

20. joose keskitalo. saimaan rannalla [joose keskitalo & kolmas maailmanpalo]
21. smog. real live dress [accumulation: none]
22. donovan quinn & the 13th month. quarantine [s/t]

23. human hair. happy birthday [7"]
24. male bonding. tuff [live demo]
25. salem. mine mine [fuckt demos]
26. the spits. black and blue [2]

27. surf city. kudos [new!]

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

sweaty psalms. playlist 9th sept

1. mountain goats/kaki king. thank you mario but our princess is in another castle [black pear tree]

2. benoit pioulard. a woolgathering exodus [temper]
3. chad vangaalen. bones of man [soft airplane]
4. karl blau. nothing in the war [nature's got away]

5. deerhoof. gut symmetries [philogymy]
6. softboiled eggies. permanence [try it again ep]
7. vivian girls. my baby wants me dead [bside]

8. marnie stern. shea stadium [this is it...]
9. ariel pink. he's good [oddities sodomies]mixxed/dna. new new [a taste of dna ep]
10. the present. world i see [world i see]

11. bird by snow. lovers on our backs [song bread/anothe ocean]
12. banjo or freakout. archangel [burial cover]
13. benoit pioulard. brown bees [temper]

14. herman dune. lovers are waterproof [tba]
15. warmer milks. steady sheets [soft walks]
16. holy shit. rough and tumble [forthcoming]

17. hush arbors. followed closely [s/t]
18. pink reason. holding on [misc]
19. times new viking. call and respond [stay awake ep]

20. wavves. gun in the sun [wavvves]
21. pumice. tsk [white]
22. blank dogs. red world [unreleased]

23. windy and carl. my love [songs for the broken hearted]
24. nisennenmondai. ikkkyokume [neji/tori]
25. roy montgomery. in our own time [and now the rain sounds like life is falling down through it]

26. lucky dragons. wooden cave loop [dream island laughing language]
27. sic alps. mater [us ez]
28. yuppies. team education [demo]

29. tv on the radio. golden age [dear science]

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Wire Playlist 5th September

1. Max Tundra. Gum Chimes [Parallax Error Beheads You]
2. Chairlift. Planet Health [Does You Inspire You?]
3. Department of Eagles. Teenagers [In Ear Park]
4. Mount Pleasant. There Are No Roots [Digital EP; www.alowhum.com]
5. High Places. A Field Guide [High Places]
6. Lucky Dragons. Wooden Cave Loop [Dream Island Laughing Language]
7. Pictureplane. Trance Doll [Split 7" w BDRMPPL]
8. Weird Tapes. Home [Get Religion EP]
9. Marnie Stern. Shea Stadium [This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That]
10. Black Orphan. Circuits [Circuits 7"]
11. Salem. Dirt [Yes I Smoke Crack EP]
12. Benoit Pioulard. A Woolgathering Exodus [Temper]

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

clear light. playlist sept 2

1. meursault. pissing on bonfires [pissing on bonfires]

2. bruce 'the boss' springsteen. nebraska [nebraska]
3. wicked poseur. electric coach [demo]
4. vivian girls. where do you run to [s/t]

5. jay reatard. trapped here [7"/forthcoming comp]
6. chad vangaalen. cries of the dead [soft airplane]
7. jeans wilder. ouija girls [demo]

8. arthur russell. close my eyes [forthcoming comp.]
9. christmas island. morning sunhine (idle race) [split 7"]
10. flying saucer attack. november mist [distance]

11. nite jewel. chimera [good evening]
12. volcano! africa just wants to have fun [paperwork]
13. max tundra. which song [parallax error beheads you]

14. ariel pink. crying [oddities & sodomites]
15. dream tennis. FL midas [demo]
16. high places. from stardust to senitence [high places]

17. salem. dirt [yes i smoke crack ep]
18. ignatz. everyman [split 7" w shepards]
19. psychedelic horseshit. silent speed [new wave hippies bside]

20. bird show. green vines [forthcoming]
21. karl blau. nothing in the way [nature's got away]
22. mount eerie. oh my heart [lost wisdom]

23. wavves. so bored [wavvves]
24. atlas sound. quick canal [logos unmastered]

25. pens. freddie [demo]
26. sonic youth. wish fulfilment (demo) [dirty deluxe]
27. black orphan. moon decay [demo]

28. grouper. fishing bird (empty jutted in the evening bird) [dragging a dead deer up a hill]

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Wire Playlist 29th August

1. Icy Demons. Miami Ice [Miami Ice]
2. Mersault. The Furnace [Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues]
3. Jay Reatard. Trapped Here [7"]
4. These Are Powers. Cockles [Taro Tarot EP]
5. Gang Gang Dance. House Jams [Saint Dymphna]
6. DJ STV SLV. Apollo Narrow (Raekwon & Ghostface Killah vs Caribou) [online]
7. Madlib. Anthenagin [Beat Konducta Vol. 5; Dil Cosby Street]
8. Nite Jewel. Chimera [Unreleased]
9. Department of Eagles. Waves of Rye [In Ear Park]
10. Karl Blau. Before Telling Dragons [Nature's Got Away]
11. Pens. FReddie [Demo]
12. Wavves. So Bored [Wavvves]
13. Black Orphan. Moon Decay [Demo]
14. Brian Jonestown Massacre. Golden Frost [My Bloody Underground]

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

they just wanna get high and have fun. playlist aug 26

1. damien jurado. honey baby [rehearsals for departure]

2. dept. of eagles. teenagers [in ear park]
3. mount eerie. lost wisdom [lost wisdom]
4. ganglians. radically inept candy girl [demo]

5. knit separates. love steep [unreleased]
6. fantastic magic. imminent grove [unreleased]
7. shocking pinks. this aching deal (acoustic) [rarities]

8. icy demons. 1850 [miami ice]
9. mount pleasant. i lost a friend (redux) [mount pleasant alowhum ep]
10. religious knives. major score [the door]

11. wreck small speakers on expensive stereos. rain [river falling love]
12. perfect shapes. witch trials [demo]
13. these are powers. cockles [taro tarot]

14. valet. hide in incense and walls [ep]
15. parenthetical girls. four words [entanglements]
16. rainbow arabia. omar k [the basta ep]

17. growing. green flag [all the way]
18. future islands. flicker & flutter [wave like home]
19. the shining path. lonely hearts killers [chocolate gasoline]

20. eat skull. shredders on fry [sick to death]
21. yikes. pink cigars [secrets to superflippin]
22. pens. hate yr calendar [demo]

23. mount eerie. greek ghosts [dawn]
24. meursault. the furnace [pissing on bonfires]
25. pere ubu. laughing [the modern dance]

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Wire Playlist August 22

1. Future Islands. Flicker & Flutter [Wave Like Home]
2. Religious Knives. Downstairs [The Door]
3. Department of Eagles. No One Does it Like You [In Ear Park]
4. Growing. Green Flag [All the Way]
5. Tujiko Noriko. Shayou [Blurred in My Mirror]
6. Saturday Looks Good To Me. Whitey Hands (High Places Remix) [Demo]
7. Teengirl Fantasy. Azz Klapz/Customize IT [Unreleased]
8. Telepathe. Devil's Trident [Beat Mother]
9. Mirror Mirror. Love is the Law [Society for the Advancment...]
10. Eat Skull. Shredders on Fry [Sick to Death]
11. Brian Jonestown Massacre. Golden Frost [My Bloody Underground]

