Tuesday, December 26, 2006

1. you am i - gunslingers [convicts]


R: Woods - Broke [How To Survive In The Woods]
S: These New Puritans - Chamber [Demo]
D: Metric - Monster Hospital [Live It Out]
T: Sleepy Jackson - Devil Was In My Yard [personality...]
R2: Courtney Tidwell - Missing Limk [Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up]

R: Peter and the Wolf - Silent Movies [Lightness]
S: Uzi and Ari - Mountain/Molehill [It's Freezing Out]
D: Xerox Teens - Darlin' [Single Uk Exlusive Dubplate White Label Promo Ltd Ed.]
T: Bonnie "Prince" Billy - The Seedling [The Letting Go]
R2: Guillemots - Through the Window Pane [Through the Window Pane]

R: Herman Dune - I Wish that I Could See You Soon [Giant]
S: Evangelicals - Diving [So Gone]
D: Dananananaykroyd - Greater Than Symbol [Demo]
T: Scott Walker - Jesse [The Drift]
R2: Dosh - Um, Circles and Squares [The Lost Take]

R: Grizzly Bear - Knife [Yellow House]
S: Sunset Rubdown - Us Ones In Between [Stadiums and Shrines]
D: TV on the Radio - Wolf Like Me [Return to Cookie Mountain]
T: Thom Yorke - Clocks (The Surgeon Remix) [Download from Thom Yorke's Website...maybe...]
R2: Destroyer - 3000 Flowers [Destroyer's Rubies]

R: The Liars - The Other Side of Mount Heart Attack [Drum's Not Dead]
S: Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks [Writer's Block]
D: Metronomy - You Could Easily Have Me [Pip Paine: Pay the 500 Pounds You Owe Me]
T: The Drones - Some Swampy Pub Rock Aussie Jam [Gala Mill]
R: Beirut - Postcards from Italy [Gulag Orkestar]

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

THE TOP ALBUMS OF 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!

RICHARD: casiotone for the painfully alone - etiquette (song: young shields)
SHEA: the winks - birthday (song: correct)

R: m ward - post-war (song: chinese translation)
S: sonic youth - rather ripped (song: the neutral)

R: indian jewelry - invasive exotics (song: come closer)
S: beach house - s/t (song: master of none)

R: beach house - s/t (song: apple orchard)
S: tv on the radio - return to cookie mountain (song: wolf like me)

R: the robot ate me - good world (song: good world #2)
S: snowglobe - oxytocin (song: happy)

R: entrance - prayer of death (song: prayer of death)
S: beirut - gulag orkestar (song: after the curtain)

R: john maus - songs (song: just wait til next year)
S: peter bjorn & john - writer's block (song: let's call it off)

R: the curtains - calamity (song: green water)
S: destroyer - rubies (song: watercolours into the ocean)

R: woods - how to survive in the woods (song: silence is golden)
S: evangelicals - so gone (song: what an actress does best)

R: grizzly bear - yellow house (song: plans)
S: sunset rubdown - shut up i am dreaming (song: shut up i am dreaming of a place where lovers have wings)

21. mi and lau. christmas soul (s/t)
22. belle & sebastian. o little town of bethlehem (christmas peel session)
23. sufjan stevens. sister winter (songs for christmas)

i can't dance a single step

well just incase you hadn't heard already, next year on february 10th the absolutely incredible harpist joanna newsom will be performing in christchurch along with ex-new zealand folk musician smog (bill callahan).

the gig is happening at the harbour light theatre in lyttelton - a fantastic venue which is without a doubt the most suitable place for a concert such as this. tickets are available from real groovy and ticketmaster.
this will inevitably be the best show of 2007 so do not miss out!

here are a few videos of interest:

smog & joanna newsom: rock bottom riser

joanna newsom: swansea

joanna newsom: cosmia

tonight is gonna be a big show - TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE YEAR, and the week after that TOP 5 SONGS OF THE YEAR. if yr on myspace post yr own top 10s/5s on our blog at www.myspace.com/guitarmedia but if not feel free to post them in the comment sections here.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

awkward moments and bad jokes. playlist dec 12

1. the brunettes. holding hands feeding ducks (holding hands feeding ducks)
2. david kilgour. yenisei (the far now)
3. jeffrey & jack lewis. artland (city and eastern songs)

4. the figurines. the wonder (skeleton)
5. bird by snow. black elk in the mountains (sky)
6. low. if you were born today (song for little baby) (christmas ep)
7. slowdive. catch the breeze (just for a day)

8. los campesinos! you! me! dancing! (hold on now youngster)
9. magazine. permafrost (secondhand daylight)
10. frightened rabbit. go go girls (... sing the greys)
11. patrick wolf. accident & emergency (the magic position)

12. peter bjorn & john. objects of my affection (writer's block)
13. nick drake. road (pink moon)
14. foundry field recordings. buried beneath winter frames (prompts/miscues)
15. panda bear. carrots (excerpt) (panda bear/excepter 12" inch)

16. deerhoof. xmas tree (halfbird)
17. casiotone for the painfully alone. graceland (graceland)
18. these new puritans. elviss (demo)
19. xiu xiu. sad pony guerilla girl (a promise)
20. field music. in context (tones of town)

21. adrian orange. save the world (bitches is lord)
22. clap yr hands say yeah. underwater (you and me) (some loud thunder)
23. big black. big money (atomizer)
24. q and not u. nine things everybody knows (no kill no beep beep)
25. professor murder. the mountain (professor murder rides the subway ep)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

take however long you want. playlist dec 5

1. our brother the native. apodiformes (tooth and claw)
2. annuals. bleary eyed (be he me)
3. charalambides. spring (a vintage burden)

4. yo la tengo. the race is on again (i'm not afraid of you and i will beat yr ass)
5. durutti column. sketch for summer (the return of the durutti column)
6. deerhoof. the perfect me (friend opportunity)
7. buzzcocks. promises (singles going steady)
8. patrik fitzgerald. safety pin stuck in my heart (7" single)

9. chocolate usa. untitled (smoke machine)
10. uzi and ari. asleep in armor (it is freezing out)
11. jens lekman. boisa-bis-o-boisa (dept. of forgotten songs demo)
12. the ghosts. penny falls (blue birds blood)
13. flying canyon. in the reflection (s/t)

14. danananakroyd. totally bone (7" single)
15. indian jewelery. lesser snake (invasive exotics)
16. jeff buckley. kick out the jams (live)
17. the robot ate me. kept our hands warm (they ate themselves)
18. my latest novel. learning lego (wolves)

19. the shivers. kisses (charades)
20. m ward. helicopter (transfiguation of vincent)
21. pink nasty. what the fuck (mule school)
22. beulah. sunday under glass (when yr heartstrings break)
23. unwound. december (leaves turn inside you)

24. my bloody valentine. never say goodbye (ecstasy & wine)
25. old time relijun. chemical factory (2012)
26. les georges leningrad. mammal beats (sangue puro)
27. aids wolf. spit tastes like metal (the lovvers lp)
28. the melvins. hooch (houdini)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

sweet trax. playlist 28 nov

1. tam. one thousand watts (s/t)
2. that's him! that's the guy! these days (help me i'm on fire)
3. boyracer. the others way (happenstance)
4. 14 iced bears. balloon song (in the beginning)

5. harvey milk. once in a while (special wishes)
6. professor murder. champion (professor murder rides the subway)
7. frog eyes. idle songs (tears of the valedictorian)
8. neutral milk hotel. where you'll find me now (on avery island)
9. songs of green pheasant. wolves amongst snowmen (aerial days)

10. yo la tengo. mr tough (i'm not afraid of you and i will beat yr ass)
11. first nation. female trance (s/t)
12. peter bjorn & john. let's call it off (writer's block)

13. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. jules lost his jewels (worn copy)
14. television. venus (marquee moon)
15. bobby birdman. all right (born free forever)
16. mogwai. yes! i am a long way from home (young team)
17. raccoo-oo-oon. stickeaters (the cave of spirits forever)

18. takka takka. living out of trouble (we feel safer at night)
19. julie doiran. no more (work myself up)
20. pinback. seville (blue screen life)
21. the monkees. pleasant valley sunday (pisces, aquarius, capricorn & jones ltd)
22. belle & sebastian. the monkeys are breaking out of the zoo (colours are brighter)

23. skygreen leopards. sally orchard (disciples of california)
24. evangelicals. what an actress does best (so gone)
25. beach house. saltwater (s/t)
26. the hold steady. party pit (boys and girls in america)
27. die! die! die!. i wanna (locust weeks ep)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

animal collective on a cellphone


big thanks to one of our loyal listeners melinda for sending us a few pxts from the animal collective shows in wellington and auckland a few weeks ago!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

PlayList 21 November, "Gotta Lick A Toad In The Party Zone"....

welcome to the noisy sleazy country indie timmy dodgers special, fresh outta myspace sneetches! gotta a lot of bits and pieces tonight and a fresh swag of australian tunes from my trip so let's kick it...

1. The Drones, Jezebel (Gala Mill)
One of the most monumental albums I've heard since forever, a true classick and one to take to the grave... most recommended.
The Drones Official Site

2. Shellac, Squirrel Song (1000 Hurts)
3. The Jesus Lizard, Mouth Breather (Goat)
Touch & Go, freshly 25 and a reminder that music can still be intelligent and dangerous...

