Tuesday, April 29, 2008

while the city sleeps. playlist apr 29

1. the dirty projectors. hyperballad [enjoyed: tribute to bjork's post]

2. au. are animal [verbs]
3. drakkar sauna. river of jordan [wars and tornadoes]
4. the sticks. on the sea [split 10" with hands on heads]

5. lau nau. lue kartalla [nukuu]
6. new bloods. doubles [the secret life]
7. bonnie prince billy. so everyone [lie down in the light]

8. pocahaunted. riddim queen [island diamonds]
9. lucky dragons. givers [dream island laughing land]
10. ponytail. beg waves [ice cream spiritual]

11. port o'brien. five and dime [the wind & the swell]
12. jeremy jay. someone cares [a place where we could go]
13. withered hand. i am nothing [religious songs]

14. banjo or freakout. mr no [7"]
15. war on drugs. taking the farm [wagonwheel blues]
16. indian jewelry. swans ["free gold!"]
17. pussy galore. you look like a jew [corpse love]

18. jesus & mary chain. on the wall [darklands]
19. vetiver. blur driver [a thing of the past]
20. indian jewelry. hello africa ["free gold!"]

21. crystal antlers. until the sun dies [s/t ep]
22. meneguar. we own we sell [the in hour]
23. tape. moth wings [luminarium]

24. future islands. old friends [wave like home]
25. roommate. way out [we were enchanted]
26. no age. here should be my home [nouns]
27. swans. stay here [filth]

28. tape man. kaikoura ufo [demo?]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1. anni rossi. machine [scandia]

2. talulah gosh. bringing up baby [backwash]
3. stuart a staples. old friends [leaving songs]
4. born ruffians. hummingbird [red yellow & blue]

5. crystal stilts. converging the quiet [s/t ep]
6. david kilgour. you forget [here come the cars]
7. papa m. many splendored things [whatever mortal]

8. the dodos. red and purple [visiter] (simone's pick o da week!)
9. a hawk and hacksaw. portland town [darkness at noon]
10. au. rr vs o [verbs]

11. fire on fire. asinine race [unreleased xclusiv]
12. tickley feather. keyboards is drunk [s/t]
13. liars. nihilist [unreleased xclusiv]

14. no age. things i did when i was dead [nouns]
15. meneguar. let us decide [the in hour]
16. over the atlantic. the colour of sound [new demo]

17. brown bird. black rivers [the bottom of the sea]
18. high places. shared islands [03/07-09/07]
19. karl blau. in the morning [am reissue]

20. white denim. track 11 [spring tour cd-r]
21. the instruments. ode to the sea [dark small land]
22. telepathe. envoy [farewell forrest ep]

23. indian jewelry. barbwire [we are the wild beast]
24. no age. sleeper hold [nouns]
25. tiger tones. 17 [s/t]

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

im n2 dnb hard out. playlist april 15

1. wye oak. warning [dunno]

2. wolf parade. call it a ritual [tba]
3. liars. cruel [new!]
4. islands. kids don't know shit [arm's way]

5. thee oh sees. ghost in the trees [the master's bedroom is worth spending a night in]
6. jay reatard. screaming hand [b side
7. circulatory system. tiny concerts [tba]

8. high places. head spinz (hawnay troof remix) [demo]
9. abe vigoda. world heart [split 7" with mikaela's fiend]
10. white williams. violator [new violence b-side]

11. religious knives. the street [it's after dark]
12. thank you. empty legs [terrible two]
13. the dead science. a throne of blood [constellation 7"]

14. nick drake. fly [bryter layter]
15. smog. i break horses [kicking a couple around ep]
16. the tallest man on earth. where do my bluebirds fly [shallow graves]

17. flying saucer attack. here i am [further]
18. no age. don't stand still (denver cover) [eraser bside]
19. inca ore. joy [birthday of bless you]

20. ecstatic sunshine. perrier [way]
21. pocahaunted. sweet lodge [split 7" with christina carter]
22. the tough alliance. lucky [neo violence b-side]

23. sean smith. polak peneer [eternal]
24. PWRFL POWER. chopstix song [s/t]
25. matty pop chart. sea birds [s/t]
26. collapsing cities. seriously [s/t]

27. portishead. machine gun [third]

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

there is ssooooo much. playlist april 8

1. scott matthew. little bird [tba]

2. dirty projectors. hyperballad [bjork post covers album]
3. woods family creeps. twisted tongue [s/t]
4. jeremy jay. heavenly creatures [a place where we could go]

5. pants yell!. not so city life [live ep]
6. {{{sunset}}}. gulf of mexico [bright blue dream]
7. alps of nsw. dear friends [7" split with snowfield]

8. jay reatard. see/saw [7" single]
9. the wiggins. when i get up [the greatest apes ep]
10. chairlift. evident utensil [7" single]

11. no age. eraser [nouns]
12. radiohead. nude (holy fuck remix) [bside?]
13. dustin and the furniture. open [dancing on nothing]

14. the gladeyes. shyness will get you nowhere (cover) [demo]
15. sun kil moon. moors town [caldo verde]
16. the pains of being pure at heart. this love is fucking right [s/t ep]

17. spiritualized. soul on fire [songs in a & e]
18. thee oh sees. graveyard drug party [the master's bedroom is worth spending a night in]
19. PWRFL POWER. alma song [s/t]

20. BARR. half of two times two (newer version) [summary]
21. graffiti island. camping [demo]
22. soft circle. shimmer [full bloom]
22. george harrison. beware of darkness [demo from all things must pass]

23. ecstatic sunshine. big dipper little dipper [freckle wars]
24. boo boo and boo too. couch on fire [s/t ep]
25. high places. the modern things [bjork post covers album]
26. donovan quinn. saw a ghost on water [october lanterns]

27. white denim. goldie locks [dunno]
28. wicked poseur. ghastly ghost [demo]

29. matthew dear. don and sherri (hot chip remix) [single]