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

guitar media bringing the anti-party yet again playlist 19th August 2008

1. magnetic fields. when my boy walks down the street [i]
2. smog. natural decline [rain on lens]

3. sic alps. bells [a long way around to a shortcut]
3. bird by snow. domestic freedom [songbread/another ocean]
4. mount eerie. moon sequel [dawn]
5. atlas sound. holiday [virtual 7"]

6. pocahaunted. sweat lodge [christina carter & pocahaunted split]
7. sebadoh. true hardcore [the freed man]
8. atlas sound. ativan [live or something, in austin or georgia who knows]

9. bonnie prince billy. molly bawn [is it the sea]
10. warmer milks. rwanda [rwanda 7"]
11. xiu xiu. dr troll [fag patrol]

12. the microphones. map [glow pt 2]
13. jandek. down in a mirror [chair beside a window]
14. xiu xiu. 20, 000 death for eidelyn gonzales [life and live]

15. mt pleasant. feel good [claw friends]
16. bird by snow. life is easy [songbread/another ocean]
17. the music tapes. cumulumnimbus [for clouds and tornados]

18. brian wilson. surfs up [smile]/grouper and xiu xiu. in the city [creepshow]/ brian wilson. surfs up [live 1966 piano rehearsal]
19 animal collective. doggy [campfire songs]
20. swan lake. are you swimming in her river [beast moans]

21. ariel pink. suicide notes [oddities and sodomites vol 1.]
22. the godz. you won't see me (the beatles) [godz 2]
23. the pink noise. pure candy [birdland]

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

HEY LOL. playlist 12 aug

1. y'all is fantasy island. with handclaps [7"]

2. no age. scheduling mishaps [no age/liars tour 7"]
3. lucky dragons. oh i understand [dream island laughing language]
4. arab strap. blood [the week never ends around here]

5. high places. gold coin [high places]
6. the sea and cake. fuller moon [car alarm]
7. mirror mirror. love is the law [the society for the advancement of inflammatory consciousness]

8. mount pleasant. i lost a friend today [claw friends]
9. lesser gonzalez alvarez. love for longer [why is the bear billowing]
10. thanksgiving. i forgot yr name [the in the world ep]

11. arch m. 21st union [moontan]
12. john maus. bennington [beaterblocker compilation]
13. salem. brewstreet [fuckt]

14. brightblack morning light. hologram buffalo [motion to rejoin]
15. weird weeds. dream songs [i miss this]
16. daniel johnston. held the hand [1990]
17. the music tapes. [for clouds and tornadoes]

18. telepathe. devil's trident [beat mother]
19. koushik. nothing's the same [out my window]
20. parts & labor. solemn show world [receivers]

21. labradford. scenic drive [single]
22. zach hill. stoic logic [astrological straits]
23. banjo or freakout. what to do [five old songs]

24. spinto band. needlepoint [moonwink]
25. dan friel. horse heaven [ghost town]
26. fabulous diamonds. lp6 [fabulous diamonds]

27. harvey milk. death goes to the winner [life the best game in town]

Friday, August 08, 2008

The Wire Playlist August 8th

1. Jay Reatard. An Ugly Death [Painted Shut 7"]
2. Koushik. Bright and Shining [Out My Window]
3. High Places. The Tree With the Lights In It [High Places]
4. Arms. Kids Aflame [Kids Aflame]
5. Paavoharju. Tvotto Tanssii [Laulu Laakson Kukista]
6. Parenthetical Girls. Gut Symmetries [Entanglements]
7. Salem. Trufours [Prom]
8. The Spinto Band. Summer Grof [Moonwink]
9. High Places. Gold Coin[High Places]
10. The Clean. Too Much Violence [Anthology]

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

oh it's a soy sauce fish. playlist aug 5

1. grizzly bear. mother and child reunion [live]

2. women. upstairs [women]
3. karl blau. before telling dragons [nature's got away]
4. arms. shitty little disco [kids aflame]

5. beach boys. heroes and villians pt 1 & 2 [smile bootleg]
6. ducktails. gem [ducktails ii]
7. liars. leaving my old life behind [liars/no age tour 7"]

8. mean street. you do the math [new track!]
9. marineville. time [forthcoming]

10. steve hauschildt. indoor travel [rapt for liquid minor]
11. sentridoh. king of the dull thump [losers]
12. graffiti island. head hunters [demo]

13. karl blau. two become one [nature's got away]
14. the chills. pink frost [kaleidoscope world] req for texter in london!
15. adventure. wild wild ride [adventure]

16. papa m. black is the colour [two ep]
17. peter wright. sumner wives wheeling prams on the esplanade [distant bombs]
18. panda bear. untitled [young prayer]

19. chairlift. planet health [does you inspire you]
20. catatonic youth. side a [7"]
21. male bonding. one door closes another door opens [demo]

22. apse. legions [spirit]
23. salem. redlights [i smoke crack ep]
24. prurient. cocaine death [something]

25. tv ghost. rebel [tv ghost]

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Wire Playlist 1st August

1. Takka Takka. Everybody Say [Migration]

2. Brian Jonestown Massacre. Satellite [My Bloody Underground]

3. Stereolab. Silver Sands [Chemical Chords]
4. The Walkmen. The New Year [You & Me]

5. Karl Blau. Mockingbird Diet [Nature's Got Away]
6. Ducktails. Backyard [Ducktails II]

7. Dominique Leone. Nous Tombons Dans Elle [S/T]
8. Madvillain. Never Go Pop [Madvillainy II]

9. El Guincho. Abejitas [Folias CD-R]
10. Koushik. Lying In The Sun [Out My Window]
11. High Places. Vision's the First [7"]

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

scheduling mishaps. playlist sept 3

1. grizzly bear. two weeks [live on letterman]

2. department of eagles. in ear park [in ear park]
3. brown bird. the ice and the snow haunt me still [bottom of the sea]
4. u.s. girls. prove it all night [introducing]

5. mythical beast. maria sabina [split with cloudland canyon]
6. takka takka. everybody say [migration]
7. chad vangaalen. willow tree [soft aeroplane]
8. high places. namer [vision's the first bside/s/t]

9. mount pleasant. best friends [three songs]
10. el guincho. cerrando por tajarste [folias]
11. grouper. little boat/bone dance [wide]

12. je suis animal. sparkle spit [self-taught magic from a book]
13. palace bros. come in [an arrow through the bitch ep]
14. telepathe. chrome's on it [beat mother]
15. kria brekkan. gomul visa um vorio [wildering bside]

16. karl blau. mockingbird diet [nature's got away]
17. fantastic magic. sea of gold [s/t]
18. forest fire. i make windows [survival]

19. at night. like a rolling stone [be dylan & the boy on the beach]
20. the pastels. up for a bit [up for a bit with the pastels]
21. julie doiron. second time [loneliest in the morning]
22. no paws (no lions). for yr eyes only [demo]

23. mv & ee. lonely moon [total loss songs]
24. factums. mushrooms [the sistrum]
25. alps. i.d.l.s [alps of nsw]