4. Blood Brothers, You're The Dream Unicorn! (Young Machetes)

5. New York Dolls, Looking For A Kiss (S/T)

6. Tim Rogers & Tex Perkins (T'N'T) - Eveybody Hates You Whe You're Popular [My Better Half]
Two Aussie legends and hard living roustabouts combine humour and rootsy honky skronk to great effect... a sleeper hit for alt country fans
You Am I (Tim Rogers) Official Site
TNT Official Site

7. The Gin Club, Wylde Bitch (Virginibus Puerisque)
Brisbane's finest local rootsy collective bring drunken singalongs, shanties, jigs, and quiet melancholy. Truly brilliant and should be bigger than that new artwork on HIgh St. Check out their website you fools!
The Gin Club Official Site

8. Richard Buckner, Town (Meadow)
A stalwart of the alt country revival, the singular, stunning , Richard Buckner has moved from personal desperation to impressionistic vignettes over the years but his power and range has only increased. Beautiful, compelling, brilliant.

9. Sparklehorse, Ghost In The Sky [Slept For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain]
A welcome return from Mr. Linkous et al... more of the same but what a fantastic same...

10. Pajo,We Get Along, Mostly [1968]
Ex-Slint and (ugh) Zwan member gets his groove on a collection og folkish ramblings with the odd electrified scorcher... like this one...

11. Bob Dylan, Someday Baby [Modern Times]
It stuns me how Dylan can reach within himself and lift his weight of history to release three of the best albums he's ever made (which is saying something) in a row. Modern Times with one possible exception (Working Class Blues) is a pure joy.

12. My Morning Jacket, One Big Holiday [Okonos - Live]
Well recorded and great, tight performances make this album a must...

13. Jarvis Cocker, Black Magic [Jarvis]
The other stand out track and the one that's not hidden or expletive laden from Mr. Pulp's debut album... post-Morrissey misery and cynical wiscracks from Britain's most overlooked singerand songwriter

14. Sleepy Jackson, Devil Was In My Yard [Personality...]
Australia's own Brian Wilson makes an album I cannot hate... it gets under your skin like veins and tangles you up in symphonic blue
Sleepty Jackson Official Site

15. Augie March, One Crowded Hour [Moo, You Bloody Choir]
What's going on in Australia? There seems to be some of the best bands I've heard in many a year recording those albums that last you decades and here's another one. Truly brilliant lyrics complimented by a sense of refined melody thatmay not make them the most "hip" but the most uniquely positioned bands in that big old country... recommended to all as a must have and album of the year contender...
Augie March Official Site

16. Joanna Newsom, Cosmia [Ys]
Self indulgent piffery or the bravest boldest personal vision committed to wax this year? An album that divides yes, but most imprtantly, conquers... but then again I always liked things difficult!

17. Grinderman, No Pussy Blues [Myspace download]
What more can I say? Nick Cave gets back on track finally, and Warren Ellis [Dirty Three] brings the big guns...
Stream It On MySpace

18. Tenacious D, Kickapoo
Um, okay. Not the greatest album from the Greatest Band In The World, but this song is pretty funny... go on on when he sings "Gotta lick a toad in the party zone" you know it's own. Thgen add Meatloaf and Dio and... well... it's better than Nacho Libre!

19. sebadoh, wonderful wonderful [III]
the album that wasn't nevermind released in 1991 and still monumentally awkwards, sloppy, and compelling

20. Okkervil River, Black [Black Sheep Boy]
Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to Galaxy and pick up this album or SHAME ON YOU! This was one of 2005's best and still a true indie masterpiece...


21. Quicksand, Thorn In My Side [Manic Compression]
Hardcore essential from back in the day, a most influential album and genre defining sounds from ex- Gorrilla Biscuits main man. Get angry, get Quicksand!

22. Isis, Wrists of Kings
Epic, enthralling, whether it'spostrock and post metal I don;t know. Signed to Ipecac [Mike Patton] it's dynamic, powerful, and drawing legions of fans to it... is metal still a dirty word? Or is black metal the new black?

23. Mastodon, Crystal Skull [Blood Mountain]
See above and bow down to the metal revival! Tech-speed-thrash riffery from the best metal band since Metallica released Kill Em All or Slayer's early stuff Mastodon cater to everyone who likes loud hooky intelligent stuff...

24. The Drones, I Looked Down The Line
Did I mention this is the best album I've heard in years from my new favourite band?

Love you all and see you on MySpace you hipsters!

Heh Heh

Timmy Doders, Esq XIII

youtube post!

A short film in which the protagonist is played by Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) of Animal Collective fame. A must see for fans!

Oh also, I urge everyone to check out the LaBlogotheque videos as they are brilliant. They also have a blog, too bad it's in French.

Monday, November 20, 2006

timmy dodgers trucking shit up tomorrow night!

sorry for not posting anything on here in ages!

been kinda busy, richard' s just been bloody slack!

but just a quick note to tell you timmy dodgers will be filling in tomorrow night, fresh from his trip to brisvegas in australia. i've been told to expect some doom metal revival, sludge emo and of course his his trademark country hitz. make sure you tune in!

also have some plans in the pipeline for a guitar media end-of-year top-10 nerd extravaganza, possibly featuring the return of richard mf! make sure you start collating yr top 10 songs and albums of 2006 cos it's very nearly that time again! plus lists are pretty awesome!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

don't give up on yr dreams, buddy! playlist nov 14

1. mestar. silversong (shut the squizwot factories down)
2. the mint chicks. don't turn me on ... (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)
3. asobi seksu. thursday (citrus)
4. nagisa ni te. river (the same as a flower)

5. explosions in the sky. a poor man's memory (those who tell the truth...)
6. the cure. a forest (seventeen seconds)
7. microphones. bass drum dream (song islands)

8. deerhoof. +81 (friend opportunity)
9. panda bear. comfy in nautica (7" single)
10. swan lake. are you swimming in her pools (beast moans)
11. sparrow house. when i am gone (falls ep)

12. 14 iced bears. like a dolphin (in the beginning)
13. chas. mtn. mothure (hugs)
14. augie march. mother greer (moo, you bloody choir)
15. tom waits. road to peace (orphans)

16. art brut. nag nag nag nag (new single)
17. deerhoof. believe esp (friend opportunity)
20. apples in stereo. beautiful machine pts 3-4 (new magnetic wonder)
21. department of eagles. sailing at night (whitey on the moon)
22. another sunny day. anorak city (london weekend)

23. mt. gigantic. dip into my daddy (old smiler)
24. mastodon. bladecatcher (blood mountain)
25. die! die! die!. i wanna (locust weeks ep)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

hey look! we're new york hipsters. playlist nov 7

1. herman dune. your name/my game (giant)
2. voxtrot. trouble (your biggest fan b-side)
3. the vaselines. you think yr a man (the way of the vaselines)

4. sparrow house. foxes (sighing like a furnace) (falls)
5. great lake swimmers. where in the world are you? (the sound the hare heard comp)
6. sparklehorse. it's not so hard (dreamt for lightyears in the belly of a mountain)
7. dark meat. angel of death (universal indians)
8. apples in stereo. 7 stars (new magnetic wonder)

9. of montreal. lysergic bliss (live daytrotter session)
10. the cosbys. speechin' (demo)
11. sebadoh. hassle (III reissue)
12. tim rogers & the temperance union. letter to gene (spit polish)
13. castanets. you are the blood (cathedral)
14. the tiger tones. be yr star (demo)
15. animal collective. people (people ep)

16. the curtains. tornado traveller's fear (calamity)
17. beat happening. tiger trap (you turn me on)
18. pavement. rattled by the rush (wowee zowee: sordid sentinels)
19. modern lovers. pablo picasso (s/t)

20. rolling stones. stop breaking down (exile on main street)
21. japanther. pleased to meet you (leather wings)
22. oneida. did i die (the wedding)
23. black flag. tv party (damaged)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

in magic we did believe. playlist oct 31

1. beach house. apple orchard (s/t)
2. evangelicals. the halloween song (demo)
3. love is all. turn the tv off (nine times the same song)
4. the gun club. jack on fire (fire of love)
5. royal trux. i'm ready (accelerator)

6. crayon fields. do it first (animal bells)
7. holy shit. written all over yr face (stranded at two harbours)
8. calvin johnson. rabbit blood (before the dream faded)
9. benoit pioulard. palimend (precis)
10. annuals. the bull and the goat (be he me)

11. grizzly bear. fix it (horn of plenty)
12. the shins. australia (wincing the night away)
13. rusty santos. nation (the heavens)
14. minisnap. lucky stars (demo)

15. ryan mcphun & the ruby suns. maasai mara (s/t)
16. these new puritans. chamber (demo)
17. psychic ills. january rain (dins)
18. beat happening. bewitched (jamboree)

19. isobel campbell. willow's song (milkwhite sheets)
20. woelv. chanson pour la nuit (pamplemoussi)
21. hold steady. stuck between stations (boys & girls in america)
22. woods. silence is golden (how to survive in the woods)

23. the fall. my new house (this nations saving grace)
24. white magic. childhood song (dat rosa mel apibus)
25. les georges leningrad. mammal beats (sangue puro)
26. the misfits. night of the living dead

Saturday, October 28, 2006

now you can listen to guitar media ANYWHERE in the WORLD

rdu 98.5fm will be streaming live on the internet from october 30th (this coming monday) which means ANYONE ANYWHERE in the world can now tune in. cool huh.
to listen go to http://www.rdu.org.nz/ and click LISTEN NOW!

here are some times for the show:

nz - 9pm tuesday
australia - around 6pm tuesday
uk - 8am tuesday
europe - around 10-11am
usa - um yr country's too big

check http://www.worldtimeserver.com/

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


1. bonnie prince billy. ignition [r. kelly] (live)
2. raincoats. lola [the kinks] (s/t)
3. of montreal. i felt like smashing my head through a clear glass window [yoko ono] (the bird who continues to eat the rabbit's flower)
4. belle & sebastian. here comes the sun [the beatles] (live)
5. boy least likely to. faith [george michael] (bside)

