Tuesday, May 22, 2007

whoa oh oh. playlist 22 may 2007

1. elliott smith. fair city (new moon)
2. the brunettes. her herigami set (single)
3. animal collective. peacebone (live) (strawberry jam)
4. slaraffenland. polaroids (private cinema)
5. spoon. don't make me a target (gagagagaga)
6. electrelane. those pockets are people (axes)
7. the flies. walking on the sand (single)

8. liquid liquid. cavern (liquid liquid)
9. barr. the song is the single (summary)
10. snowpony. crumpled 10 (sea shanties for spaceships)
11. the swirlies. the vehicle is invisible (they spent their...)

12. arthur & yu. lion's mouth (in camera)
13. the national. apartment story (boxer)
14. the go! team. grip like a vice (single)
15. the aum rifle. why don't you come inside (a peel of bells)
16. david kilgour. bbc world (the far now)

17. television personalities. my dark places (my dark places)
18. these new puritans. navigate navigate (dior homme show/12")
19. the fall. the past gone mad (the infotainment scan)

20. paul duncan. red eagle (above the trees)
21. blackout beach. claxxons lament (single)
22. my disco! always measure wait (cancer)
23. xbxrx. sheets and organs (wars)

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