26. the brian jonestown massacre. who fucking pissed in my well [my bloody underground]

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tired + sick. playlist july 22

1. dutchess & the duke. reservoir park [she's the dutchess]
2. the hospitals. teams [hairdryer peace]

3. jay reatard. fluorescent grey [split 7" with deerhunter]
4. softboiled eggies. october days [try it again]
5. charalambides. memory [split 7" with pocahaunted]

6. dominique leone. nous tombons dans elle [s/t]
7. darker my love. pale sun [#2]
8. the muslims. right and wrong [s/t]

9. shocking pinks. track 10 [demos]
10. hospital ship. i want it to get out [plastic faces]
11. mount eerie w julie doiron. flaming home [lost wisdom]
12. stinky toys. plastic faces [plastic faces]

13. pierced arrows. walking wounded [straight to the heart]
14. chops. ospylac emit [split 7" with helhesten]
15. paavoharju. puhur [yhahamaraa]
16. extra life. blackmail blues [secular works]

17. dustin and the furniture. trinature [dancing on nothing]
18. smiths. stop me if you think you've heard this one before [strangeways]
19. pink reason. borrowed time [7"]
20. smog. i feel like the mother of the world [a river ain't much to love]

21. scrabbel. sometimes [highjack tunes ep]
22. high places. shared islands [03/07-09/07]
23. nobunny. i am a girlfriend [love visions]
24. shocking pinks. dry heat [dance the dance electric]

25. parts & labor. nowhere's nigh [receivers]
26. the neighbourhood council. liver and tan [set pieces ep]
27. crystal stilts. converging in the quiet [s/t]

Tuesday, July 15, 2008



1. micah p. hinson. come home quickly, darlin' [and the red empire...]

2. diamonds. seasons [rough cuts]
3. pete yorn. vampire [nightcrawler]
4. animal collective. safer [live]

5. erics trip. sand [songs about chris ]
6. christina carter. preserve our face [texas working blues]
7. phosphorescent. a picture of torn up praise [pride]

8. fulton girls club. nothing [i wish i had x-ray vision]
9. herman dune. don't you worry a bit [daytrotter session]
10. destroyer. don't become the thing you hated [your blues]
11. shocking pinks. go to sleep (deerhunter remix) [go to sleep ep]

12. david thomas broughton. i don't feel dancing (scissor sisters) [demo]
13. banjo or freakout. stay son (a classic education cover) [demo]
14. sunset rubdown. mending of the gown [daytrotter session (encore)]

15. lucky dragons. [dream island laughing language]
16. thanksgiving. rose hips [nothing]
17. vivian girls. i can't stand [pink couch sessions]
18. ariel pinks haunted graffiti. lestat (according to the windows) [???]

19. raccoo-oo-oon. diamonds in the dunes [behold secret kingdom]
20. oneida. cream puff war (grateful dead cover) [heads ain't ready]
21. nothing. to the sun [warm gun]

22. feral children. jaundice giraffe [second to last frontier]
23. xiu xiu. sad pony guerilla girl [a promise]
24. mythical beast. maria sabina [split with cloudland canyon]

25. catatonic youth. side a [single]

26. popolice. closer now [???]

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

banana slut [08/07/08]


1. bonnie prince billy. i'll be glad [lie down in the light]

2. atlas sound. blue moon [covers two songs for my dad ep]
3. scott tuma. eloper [not for nobody]
4. warmer milks. untitled [soft walks]

5. wooden shjips. shrinking moon for you [volume 1]
6. kurt vile. freeway [constant hitmaker]

7. ilyas ahmed. under the singing sea [the vertigo of dawn]
8. donovan quinn & the 13th month. sister alchemy [single]
9. barbara barg & barbara ess. excerpts from a streetcar named... [tell us five and six]
10. brian eno. third uncle [taking tiger mountain (by strategy)]

11. pumice. battersby [quo]
12. sun city girls. souveniers from jangare [you're never alone with a cigarette]
13. francois virot. say fiesta [demo]
14. stars of the lid. the mouth chew pt 3. [carte de viste]

15. dan friel. desert song [ghost town]
16. xiu xiu. i do what i want when i want [women as lovers]
17. dept. of eagles. in ear park [in ear park]

18. the verlaines. cd jimmy jazz and me [bird dog]
19. alastair galbraith. mrs blucher [little boat]
20. karl blau. the dark magical sea [beneath waves]

21. phosphorescent. right now i am roaming [demo]
22. august born. last breath of the bird [s/t]
23. damien jurado. where lies my tarp? (microphones cover)

24. panda bear. on the farm [s/t]
25. forest fire. slow motion [survival]

26. the leds. 38 [???]

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

exotic boutique [01/07/08]

1. christina carter. a blind eye [texas working blues]

2. phillip glass & brian eno & david bowie. excerpt from the [low symphony]
3. lucky dragons. morning ritual [dream island laughing language]

4. twi the humble feather. adventures of castle two [music for spaceships and forests]
5. tape. moth wings [luminarium]
6. dm stith. be my baby [works in progress presented by asthmatic kitty]
7. no age. impossible bouquiet [nouns]

7. smog. my shell (electric version) [burning kingdom ep]
8. robedoor. fire in hall [endlessly blazing]

9. tickley feather. natural natural [split with serpants of wisdom]
10. crystal stilts. crippled croon [s/t ep]
11. jay reatard. always wanting more [single]

12. king darves. fish hook [the sun splits for the blind swimmer]
13. alastair galbraith. portrait [little boat]
14. paavoharju. tytto tanssii [l.l.k]

15. sic alps. bells [a long way around to a shortcut]
16. nobunny. i am a girlfriend [love visions]
17. fleetwood mac. not that funny [tusk]

18. fabulous diamonds. lp6 [s/t]
19. xiu xiu. buzzsaw [the air force]
20. forest fire. sunshine city [survival]

21. jim o rourke. the workplace [halfway to a threeway]
22. jandek. your other man [blue corpse]
23. daniel johnston. death scream [fear yourself]

24. serpants of wisdom. my dead cat [split with tickley feather]
25. deerhunter. never stops [microcastle]
26. snailhouse. superstitious [lies on the prize]
27. yikes. pink cigars [secrets to superflipping]

27. abe vigoda. animal ghosts [single]

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Wire, 27 June 2008 Playlist

1. Sic Alps. Everywhere, There [U.S. Ez]
2. Women. Shaking Hands [Women]
3. Dan Friel. Ghost Town (Part Two) [Ghost Town]
4. Girls. Hellhole Ratrace [Girls]
5. Pink Skull. Unicorn Harpoon [Unicorn Harpoon EP]
6. Girl Talk. Still Here [Feed the Animals]
7. ABX. Anthemillas [thehoodinternet.com]
8. The War on Drugs. Taking the Farm [Wagonwheel Blues]
9. Animal Collective. Bearhug [Live at Hove Festival June 23]
10. High Places. Golden [High Places]
11. Abe Vigoda. Hyacinth Grrls [Skeleton]
12. Tiger Tones. Giorgio, What Have You Done [Tiger Tones]

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

this is 100% soultearoa. playlist june 24

1. cat power. bathosphere (smog cover) [what would the community think?]

