Tuesday, June 28, 2005


1.boy least likely to - paper cuts - best party ever
2.mission of burma - nicotine bomb - onoffon
3.suburban kids with biblical names - rent a wreck - #1 [ep]
4.youami - adam's ribs - sound as ever
5.rolling stone - gimme shelter - let it bleed
6.clap your hands say yeah - the skin of my yellow country teeth - s/t
7.devendra banhart - the body breaks - rejoicing in the hands
8.bob dylan - can't wait - time out of mind
9.go team - junior kickstart - thunder lightning strike
10.hold steady - banging camp - separation sunday
11.mc5 - kick out the jams - s/t
12.blood brothers - ambulance vs.ambulance - burn piano island,burn
13.comets on fire - graverobbers - blue cathedral
14. sigur ros - untitled - ()
15. idaho - drive it - this way out
16. dogs die in hot cars - man bites man - man bites man
17. mae shi - vampire beats - terrorbirds
18. matson jones - a bit of arson never hurt anyone - matson jones
19. the fall - rebellious jukebox - live atthe witch trials
20. goldrush - wait for the wheels - ozona
21.engineers - said and done - engineers
22. wilderness - say can you see - wilderness
23. faith no more - surprise your dead - the real thing
24. dillinger escape plan - panasonic youth - miss machine
25. liars - mr yr on fire mr - they threw us in a trench and stuck a monument on top
25.dwares - demented - dwares must die

Friday, June 24, 2005

the phoenix foundation [interview]

click on the comments section at the bottom of this post to read an interview i did (about a month back now) with luke buda, from the phoenix foundation. it's pretty interesting in places - some interesting comments about nz music month and more...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

playlist 21/6/05 - getting jiggy with the six string

1. tim rogers and temperance union - stray dog bruise (spit polish)
2. black mountain - druganaut - (black mountain)

andrew bird - a nervous tic motion of the head to the left (the mysterious production of eggs) NUMBER 10

iggy and the stooges - you better run (version #1) - (sunday nights - songs of junior kimbrough) - COMP OF THE YEAR SO FAR

5. teenage fanclub - flowing - (man made) - SHEA'S PICK OF THE WEEK
6. jeff buckley - eternal life (road version) - (eternal life ep)

lou barlow - legendary - (emoh) - ONE OF MY BEST SO FAR

sage francis w/ bonnie prince billy - sea lion - (a healthy distrust) - NOT TECHNICALLY GAT MEDIA MATERIAL BUT STILLONE OF THE YEAR'S BEST

9. the smiths - reel around the fountain - (s/t) - SHEA'S NON STOP DEPRESSION MEGMIX CLASSICK

spoon - i turn my camera on - (gimme fiction) - 2005 REPRESENT

bright eyes - we are nowhere and it's now - (i'm wide awake it's morning) - IT'S NEARLY THE BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR

12. the cat's meow - right back... - (songs fo girls to sing) - SHEA SAYS IT'S PRETTY WUSSY - THE TWEE PICK OF THE MOMENT
13. panda bear - untitled - (young prayer)
14. m ward - deep dark well - transistor radio - ONE OF THE YEARS HIDDEN GEMS

brendan benson- them and me - (alternative to love) - 2005 PICK

16. brianwilson - heroes and villains - (smile) - LAST YEAR'S MUST HAVE

kathleen edwards - back to me - (back to me) - NEW ALT COUNTRY HEROINE TO WORSHIP(see lucinda williams/ emmylou harris/ gillian welch/ tift merritt)

18. my morning jacket - mahgeetah - (it still moves)- ALT COUNTRY IS TAKING OVER THE STUDIO - A FLASH BACKFROM 2004 (see wilco and beach boys, cue neil young referncing guitar solo and fans reaching for fresh underwear)

where else are you gonna hear this?

bonnie prince billy and matt sweeny - i gave you - (superwolf) INTIMATE, MELANCHOLY, BEAUTIFUL, THE PRINCE STRIKES AGAIN...

phoenix foundation - hitchcock - (pegasus) - PROOF THAT THERE IS LIFE AFTER WELLINGTON DUB


22. the rumours - i'mjust so in love with you - (offthehip.com.au)

antony and the jonsons - divine - (s/t)

white stripes - redrain - get behind me satan

ryan adams - sweet illusions - cold roses

will update tomorrow am

Monday, June 20, 2005

feet are for dancing, not for staring at.

