Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i've got styles for miles and miles. playlist sept 18

1. scout niblett. comfort you [this fool can die now]
2. the gin club. hometown girls [live recording]
3. labradford. wr [mi media naranja]
4. xy lover. expand yr instants into oblivion [demo]

5. the mountain goats. blood royal [orange raja]
6. the vietnam war. city lights [demo]
7. andrew jackson jihad. lightning bolt [ghost mice split]
8. john maus. the silent chorus [love is real]
9. indian jewelry. bombing nightclubs [sangles redux]

10. magik markers. empty bottles [boss]
11. aidan baker. still my beating heart beats [still my beating heart beats]
12. Aa. horse steak [gAame]

13. his name is alive. this is my confession [xxmer]
14. the motifs. backwards/envelopes [away]
15. damon & naomi. cruel queen [within these walls]
16. guided by voices. my valuable hunting knife [alien lanes]

17. akron/family. there's so many colors [love is simple]
18. these new puritans. numbers [colours/numbers]
19. lungfish. necrophones [necrophones]

20. little pictures. this house can fit us all [you and me and my amplifier ep]
21. celebration. evergreen [the modern tribe]
22. electrelane. at sea [no shouts, no calls]
23. eric copeland. green burrito [hermaphrodite]
24. HEALTH. glitter pills [single]

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