Tuesday, August 21, 2007

just hanging out - playlist for the 21st

just me! by myself! i hate talking!

1. tk webb. phantom parade [phantom parade]
2. silver jews. smith & jones forever [american water]
3. battles. atlas [mirrored]

4. castanets. this is the early game [in the vines]
5. cocorosie. rainbow warriors [the adventures of ghosthorse and stillborn]
6. entrance. honey moan [honey moan ep]
7. brown recluse sings. margo left in bed [black sunday ep]
8. the beatles. junk [esher demos]

9. deerhoof. choco fight [friend opportunity]
10. belly boat. rind [dear robert hanoy]
11. doveman. honey [the acrobat]
12. the besnard lakes. disaster [live on sound opinions]

13. pj harvey. rid of me [four track demos]
14. tiny vipers. forest on fire [hands across the void]
15. suicide. cheree [s/t]

16. lockett pundt. bragging party [demo]
17. the radio dept. i don't need love, i've got my band [pulling our weight ep]
18. les enfant bastard. walls [bambi]
19. the moldy peaches. anyone else but you [s/t]
20. the luyas. dumbblood [faker death]
21. ned collette. the laughter across the street [jokes and trials]

22. turbo fruits. volcano [turbo fruits]
23. abe vigoda. world map forever [sky route/star roof]
24. marnie stern. platos fucked up cave [in advance of the broken arm]

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