Friday, June 27, 2008

The Wire, 27 June 2008 Playlist

1. Sic Alps. Everywhere, There [U.S. Ez]
2. Women. Shaking Hands [Women]
3. Dan Friel. Ghost Town (Part Two) [Ghost Town]
4. Girls. Hellhole Ratrace [Girls]
5. Pink Skull. Unicorn Harpoon [Unicorn Harpoon EP]
6. Girl Talk. Still Here [Feed the Animals]
7. ABX. Anthemillas []
8. The War on Drugs. Taking the Farm [Wagonwheel Blues]
9. Animal Collective. Bearhug [Live at Hove Festival June 23]
10. High Places. Golden [High Places]
11. Abe Vigoda. Hyacinth Grrls [Skeleton]
12. Tiger Tones. Giorgio, What Have You Done [Tiger Tones]

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

this is 100% soultearoa. playlist june 24

1. cat power. bathosphere (smog cover) [what would the community think?]

2. future islands. beach foam [wave like home]
3. dan friel. ghost town (part 1) [ghost town]
4. tree wave. sleep [cabana ep]

5. diamonds. the waking [rough cuts]
6. ilyas ahmed. moon sailing [the vertigo of dawn]
7. brown bird. lioness [bottom of the sea]

8. sic alps. everywhere, there [u.s. ez]
9. home blitz. stupid street [live outside 7"]
10. girls. hellhole ratrace [s/t]

11. phosphorescent. you've lost that lovin' feeling (righteous bros cover) [live]
12. women. lawncare [s/t]
13. sic alps. jelly roll gumdrop [u.s ez]

14. aunt dracula. mongo [face peel]
15. robedoor.
16. eyes. the time between the time [love eyes]

17. fabulous diamonds. #2 [s/t]
18. another sunny day. anorak city [london weekend]
19. grouper. travelling through the sea [dragging a dead deer up a hill]

20. monster bobby. i live for yr fleeting touches [gaps]
21. no paws no lions. i've always been content [unnamed]
22. bird names. masters of enjoyment [open relationship]
23. pumice. dogwater [quo]

24. abe vigoda. bear face [skeleton]
25. magazine. shot by both sides [rays and hail]
26. dan friel. buzzards [ghost town]
27. stars like fleas. she for the woods [the ken burns effect]

28. fleet foxes. quiet houses [s/t]

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ginger cake & custard a++ would eat again. playlist june 17

1. silver jews. what is not but could be if [lookout mountain, lookout sea]
2. high places. vision's the first [a-side 7"]

3. grouper. fishing bird [dragging a dead deer up a hill]
4. golden shoulders. let my burden be [bro zone]
5. micah p hinson. when we embraced [s/t]

6. big blood. vitamin c [can cover]
7. dennis wilson. he's a bum [bambu]
8. munch munch. wedding (pt 2) [wedding ep]

9. james jackson toff. doreen [waiting in vain]
10. culture reject. inside the cinema [s/t]
11. the pink noise. ithica [dream code]

12. abe vigoda. endless sleeper [skeleton]
13. black pus. land of the lost [black pus 4: all aboard the magic pus]
14. crystal antlers. a thousand eyes [s/t]

15. vincent over the sink. threads of beginning [22 coloured bull-terriers]
16. henry's dress. (yr my) radio one [s/t]
17. rosemary krusk. sand [demo]

18. the aislers set. the red door [the last match]
19. religious knives. the sun [resin]
20. futurism vs passeism. crystal gazing [demo]

21. pumice. world with worms [quo]
22. future islands. beach foam [wave like home]
23. abe vigoda. skeleton [skeleton]

24. the breeders. cannonball [live 1993]
25. mirror mirror. new horizons [the society for the advancement...]
26. esau mwamwaya. kamphopo [7"]
27. wire. one of us [object 47]

28. foot village. protective nourishment [friendship nation]
29. popolice. closer now [new]