2. future islands. beach foam [wave like home]
3. dan friel. ghost town (part 1) [ghost town]
4. tree wave. sleep [cabana ep]

5. diamonds. the waking [rough cuts]
6. ilyas ahmed. moon sailing [the vertigo of dawn]
7. brown bird. lioness [bottom of the sea]

8. sic alps. everywhere, there [u.s. ez]
9. home blitz. stupid street [live outside 7"]
10. girls. hellhole ratrace [s/t]

11. phosphorescent. you've lost that lovin' feeling (righteous bros cover) [live]
12. women. lawncare [s/t]
13. sic alps. jelly roll gumdrop [u.s ez]

14. aunt dracula. mongo [face peel]
15. robedoor.
16. eyes. the time between the time [love eyes]

17. fabulous diamonds. #2 [s/t]
18. another sunny day. anorak city [london weekend]
19. grouper. travelling through the sea [dragging a dead deer up a hill]

20. monster bobby. i live for yr fleeting touches [gaps]
21. no paws no lions. i've always been content [unnamed]
22. bird names. masters of enjoyment [open relationship]
23. pumice. dogwater [quo]

24. abe vigoda. bear face [skeleton]
25. magazine. shot by both sides [rays and hail]
26. dan friel. buzzards [ghost town]
27. stars like fleas. she for the woods [the ken burns effect]

28. fleet foxes. quiet houses [s/t]

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ginger cake & custard a++ would eat again. playlist june 17

1. silver jews. what is not but could be if [lookout mountain, lookout sea]
2. high places. vision's the first [a-side 7"]

3. grouper. fishing bird [dragging a dead deer up a hill]
4. golden shoulders. let my burden be [bro zone]
5. micah p hinson. when we embraced [s/t]

6. big blood. vitamin c [can cover]
7. dennis wilson. he's a bum [bambu]
8. munch munch. wedding (pt 2) [wedding ep]

9. james jackson toff. doreen [waiting in vain]
10. culture reject. inside the cinema [s/t]
11. the pink noise. ithica [dream code]

12. abe vigoda. endless sleeper [skeleton]
13. black pus. land of the lost [black pus 4: all aboard the magic pus]
14. crystal antlers. a thousand eyes [s/t]

15. vincent over the sink. threads of beginning [22 coloured bull-terriers]
16. henry's dress. (yr my) radio one [s/t]
17. rosemary krusk. sand [demo]

18. the aislers set. the red door [the last match]
19. religious knives. the sun [resin]
20. futurism vs passeism. crystal gazing [demo]

21. pumice. world with worms [quo]
22. future islands. beach foam [wave like home]
23. abe vigoda. skeleton [skeleton]

24. the breeders. cannonball [live 1993]
25. mirror mirror. new horizons [the society for the advancement...]
26. esau mwamwaya. kamphopo [7"]
27. wire. one of us [object 47]

28. foot village. protective nourishment [friendship nation]
29. popolice. closer now [new]

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Wire 13/6/08 Playlist

1. Crystal Antlers. Until the Sun Dies (Part 2) [S/T]
2. Ducktails. Beach Point Pleasant [Forthcoming]
3. Esau Mwamwaya. Kamphopo [7"]
4. Munch Munch. Endolphins [Demo]
5. Vivian Girls. Tell the World [S/T]
6. Mirror Mirror. New Horizons [Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousnsess]
7. High Places. Vision's the First [7"]
8. Black Pus. Land of the Lost [Black Pus 4]
9. Mean Street. Teen War [Live at Whammy Bar]
10. Air France. No Excuses [No Way Down]
11. Flying Lotus. Comet Course [Los Angeles]
12. Panther. Total Sexy Church [14 Kt. God]
13. The Cool Kids. One Two [The Bake Sale]
14. Thought Creature. Words Can't Save You [Teleport Palace]

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

it's real cold. playlist june 10

1. lovely sparrows. prairie [demo]

2. ducktails. beach point pleasant [forthcoming]
3. mount eerie. through the trees [no kids split 7"]
4. crystal stilts. shattered shine [s/t ep]

5. deerhunter. never stops [microcastle]
6. indian jewelry. hello africa ["free gold!"]
7. fabulous diamonds. untitled # 2 [s/t ep]

8. golden axe. medley [medley?]
9. blank dogs. ants [on two sides]
10. ponytail. celebrate the body electric [ice cream spiritual]

11. grouper. heavy water/i'd rather be sleeping [dragging a dead deer up a hill]
12. air france. june evenings [no way down]
13. vivan girls. where do you run to [s/t]

14. mean street. teen wars [live at whammy bar]
15. meneguar. we own we sell [the in hour]
16. teeth mountain. kill and eat [get conceptual]

17. real live tigers. sunflower [hospital songs ep]
18. women. black rice [women]
19. adam franklin. shine a light [wolf parade cover]
20. mount pleasant. my song 2 [demos]

21. alastair galbraith. river chasm/portrait of a lady [hurry on down cassette]
22. the radio dept. the room, tarzana [freddie and the trojan horse ep]
23. inca ore. silver wings [birthday of bless you]
24. telepathe. i can't stand it [rare bookroom comp]

25. thought creature. words can't save you [teleport palace]

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

playlist 03/06/08


1. deerhunter. nothings ever happened [microcastle]

2. sigur ros. gobbledigook [new album!]
3. lau nau. maapahkinapuu [nukuu]
4. ratatat. mirando [LP3]

5. carl spidla. blackfly rag [live]
6. silver jews. strange victory, strange defeat [lookout mountain, lookout sea]
7. ida. the pain of loving you (dolly parton cover) [my fair, my dark EP]

8. islands. the arm [live]
9. bonnie 'prince' billy. easy does it [lie down in the light]
10. jayber crow. o my god when i drop dead [two short stories]

11. lucky dragons. givers [dream island laughing language]
12. los campisinos! we are all accelerated readers [hold on now, youngster]
13. parenthetical girls. joan of arc (maid of new orleans) (OMD cover) [entanglements 7"]

14. high places. shared islands [that comp, you know the one]
15. deerhunter. agoraphobia [microcastle]
16. wolf parade. language city [at mount zoomer]

17. david thomas broughton. rock bottom riser (smog cover) [demo]
18. the breeders. istanbul [mountain battles]

19. grouper. fishing bird [dragging a dead dear up a hill]
20. bon iver. blindsided [for emma, forever ago]
21. alexander tucker. veins from the sky [forthcoming]

22. beach house. norway [unreleased]
23. natural snow buildings. the spears of the wolf [snowbringer cult disc 1]
24. grinderman. no pussy blues [s/t]

25. smog. came blue [accumulation: none]
26. magnetic fields. crazy for you but not that crazy [69 love songs]

27. hdu. grace [metamathics]

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

spilled french wine on my 90s chinos. playlist may 27


1. lucky dragons. very 2 [dream island laughing language]

2. black moth super rainbow. zodiac girls [7”]
3. suburban kids with biblical names. trees & squirrels [#3]
4. okay. panda [huggable dust]

5. broken social scene. finish yr collapse and stay for breakfast [s/t]
6. built to spill. else [keep it like a secret]
7. circulatory system. illusion [s/t]

8. the aislers set. been hiding [the last match]
9. microphones. between yr ear & the other ear [it was hot, we stayed in the water]
10. banjo or freakout. rnjoy swimming [upside down ep]

