Tuesday, May 30, 2006

i'm stuck in the gravitational pull - playlist

timmy dodgers is back to terrorise the airwaves with my brand spanking new you am i album for one night only (at the moment). i've missed you all and hope the feeling is mutual... tonight we rocked out to:

1. you am i. thuggery. convicts.
2. johnny cash. cocaine blues. folsom prision blues.
3. radiohead. open pick. live in copenhagen may 2006 - download from www.mortigi-tempo.com
4. tim easton. news blackout. ammunition.
5. walkmen. lost in boston. hundred miles off.
6. espers. cruel storm. espers 2.
7. jolie holland. springtime can kill you. springtime can kill you.
8. you am i. the sweet life. convicts.
9. morrissey. to me you are a work of art. ringleader of tormentors.
10. shearwater. seventy four, seventy five. palo santo.
11. david bowie. diamon dogs. diamond dogs.
12. twilight singers. forty dollars. powder burns.
13. panda bear. lullaby. yellow house. check out www.grizzly-bear.net for more mp3s.
14. lylas. tiny echoes. lessons for lovers.
15. oneida. up with people. happy new year (www.jagjaguwar.com/mp3.php)
16. the drones. this time. wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by. (www.thedrones.com.au)
17. tv on the radio. province. return to cookie mountain.
18. diablo dimes. low n'screwed blues. gloria o'muerte EP. (www.dirtyfeet.org/diablo_dimes.htm)
19. wilco. i got you (at the end of the century). being there.
20. fiery furnaces. whistle rhapsody. bitter tea.
21. mogwai. we no here. mr beast.
22. you am i. i'm a mess. convicts.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

it's an 80s celebration

hey readerz

just a few things of note:

firstly, and very excitingly matador records has just put up a track from the forthcoming yo la tengo album, which is hilariously entitled i am not afraid of you and i will kick your ass (seriously!). the track's called "beanbag chair" and is quite nice really. it's one of those light, airy poppy yo la tengo tracks.

yo la tengo - beanbag chair


deerhoof (coolest band EVAR!) have put up a free! downloadable! ep! on their website. features live tracks, and covers of my bloody valentine, the beatles and canned heat! cool eh

deerhoof - untitled ep


a gig which i should tell you about. playing are jessica something jewish (from the US) and alps from (australia). they are playing two gigs. one this coming friday at the media club, and one on saturday at zEbEdEeS. they both have the electro pop synth thang going on so they should be fun nights!

P.S. the reduction agents debut the dance reduction agents was released, er, a few days ago(?) and it's REALLY good. go down to galaxy records and buy it. or you out of chchers go here (you can listen to mp3 samples of each song there)

P.P.S. we are doing an POP special on tuesday. indie, twee, psychadelic, folk. all the cool pops. you should probably tune in.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

emma, get me a lemon (playlist 23/05/06)

1. neutral milk hotel. holland, 1945 (in the aeroplane over the sea)
2. mazarin. i'm with you and the constellations (we're already there)
3. mountain goats. ox baker triumphant (babylon springs ep)
4. kimya dawson. tire swing (remember that i love you)
5. the black heart procession. blue tears (2)
6. clinic. internal wrangler (internal wrangler)
7. beach boys. i'm just wasn't made for these times (pet sounds)
8. tacks, boy disaster. frozen feet (oh, beatrice)
9. the tokey tones. yoghurt and vinegar (butterfly)
10. the walkmen. danny's at the wedding (a hundred miles off)
11. deerhoof. o'malley former underdog (the runners four)
12. blood on the wall. reunite on ice (awesomer)
13. beat happening. pinebox derby (you turn me on)
14. the chameleons. paper tigers (script of the bridge)
15. low. medicine magazines (things we lost in the fire)
16. samuel flynn-scott. giving up is my new morning sun (the hunt brings us life)
17. weird weeds. the butcher (this is not what you want ep)
18. midlake. it covers the hillside (the trials of van occupanther)
19. animal collective. grass (feels)
20. the pipettes. pull shapes (we are the pipettes)
21. tyrannosaurus rex. debora (7" single)
22. yo la tengo. cherry chapstick (and then nothing turned itself insideout)
23. the velvet underground. what goes on (s/t)
24. the futureheads. skip to the end (news & tributes)
25. shellac. prayer to god (1000 hurts)
26. mission of burma. birthday (the obliterati)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

west coast maximalism (playlist 16/05/2006)

