Tuesday, February 20, 2007

so you like it vague, huh? playlist feb 20

1. the for carnation. on the swing (marshmallows)
2. ladybird. fair love (demo)
3. destroyer. j taylor (we'll build them a golden bridge)
4. the sea and cake. middlenight (everybody)

5. the books. a little goes a long way (lost and safe)
6. soccer team. solid ring fighters ("volunteered" civility & professionalism)
7. ride. dreams burn down (nowhere)
8. blonde redhead. 23 (23)

9. electrelane. on parade (the power out)
10. young marble giants. wurlitzer jukebox (collosal youth)
11. silver jews. i'm getting back into getting back into you (tanglewood numbers)
12. urbantramper. sunsets on the empty carnival (tokon & the colours)
13. the mae shi. run to yr grave (7xx7 or PWND)

14. fields. skulls and flesh and more (everything last winter)
15. samara lubelski. sister silvers (spectacular of passage)
16. os mutantes. ando meio desligado (tropicalia compilation)

17. jana hunter. babies (sxsw showcase)
18. tiger tones. pop eats pop (s/t ep)
19. beck. forcefield (one foot in the grave)
20. dinosaur jr. we're not alone (beyond)

21. au revoir simone. fallen snow (the bird of music)
22. dirty three. i remember a time when once you loved me (horse stories)
23. calvin johnson & the sons of soil. tummy hop (live) (s/t)
24. abe vigoda. casual night (sky route/star root)
25. liars. loose nuts on the veladrome (they threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top)

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