6. decemberists. bridges and balloons [joanna newsom] (believer comp)
7. grizzly bear. owner of a lonely heart [yes] (ep)
8. tv on the radio. mr grieves [pixies] (young liars ep)
9. the shivers. chelsea hotel #2 [leonard cohen] (charades)
10. beck. pink moon [nick drake] (bside)

11. rusty santos. girls just wanna have fun [cyndi lauper] (demo)
12. teenage fanclub. like a virgin [madonna] (ep)
13. final fantasy. peach plum pear [joanna newsom] (young canadian mothers)
14. iron & wine & calexico. wild horses [rolling stones] (live)

15. elliott smith. because [the beatles] (american beauty ost)
16. polyphonic spree. lithium [nirvana] (wait ep)
17. giant drag. god only knows [beach boys] (demo)

18. tralala. never understand [jesus & mary chain] (s/t)
19. galaxie 500. isn't it a pity [george harrison] (on fire)
20. suburban kids with biblical names. golden retriever [super furry animals] (live)
21. gillian welch. black star [radiohead] (live)
22. m. ward. let's dance [david bowie] (transfiguration of vincent)

23. jenny lewis. handle with care [travelling wilburys] (rabbit furcoat)
24. dinosaur jr. just like heaven [the cure] (ep)
25. holy shit. ashes to ashes [david bowie] (demo)
26. deerhoof. lose my breath [my bloody valentine] (free ep)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

we'll come back for indian summer

ok so here is some really exciting news! as those of you who live here will be aware, we haven't had a good international act this year since the mountain goats played in april (sorry, i don't like inxs) and thankfully the drought is soon to end!

on the 10th of november christchurch will be graced with indie legend calvin johnson, founder of k records, solo artist, and member of beat happening, the halo benders and heaps of other awesome stuff!!!
and as if this wasn't cool enough, he's also going to be playing with woelv - a female solo artist from canada (also signed to k records) who is married to mr. phil elverum from mount eerie/the microphones (could possibly be making an appearance?! maybe?!)!
they're going to be joined by lovely local indie pop group minisnap (a side project of the bats with kaye woodward on vocals)

so yeah it's all happening on the 10th of november which is a friday. the venue hasn't been finalised yet but it's going to be all ages so will be either at the penthouse in town or at zebedees.
this is going to be an amazing night so we hope to see you ALL THERE! stay tuned to the show/blog/myspace for more details - we'll also be giving away some tickets to the gig!

P.S. we are having a covers special this week! if you have any suggestions or requests email us guitarmedia@gmail.com or leave a comment.
P.P.S. on the 30th of october rdu 98.5 fm is getting a live internet stream so ANYONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD will now be able to tune into guitar media! exciting, we know!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

playlist 17th october

1. skygreen leopards. disciples of california (disciples of california)
2. califone. spider's house (roots & crowns)
3. the weird weeds. tupper (weird feelings)
4. bishop allen. like castanets (september ep)

5. david thomas broughton. something in yr drine (tour ep)
6. dear nora. emily (there is no more)
7. broken social scene. 7/4 shoreline (s/t)
8. mestar. rosalie starfish (shut the squizwot factories down)

9. gay against you. telerad (muscle milk)
10. the winks. nolan ryan (birthday party)
11. nagisa ni te. anxiety (dream sounds)
12. they go boom!! woody allen (7" single)

13. pink floyd. the gnome (piper at the gates of dawn)
14. destroyer. breakin' the law (we'll build them a golden bridge)
15. little wings. be my baby (7" single)
16. peter and the wolf. the highway (lightness)
17. skygreen leopards. broken sparrow (sing the songs of linder bros)

18. marah. the closer (if you didn't laugh you'd cry)
19. iron & wine. woman king (woman king ep)
20. the drones. i don't ever want to change (gala mill)
21. jracula. carpopolis (demo)

22. badly drawn boy. welcome to the overground (born in the uk) - sort of?
23. the dirty projectors. fucked for life (new attitude ep)
24. jarvis. black magic (jarvis)
25. coughs. quagmire (secret passage)
26. the minutemen. it's expected i'm gone (double nickels on the dime)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

mixtape connection vol. 14 photos

thanks to all who came last night!
was cool cool cool. hope you enjoyed the night!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

this ain't no picnic. playlist oct 10

1. david thomas broughton. ambiguity (complete guide to insufficiency)
2. jeff tweedy. so much wine (butterfly) (live @ rocky mountain folk fest)
3. bob dylan. love minus zero/no limit (bringing it all back home)

4. evangelicals. another day (and yr still knocked out) (so gone)
5. mirah. pure (songs from the black mountain music project)
6. the winks. guitar swing (birthday party)
7. jeffrey & jack lewis. williamsburg will oldham horror (city & eastern songs)
8. the curtains. the thousandth face (calamity)

9. panda bear. bros (edit) (fat cat records sampler)
10. the blow. parentheses (paper television)
11. drakkar sauna. teach me yr legs (jabraham lincoln)
12. flowers from the man who shot yr cousin. happy things (hapless)

13. sean lennon. dead meat (friendly fire)
14. tv on the radio. tonight (return to cookie mountain)
15. silver jews. send in the clouds (american water)
16. math & physics club. cold as minnesota (s/t)

17. the robot ate me. bloody knife #1 (good world)
18. pere ubu. the fabulous sequel (new picnic time)
19. robert pollard. supernatural car lover (normal happiness)
20. lawrence arabia. business planning (s/t)

21. the jesus lizard. fly on the wall (down)
22. the jam. set the house ablaze (sound affects)
23. lightning bolt. captain caveman (hypermagic mountain)
24. death from above 1979. blood on our hands (yr a woman i'm a machine)
25. mc5. ramblin' rose (kick out the jams)

c u @ mixtape lololol!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

mixtape connection - this friday!

ok so you should all be here on friday night

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myself, and three other awesome rdu djs (missy g from girl school, dr hitchcock from the mixtape sessions and indie slut from human pleasure at hourly rates) will be on the decks playing a wicked selection of fun and danceable indie tunez.

we're talking artists like: out hud, cansei de ser sexy, hot chip, the rapture, lcd soundsystem, !!!, mu, the human league, peter bjorn and john, the soft pink truth, the go! team, wizardzz, death from above 1979, of montreal, the cure, blondie, art brut, architecture in helsinki, talking heads, joy division, devo, new order, felix da housecat, forward russia, gang of four, the go! team, vitalic, arthur russell, ellen alien, you say party! we say die!, junior boys, tom vek ... and heaps more, obviously!

if yr poor mixtape is especially good as it costs nothing to get in, and if yr an rdunited member you get 20% off drinks!
also an extra added bonus - the first 50 rdunited members through the door get an awesome mix cd for free, made by me. it's 21 tracks and features artists such as:
liars, shaky hands, peter bjorn and john, the curtains, lawrence arabia, grizzly bear, beirut, guillemots and the mint chicks!

it's happening at capitol bar on hereford street, down the lane next to whitcoulls.

i think i'm on the decks first so try and get there around 9:30!

see you there!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the big day out lineup is shit

ok so for some reason i was kind of vaguely optimistic that the big day out festival next year would be cool. after all, this year's was awesome (iggy and the stooges, go! team, sleater-kinney etc.) and they tend to have at least a few good bands each year (the flaming lips and wilco come to mind).
the 2007 festival, however, looks set to be the worst ever. i think perhaps the organisers received an anonymous tip-off that "people are really into seeing shit bands".
even with the knowledge that tool (possibly the worst band in the world) were headlining, i naively thought that the festival could be resurrected with 3 or 4 cool international acts. instead we are given muse, the killers, my chemical romance, aaaaaaaaand JET! (whose new album was summed up hilariously by pitchfork). what the hell? do the organisers not realise that all four of these bands are the biggest jokes in modern music? no respectable music fan or publication even takes them seriously. in fact, my chemical romance for instance, are so amazingly terrible that even talking about how bad they are is kind of void because it just goes without saying.
even if the second announcement is awesome (which, i think is safe to say, will not be) you will still have to occupy the same area as thousands of tool fans and resisiting the urge to smack each one in the face will inevitably be a hard task.
big day out 2007 is lame. go to camp a low hum instead.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

sand is overrated it's just tiny rocks. playlist oct 3

1. enon. count sheep (high society)
2. trail of dead. gold heart mountain (so divided)
3. nina nastasia. treehouse song (on leaving)
4. sparklehorse. don't take my sunshine away (dreamt...)
5. donovan. mr wind (hms donovan)

6. peter bjorn & john. up against the wall (writer's block)
7. hidden cameras. awoo (awoo)
8. math & physics club. darling please come home (s/t)
9. broadcast. where youth & laughter go (future crayon)
10. sunset rubdown. us ones inbetween (shutup i'm dreaming)

11. wooden wand & the skyhigh band. bleeder (2nd attention)
12. a hawk & a hacksaw. god bless the ottoman empire (way the wind blows)
13. beirut. elephant gun (lon gisland ep)

14. pull tiger tail. animator (demo)
15. david bowie. sound and vision (low)
16. dananananakroyd. greater than symbol (demo)
17. ooioo. uma (taiga)
18. these new puritans. chamber (demo)

19. scott walker. cossacks are (the drift)
20. andrew bird. measuring cups (fingerlings 3)
21. white rainbow. guilded golden ladies (zome)
22. flotation toy warning. happy 13 (bluffer's guide to the flightdeck)

23. big black. passing complexion (atomizer)
24. coolies. holiday/vacation (demo)
25. sailboats are white. congratulations on the goddamn cherries (turbo!)
26. husker du. turn on the news (zen arcade)
27. guitar wolf. kung fu ramone (jet generation)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

new herman dune video!