drum & bass is shit. and the fact that it (and house) are the only genres offered in christchurch clubs (perhaps a tentatively sweeping statement, but the exageration is warranted in our fair city's musical scene, or lack of ) doesn't make christchurch's shitty winters any easier to get through. but now, indie kids have reason to rejoice. myself and two other rdu djs (benet [mixtape sessions] and missy g [girl school]) have organised a night of the more danceable side of indie music at capitol bar on july the 15th.

artists that in my set will include: out hud, the rapture, lcd soundsystem (plus other dfa tracks), !!!, mu, the human league, the soft pink truth, death from above 1979, the cure, blondie, talking heads, joy division, devo, new order, felix da housecat, the go! team, vitalic, arthur russell, ellen alien, junior boys, etc.

other genres over the night will include: indie pop & rock, electro, riot grrrrl, 80s pop, post-punk, dance-punk, pop. the overall idea though, is that anything is allowed, as long as it's good.

anyone as sick christchurch's lack-of-music scene as myself (not to mention everyone i know) should definitly come along. look out for more details on rdu and around town. feedback and ideas are welcome using the comments feature on this blog. it should be pretty fun, and if it all goes well it should become a monthly thing. we're hoping to get other bands and djs down here to play as well in the future.

mixtape connection - july 15 - capitol bar - 10pm onwards. free entry w/ free mixtape for rdunited members.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

feed me to the forest

time for a totally unsubstantiated rumour. i heard that maybe perhaps sub pop records are planning a 3 band tour of new zealand early next year. these possible bands are the shins, sleater-kinney and kinski. all of which are obviously very good, and particulary exciting as they'll actually be playing in christchurch, should this tour actually end up happening. i remain hopeful, though. last year i heard a rumour about the shins touring to new zealand about 6-7 months before it was announced. sure, i was sceptical at the time, and friends who i told were even moreso. but the fabled shins actually came to christchurch many months later. it's with this logic that the aforementioned sub pop acts should technically come to christchurch. here's hoping...

more gig news, although this time actually confirmed. just read this on cheese on toast:

Blood Brothers from Seattle will be playing Kings Arms July 19th.

this is pretty exciting, especially if you live in auckland. they've got three or four fantastic albums (the most notable being 2003's burn, piano island, burn! and last year's crimes). i guess it's not too late for them to announce christchurch dates...is it?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

harriet and the matches w/ ryan prebble - tour

in a few weeks amiria grenell (friend and folk singer) is going on tour as part of harriet and the matches, a band consisting of herself and fellow folk artist jessie moss. they're both really whimsical and interesting folk/singer/songwriters. supporting will be singer/songwriter ryan prebble.

the gig is also linked with the release of harriet and the matches' debut album ata takahe, and also amiria's (long-awaited) debut album cola monti.

they're playing a variety of venues around the south island. here are the christchurch dates:

Wednesday 29th June- Dux de Lux 9pm
Friday 1st July - Mainstreet 9pm
Sunday 3rd July - Christchurch folk club - at 'Christinas'
on Moorhouse. 7:30pm

it will be the sort of gig that's great in winter time - real nice, warm folky stuff at quiet venues.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

maxïmo park - a certain trigger [album review]

[Warp Records]

The “latest British sensation” isn’t an idea that is particularly appealing anymore. But Maxïmo Park, the latest act to be dubbed precisely that, surprisingly, are actually worth the attention. To further surprise, this Newcastle five-piece are on the electronic label Warp Records, who’s consistently high quality electronic/dance catalogue alone gives a useful indication of the merit of A Certain Trigger.

But, of course, the album speaks for itself. True to typically Warp Records style, the production is absolutely meticulous. Their brand of new-New-Wave is thoroughly melodic, catchy and danceable. Yes, it’s got angular guitars, and yes, tight, coordinated rhythms are a big part of the sound. But Maxïmo Park are smart – they know how to retain intelligence, depth and genuine quality, while still remaining accessible. It’s not overly complex, but it’s certainly far better than the majority of other recent retro-rock

Lyrically, it has the same British realism that the pop sensibilities of Gang of Four pioneered, strong English accent and all. This is also reminiscent of other UK-press-darlings Bloc Party’s confessional approach to crafting a more sincere indie-pop/rock song. This intelligence leaves the album as a whole free from the emptiness that plagues fellow new-New-Wavers Franz Ferdinand, The Killers and the awful The Bravery, even if they could easily be lumped into the same category. Sure, they may wear the same blazers, thrift shop t-shirts and torn jeans as their Top20 contemporaries, but unlike the aforementioned others, substance is, for once, placed far in front of style.