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Wire 13/6/08 Playlist

1. Crystal Antlers. Until the Sun Dies (Part 2) [S/T]
2. Ducktails. Beach Point Pleasant [Forthcoming]
3. Esau Mwamwaya. Kamphopo [7"]
4. Munch Munch. Endolphins [Demo]
5. Vivian Girls. Tell the World [S/T]
6. Mirror Mirror. New Horizons [Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousnsess]
7. High Places. Vision's the First [7"]
8. Black Pus. Land of the Lost [Black Pus 4]
9. Mean Street. Teen War [Live at Whammy Bar]
10. Air France. No Excuses [No Way Down]
11. Flying Lotus. Comet Course [Los Angeles]
12. Panther. Total Sexy Church [14 Kt. God]
13. The Cool Kids. One Two [The Bake Sale]
14. Thought Creature. Words Can't Save You [Teleport Palace]

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

it's real cold. playlist june 10

1. lovely sparrows. prairie [demo]

2. ducktails. beach point pleasant [forthcoming]
3. mount eerie. through the trees [no kids split 7"]
4. crystal stilts. shattered shine [s/t ep]

5. deerhunter. never stops [microcastle]
6. indian jewelry. hello africa ["free gold!"]
7. fabulous diamonds. untitled # 2 [s/t ep]

8. golden axe. medley [medley?]
9. blank dogs. ants [on two sides]
10. ponytail. celebrate the body electric [ice cream spiritual]

11. grouper. heavy water/i'd rather be sleeping [dragging a dead deer up a hill]
12. air france. june evenings [no way down]
13. vivan girls. where do you run to [s/t]

14. mean street. teen wars [live at whammy bar]
15. meneguar. we own we sell [the in hour]
16. teeth mountain. kill and eat [get conceptual]

17. real live tigers. sunflower [hospital songs ep]
18. women. black rice [women]
19. adam franklin. shine a light [wolf parade cover]
20. mount pleasant. my song 2 [demos]

21. alastair galbraith. river chasm/portrait of a lady [hurry on down cassette]
22. the radio dept. the room, tarzana [freddie and the trojan horse ep]
23. inca ore. silver wings [birthday of bless you]
24. telepathe. i can't stand it [rare bookroom comp]

25. thought creature. words can't save you [teleport palace]

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

playlist 03/06/08


1. deerhunter. nothings ever happened [microcastle]

2. sigur ros. gobbledigook [new album!]
3. lau nau. maapahkinapuu [nukuu]
4. ratatat. mirando [LP3]

5. carl spidla. blackfly rag [live]
6. silver jews. strange victory, strange defeat [lookout mountain, lookout sea]
7. ida. the pain of loving you (dolly parton cover) [my fair, my dark EP]

8. islands. the arm [live]
9. bonnie 'prince' billy. easy does it [lie down in the light]
10. jayber crow. o my god when i drop dead [two short stories]

11. lucky dragons. givers [dream island laughing language]
12. los campisinos! we are all accelerated readers [hold on now, youngster]
13. parenthetical girls. joan of arc (maid of new orleans) (OMD cover) [entanglements 7"]

14. high places. shared islands [that comp, you know the one]
15. deerhunter. agoraphobia [microcastle]
16. wolf parade. language city [at mount zoomer]

17. david thomas broughton. rock bottom riser (smog cover) [demo]
18. the breeders. istanbul [mountain battles]

19. grouper. fishing bird [dragging a dead dear up a hill]
20. bon iver. blindsided [for emma, forever ago]
21. alexander tucker. veins from the sky [forthcoming]

22. beach house. norway [unreleased]
23. natural snow buildings. the spears of the wolf [snowbringer cult disc 1]
24. grinderman. no pussy blues [s/t]

25. smog. came blue [accumulation: none]
26. magnetic fields. crazy for you but not that crazy [69 love songs]

27. hdu. grace [metamathics]