Tweeist video of the year!

Short post!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

play indie rock if that's what you want. playlist sept 26

1. suburban kids with biblical names. loopduplicate my heart (3)
2. okkervil river. o dana (aust. tour ep)
3. shearwater. red sea black sea (palo santo)

4. pet politics. sunday morning (the spring ep)
5. howlin rain. show business (s/t)
6. swan lake. a venue called rubella (beast moans)
7. devotchka. venus in furs (curse yr little heart ep)

8. mestar. konked out (shut the squizwot factories down)
9. the late bp helium. rabbit's ear (amok)
10. orange juice. felicity (you can't hide yr love forever)
11. kinks. big sky (village green preservation society)
12. semifinalists. you said (s/t)

13. ride. kaliedoscope (nowhere)
14. my bloody valentine. never say goodbye (ecstasy and wine)
15. paleo. in the morning (2006 song diary) ***
16. damien jurado. hoquiam (and now that im in yr shadow)
17. peter & the wolf. safe travels (lightness)
18. swan lake. bluebird (beast moans)

19. xiu xiu. save me (the airforce)
20. yo la tengo. pass the hatchet i think i'm goodkind (i'm not afraid...)
21. witch. hand of glory (s/t)

22. sunn o))) and boris. akuma no kuma (altar)
23. shellac. my black ass (at action park)
24. les savy fav. hold onto yr genre (inches)
25. blood on the wall. get the fuck off my cloud (awesomer)

***his entire "song diary" can be downloaded here. CHECK IT ONE TWO

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

was yr face a head in the pillowcase. playlist sept 19

1. page france. chariot (hello, dear wind)
2. peter bjorn and john. young folks (writer's block)
3. okkervil river. the president's dead (aust. tour ep)

4. new sound of numbers. you'll be singing (liberty seeds)
5. magnetic fields. i wish i had an evil twin (i)
6. of montreal. she's a rejector (hissing fauna are you the destroyer)
7. the beatles. rain (b-side paperback writer)
8. 13th floor elevators. fire engine (psychedelic sounds)

9. wilderness. arkless (s/t)
10. sparklehorse. ghost in the sky (dreamt for lightyears in belly...)
11. his name is alive. in my name (detrola)
12. lush. for love (spooky)

13. jackie o motherfucker. rockaway (flags of the sacred harp)
14. explosions in the sky. long spring (how strange, innocence)
15. arab strap. cherubs (elephant shoe)
16. yo la tengo. the room got heavy (i'm not afraid of you ... )

17. the gladeyes. one million kisses (heart full of love ep)
18. danielson. i'm slow but i'm sloppy (7" single)
19. jennifer gentle. i do dream you (valende)
20. mint chicks. crazy?yes!dumb?no! (crazy?yes!dumb?no!)

21. casiotone for the painfully alone. young shields (etiquette)
22. les savy fav. one way widow (inches)
23. joy division. she's lost control (unknown pleasures)
24. parts and labor. springtime hibernation (stay afraid)

25. the ruby suns. there are birds (sea lion)

Monday, September 18, 2006

he don't know if she's got the wedding ring on


well, the RounDUp RDU band competition has FINISHED its SEMIFINAL stages and the FIVE FINALISTS (whoah! too much alliteration) are ready to battle it out this coming saturday at the dux de lux!
aaaaaaand the finalists will be competing in this order:

8:30 pm The Delorians
9.05 pm Mustard
9.40 pm Black Market Art
10.15 pm The Transistors
10.50 pm The Tiger Tones

(click the bandname to check their myspace page)

make sure yr there at 8:30 on the dot because you don't want to miss out on any of the action!

and the night before don't forget a low hum! 9:30pm at the jetset!

finally, for those of you who have been following the bonnie prince billy ad saga - the third and final installment:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

you are a bus i want to catch. playlist sept 12

1. elf power. will my feet carry me home (a dream in sound)
2. evangelicals. diving (so gone)
3. over the atlantic. kevin shields (junica)
4. swan lake. are you swimming in her pools (beast moans)

5. final fantasy. song song song (he poos clouds)
6. shugo tokumaru. mist (l.s.t.)
7. grizzly bear. plans (yellow house)
8. the decemberists. the crane wife 3 (the crane wife)

9. big star. big black car (3rd/sister lovers)
10. kind of like spitting. thrill of the hunt (thrill of the hunt)
11. akron/family. love and space (meek warrior)
12. clinic. the seeker (visitations)
13. oneida. up with people (happy new year)

14. joanna newsom. monkey & bear (ys)
15. espers. cruel storm (espers ii)

16. of montreal. heimdalsgate like a promethean curse (hissing fauna, are you the destroyer)
17. deerhoof. milking (milkman)
18. mint chicks. walking off a cliff again (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)
19. television personalities. this angry silence (and dont the kids just love it)

20. bob dylan. someday baby (modern times)
21. herman dune. i wish that i could see you (giant)
22. chin up chin up. i need a friend with a boat (this harness cant ride anything)
23. sufjans stevens. mr supercomputer (the avalanche)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

and now that i'm in yr shadow

PART TWO of the strange 3 part series of advertisements for the forthcoming bonnie prince billy album, the letting go (out september 19 on drag city)

if you missed part one, check it out here

this weekend make sure you head to the dux both nights (around 9pm-11:30ish) to catch the semifinals of the rdu RounDUp band competition! to check the timetables click here

on a random note - i was reading somewhere that ryan mcphun and the ruby suns are headlining the october a low hum tour. so that's something to look forward to!
also - the first announcement for the big day out is apparently the 4th of october. fingers crossed those tool/muse rumours don't come true!

tune in on tuesday for some cool tunez - new joanna newsom! and heaps of other new stuff as well, probably!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

it's like country music and rock combined, y'know? the ALT.COUNTRY SPECIAL

it's all about twanging goodness and long dusty roads tonight.
big hollah out to mr. timothy dodgers for spinning heaps of the tunes tonight!
massive respect brutha!

1. tim rogers & tex perkins. dinosaurs (my better half)
2. country mike. sloppy drunk (oh)
3. augie march. thin captain crackers (moo you bloody choir)
4. my morning jacket. nashville to kentucky (tennessee fire)
5. byrds. the christian life (sweetheart of the rodeo)
6. emmylou harris. wayfaring stranger (album)
7. calexico. not even stevie nicks (feast of wire)
8. crooked fingers. twilight creeps (dignity and shame)
9. gillian welch. caleb myer (hell amongst the yearlines)
10. m ward. requiem (post war)
11. jenny lewis. handle with care (rabbit furcoat)
12. marah. waly whitman bridge (demo)
13. edith frost. cars and parties (demo)*
14. songs:ohia. just be simple (magnolia electric co.)
15. jim white. borrowed wings (drill a hole in the substrate)
16. smog. drinking at the dam (a river ain't too much to love)
17. ryan adams. hard way to fall (jacksonville city lights)
18. palace bros. riding (there is none what will take care of you)
19. sparklehorse. mountains (dreamt for lightyears ... )
20. neko case. starwitness (fox confessor brings the flood)
21. be-good tanyas. the littlest sparrow (take us out for a spin)
22. lucinda williams. those three days (world without tears)
23. neil young. harvest (harvest)
24. john knee cash. god's gonna cut you down (american v)

*you can download this along with AN ENTIRE ALBUM of stuff, LEGALLY from here. OH YES!!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

if my arm was a mic stand, would you hold my hand?


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OK SWEET SEEYA THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

this is yr last chance to be famous. playlist aug 29

1. jens lekman. you are the light (when i said i wanted to be yr dog)
2. polyphonic spree. sonic bloom (wait ep)
3. brightblack morning light. friend of time (s/t)
4. snowden. between the rent and me (anti-anti)
5. bishop allen. click click click click (july ep)
6. the gordons. spick and span (gordons first album)
7. the raincoats. fairytale in the supermarket (s/t)
8. half-japanese. bright lights, big city (charmed life)
9. the cure. why can't i be you (live) (kissmekissmekissme deluxe)
10. andrew bird. nervous tic motion... (mysterious production of eggs)
11. pajo. let it be me (1968)
12. castanets. three days three nights (cathedral)
13. the crayon fields. living so well (animal bells)
14. haints of dean hall. in the golden age (s/t)
15. pinback. loro (s/t)
16. kings of convenience. singing softly to me (quiet is the new loud)
17. blood brothers. 1,2,3,4 guitars (young machetes)
18. frog eyes. 1 in 6 children will flee (the golden river)
19. tap tap. way to go, boy (lanzafame)
20. man man. english bwudd (six demon bag)
21. lightspeed champion. waiting game (demo)
22. eric's trip. my chest is empty (forever again)
23. clinic. family (visitations)
24. the thermals. a pillar of salt (the body the blood the machine)
25. the mint chicks. funeral day (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)

edit: fixed!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

cansei de ser indie. playlist 22 aug

1. pavement. billy (terror twilight)
2. mazarin. new american apathy (we're already there)
3. joanna newsom. peach plum pear (milk-eyed mender)
4. television. venus (marquee moon)
5. ? and the mysterious. 96 tears (96 tears)
6. whitest boy alive. don't give up (dreams)
7. johnathan richmond. vampire girl (you must ask the heart)
8. ryan adams. my winding wheel (heartbreaker)
9. entrance. grim reaper blues (prayer of death)
10. the black keys. your touch (magic potion)
11. akron/family. gone beyond (meek warrior)
12. pajo. who's that knocking (1968)
13. scout niblett. wet road (sweet heart fever)
14. the decemberists. sons & daughters (crane wife)
15. herman dune. not on top (not on top)
16. BOAT. last cans of paint (songs you might not like)
17. the sneaky feelings. wasted time (wasted time 7")
18. beach boys. god only knows (pet sounds)
19. brian wilson. heroes & villains (smile)
20. sunset rubdown. shutup i'm dreaming... (shutup i'm dreaming)
21. mount eerie. where lies my tarp? (singers)
22. fugazi. waiting room (13 songs)
23. sleater-kinney. the fox (the woods)
24. sonic youth. mildred pierce (goo)
25. pavement. serpentine pad (wowee zowee)