1. of montreal. lysergic bliss (satanic panic in the attic)
2. the horror the horror. all i can do (s/t)
3. m. ward. big boat (transistor radio)
4. songs: ohia. just be simple (magnolia electric co.)
5. okkervil river. endswith a fall (down the river of broken dreams)
6. jens lekman. you are the light (when i said i wanted to be yrdog)
7. devendra banhart. support our troops o (split 7" single)
8. the foundry field recordings. buried beneath winter frames (prompts/miscues)
9. ryan mcphun & the ruby suns. criterion (s/t)
10. belle & sebastian. the life pursuit (b-side blues are still blue)
11. the zombies. butcher's tale (odessey & oracle)
12. the futureheads. back to the sea (news & tributes)
13. brian jonestown massacre. jesus (their satanic majesties second request)
14. the modern lovers. roadrunner (s/t)
15. viking moses. delighted (crosses)
16. guided by voices. alright (alien lanes)
17. dirty projectors. my off-white flag (the glad fact)
18. comets on fire. wild whiskey (blue cathedral)
19. the beatles. tomorrow neverknows (revolver)
20. danielson. time that bald sexton (ships)
21. the minus 5. cigarettes coffee and booze (gun album)
22. eric's trip. spring (love tara)
23. the walkmen. louisiana (a hundred miles off)
24. king loser. troubled land (caul of the outlaw)
25. forward russia. fifteen part 1 (give me a wall)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

her room is a rainy garden

my oh my has it been cold this weekend
not that i'm complaining though, because the old cliche of being warm inside while it's cold outside really is great. and i like rain because it cleanses everything (and one). it's also nice when you can keep warm inside while listening to some cool mp3s, eh?

you've probably noticed we've been playing stuff off the forthcoming tv on the radio album return to cookie mountain a lot, and that's because it's really awesome and cool and et cetera.
i personally think it is much better than their 2004 effort "desperate youth ... " which didn't grab me for some reason. it's definitely a contender for my end of year top 10.

this cool blog has two mp3s from the album up here. be in quick before they get taken down!

as an aside, tv on the radio will be in australia this july playing at the splendour in the grass festival, along with other awesomenesses such as brian wilson, sonic youth, clap your hands say yeah and the yeah yeah yeahs.
if someone has a bright idea on how we can trick them into thinking christchurch is a really awesome city with heaps of cool people that would go and see them, please tell me.

some random mp3s for your collection:
beirut - postcards from italy
danielson (OMG 9.1 HYPE! HYPE!) - did i step on yr trumpet?
the situationists - lost my narrative

and already another a low hum is around the corner. this one features disasteradio, kill surf city and voom. it's this coming friday (the 19th) with a 6-9 all ages at zebedees and r18 at the media club.

disasteradio seems really cool - it's a guy who uses heaps of samples and glitches and stuff. some tracks remind me of the advantage, vaguely. it's very danceable too apparently.
disasteradio - john delorean
kill surf city and voom are really cool also. am loving these two tracks by them at teh moment:

kill surf city - records of a flagpole

voom - b yr boy

the latter track is taken from voom's new album hello, are you there? which should be out soon on lil chief records (same with the reduction agents debut album)
so to finish offwhat has been a huge post, a video! it's mates of state with the first single from bring it back "fraud in the 80s"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVWl0uzoXs4
(will try embed later when i've brushed up on my leet nerd skillz)

tune in on tuesday for TRUCKloads of new tunesz. no seriously i've got heaps !


