Tuesday, March 28, 2006

do you remember where your head was at? the 90s special

welcome to the past. we're going back... to the 90s, when flannel was king, hip hop was on the rise, glam died, and things got serious... well in britain at least.

1. nirvana. smells like teen spirit. nevermind. (1991)
2. hole. celebrity skin. celebrity skin. (1998)
3. ministry. jesus built my hotrod. psalm 69. (1992)
4. ween. push the little daisies. pure guava. (1992)
5. primus. dmv. pork soda. (1993)
6. pixies. alec eiffel. trompe le monde. (1991)
7. breeders. cannonball. last splash. (1993)
8. sonic youth. kool thing. goo. (1990)
9. kyuss. green machine. blues for the red sun. (1992)
10. my bloody valentine. only shallow. loveless. (1991)
11. smashing pumpkins. today. siamese dream. (1993)
12. ash. girl from mars. 1977. (1996)
13. pulp. disco 2000. different class. (1995)
14. morrisey. the more you ignore methecloser i get. vauxhall & i (1994)
15. blur. parklife. parklife. (1994)
16. radiohead. just. the bends. (1995)
17. oasis. live forever. definitely maybe. (1994)
18. weezer. the good life. pinkerton. (1996)
19. beck. loser. mellow gold. (1994)
20. mazzy star. fade into you. so tonight that i might see. (1993)
21. pavement. gold soundz. crooked rain crooked rain. (1994)
22. yo la tengo.sugarcube. i can hear the heart beating as one. (1997)
23. jon spencer blues explosion. sweat.orange. (1994)
24. pearl jam. state of love and trust. singles ost.

25. radiohead. optimistic. kid a. (2000)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

sit and listen to the rain.

1. the pipettes. your kisses are wasted on me (video). (demo, 2006)
2. tilly & the wall. fell down stairs. (wild like children, 2005)
3. whiskeytown. sit and listen to the rain. (pneumonia, 2001)

ranting and raving. it's cold and wet and the flu still lingers above me. a bit quiet on the new music front but still some gems to be found...

4. the mountain goats. first few desperate news. (tallahassee, 2002)
5. field music. you can decide. (s/t, 2005)
6. tapes n' tapes. insistor. (the loon, 2005)

this tapes n tapes album is pure unadulterated indie goodness fromstart to finish. a truly satisfying experience and an early candidate for end of year lists...

7. espers. dead queen. (espers ii, 2006)
8. colin meloy. turpin hero. (sings trad., 2006)
9. porcupine tree. last chance to evacuate planet earth. (blog)

so many bands so little time...

10. the greenhornes. patterned skies. (sewed soles, 2005)
11. arab strap. there is no ending. (the last romance, 2006)
12. page france. chariot. (hello dear wind, 2005)

i love the new arab strap single... something happens when a horn section comes into a song and just explodes... maybe a brass media is in order?! and how hot are the greenhornes right now? miaow!

13. patrick phelan. favor. (cost, 2005)
14. jens lekman. pocketful of money. (oh you're so silent jens, 2005)
15. eels. i like birds. (live @ town hall, 2006)
16. tv on the radio. dirty whirlwind. (return to cookie mountain, 2006)
17. misfits. i turned into a monster. (walk among us, 1982)

18. be your own pet bunk, trunk, skunk. (s/t, 2006)
19. pink mountaintops. newdrugqueens. (axis of evol, 2006)
20. ¡forward, russia! four. (b side of "twelve" cd single, 2006)
21. clinic. tusk.
22. pavement. platform blues. (terror twilight, 1999)

23. loose fur. apostolic. (born again in the usa, 2006)
24. parts & labor. a great divide. (s/t, 2006)
25. magenta lane. broken plates. (blog)
26. drones. shark fin blues. (wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float past, 2005)
27. you am i. deliverance. (deliverance, 2002).

don't forget about the mountain goats - and ....


OMGZ! get out yr doc martens and ripped jeans

timmy dodgers

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

i waited well into the 2300s (playlist 14/3/06)

apologies for the absence last week ... hopefully the pre-prepared show was enough to quench yr indie appetites. but anyway, back this week with a truck full of new stuff and dusty classikxz.

remember fluorescent green = MP3 DOWNLOAD!!!11!!

1. tv on the radio, playhouses (return to cookie mountain, 2006)
2. pavement, stereo (brighten the corners, 1997)
3. elf power, an old familiar scene (back to the web, 2006)
4. plastic constellations, iron city jungles (crusades, 2006)
5. yo la tengo, suspect device (stiff little fingers cover) (wfmu session)
6. rolling stones, doctor (beggar’s banquet, 1968)
7. peter & the wolf, the fall (s/t, 2005)
8. son volt, afterglow 61 (okemah & the melody of riot, 2005)
9. oh no! oh my!, walk in the park (s/t, 2006)
10. essex green, don’t know why (you stay) (cannibal sea, 2006)
11. granddaddy, elevate myself (just like the fambly cat, 2006)
12. destroyer, your blood (rubies, 2006)
13. tapes n tapes, buckle (the loon, 2005)
14. doves, seasong (lost souls, 2000)
15. shearwater, seventyfour, seventyfive (palo santo, 2006)
16. typhoon, death was the driver (s/t, 2005)
17. mike andrews, just a thought (hand on string, 2006)
18. calexico, deep down (garden ruin, 2006)
19. modern lovers, someone I care about (s/t, 1976)
20. shellac, my black ass (at action park, 1994)
21. q and not u, a line in the sand (no kill no beep beep, 2000)
22. the drones, freedom in the loot (wait long by the river… 2005)
23. bonnie prince billy, blokbuster (summer in the southeast, 2005)
24. david bowie, boys keep swinging (lodger, 1979)

aww man, dat shit is whakk

timmy d & shea i-j