Monday, August 21, 2006

the title is this


only have a couple of things to report this week!
and they are: the shocking pinks final show this saturday at the dux! . word on the street is that they'll be playing tunes from dance the dance electric and also NEW STUFF?!!? kit from house of dolls/pig out is dj-ing, and it's all free. apparently nick is off to noo yoik to do some shit with DFA records so make sure you head along and wish him good luck and stuff.

saturday after that is a BENEFIT GIG FOR HEPATITIS C - at the media club. it features the chills, the renderers, charlie ash, pig out and coal. only ten bucks yo!

on the show tomorrow i will be playing a few traxx from the forthcoming DECEMBERISTS ALBUM the crane wife.

if yr quick you might be able to pick up a few MP3S from the album from red blondehead

anyway, to finish off - i was looking through this artbook today and i noticed there was an artist called devendra banhart AND yes indeed it is none other than our favourite freak-folker! take a look:


show TOMORROW NIGHT! you should tune in!



Tuesday, August 15, 2006

um yeah. playlist 15 august

1. beirut. postcards from italy (gulag orkestar)
2. samuel flynn-scott. it's a fact (hunt brings us life)
3. circulatory system. yesterday's world (s/t)
4. the curtains. green water (calamity)
5. half-handed cloud. earth outside of ghost... (halos & lassos)
6. sprites. i started a blog nobody read (modern gameplay)
7. grizzly bear. on a neck, on a spit (yellow house)
8. sparklehorse. mountains (dreamt for lightyears in the belly of mountain)
9. peter & the wolf. strange machines (experiments in junk)
10. bruce springsteen. old dan tucker (we shall overcome)
11. wooden wand. rolling one sun blues (second attention)
12. badly drawn boy. born in the uk (born in the uk)
13. guided by voices. echos myron (bee thousand)
14. jakob. semaphore (semaphore)
15. spiritualized. electricity (ladies and gentlemen ...)
16. espers. moon occults the sun (espers ii)
17. +/-. steal the blueprints (let's build a fire)
18. beck. i get lonesome (one foot in the grave)
19. i'm from barcelona. we're from barcelona (let me introduce my friends)
20. destroyer. painter in your pocket (destroyers rubies)
21. jens lekman. sweet summers night on hammer hill (oh, your so silent jens)
22. love. the red telephone (forever changes)
23. viva voce. from the devil himself (get yr blood sucked out)
24. the shocking pinks. victims (mathematical warfare)
25. afghan whigs. debonair (live) (gentleman)
26. the mint chicks. welcome to nowhere (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)

Friday, August 11, 2006

oceans never listened to us anyway

more goodness from youtube.
new video from the mountain goats - woke up new (taken from the forthcoming get lonely lp) think the album's out in a couple of weeks?
anyway: really nice song and video

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

not as goth as they say we are. playlist 8 aug

1. olivia tremor control. sleepy company (black foliage)
2. sunset rubdown. they took a vote an said no (shut up i'm dreaming)
3. jason anderson. hold on (new england)
4. BOAT. lanterns & laughing ladies (songs you might not like)
5. neutral milk hotel. bucket (demo 1)
6. midlake. young bride (trials of van occupanther)
7. cat power. red apple (the covers record)
8. bonnie prince billy. the seedling (the letting go)
9. feathers. old black hat with a dandelion flower (s/t)
10. tv on the radio. wash the day away (return to cookie mountain)
11. sebadoh. the freed pig (III)
12. slowdive. 40 days (souvlaki)
13. metallic falcons. snakes and he (desert doughnuts)
14. swan lake. all fires (beast moans)
15. the robot ate me. apricot tea (on vacation)
16. say hi to your mom. these fangs (impeccable blahs)
17. city city city. perimeter motorshow (perimeter motorshow)
18. lavendar diamond. you broke my heart (calvary of light ep)
19. tap tap. come on feet (lanzafame)
20. slint. breadcrumb trail (spiderland)
21. the rolling stones. happy (exile on main st.)
22. david bowie. moon-age daydream (rise and fall of ziggy stardust)
23. comets on fire. holy teeth (avatar)

Monday, August 07, 2006

rattled by the rush

ok so if you were listening last tuesday, you might've heard richard mention this ad that's been circulating the internet (possibly tv in america as well?) for the forthcoming bonnie prince billy album. this is part one of three, apparently.
um it's kind of ... really strange. take a look:

also EXCITING NEWS. jagjaguwar records have just put up an mp3 from the forthcoming swan lake album which is entitled beast moans. just incase you haven't heard, swan lake is a canadian INDEDIEEE supergroup featuring dan bejar of destroyer/new pornographers, carey mercer of frog eyes and spencer krug of wolf parade/sunset rubdown. this track's called "all fires". it's farking good too.

swan lake - all fires

in gig news, the next a low hum tour hits chch friday after next. this one features post-rockers jakob, city city city (cool band from melbourne), operation rolling thunder, with support from local upandcomers the tiger tones.
same deal as usual. $10 entry/$15 with cd and mag and there's an all ages and r18 show.

HOWEVER the same night is another really awesome gig at the dux! this one has voom, samuel flynn-scott & the b.o.p and punches! if you can't decide between the two you should just copy me (cos i'm awesome) and go to the all ages ALH and then this afterwards. WOW SMART EH?!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and it looks like it's gonna be a pretty massive weekend, cos the next night ryan mcphun and the ruby suns are set to play their twinkling psychadelic indie pop at the dux!

also if you happen to be going up to wellington/auckland in the not too distant future, try and coincide yr visit with some of these AWESOME DATES:

casiotone for the painfully alone
AUCKLAND Tuesday August 29 : Schooner Tavern w/ supports TBA
WELLINGTON Wednesday August 30 : Happy w/ Over The Atlantic

jolie holland
AUCKLAND Wednesday August 23: Kings Arms
WELLINGTON Tuesday August 22: San Franciso Bath House

okkervil river
AUCKLAND Sunday September 3: Schooner Tavern

animal collective
AUCKLAND November 8: Kings Arms
WELLINGTON November 9: San Franciso Bath House

i really need to move ....

on a random note, i should tell you about the hype machine. it's like an mp3 blog search engine. type in a band/song and it searches 1000s of mp3 blogs to see if it's on the internet. wicked shit!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

at least we're cool on the internet. playlist aug 1

1. animal collective. we tigers (sung tongs)
2. the dears. ticket to immorality (gang of losers)
3. margot & the nuclear so & sos. skeleton key (dust of retreat)
4. wilco. my darling (summerteeth)
5. thanksgiving. you belong (to the blood) (cave days and moments)
6. the black keys. modern times (magic potion)
7. bob dylan. ballad of the thin man (highway 61 revisited)
8. m. ward. to go home (post-war)
9. the brunettes. boyracer (the boyracer ep)
10. the sprites. george romero (modern gameplay)
11. of montreal. tulip baroo (the gay parade)
12. the pipettes. judy (we are the pipettes)
13. elephant parade. riding in yr car (bedroom recordings cdr)
14. matt friedberger. pennsylvania rock oil co (winter women)
15. mountain goats. wild sage (get lonely)
16. jolie holland. crush in the ghetto (springtime can kill you)
17. entrance. prayer of death (prayer of death)
18. bonnie "prince" billy. strange form oflife (the letting go)
19. damon and naomi. in the sun (playback singers)
20. death in vegas. girls (scorpio rising)
21. akron/family. afford (s/t)
22. guillemots. annie, lets not wait (through the windowpane)
23. the liars. be quiet mt heart attack! (dums not dead)
24. ¡forward, russia! seventeen (give me a wall)
25. velvet underground. waiting for the man (s/t & nico)
26. blood on the wall. get the fuck off my cloud (awesomer)
27. the mint chicks. she's back on crack (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

it's the 80s special! (25 july)

1. beat happening. bewitched (jamboree)
2. chris knox. grand mahl (seizure)
3. the cure. pictures of you (disintegration)
4. yo la tengo. barnaby, hardly working (president yo la tengo)
5. xtc. grass (skylarking)
6. galaxie 500. blue thunder (on fire)
7. my bloody valentine. nothng much to lose (isn't anything)
8. the clean. platypus (tally ho! b-side)
9. the bats. treason (daddy's highway)
10. daniel johnston. walking the cow (hi how are you?)
11. jesus & mary chain. justlike honey (psychocandy)
12. spacemen 3. take me to the otherside (perfect precision)
13. violent femmes. gone daddy gone (s/t)
14. the chills. the weird world (kaliedoscope world)
15. the cure. just like heaven (kiss me kiss me kiss me)
16. david bowie. fashion (scary monsters)
17. the smiths. stop me if you've heard this one before (strangeways)
18. echo & the bunnymen. rescue (crocodiles)
19. sea urchins. pristine christine (7" single 1987)
20. tall dwarfs. nothing's going to be happen (three songs ep)
21. the feelies. original love (crazy rhythms)
22. half japanese. firecracker firecracker (sing no evil)
23. dinosaur jr. little fury things (you're living all over me)
24. sonic youth. silver rocket (daydream nation)
25. husker du. something i learned today (zen arcade)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

song for lonely giants

HI well i hope you all enjoyed the show last night, i thought it was pretty awesome IF I DON'T SAY SO MYSELF!

can't remember if i mentioned this last night, so i'll post it here... next thursday (the 27th) is this cool thing called ACOUSTIC BISCUIT.

basically it involves four christchurch bands - the bats, pine, the undercurrents and atlas - playing nice intimate acoustic sets which are getting FILMED to be put on TELEVISION!
the cool thing is - it's going to be in the isaac theatre royal which will mean great acoustics and atmosphere. tickets are $20 from ticketek. big ups to gorilla pictures and maiden records for putting this on - it should be an awesome night!