-Richard MacFarlane

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

richard's official top 10 albums/top 5 eps/overall show playlist 14/6/05

1. the arcade fire - cold wind [six feet under sdtk - download from guitar-media.blogspot.com]

RICHARD'S TOP 10 ALBUMS (of 2005 thus far)
2. #10. maximo park – [a certain trigger] - the coast is always changing
3. #9. the hold steady - [separation sunday] - banging camp
4. #8. the phoenix foundation - [pegasus] - slightest shift in the weather
5. #7. stephen malkmus - [face the truth] - freeze the saints
6. #6. of montreal - [the sunlandic twins] - requiem for o.m.m.2
7. #5. the boy least likely to - [the best party ever] - paper cuts
8. #4. sleater-kinney - [the woods] - jumpers
9. #3. the decemberists - [picaresque] - the engine driver
10. #2. architecture in helsinki - [in case we die] - maybe you could owe me
11. #1. bloc party - [silent alarm] - this modern love

xiu xiu – [la foret]
the books - [lost and safe]
antony & the johnstons - [i am a bird now]
edan - [beauty and the beat]
quasimoto - [the further adventures of lord quas]
bright eyes - [digital ash in a digital urn]
m83 - [before the dawn heals us]
out hud – [let us never speak of it again]
lcd soundsystem – [lcd soundsystem]

12. sufjan stevens – [illinois] – casimir pulaski day (released july 5)


13. the math and physics club - weekends away [weekends away ep]

14. the mountain goats - [the sunset tree] - this year
15. akron/family - [akron/family] - shoes
16. fog – [10th avenue freakout] - 10th avenue freakout
17. bonnie “prince” billy & matt sweeney – [superwolf] - my home is the sea

TOP 5 EPS(of 2005 thus far)
18. #5. deerhoof – [green cosmos ep] - byun
19. #4. the fiery furnaces – [ep] - duffer st. george
20. #3. iron & wine – [woman king ep] - in my lady's house
21. #2. the mobius band – [city vs country ep] - city vs country
22. #1. animal collective and vashti bunyan – [prospect hummer ep] - prospect hummer


23. the zincs - moment is now! [dimmer]
24. tullycraft - stowaway [disenchanted hearts unite]
25. wolf parade - it's a curse [6 songs ep]
26. malcom middleton - break my heart [into the woods]


don't be afraid to post yr own mid-year top 10s or other feedback. the mid-year is a good enough excuse for excessive music geekery. tune in next week (21/6/05) for tim's top 10.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

mid-year top 10 albums

tim is still away this week doing business-type things, so on the show this week (14/6/05) i'm going to play a countdown of my top 10 albums of the year thus far. simply because its kind of the middle of the 6th month of the year. and because top 10s are always loads of fun, anyway. not really sure whats going to be on there yet, i guess you'll just have to listen to find out. the playlist and top 10 will be posted after the show on here, though.

the following week when tim's back will see a countdown of his own top 10 albums

readers/listeners - feel free to post yr own personal top 10s of 2005 so far in the comments section below.

Friday, June 10, 2005

arcade fire download link(s)

download 1

download 2

here are links to the new arcade fire track "cold wind", as i attempted to post a few days ago. they probably won't be up for too long, though.

apprently merge is releasing it as a 7" single too.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

the phoenix foundation - pegasus [album review]


The long awaited follow up from Wellington six-piece The Phoenix Foundation surpasses the already high hopes surrounding its release. Pegasus is an even more varied take on indie-pop and alt-country than its predecessor, traversing a huge variety of styles and tones throughout its 40 minutes. While tracks like “Through the Woods” explore somber, autumnal terrain, others such as the first single “Damn the River” ooze energy. “Cars of Eden” is a seven-minute-long multi instrument, synth-driven voyage into the most poignant depths of New Zealand’s landscape.

