Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the three gods of dnb join forces!!! playlist mar 20

1. impossible shapes. pan-ther (tum)
2. the orchids. take my hand (good to be a stranger)
3. bill callahan. a man needs a woman (woke on a whaleheart)
4. beirut. napoleon at the bellerophon (pompeii ep)

5. the moldy peaches. anyone else but you (s/t)
6. seabear. libraries (the ghost that carried us away)
7. can. vitamin c (ege bamyasi)
8. a northern chorus. the canadian shield (the millions too many)
9. the trembling blue stars. to love it now (broken by the whispers)

10. dan deacon. okie dokie (spiderman of the rings)
11. clinic. ipc subeditors dictate our youth (3 eps)
12. japanther. pleased to meet you (dump the body in rikki lake)
13. alastair galbraith. as in a blender (morse/gaudylight)

14. leopold & his fiction. go on have my way (wildcat)
15. the clean. beatnik (great sounds great... rotten sounds rotten ep)
16. minisnap. march hare (march hare ep)
17. arthur and yu. come to view (song for neil young) (in camera)
18. voxtrot. ghost (s/t)

19. alexander "skip" spence. diana (oar)
20. rand and holland. the light (caravans)
21. benoit pioulard. fir (fir 7")
22. electrelane. at sea (no shouts, no calls)

23. raccoo-oo-oon. black branches (behold secret kingdom)
24. so so modern. upgrade yr chassis (it's a pythagorean party) (ep 0003)
25. die! die! die!. ashtray! ashtray! (s/t)
26. polysics. poly farm/modern (hey! bob! my friend!)
27. the sneaks. throwback (7" single)

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