Tuesday, December 26, 2006

1. you am i - gunslingers [convicts]


R: Woods - Broke [How To Survive In The Woods]
S: These New Puritans - Chamber [Demo]
D: Metric - Monster Hospital [Live It Out]
T: Sleepy Jackson - Devil Was In My Yard [personality...]
R2: Courtney Tidwell - Missing Limk [Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up]

R: Peter and the Wolf - Silent Movies [Lightness]
S: Uzi and Ari - Mountain/Molehill [It's Freezing Out]
D: Xerox Teens - Darlin' [Single Uk Exlusive Dubplate White Label Promo Ltd Ed.]
T: Bonnie "Prince" Billy - The Seedling [The Letting Go]
R2: Guillemots - Through the Window Pane [Through the Window Pane]

R: Herman Dune - I Wish that I Could See You Soon [Giant]
S: Evangelicals - Diving [So Gone]
D: Dananananaykroyd - Greater Than Symbol [Demo]
T: Scott Walker - Jesse [The Drift]
R2: Dosh - Um, Circles and Squares [The Lost Take]

R: Grizzly Bear - Knife [Yellow House]
S: Sunset Rubdown - Us Ones In Between [Stadiums and Shrines]
D: TV on the Radio - Wolf Like Me [Return to Cookie Mountain]
T: Thom Yorke - Clocks (The Surgeon Remix) [Download from Thom Yorke's Website...maybe...]
R2: Destroyer - 3000 Flowers [Destroyer's Rubies]

R: The Liars - The Other Side of Mount Heart Attack [Drum's Not Dead]
S: Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks [Writer's Block]
D: Metronomy - You Could Easily Have Me [Pip Paine: Pay the 500 Pounds You Owe Me]
T: The Drones - Some Swampy Pub Rock Aussie Jam [Gala Mill]
R: Beirut - Postcards from Italy [Gulag Orkestar]

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

THE TOP ALBUMS OF 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!

RICHARD: casiotone for the painfully alone - etiquette (song: young shields)
SHEA: the winks - birthday (song: correct)

R: m ward - post-war (song: chinese translation)
S: sonic youth - rather ripped (song: the neutral)

R: indian jewelry - invasive exotics (song: come closer)
S: beach house - s/t (song: master of none)

R: beach house - s/t (song: apple orchard)
S: tv on the radio - return to cookie mountain (song: wolf like me)

R: the robot ate me - good world (song: good world #2)
S: snowglobe - oxytocin (song: happy)

R: entrance - prayer of death (song: prayer of death)
S: beirut - gulag orkestar (song: after the curtain)

R: john maus - songs (song: just wait til next year)
S: peter bjorn & john - writer's block (song: let's call it off)

R: the curtains - calamity (song: green water)
S: destroyer - rubies (song: watercolours into the ocean)

R: woods - how to survive in the woods (song: silence is golden)
S: evangelicals - so gone (song: what an actress does best)

R: grizzly bear - yellow house (song: plans)
S: sunset rubdown - shut up i am dreaming (song: shut up i am dreaming of a place where lovers have wings)

21. mi and lau. christmas soul (s/t)
22. belle & sebastian. o little town of bethlehem (christmas peel session)
23. sufjan stevens. sister winter (songs for christmas)

i can't dance a single step

well just incase you hadn't heard already, next year on february 10th the absolutely incredible harpist joanna newsom will be performing in christchurch along with ex-new zealand folk musician smog (bill callahan).

the gig is happening at the harbour light theatre in lyttelton - a fantastic venue which is without a doubt the most suitable place for a concert such as this. tickets are available from real groovy and ticketmaster.
this will inevitably be the best show of 2007 so do not miss out!

here are a few videos of interest:

smog & joanna newsom: rock bottom riser

joanna newsom: swansea

joanna newsom: cosmia

tonight is gonna be a big show - TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE YEAR, and the week after that TOP 5 SONGS OF THE YEAR. if yr on myspace post yr own top 10s/5s on our blog at www.myspace.com/guitarmedia but if not feel free to post them in the comment sections here.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

awkward moments and bad jokes. playlist dec 12

1. the brunettes. holding hands feeding ducks (holding hands feeding ducks)
2. david kilgour. yenisei (the far now)
3. jeffrey & jack lewis. artland (city and eastern songs)

4. the figurines. the wonder (skeleton)
5. bird by snow. black elk in the mountains (sky)
6. low. if you were born today (song for little baby) (christmas ep)
7. slowdive. catch the breeze (just for a day)

8. los campesinos! you! me! dancing! (hold on now youngster)
9. magazine. permafrost (secondhand daylight)
10. frightened rabbit. go go girls (... sing the greys)
11. patrick wolf. accident & emergency (the magic position)

12. peter bjorn & john. objects of my affection (writer's block)
13. nick drake. road (pink moon)
14. foundry field recordings. buried beneath winter frames (prompts/miscues)
15. panda bear. carrots (excerpt) (panda bear/excepter 12" inch)

16. deerhoof. xmas tree (halfbird)
17. casiotone for the painfully alone. graceland (graceland)
18. these new puritans. elviss (demo)
19. xiu xiu. sad pony guerilla girl (a promise)
20. field music. in context (tones of town)

21. adrian orange. save the world (bitches is lord)
22. clap yr hands say yeah. underwater (you and me) (some loud thunder)
23. big black. big money (atomizer)
24. q and not u. nine things everybody knows (no kill no beep beep)
25. professor murder. the mountain (professor murder rides the subway ep)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

take however long you want. playlist dec 5

1. our brother the native. apodiformes (tooth and claw)
2. annuals. bleary eyed (be he me)
3. charalambides. spring (a vintage burden)

4. yo la tengo. the race is on again (i'm not afraid of you and i will beat yr ass)
5. durutti column. sketch for summer (the return of the durutti column)
6. deerhoof. the perfect me (friend opportunity)
7. buzzcocks. promises (singles going steady)
8. patrik fitzgerald. safety pin stuck in my heart (7" single)

9. chocolate usa. untitled (smoke machine)
10. uzi and ari. asleep in armor (it is freezing out)
11. jens lekman. boisa-bis-o-boisa (dept. of forgotten songs demo)
12. the ghosts. penny falls (blue birds blood)
13. flying canyon. in the reflection (s/t)

14. danananakroyd. totally bone (7" single)
15. indian jewelery. lesser snake (invasive exotics)
16. jeff buckley. kick out the jams (live)
17. the robot ate me. kept our hands warm (they ate themselves)
18. my latest novel. learning lego (wolves)

19. the shivers. kisses (charades)
20. m ward. helicopter (transfiguation of vincent)
21. pink nasty. what the fuck (mule school)
22. beulah. sunday under glass (when yr heartstrings break)
23. unwound. december (leaves turn inside you)

24. my bloody valentine. never say goodbye (ecstasy & wine)
25. old time relijun. chemical factory (2012)
26. les georges leningrad. mammal beats (sangue puro)
27. aids wolf. spit tastes like metal (the lovvers lp)
28. the melvins. hooch (houdini)