THEN the next night you can head down to capitol bar for the mixtape connection 1st birthday party!

the party features live act coco solid (auckland) and 5 1/2 mins from chch. per usual dr hitchcock, missy g and indie slut will be mixing up the wicked shit on the decks so make sure yr there!
and don't forget about drink discounts and free mix cds for all RDUnited members!!!!!

lastly i'd like to bring to yr attention the newly released cd "lanzafame" by british act tap tap
(from catbird records):"Tap Tap is a fine lad from London called Thomas, and I have a hard time accurately describing what this record sounds like, though some friends of ours did describe the disc as "a gloriously messy, ebullient, shiny pop album."
the cd's being put out by catbird records - which is also a really awesome mp3 blog catbirdseat. here's the dealio on the new cd
"Lanzafame comes in 2 different editions: there's the regular edition, which comes in a really nice standard jewel-case sort of packaging, and then, there's also the limited (200) edition, which comes in a book-style case, hand-covered/boundin bookcloth, with a 3 song bonus CD."
i've only heard this first track, 100, 000 songs but if the rest of the album is this good then the album is bound to be really really good!

pick up the album here!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

i know where syd barrett lives. playlist 18/july

1. shapes & sizes. wilderness (s/t)
2. icy demons. jump off (tears of a clone)
3. syd barrett. no good trying (the madcap laughs)
4. big star. mod lang (radio city)
5. thurston moore. ono soul (psychic hearts)
6. pavement. loretta's scars (slanted & enchanted)
7. skygreen leopards. mother the sun makesme cry (life & love in sparrow's meadow)
8. the weird weeds. one-eyed cloud (weird feelings)
9. peter & the wolf. people of the night (s/t)
10. m ward. post-war (post-war)
11. leonard cohen. diamonds in the mine (songs of love & hate)
12. matthew friedberger. ruth vs richard (winter women)
13. lawrence arabia. buisness planning (s/t)
14. johnny cash. love's been good to me (american v: lost highways)
15. panda bear. 5 (young prayer)
16. the mountain goats. new monster avenue (get lonely)
17. smog. teenage spaceship (knock knock)
18. grizzly bear. plans (yellow)
19. serena-maneesh. chorale lick (s/t)
20. deerhoof. the magnificent bird will rise (reveille)
21. tv on the radio. let the devil in (return to cookie mountain)
22. devendra banhart. lend me yr teeth (oh me oh my ...)
23. the jam. pretty green (sound affects)
24. black heart procession. broken world (amore del topico)
25. ted leo & the pharmacists.the great communicator (tyranny of distance)
26. mount eerie. the moan (no flashlight)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i just want the sun to shine on my face. playlist 11/07

1. okkervil river. war criminal rises & speaks (river of golden dreams)
2. the whitest boy alive. burning (dreams)
3. the robot ate me. celebration time (good world)
4. bishop allen. the same fire (june ep)
5. flaming lips. race for the prize (soft bulletin)
6. guillemots. we're here (through the windowpane)
7. brightblack morning light. everybody daylight (s/t)
8. viva voce. we do not fuck around (get yr blood sucked)
9. dungen. gjort bort sig (ta det lugnt)
10. tap tap. 100,000 thoughts (lanzafame)
11. music tapes. aliens (first imaginary symphony for nomad)
12. voxtrot. warmest part of winter (darla records comp.)
13. julie doiron. last night (goodnight nobody)
14. loose fur. stupid as the sun (born again in the usa)
15. beat happening. angel gone (music to climb the appletree by)
16. grizzly bear. on a neck on a spit (yellow)
17. six organs of admittance. black wall (the sun awakens)
18. au revoire simone. thru th backyard (verses of comfort assurance & salvation)
19. david bowie. be my wife (low)
20. the cure. kyoto song (the head on the door)
21. screaming tea party. between air & air (demo)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

fiery furnaces @ the schooner tavern. 05/07/06

hey, well the gig last night was AWESOME.

it was at a (relatively new) venue in auckland called the schooner - a long narrow room with a nautical theme!
i missed the first opening act coco solid but arrived in time to catch auckland band the whipping cats. these guys played a really nice bluesy rock set on a smaller stage halfway down the room. this was cool as the fiery furnaces got to set up on the main stage at the end so there was hardly any waiting in between the two sets.
the fiery furnaces were just awesome. i found their live show surprising in that there were no keyboards/organs, and these play a very central part in all of their albums (in particular their latest effort bitter tea). instead we were treated with a much more guitar-driven set, featuring (of course) matthew and eleanor friedberger (both on guitar), with two touring members jason lowenstein (on bass), and bob d'amico (on drums).
one thing that was similar to their recordings was their musical experimentation - they take a song, deconstruct it, speed it up/slow it down, change the rhythm and produce a brand new (but still familiar) product.
eleanor personified the tough female rockstar, she constantly reminded me of sonic youth's kim gordon or perhaps a younger (and slightly less abrasive) patti smith! she rocked out well (especially considering she had a cold), as did matthew who had a pedal which made his guitar sound like an alien ray-gun (which is possibly the best thing anyone has ever invented!)
they performed a variety of tracks from their rather prolific catalogue - off the new album bitter tea highlights included "i'm in no mood", "blackhearted boy", "waiting to know you" and a vaguely reggae(!) styled "police sweater blood vow" (this sounds bad but it was actually awesome). other highlights included "quay cur", "crystal clear", "south is only a home", and "tropical iceland". finally, to cap off what was a very enjoyable encore, they played "don't dance her down", one of my favourite fiery furnaces tracks, and one i definitely wasn't expecting.

here are a couple of snaps i took!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

THEN on friday i went to the cassette album release party at the dog's bollix. based on the venue name, i was sort of expecting some sleazy drunken pub venue but it was actually really cool. nice and intimate with a sunken stage and small booths around the dancefloor.
lawrence arabia opened and really exceeded my already high expectations! at times he sounded like he was with a full band as he provided his own percussion (stomping), accompaniment (kazoo!!!!) and of course his guitar and vocals. you should all try and catch him at the media club this friday. it's only 5 bucks.
cassette were pretty cool too. nice and laidback - reminded me of those 70s soft rock bands but also had a tinge of alt.country.


so i just got back from auckland so haven't had much time to get NEW STUFF, but we'll see how it goes. hope yr all good. and stuff!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

cheer up cheer up cheer up. playlist 4/7/06

1. neutral milk hotel. naomi (on avery island)
2. frog eyes. caravan breakers (daytrotter session)
3. apples in stereo. strawberryfire (her wallpaper reverie)
4. fiery furnaces. south is only a home (gallowsbird's bark)
5. little wings. boom! (like green leaves)
6. grizzly bear. lullabye (yellow house)
7. syd barret. gigolo aunt (barret)
8. liars. mr yr on fire mr (they threw us in a trench and stuck a monument on top)
9. the books. take time (lemon of pink)
10. guillemots. made up love song #43 (through the window pane)
11. bonnie prince billy. blokbuster (summer in the southeast)
12. iron & wine. the night descending (sea and rhythm ep)
13. wooden wand. eagle claw (harem of the sundrum & witness figg)
14. big star. feel (#1 record)
15. the beatles. taxman (revolver)
16. velvet underground. rock & roll (loaded)
17. nick cave & the bad seeds. curse of millhaven (murderballads)
18. spoon. jonathon fisk (kill the moonlight)
19. clinic. cement mixer (7" single)
20. death from above 1979. going steady (yr a woman im a machine)
21. joy division. disorder (unknown pleasures)
22. elliott smith. ballad of big nothing (either/or)
23. chris knox. the woman inside of me (seizure)
24. the curtains. go lucky (calamity)
25. daniel johnston. casper the friendly ghost (yip/jump music)
26. the mathletes. i hate bright eyes (a battle rhyme) (jest/earnest)

oops forgot yo la tengo. next week promise. ok thx!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i will be yr accident if you will be my ambulance. playlist 27 june

1. arcade fire. neighbourhood #2 (laika) (funeral)
2. the 3ds. ice (the venus trail)
3. six organs of admittance. home (school of the flower)
4. sunset rubdown. i'll believe in anything (snake's got a leg ep)
5. metric. monster hospital (live it out)
6. fiery furnaces. i'm gonna run (gallowsbird's bark)
7. the moldy peaches. nyc's like a graveyard (s/t)
8. aberfeldy. someone like you (do whatever turns you on)
9. nick drake. parasite (pink moon)
10. the mountain goats. woke up new (get lonely)
11. broadcast. tears in the typing pool (tender buttons)
12. charalambides. dormant love (a vintage burden)
13. feathers. come around (s/t)
14. beirut. the white whale (gulag orkestar)
15. m. ward. deep dark well (transistor radio)
16. phoenix foundation. sally (horse power)
17. ariel pink. hardcore pops are fun (house arrest)
18. clap yr hands say yeah. graceful retreat (live) (kcrw session)
19. the clean. anything can happen (anthology)
20. matthew friedberger. up the river (winter women)
21. architecture in helsinki. fumble (fingers crossed)
22. os mutantes. baby (s/t)
23. my bloody valentine. only shallow (loveless)
24. comets on fire. holy teeth (avatar)
25. shellac. canaveral (1000 hurts)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

thought I better do this

Hello everybody your new pal RICHARD (not the old one don't get confused now) is here to spread the gospel and introduce himself via blogg!