11. xiu xiu. under pressure [women as lovers]
12. wolf tickets. how it felt [milk moon]
13. quinn walker. smile for me [laughter’s an asshole/lion land]

14. born ruffians. hummingbird [red yellow & blue]
15. the hospitals. teams [hairdryer peace]
16. sic alps. microcastle [a long way around to a shortcut]

17. deerhunter. like new [fluorescent grey ep]
18. no age. impossible bouquet [nouns]
19. fuck buttons. ribs out [street horrrsing]

20. crystal stilts. crippled croon [s/t]
21. mi ami. clear light [African rhythm 7”]
22. ponytail. beg waves [ice cream spiritual]

23. shearwater. century eyes [rook]
24. silje ness. dizzy street [armes room]
25. m83. kim & jessie [Saturdays = youth]

26. no age. brain burner [nouns]
27. hdu. stupormodel [metamathics]

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

hope is a white hand that moves through my body. playlist may 20

1. talk talk. april fifth [the colour of spring]

2. bonnie prince billy. (keep eye on) other's gain [lie down in the light]
3. citay. first fantasy [little kingdom]
4. mint chicks. life will get better some day [demos]

5. these are powers. chipping ice [taro tarot]
6. softboiled eggies. try it again/night creature [demos]
7. devotchka. blessing in disguise [a mad & faithful telling]

8. orange juice. tender object [you can't hide yr love forever]
9. the national. beautiful head [s/t]
10. beat happening. what's important [s/t]

11. cursillistas. st leonard [thrush chimes in the field haunt]
12. paavoharju. kevatrumpu [laulu laakson kukista]
13. lau nau. painovoimaa valoa [nukuu]

14. abe vigoda. dead city/waste wild [skeleton]
15. the hospitals. this walls [hairdryer peace]
16. sic alps. dr bag and the pomade nature giants [a long way around to a shortcut]

17. bonnie prince billy. so everyone [lie down in the light]
18. wolf parade. language city [at mount zoomer]
19. great lake swimmers. yr rocky spine [onigara]

20. lucky dragons. i keep waiting for earthquakes [dream island laughing language]
21. raccoo-oo-on. visage of the fox [behold...]
22. white williams. route to palm [smoke]

23. tall firs. hairdo [too old to die young]
24. mi ami. african rhythms [african rhythms 7"]
25. eat skulls. dead families [dead families]

26. stefanimal. one two three four five [awesome feeling comp]

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

introducing special guest jock from throwing shapes!
filling in for shea

1. shearwater. leviathan bound
2. simon joyner. javelin

3. bon iver. creature fear
4. juana molina. salvese quien pueda (four tet remix)
5. golden boots. days are night

6. panda bear. song for ariel
7. atlas sound. requiem for all the lonely teenagers with passed out moms
8. arthur russell. that's us/wild combination

9. andrew jackson jihad. human kittens
10. bonnie prince billy + matt sweeny. lift us up
11. elephant micah. mt neil young

12. eric chenaux. am i lonely
13. xiu xiu + larsen. paw paw paw paw paw
14. ((sounder)). good things

15. el guincho. pelmitos park
16. black moth super rainbow. zodiac girls
17. ariel pinks haunted grafitti. trepanated earth

18. arab strap. kate moss
19. devendra banhart. fall

20. quinn walker. porcupine
21. magnetic fields. i wish i had an evil twin
22. sunnybrook. big waving hands

23. the mountain goats. international small arms traffic blues
24. vivian girls - tell the world

25. boris. statement (7" version)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

don't be a dick. playlist may 6

1. castanets. sway [in the vines]

2. dark meat. dead man [universal indians expanded]
3. deer tick. art isn't real aka city of sin [war elephant]
4. white denim. mess yr hair up [workout holiday]

5. shocking pinks. you can make me feel bad [singles]
6. mount pleasant. there are no roots [demo]
7. brian jonestown massacre. bring me the head of paul mccartney on heather mill's wooden peg (dropping bombs on the white house) [my bloody underground]

8. okay. or don't [demo]
9. rio en medio. let's groove [demo]
10. lucky dragons. morning ritual [dream island laughing language]

11. panthers. don't be a dick [let's get serious]
12. sic alps. hey sophia [description of the harbour]
13. the radio dept. freddie and the trojan horse [forthcoming ep]
14. cryptacize. no coins [dog that treasure]

15. the chills. pink frost [kaleidoscope world]
16. the microphones. oh you coward [little bird flies into a big black cloud]
17. kria brekkan. gomul visa um vori [wildering 7"]

18. the child readers. the infant wing [music heard far off]
19. mean street. less chat more sewing [demo]
20. naked on the vague. the horse he's sick [blood pressure sessions]

21. the national. city middle [alligator]
22. the whitest boy alive. golden cage [7"]
23. vetiver. houses [thing of the past]

24. hot silk pockets. what's the matter [round at grandad's]
25. evangelista. truth is dark like outer space [hello voyager]
26. HDU. grace [demo]

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

while the city sleeps. playlist apr 29

1. the dirty projectors. hyperballad [enjoyed: tribute to bjork's post]

2. au. are animal [verbs]
3. drakkar sauna. river of jordan [wars and tornadoes]
4. the sticks. on the sea [split 10" with hands on heads]

5. lau nau. lue kartalla [nukuu]
6. new bloods. doubles [the secret life]
7. bonnie prince billy. so everyone [lie down in the light]

8. pocahaunted. riddim queen [island diamonds]
9. lucky dragons. givers [dream island laughing land]
10. ponytail. beg waves [ice cream spiritual]

11. port o'brien. five and dime [the wind & the swell]
12. jeremy jay. someone cares [a place where we could go]
13. withered hand. i am nothing [religious songs]

14. banjo or freakout. mr no [7"]
15. war on drugs. taking the farm [wagonwheel blues]
16. indian jewelry. swans ["free gold!"]
17. pussy galore. you look like a jew [corpse love]

18. jesus & mary chain. on the wall [darklands]
19. vetiver. blur driver [a thing of the past]
20. indian jewelry. hello africa ["free gold!"]

21. crystal antlers. until the sun dies [s/t ep]
22. meneguar. we own we sell [the in hour]
23. tape. moth wings [luminarium]

24. future islands. old friends [wave like home]
25. roommate. way out [we were enchanted]
26. no age. here should be my home [nouns]
27. swans. stay here [filth]

28. tape man. kaikoura ufo [demo?]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1. anni rossi. machine [scandia]

2. talulah gosh. bringing up baby [backwash]
3. stuart a staples. old friends [leaving songs]
4. born ruffians. hummingbird [red yellow & blue]

5. crystal stilts. converging the quiet [s/t ep]
6. david kilgour. you forget [here come the cars]
7. papa m. many splendored things [whatever mortal]

8. the dodos. red and purple [visiter] (simone's pick o da week!)
9. a hawk and hacksaw. portland town [darkness at noon]
10. au. rr vs o [verbs]

11. fire on fire. asinine race [unreleased xclusiv]
12. tickley feather. keyboards is drunk [s/t]
13. liars. nihilist [unreleased xclusiv]

14. no age. things i did when i was dead [nouns]
15. meneguar. let us decide [the in hour]
16. over the atlantic. the colour of sound [new demo]