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

five stars and two thumbs up (playlist 8/5/06)

1. flaming lips. kim's watermelon gun (clouds taste metallic)
2. tv on the radio. i was a lover (return to cookie mountain)
3. animal collective. slippi (here comes the indian)
4. sonic youth. reena (rather ripped)
5. pavement. summer babe (slanted and enchanted)
6. kill surf city. records of a flagpole (demo)
7. akron/family. running/returning (s/t)
8. danielson. cast it at the setting sail (ships)
9. architecture in helsinki. owls go (fingers crossed)
10. camera obscura. come back margaret (let's get out of this country)
11. mirah. look up! (c'mon miracle)
12. midlake. young bride (trials of van occupanther)
13. magnetic fields. i dont want to get over you (69 love songs)
14. figurines. the wonder (skeletn)
15. donovan. barabajanal (barabjanal)
16. bob dylan. maggie's farm (live) (no direction home ost)
17. bonnie prince billy. southside of the world (blue lotus feet ep)
18. sufjan stevens. springfield, or bobby got a shadfly... (avalanche)
19. scout niblett. kidnapped by neptune (kidnapped by neptune)
20. cat!cat!cat!. inspiration (demo)
21. the microphones. the glow, pt. 2 (the glow, pt. 2)
22. the go-betweens. streets of yr town (16 lovers lane)
23. jana hunter. new sane scramble (black unstaring heirs of doom)
24. mission of burma. ok/no way (vs.)
25. fugazi. do you like me (red medicine)
26. parts and labor. new buildings (stay afraid)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

thanks for the melodies.

hey all,

just wanted to say thank you for listening in over the last 2 or so years. I;'ve had a ball bringing hte show to you every week - first with darren, and then richard - but after a good think I decided that I needed to step away for a while and focus on a couple of other things. You'll still be in good hands with Shea Indie and the new Richard, and you'll still get all the latest greatest oldest bestest guitar tracks each week. From time to time I'll rant on this board and might even drop in to the studio to say hi, but in the meanwhile, again, thank you and remember to support your favourite station and shows.... it's not easy being a small indie radio station and it's not easy giving up quite a lot of yr life to put on a show. but we do it cause we love it and hopefully you do too...

until we greet again,

td esq, XIII

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

there's a feeling on the road tonight... playliszt may 02

1. radiohead. 2+2=5. hail to the thief.
2. chris morris. bushwacked2. www.thesmokehammer.com.
3. violent femmes. add it up. s/t
4. white stripes. black math. elephant.
5. devo. sloppy (i saw my baby getting). q: are we not devo a: we are men
6. animal collective. who could win a rabbit. sung tongs.
7. asobi seksu. thursday. citrus.
8. you am i.who put the devil in you. deliverance.
9. sonic youth. reena, rather ripped.
10. okkervil river. for real. black sheep boy.
11. wilco. my darling. summerteeth.
12. elliott smith. pitseleh. x/o.
13. sufian stevens. dear mister supercomputer. avalanche (outtakes and extras)
14. bonnie billy. nomadic revery. i see a darkness.
15. pet politics. the cold wind blows. in my head ep.
16. sebadoh. on fire. harmacy.
17. jesus & mary chain/ mazzy star. sometimes always. sometimes always ep.
18. devendra banhart. fall. rejoicing in the hands.
19. beirut. mount wroclai (idle days). gulag orkestra.
20. lemonheads. rudderless. it's a shame about ray.
21. deerhoof. the magnificient bird will rise. reveille.
22. pavement. grave architecture. wowee zowee.
23. david bowie. be my wife. low.
24. the drones. this time. wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by.
25. tim rogers. the mess. spit polish.

see ya suckers.

timmy dodgers.

shea indie jr and richard 2 in the studio next week for gat mediah - the next generation.