I've been on the show like a month and a half or something and i've recently got a hold of a computer that I can use whenever I want. My own beautiful computer! This means sweet blog entires coming out the wazoo!

Fingers crossed.

It's like magic.

First up i'll hook you up with a free EP by the excellent Austin, Tx band the Weird Weeds.
click here to check it outtt.
This EP is great. I love it. It is soft and experimental and folky and fun. I think it was released earlier this year or something, so i'm probably posting this late but who cares? It's free. Stop complaining.

Also what's the deal with Becks album One Foot in the Grave? That album's awesome. It makes me sad how underrated it is.


ps: remember to check out our sweet as myspace page located at http://www.myspace.com/guitarmedia

pps: i'll get better on the show promise. promise.

chasing after deer: best of 06 so far!!!!!!

hi all. as mentioned in the PREVIOUS POST tonight is a 2006: BEST SO FAR... show. but with some older stuff too!

tracks in bold orange denote the best albums of 2006 so far!

1. edmund cake. secret girl (downtown puff)
2. bob dylan. i want you (blonde on blonde)
3. bonnie prince billy & matt sweeney. i gave you (superwolf)
4. brian jonestown massacre. anenome (their satanic majesties 2nd request)
5. tv on the radio. dirty whirlwind (return to cookie mountain)
6. sunset rubdown. snake's got a leg III (shut up i am dreaming)
7. television personalities. jackanory story (and don't the kids just love it)
8. destroyer. 3000 flowers (destroyer's rubies)
9. camera obscura. i need all the friends i can get (let's get out of this country)
10. vetiver. maureen (to find me gone)
11. the walkmen. danny's at the wedding (a hundred miles off)
12. dirty projectors. my offwhite flag (the glad fact)
13. akron/family. raising the sparks (angels of light)
14. the fiery furnaces. police sweater blood vow (bitter tea)
15. hdu. schallblute (fireworks)
16. the french kicks. no mean time (two thousand)
17. danielson. ship the majestic suffix (ships)
18. jenny lewis. rise up with fists (rabbit furcoat)
19. elliott smith. fond farewell (basement on a hill)
20. midlake. bandits (trials of van occupanther)
21. minisnap. march hare (march hare ep)
22. olivia tremor control. spring succeeds (dusk at cubist castle)
23. reduction agents. the pool (dance reduction agents)
24. pink floyd. vegetable man (7" single)
25. comets on fire. jaybird (avatar)
26. beat happening. indian summer (jamboree)
27. sonic youth. what a waste (rather ripped)
28. the sneaks. throwback (7" single)

Monday, June 19, 2006

now flames are licking at yr feet

HEY sorry the blog has been kinda neglected lately! i'll try do a big awesome update sometime next week with heaps of mp3s and shit!

ok so this post is mainly concerned with cool gigs that are coming up in the next month-or-so that you should know about and then go to!

- a low hum on friday is going to be ACE! the sneaks, shaky hands + thought creature. 10pm at the jetset lounge. be there.
- then on saturday you can catch minisnap upstairs at the dux. this is the side project of the bats with kaye woodward on lead vocals. and they're really good.

- thursday july 6th you can catch pig out at the dux
- friday july 7th, the dukes at the dux

- thursday july 13th at the wunderbar is australian electro outfit casionova. this should be really awesome
- friday july 14th at the media club is lawrence arabia of the reduction agents fame. this should also be really awesome as well !
- saturday july 15th is the renderers at the dux!

whoa, that's pretty awesome huh. by christchurch standards anyway! (see here for ultimate awesomeness)

tomorrow night we are going to be having a vague "2006: best of" show so tune in if you wanna know what's been cool so far this year, and what's going to be cool.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

i hope the pope makes you a saint. playlist 13/6/06

1. pavement. cut yr hair (crooked rain, crooked rain)
2. connan & the mockasins. naughty holidays (again) (uuu it's teasy)
3. broadcast. tender buttons (tender buttons)
4. the most serene republic. jazz ordinaire (phages ep)
5. john lennon. oh yoko! (imagine)
6. lawrence arabia. the mystery lair (s/t)
7. sleepers union. collect my particles (giant spheres)
8. ¡forward russia! seven (give me a wall)
9. the metallic falcons. airships (desert donuts)
10. neil young. let's impeach the president (living with war)
11. silver apples. i have known love (contact)
12. jesus & mary chain. taste the floor (psychocandy)
13. shocking pinks. it's hard to breathe (dance the dance electric)
14. foundry field recordings. holding the pilots/holding the facts (prompts/miscues)
15. the vaselines. jesus wants me for a sunbeam (way of vaselines)
16. ween. baby bitch (chocolate and cheese)
17. shapes and sizes. boy, you shouldn't have (s/t)
18. thom yorke. black swan (the eraser)
19. angels of light. kosinski (everything is good here/pleasecome home)
20. belle & sebastian. fox in the SNOW (yesterday, get it?!) (if yrfeeling sinister)
21. leonard cohen. avalanche (songs of love and hate)
22. tv on the radio. wolf like me (return to cookie mountain)
23. dungen. panda (ta det lugnt)
24. sonic youth. helen lundeberg (rather ripped)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

wiity/ironic title to come. the POP! special 6/6/06 !!

1. the magnetic fields. when my boy walks down the street (69 love songs)
2. stars. the first five times (set yourself on fire)
3. of montreal. tim wish you were born a girl (cherry peel)
4. the aislers set. the red door (the last match)
5. jens lekman. black cab (oh yr so silent jens)
6. belle and sebastian. get me away i'm dying (if yr feeling sinister)
7. the brunettes. you beautiful militant (mars loves venus)
8. wolfie. hey it's finally yay (awful mess mystery)
9. apples in stereo. ruby (her wallpaper reverie)
10. tullycraft. molly's got a crush on us (disenchanted hearts unite)
11. the blow. jet ski accidents (bonus album)
12. sambassadeur. new moon (s/t)
13. the tall dwarfs. meet the beatle (the sky above the mud below)
14. the reduction agents. waiting for yr love (the dance reduction agents)
15. the zombies. care of cell 44. (odessey and oracle)
16. the beatles. you won't see me (rubber soul)
17. the chills. dole drums (7" single)
18. oh no! oh my! walk in the park (s/t)
19. camera obscura. suspended from class (underachievers please try harder)
20. math & physics club. movie ending romance (movie ending romance ep)
21. architecure in helsinki. do the whirlwind (incase we die)
22. the boy least likely to. rock upon a porch with you (b-side)
23. olivia tremor control. holiday surprise 1, 2, 3 (dusk at cubist castle)
24. the kinks. the last of the steam-powered trains (village green preservation)
25. mirah. person person (you think it's like this but really it's like this)
26. envelopes. sister in love (demon)
27. pine. sunroom (long player)
28. deerhoof. dummy discards a heart (apple o')
29. ariel pink. let's build a campfire there (the doldrums)
30. the sneaks. kuzai (heart you girl) (7" single)

Monday, June 05, 2006

how to make a baby elephant float

hey all.

first up, cheers to timmy for a fittingly awesome show last tuesday. i had that annoying cold that everyone seems to have, but fortunately it only lasted a few days so now it's ALL GOOD! hope everyone's enjoying the long weekend and keeping nice and warm.

just picked up a few mp3s from jagjaguwar records.

first, oneida with a track from their new album happy new year. this one is called up with people. also got a track from a band called ladyhawk, they're from vancouver and signed to the label last month. their little press blurb got me interested:

"Ladyhawk's core is bracing rock. Neil Young's "Tonight's The Night" is the hailstorm on the hood of The Replacement's "Let It Be", while distorted guitars invoke the thread and swerve of Silkworm and Dinosaur Jr. Helped along the way by members of Black Mountain, it will be hard to find a more hauntingly beautiful set of rock music than this debut"

their debut self-titled album is due for release on june 6th but you can grab a track from the album already! it's called the dugout

also, from matador, another rockier track from the new misson of burma lp, the obliterati - 2wice.

went and saw alps and jessica something jewish on saturday night. was pretty cool that these guys are from australia and the usa and they're playing in all these small gigs around new zealand. was a good night. the two acts contrast well; alps set was very intimate and cosy, and JSJ's was very danceable and abrasive. i was talking to the guys afterwards - their next stop is auckland where the play at the schooner on wednesday. would highly recommend checking them out.

in other gig news, the next a low hum tour has just been announced and it is cool as! the sneaks, the shaky hands and thought creature. is hitting chch friday 23rd of june. also i think minisnap are playing the next night at the dux, so that's cool too!

also, the fiery furnaces are confirmed for playing auckland on july 5th at 4:20 bar. the good news for me is that i might hopefully be in auckland at that time!

um yeah, that's about it. the pop special will be tomorrow night so tune in. also, i got the new thom yorke album the eraser the other day, so will be dropping a few tracks off that next week.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

i'm stuck in the gravitational pull - playlist

timmy dodgers is back to terrorise the airwaves with my brand spanking new you am i album for one night only (at the moment). i've missed you all and hope the feeling is mutual... tonight we rocked out to:

1. you am i. thuggery. convicts.
2. johnny cash. cocaine blues. folsom prision blues.
3. radiohead. open pick. live in copenhagen may 2006 - download from www.mortigi-tempo.com
4. tim easton. news blackout. ammunition.
5. walkmen. lost in boston. hundred miles off.
6. espers. cruel storm. espers 2.
7. jolie holland. springtime can kill you. springtime can kill you.
8. you am i. the sweet life. convicts.
9. morrissey. to me you are a work of art. ringleader of tormentors.
10. shearwater. seventy four, seventy five. palo santo.
11. david bowie. diamon dogs. diamond dogs.
12. twilight singers. forty dollars. powder burns.
13. panda bear. lullaby. yellow house. check out www.grizzly-bear.net for more mp3s.
14. lylas. tiny echoes. lessons for lovers.
15. oneida. up with people. happy new year (www.jagjaguwar.com/mp3.php)
16. the drones. this time. wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by. (www.thedrones.com.au)
17. tv on the radio. province. return to cookie mountain.
18. diablo dimes. low n'screwed blues. gloria o'muerte EP. (www.dirtyfeet.org/diablo_dimes.htm)
19. wilco. i got you (at the end of the century). being there.
20. fiery furnaces. whistle rhapsody. bitter tea.
21. mogwai. we no here. mr beast.
22. you am i. i'm a mess. convicts.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

it's an 80s celebration

hey readerz

just a few things of note:

firstly, and very excitingly matador records has just put up a track from the forthcoming yo la tengo album, which is hilariously entitled i am not afraid of you and i will kick your ass (seriously!). the track's called "beanbag chair" and is quite nice really. it's one of those light, airy poppy yo la tengo tracks.

yo la tengo - beanbag chair


deerhoof (coolest band EVAR!) have put up a free! downloadable! ep! on their website. features live tracks, and covers of my bloody valentine, the beatles and canned heat! cool eh

deerhoof - untitled ep


a gig which i should tell you about. playing are jessica something jewish (from the US) and alps from (australia). they are playing two gigs. one this coming friday at the media club, and one on saturday at zEbEdEeS. they both have the electro pop synth thang going on so they should be fun nights!

P.S. the reduction agents debut the dance reduction agents was released, er, a few days ago(?) and it's REALLY good. go down to galaxy records and buy it. or you out of chchers go here (you can listen to mp3 samples of each song there)

P.P.S. we are doing an POP special on tuesday. indie, twee, psychadelic, folk. all the cool pops. you should probably tune in.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

emma, get me a lemon (playlist 23/05/06)

1. neutral milk hotel. holland, 1945 (in the aeroplane over the sea)
2. mazarin. i'm with you and the constellations (we're already there)
3. mountain goats. ox baker triumphant (babylon springs ep)
4. kimya dawson. tire swing (remember that i love you)
5. the black heart procession. blue tears (2)
6. clinic. internal wrangler (internal wrangler)
7. beach boys. i'm just wasn't made for these times (pet sounds)
8. tacks, boy disaster. frozen feet (oh, beatrice)
9. the tokey tones. yoghurt and vinegar (butterfly)
10. the walkmen. danny's at the wedding (a hundred miles off)
11. deerhoof. o'malley former underdog (the runners four)
12. blood on the wall. reunite on ice (awesomer)
13. beat happening. pinebox derby (you turn me on)
14. the chameleons. paper tigers (script of the bridge)
15. low. medicine magazines (things we lost in the fire)
16. samuel flynn-scott. giving up is my new morning sun (the hunt brings us life)
17. weird weeds. the butcher (this is not what you want ep)
18. midlake. it covers the hillside (the trials of van occupanther)
19. animal collective. grass (feels)
20. the pipettes. pull shapes (we are the pipettes)
21. tyrannosaurus rex. debora (7" single)
22. yo la tengo. cherry chapstick (and then nothing turned itself insideout)
23. the velvet underground. what goes on (s/t)
24. the futureheads. skip to the end (news & tributes)
25. shellac. prayer to god (1000 hurts)
26. mission of burma. birthday (the obliterati)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

west coast maximalism (playlist 16/05/2006)

1. of montreal. lysergic bliss (satanic panic in the attic)
2. the horror the horror. all i can do (s/t)
3. m. ward. big boat (transistor radio)
4. songs: ohia. just be simple (magnolia electric co.)
5. okkervil river. endswith a fall (down the river of broken dreams)
6. jens lekman. you are the light (when i said i wanted to be yrdog)
7. devendra banhart. support our troops o (split 7" single)
8. the foundry field recordings. buried beneath winter frames (prompts/miscues)
9. ryan mcphun & the ruby suns. criterion (s/t)
10. belle & sebastian. the life pursuit (b-side blues are still blue)
11. the zombies. butcher's tale (odessey & oracle)
12. the futureheads. back to the sea (news & tributes)
13. brian jonestown massacre. jesus (their satanic majesties second request)
14. the modern lovers. roadrunner (s/t)
15. viking moses. delighted (crosses)
16. guided by voices. alright (alien lanes)
17. dirty projectors. my off-white flag (the glad fact)
18. comets on fire. wild whiskey (blue cathedral)
19. the beatles. tomorrow neverknows (revolver)
20. danielson. time that bald sexton (ships)
21. the minus 5. cigarettes coffee and booze (gun album)
22. eric's trip. spring (love tara)
23. the walkmen. louisiana (a hundred miles off)
24. king loser. troubled land (caul of the outlaw)
25. forward russia. fifteen part 1 (give me a wall)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

her room is a rainy garden

my oh my has it been cold this weekend
not that i'm complaining though, because the old cliche of being warm inside while it's cold outside really is great. and i like rain because it cleanses everything (and one). it's also nice when you can keep warm inside while listening to some cool mp3s, eh?

you've probably noticed we've been playing stuff off the forthcoming tv on the radio album return to cookie mountain a lot, and that's because it's really awesome and cool and et cetera.
i personally think it is much better than their 2004 effort "desperate youth ... " which didn't grab me for some reason. it's definitely a contender for my end of year top 10.

this cool blog has two mp3s from the album up here. be in quick before they get taken down!

as an aside, tv on the radio will be in australia this july playing at the splendour in the grass festival, along with other awesomenesses such as brian wilson, sonic youth, clap your hands say yeah and the yeah yeah yeahs.
if someone has a bright idea on how we can trick them into thinking christchurch is a really awesome city with heaps of cool people that would go and see them, please tell me.

some random mp3s for your collection:
beirut - postcards from italy
danielson (OMG 9.1 HYPE! HYPE!) - did i step on yr trumpet?
the situationists - lost my narrative

and already another a low hum is around the corner. this one features disasteradio, kill surf city and voom. it's this coming friday (the 19th) with a 6-9 all ages at zebedees and r18 at the media club.

disasteradio seems really cool - it's a guy who uses heaps of samples and glitches and stuff. some tracks remind me of the advantage, vaguely. it's very danceable too apparently.
disasteradio - john delorean
kill surf city and voom are really cool also. am loving these two tracks by them at teh moment:

kill surf city - records of a flagpole

voom - b yr boy

the latter track is taken from voom's new album hello, are you there? which should be out soon on lil chief records (same with the reduction agents debut album)
so to finish offwhat has been a huge post, a video! it's mates of state with the first single from bring it back "fraud in the 80s"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVWl0uzoXs4
(will try embed later when i've brushed up on my leet nerd skillz)

tune in on tuesday for TRUCKloads of new tunesz. no seriously i've got heaps !


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

five stars and two thumbs up (playlist 8/5/06)

1. flaming lips. kim's watermelon gun (clouds taste metallic)
2. tv on the radio. i was a lover (return to cookie mountain)
3. animal collective. slippi (here comes the indian)
4. sonic youth. reena (rather ripped)
5. pavement. summer babe (slanted and enchanted)
6. kill surf city. records of a flagpole (demo)
7. akron/family. running/returning (s/t)
8. danielson. cast it at the setting sail (ships)
9. architecture in helsinki. owls go (fingers crossed)
10. camera obscura. come back margaret (let's get out of this country)
11. mirah. look up! (c'mon miracle)
12. midlake. young bride (trials of van occupanther)
13. magnetic fields. i dont want to get over you (69 love songs)
14. figurines. the wonder (skeletn)
15. donovan. barabajanal (barabjanal)
16. bob dylan. maggie's farm (live) (no direction home ost)
17. bonnie prince billy. southside of the world (blue lotus feet ep)
18. sufjan stevens. springfield, or bobby got a shadfly... (avalanche)
19. scout niblett. kidnapped by neptune (kidnapped by neptune)
20. cat!cat!cat!. inspiration (demo)
21. the microphones. the glow, pt. 2 (the glow, pt. 2)
22. the go-betweens. streets of yr town (16 lovers lane)
23. jana hunter. new sane scramble (black unstaring heirs of doom)
24. mission of burma. ok/no way (vs.)
25. fugazi. do you like me (red medicine)
26. parts and labor. new buildings (stay afraid)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

thanks for the melodies.

hey all,

just wanted to say thank you for listening in over the last 2 or so years. I;'ve had a ball bringing hte show to you every week - first with darren, and then richard - but after a good think I decided that I needed to step away for a while and focus on a couple of other things. You'll still be in good hands with Shea Indie and the new Richard, and you'll still get all the latest greatest oldest bestest guitar tracks each week. From time to time I'll rant on this board and might even drop in to the studio to say hi, but in the meanwhile, again, thank you and remember to support your favourite station and shows.... it's not easy being a small indie radio station and it's not easy giving up quite a lot of yr life to put on a show. but we do it cause we love it and hopefully you do too...

until we greet again,

td esq, XIII