17. brown bird. black rivers [the bottom of the sea]
18. high places. shared islands [03/07-09/07]
19. karl blau. in the morning [am reissue]

20. white denim. track 11 [spring tour cd-r]
21. the instruments. ode to the sea [dark small land]
22. telepathe. envoy [farewell forrest ep]

23. indian jewelry. barbwire [we are the wild beast]
24. no age. sleeper hold [nouns]
25. tiger tones. 17 [s/t]

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

im n2 dnb hard out. playlist april 15

1. wye oak. warning [dunno]

2. wolf parade. call it a ritual [tba]
3. liars. cruel [new!]
4. islands. kids don't know shit [arm's way]

5. thee oh sees. ghost in the trees [the master's bedroom is worth spending a night in]
6. jay reatard. screaming hand [b side
7. circulatory system. tiny concerts [tba]

8. high places. head spinz (hawnay troof remix) [demo]
9. abe vigoda. world heart [split 7" with mikaela's fiend]
10. white williams. violator [new violence b-side]

11. religious knives. the street [it's after dark]
12. thank you. empty legs [terrible two]
13. the dead science. a throne of blood [constellation 7"]

14. nick drake. fly [bryter layter]
15. smog. i break horses [kicking a couple around ep]
16. the tallest man on earth. where do my bluebirds fly [shallow graves]

17. flying saucer attack. here i am [further]
18. no age. don't stand still (denver cover) [eraser bside]
19. inca ore. joy [birthday of bless you]

20. ecstatic sunshine. perrier [way]
21. pocahaunted. sweet lodge [split 7" with christina carter]
22. the tough alliance. lucky [neo violence b-side]

23. sean smith. polak peneer [eternal]
24. PWRFL POWER. chopstix song [s/t]
25. matty pop chart. sea birds [s/t]
26. collapsing cities. seriously [s/t]

27. portishead. machine gun [third]

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

there is ssooooo much. playlist april 8

1. scott matthew. little bird [tba]

2. dirty projectors. hyperballad [bjork post covers album]
3. woods family creeps. twisted tongue [s/t]
4. jeremy jay. heavenly creatures [a place where we could go]

5. pants yell!. not so city life [live ep]
6. {{{sunset}}}. gulf of mexico [bright blue dream]
7. alps of nsw. dear friends [7" split with snowfield]

8. jay reatard. see/saw [7" single]
9. the wiggins. when i get up [the greatest apes ep]
10. chairlift. evident utensil [7" single]

11. no age. eraser [nouns]
12. radiohead. nude (holy fuck remix) [bside?]
13. dustin and the furniture. open [dancing on nothing]

14. the gladeyes. shyness will get you nowhere (cover) [demo]
15. sun kil moon. moors town [caldo verde]
16. the pains of being pure at heart. this love is fucking right [s/t ep]

17. spiritualized. soul on fire [songs in a & e]
18. thee oh sees. graveyard drug party [the master's bedroom is worth spending a night in]
19. PWRFL POWER. alma song [s/t]

20. BARR. half of two times two (newer version) [summary]
21. graffiti island. camping [demo]
22. soft circle. shimmer [full bloom]
22. george harrison. beware of darkness [demo from all things must pass]

23. ecstatic sunshine. big dipper little dipper [freckle wars]
24. boo boo and boo too. couch on fire [s/t ep]
25. high places. the modern things [bjork post covers album]
26. donovan quinn. saw a ghost on water [october lanterns]

27. white denim. goldie locks [dunno]
28. wicked poseur. ghastly ghost [demo]

29. matthew dear. don and sherri (hot chip remix) [single]

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

playlist!!!!!! playlist mar 25

1. elbow. starlings [seldom scene kid]

2. lullatone. goodnight train [presents the bedtime beat]
3. maher shalal hash baz. open field [blues du jour]
4. tickley feather. sexface [split 7" with bermuda triangles]
5. rollin hunt. beautiful park [dear people of the world]

6. the sound of arrows. danger! [danger!]
7. jeremy jay. alpharhythm [7" single]
8. spectrum. california lullaby [what came before after sympathy]

9. my bloody valentine. all i need [isn't anything]
10. boy in static. kissed under the sun [newborn]
11. megafaun. lazy suicide [bury the square]
12. the mae shi. i get almost everything [hlllyh]

13. bon iver. flume [live at sxsw]
14. gregor samsa. the adolescent [rest]
15. kria brekkan. wildering [7"]

16. jay reatard. always wanting more [7"]
17. the goslings. mandy [occassion]
18. david karsten daniels. falling down [fear of fly]

19. silver jews. suffering jukebox [look out mountain look out sea]
20. tallest man on earth. the gardner [shallow graves]
21. strugglers. latest rights [latest rights]

22. memes. make it awful [with my whole heart]
23. sound pool. the divides of march [dichotomy & dreamland]
24. teengirl fantasy. hoop dreams [demo]
25. swimming. building [you are yr own]

26. a place to bury strangers. to fix the gash in yr head [s/t]

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

in my child mind you were a lion. playlist mar 18

1. malcom middleton. week off [sleight of heart]

2. animal collective. water curses [water curses ep]
3. cursillistas. caves carved in golden light [wasp stings the last bitter flavour]
4. the radio dept. the city limit [pulling our weight ep]

5. misosphere. deluded & obscene [where has it gone]
6. guided by voices. motor away [alien lanes]
7. blank dogs. outside alarmer [the doorbell fire 7"]

8. man man. hurly/burly [rabbit habits]
9. numbers. crimson and clover [w 7"]
10. plants & animals. faerie dance [parc avenue]

11. secret shine. liquid indigo [greater than god]
12. tangerine submarine. heart is where the head lies [sun and the red hill ep]
13. valet. kehaar [naked acid]

14. lullatone. yr snore [presents the bedtime beat]
15. headdress. great horned out [dunno]
16. natural snow buildings. all animals in the form of water [the dance of the moon and the sun]

17. bark psychosis. nothing feels [independancy]
18. secret knives. the skeleton [the wolves ep]
19. animal collective. street flash [water curses ep]

20. dudley benson. audrey h [the awakening]
21. ben & bruno. i'm awakened [hard history]
22. high places. jump in [03/07 - 09/07]

23. {{{sunset}}}. man's heart complaint [bright blue dream]

24. boris. statement [smile]

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

snails & haze. playlist mar 11

1. stephen malkmus & the jicks. baltimore [real emotional trash]

2. spectrum. how you satisfy me [soul kiss (glide divine)]
3. naked on the vague. white blankets [sad son]
4. telepathe. chrome's on it [demo]

5. thao nguyen & the get down stay down. bang of hammers [seasonal greens mix]
6. el guincho. kalise [alegranza]
7. karl blau. noah richard son [am]

8. the ruby suns. remember [sea lion]
9. donovan quinn. black bird head chamber [october lanterns]
10. the beach boys. i just wasn't made for these times [pet sounds]

11. tom waits. god's away on business [blood money]
12. alastair galbraith. yr lilt [orb]
13. tafra. oh, daniel [demo]
14. port o'brien. i woke up today [all we could do was sing]

