Wednesday, October 10, 2007

24hrs until revolution. playlist, 9 october w/ timmy dodgers

tim rogers, a most ordinary set of events, the luxury of hysteria
spoon, don't make me a traget, ga ga ga ga ga
sunset rubdown, up on your leopard, upon the end of your feral days, random spirit lover
thurston moore, honest james, trees outside the academy
animal collective, unsolved mysteries, strawberry jam
liars, houseclouds, liars (2007)
battles, leyendecker, mirrored
king loser, 76 comeback, you cannot kill what does not live
the bronx, dirty leaves, the bronx
the drones, i don't ever want to change, gala mill
kill devil hills, drinking too much, heathen songs
grinderman, depth charge ethel, grinderman
the gin club, you make it hard, virginibus puerisque
iron and wine, carousel, the shepard's dog
akron/ family, running, returning, akron/ family
elliott smith, angel in the snow, new moon
devendra banhart, tonada yanomaninista, smokey rolls down thunder canyon
architecture in helsinki, heart it races, places like this
the go team, titanic vandalism, proof of youth
okkervil river, unless it's kicks, the stage names
ween, what deaner was talkin about, chocolate and cheese
radiohead, 15 step, bootleg - live at bonnaroo 17-06-2006
karen dalton, are you leaving for ther country, in my own time
the frames, song for someone, the cost
tim rogers, goodnight boys, the lucxury of hysteria

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