A successful progression and growth from their debut Horsepower is evident in most areas of the album. The lyrics are just terrific – the wittiness of their debut is furthered with a more mature take on songwriting, and an unassuming New Zealand accent gives a sense of humility and personality. It constantly strives for beauty, mood, and experimentation, and is always successful. The overall aesthetic is very organic, and could easily suit any seasonal climate.

The five stars awarded to Pegasus are certainly not in any way linked to the band’s New Zealand heritage. Although Pegasus will undoubtedly garner a lot of attention because of this mere fact, this is one of the few New Zealand albums of the past year that genuinely deserves the praise. It’s clearly a work of genius, regardless of its origin. Pegasus can easily stand alone as an indisputably brilliant album.

- Richard MacFarlane

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is

if you loved the arcade fire's debut album funeral as much as i did (and still do) then you'll be excited at news of a download of their brand new song. it's called "cold wind" and was recorded for the second six feet under soundtrack.

now, just as i'm writing this post and trying to find the link to the download to post, emi has apparently told popdrivel to take the mp3 down. sorry to get yr hopes up - it renders this post almost totally useless.

however, if you've got soulseek (the music downloads programme), then you can find it on there by searching "arcade fire cold wind". or something. my username is watchmejumpstart. browse my files and you should find it. it's a very good song, and would sound right at place on the relatively morbid six feet under.

still working on getting some webspace so i could post things like this up. interpol have contributed a song to the soundtrack, too. i'm working on finding that before emi catch wind of it ;)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

playlist 7/6/05

1. the new pornographers - twin cinema [twin cinema (fourthcoming)]
2. camera obscura - pen and notebook [biggest bluest hi fi]
3. yeah yeah yeahs - y control [fever to tell]
4. erase errata - owls [at crystal palace]
5. the nein - faint sounds [wrath of circuits]
6. death from above 1979 - sexy results [you're a woman, i'm a machine]
7. datarock - fa fa fa [datarock datarock]
8. isolee - schrapnell [wearemonster]
9. the lucksmiths - there is a light that never goes out (cover) [matine records comp.]
10. maximo park - apply some pressure [a certain trigger]
11. gang of four - ether [entertainment!]
12. sleater-kinney - entertain [the woods]
13. my bloody valentine - soft as snow (but warm inside) [isn't anything]
14. the kinks - do you remember walter [village green preservation society]
15. the rosebuds - kicks in the schoolyard [make out]
16. bearsuit - cookie oh jesus [cat spectacular!]
17. cloud cult - living on the outside of your skin [advice from the happy hippotamus]
18. the boy least likely to - hugging my grudge [the best party ever]
19. clearlake - almost the same [cedars]
20. devin davis - iron woman [lonely people of the world, unite!]
21. dinosaur jr. - freak scene [bug]
22. the hold steady - banging camp [seperation sunday]
23. art brut - modern art [bang bang rock and roll]
24. apostle of hustle - sleepwalking ballad [folkloric feel]
25. the phoenix foundation - sea world [pegasus]
26. mice parade - nights wave [nights wave ep]
29. the ponys - i'm with you [celebration castle]

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

slow hands

there's always a dilemma when international bands come to new zealand. i mean, is it really worth all that money just to see a band? most of the time, it's probably good to just shut up and go - especially at the rate bands actually come to nz. flying/driving to auckland or wellington is inevitable. no bands ever come to christchurch.

the one time i've been in a city where an international was playing was in wellington a couple of months ago. but to my desmay, moving units cancelled the show due to poor ticket sales. but anyway, the main point of this post is to say wow! interpol are coming to wellington [edit: and auckland, too - playing the st james on the 2nd of august]. so i'm faced with waying up the finances, pros cons etc that are involved with the news of such a tour. they play the student union building (or some place like that) on august the 3rd.

so naturally, no chch dates. but at least the phoenix foundation are playing;

THU 16 June: O' Flaherty's, Napier
FRI 17 June: The Classic, Auckland
SAT 18 June: The Classic, Auckland
FRI 24 June: Indigo Bar, Wellington
WED 13 July:­ Refuel, Dunedin
THU 14 July: Subculture, Queenstown
FRI 15 July: Shooters Bar, Wanaka
SAT 16 July: The Jet Set Lounge, Christchurch

woah! and they're even playing with the finn brothers on the 29th of july at the town hall.