15. foreign capitols. bitter half [a secret conspiracy against the blues]
16. wolf tickets. blue [milk moon]
17. grizzly bear. while you wait for the others [live on kcrw]

18. son lux. break [something]
19. the breeders. bang on [mountain battles]
20. hearts of animals. hearts break [demo]

21. cats in paris. foxes [demo]
22. apples in stereo. on yr own [bsides & rarities]
23. twin crystals. princess [demo]

24. jeremy jay. beautiful rebel [a place where we could go]
25. abe vigoda. animal ghosts [7"]
26. grey daturas. the hanging man is no peacock [dead in the woods]

27. gentle friendly. five girl night [night tape]
28. these are powers. chipping ice [taro tarot]

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

i want yr medicine. playlist march 4

1. j tillman. steel on steel [vacilando territory builds]

2. secret knives. the thief [the wolves ep]
3. shearwater. rooks [rooks]
4. fleet foxes. quiet houses [ragged wood]

5. the microphones. the moon [forthcoming rarities deluxe comp.]
6. the dodos. red and purple [visiter]
7. johnathan richman. you can't talk to the dude [i, johnathan]

8. the boy least likely to. i box up all the butterflies [new single]



9. elf power. owl cut [new]
10. that's him! that's the guy! gold truck one (a cease fire) [an army life]

JZ & THE BT Gs - instant kiwi

11. telepathe. chrome's on it [demo]

JZ & THE BT Gs - orange

12. atlas sound. bite marks [let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel]
13. holy fuck. lovely allen (no age remix) [remixxxx]
14. a weather. oh my stars [demo]

15. james zoomerman. blueprint [demo]
16. gentle friendly. ride symbols [night tape demo]
17. el guincho. kalise [alegranza]

18. 90 day men. even the time ghost [
19. teengirl fantasy. portfolio [demo]
20. half-handed cloud. you've been faithful to us clouds [halos & lassoes]

21. belle & sebastian. electric renaissance [tigermilk]
22. islaja. kenen maa [mertie]
23. talbot tagora. hunger strike [demo]

24. smashing pumpkins. soma [siamese dream]

25. white denim. don't look that way at it [dunno ehhhh]

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

sans air conditioning. playlist feb 26

1. breathe owl breathe. playing dead [ghost glacier ep]

2. thee oh sees. ghost in the trees [the master's bedroom]
3. mt eerie. don't smoke [black wooden ceiling opening ep]
4. someone still loves you boris yeltsin. oceanographer [

5. vampire weekend. cape cod kwassa kwassa (black dominoes remix) [demo]
6. quinn walker. smile for me [double lp]
7. please quiet ourselves. color chart [s/t]

8. big blood. in the shade [big blood & the grouse]
9. say hi. northwestern girls [the wishes and the glitch]
10. the weird weeds. red [i miss this]

11. lullatone. pyjama party pop [p-a-j-a-m-a in the usa ep]
12. leonard cohen. one of us can not be wrong [the songs of leonard cohen]
13. the boy least likely to. a balloon on a broken string [forthcoming]

14. garbage & the flowers. carousel [catnip 7"]
15. pit er pat. dogtown [covers ep]
16. velvet underground. i'm not a young man anymore [live]

17. dinosaur jr. feel the pain [without a sound]
18. the minutemen. black sheep [joy 7"]

19. pants yell! reject, reject [alison statton]
20. golden hotel. the trouble behind mr peterson's eyes [the silver wilderness]
21. the breeders. night of joy [mountain battles]

22. nat baldwin. dome branches [mvp]
23. the scotland yard gospel choir. aspidistra [s/t]
24. devotchka. transliterator [a mad & faithful telling]
25. the tiger tones. macho italian boys [s/t]

26. this heat. paper hats [deceit]

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

that's why we're running away. playlist feb 19

1. volcano! fire fire [beautiful seizure]

2. team robespierre. 88th precinct [everything's perfect]
3. beat happening. our secret [s/t]
4. new order. ceremony [ceremony 12"]

5. wild birds and peace drums. doubt/hope [heartcore]
6. icy demons. miami ice [miami ice]
7. robert pollard. gratification to concrete [robert pollard is off to business]

8. el guincho. antillas [alegranza]
9. sam amidon. saro [all is well]
10. the radio dept. against the tide [lesser matters]

11. valet. we went there [naked acid]
12. religious knives. it's hot [it's after dark]
13. wounded knee. anthem for the call centre worker [s/t]

14. high places. sandy feat [03/07-09/07]
15. rollin hunt. the bum [demo]
16. spectrum. touch the stars [soul kiss (glide divine)]

17. flying saucer attack. come & close my eyes [further]
18. broken social scene. stars and sons [you forgot it in people]
19. our brother the native. we are the living [make amends for we are merely vessels]

20. crystal castles. good time [s/t]
21. imaad wasif. wanderlasting [strange houses]
22. the coathangers. shut the fuck up [s/t]
23. foot village. protective nourishment [friendship nation]

24. lawrence arabia. young crew [demo]

Friday, February 15, 2008



It’s difficult to think of a catchy or succinct way to sum up Camp A Low Hum, a four-day festival that encompasses live music, arts and crafts, knucklebone competitions and “Boxwars”, but creator Blink (real name Ian Jorgensen) does it pretty well; “a music camp for people who can’t handle regular music festivals”.

Blink created Camp A Low Hum with the hope of removing all irritating aspects of large festivals; the long queues, overpriced food and alcohol, corporate advertising and timetable clashes; all the things add up and ruin the overall festival experience, even if the bands you’re watching are incredible. Camp A Low Hum is pretty small (no more than 700 people), most bands play twice and it’s BYO, but perhaps the key to its success is that it’s not about “what bands are playing”. Blink ensures this by not announcing a line up, but rather pushing the unique vibe of the festival. It’s certainly a difficult thing to sell, and before the first camp in 2007 many people (including myself) felt a bit too sceptical about travelling to a campsite an hour north of Wellington to watch a mystery band line-up. As it turned out, however, Camp 2007 was a total success, with many of my friends coming back raving things like “I can’t explain why it was so good but it was seriously the best weekend of my entire life”. After that I was basically sold on Camp 2008.

Due to my poor organization I missed out on the first day of Camp, but arrived nice and early on Sunday, ready for three full days of exciting festivities. I got pretty stoked just walking around and checking out the site and facilities. Blink is really into eighties nostalgia/aesthetics which is why there was a tuckshop selling Juicies, toffee milks, candy bracelets, Jaffas and marshmallows (in brown paper bags), mixtape swaps, and a movie room that played a selection of the best camp films. On top of this was a myriad of other stuff; a camp radio station, an arts and crafts room, tug-of-war competitions and pool parties, and over 50 bands playing in various locales around the 32-acre holiday park.

Basically, all the best New Zealand bands played; The Brunettes, The Phoenix Foundation, The Ruby Suns, So So Modern, Reduction Agents, Die! Die Die! Liam Finn and Connan and the Mockasins were just a few of “bigger names” to grace the main stage each night. It was a really encouraging to see that these bands have become so well received and established, particularly when I can recall seeing many of them a few years earlier performing to much more humbler crowds in dingy Christchurch bars. It was also fitting to see them playing at a festival created by Blink, who has undoubtedly played a major part in helping them achieve success through his A Low Hum monthly tours and compilations.

For me, however, it was the smaller shows that epitomised the entire DIY, relaxed vibe that Blink was hoping to achieve with camp. The festival was particularly accommodating to smaller acts, with a variety of outdoor and indoor sites available for anyone who wanted play a gig/DJ/whatever. This was an excellent opportunity for bands with smaller profiles to perform to an interested and open-minded crowd, and for punters to watch some bands that might not play any shows in their hometown. There was a certain charm felt when walking around the campsite and seeing all these handmade, felt-pen-illustrated gig posters pinned on some tree trunks, then picking a band who had a cool name or poster, and being really blown away. I think the success of these shows is testament to the unique environment Blink created, where everyone was just really excited and happy and fully embraced being a part of such an awesome event.

The next Camp A Low Hum will be happening in February 2009. Check www.campalowhum.com for further details; don’t miss out!

All photos taken by Neon Sleep! Thanks!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

playlist feb 12

1. cass mccombs. that's that [dropping the writ]

2. panther. her past are the trees [14kt god]
3. man man. top drawer [rabbit habits]
4. dirty on purpose. always looking [hallelujah sirens]

5. tickley feather. tonight is the nite [forthcoming]
6. the ruby suns. morning sun [sea lion]
7. nat baldwin. lake erie [mvp]



8. birthglow. transatlantic homesick blues [ultimate relief]


9. seth & merle. unknown track [demo]


10. envelopes. party [here comes the wind]
11. the mae shi. lamb and the lion [hlllyh]
12. ghetto cross. dog years [7"]

13. clinic. free not free [do it!]
14. metabolismus. snowy meadows [7"]

15. golden axe. dognapped [party alarm bells]
16. blank dogs. leaving the light on [diana]
17. the helio sequence. hallelujah [keep yr eyes ahead]

18. ladybird. cockroach [love will conquer all]
19. james blackshaw. running to the ghost [dead in the woods]
20. tangerine submarine. the life of a porcelain doll [the sun and the red hill]

21. okay. panda [huggable dust]
22. evangelicals. snowflakes [the evening descends]

23. minisnap. innocent [s/t]

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

okay, let's talk about magic. playlist jan 29

1. alisdair roberts. river rhine [the amber gather]

2. vampire weekend. m79 [s/t]
3. please quiet ourselves. color chart [s/t]
4. the honeydrips. fall from a height [here comes the future]

5. earth. rise to glory [the bees made honey]
6. magnetic fields. i'll dream alone [distortion]

7. howlin' rain. dancer at the end of time [magnificent friend]
8. blood on the wall. hibernation [liferz]
9. times new viking. end of all things [rip it off]

10. the tiger tones. 17 [s/t forthcoming!]
11. tickley feather. the python [demo]
12. hello, blue roses. hymn [the portrait is finished and i have failed to capture yr beauty]

13. to kill a petty bourgeoisie. lovers and liars [something]
14. destroyer. shooting rockets (from the desk of night's ape) [trouble in dreams]
15. autistic daughters. liquid and starch [uneasy flowers]

16. fuck buttons. colours move [street horrrsing]
17. growing. disconfirm [7"]
18. kelley polar. sea of sine waves [i need you to hold on while the sky is falling]

19. little claw. feeding you yr new claw [demo]
20. the mae shi. i get almost everything [hlllyh]
21. carla bozulich. steal away [evangelism]

22. the tiger tones. siamese republic [s/t forthcoming]
23. sic alps. strawberry guillotine [7"]

24. the mountain goats. sax rohmer #1 [heretic pride]

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

this used to be my favourite palm tree. playlist jan 22

1. the ruby suns. kenya dig it [sea lion]

2. envelopes. calypso [here comes the wind]
3. flash lights. untitled [eckords]

4. deerhoof. the galaxist [friend opportunity]
5. white magic. very late [some latin word]

6. beach house. holy dances [devotion]
7. giantess. snakebite [s/t]
8. los campesinos. this is how you spell "hahaha we destroyed the hopes and dreams of a generation of faux-romantics" [hold on now, youngster]

9. deer tick. beautiful girls [demo]
10. no kids. bluster in the air [come into my house]

11. white williams. new violence [smoke]
12. mahjongg. those birds are bats [kontpab]
13. dragons of zynth. anna mae [coronation thieves]

14. pikelet. beyond the sky [s/t]
15. xiu xiu. gayle lynn [woman as lovers]
16. high places. new grace [mistletonia comp. ]

17. why?. simeon's dilemma [alopecia]
18. the ruby suns. remember [sea lion]
19. pikelet. a bunch [s/t]

20. excepter. kill people [debt dept]
21. clark. mercy sines [turning dragon]
22. abe vigoda. the garden [idk]

23. destroyer. dark leaves from a thread [trouble in dreams]
24. ida. the killers [lovers' prayers]
25. evangelicals. bloodstream [the evening descends]

26. the verlaines. it's easier to harden a broken heart (than to mend it) [new]

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

playlist 15/02/08

richard managed to fumble his way through an hour an 15 minutes of music before gareth showed up and saved the day! big ups.

1. bobby birdman. blue skies [let me in]
2. elephant parade. thirteen things [bedroom recordings]

3. fire on fire. hangman [5 song ep]
4. parts and labor. new crimes [mapmaker]
5. panther. puerto rican jukebox [14kt god]

6. frog eyes. idle songs [tears of the valedictorian]
7. pj harvey. when under ether [white chalk]
8. the durutti column. missing boy [LC]

9. matt mccormick. refridgerator dance musics [very stereo]
10. black mountain. stormy high [in the future]
11. the lamps. eliseo [s/t]

12. mi an l'au. they marry [s/t]
13. atlas sound. river card [let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel]
14. broadcast. pendulum [haha sound]

15. telepathe. i can't stand it [rare bookroom records comp]
16. lucky dragons. new men [faults]
17. rings. mom dance [back habit]

18. times new viking. another day [rip it off]
19. xiu xiu. in lust you can hear the axe fall [woman as lovers]
20. ladyhawk. war [fight for anarchy]

21. the mountain goats. heretic pride [heretic pride]
22. atlas sound. scraping past [let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel]
23. bob dylan. death of emmitt till [folksingers choice '62]
24. karen dalton. katie cruel [in my own time]

25. high places. hello [demo 2006]
26. sonic youth. drunken butterfly [dirty]

27. blood on the wall. acid flight [liferz]

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


1. bill callahan. sycamore [woke on a whaleheart]


10. YACHT - i believe in you
9. feu therese - ca va cogner
8. no age - loosen this job
7. yo majesty - club action (chris bagraider's sailing to baltimore edit)
6. blonde redhead - silently
5. m.i.a. - paper planes
4. monster bobby - i heard you moved away
3. john maus - do yr best
2. animal collective - fireworks
1. panda bear - bros


10. grouper - cover the windows and the walls
9. bonnie prince billy - the world's greatest
8. dan deacon - the crystal cat
7. jeffrey lewis - end result
6. dirty projectors - police story
5. okay - natural
4. gowns - white like heaven
3. john maus - do yr best
2. animal collective - for reverend green
1. mt eerie - in moonlight

22. fuck buttons - bright tomorrow
23. deerhunter - like new

24. the rubys suns - kenya dig it