Tuesday, September 25, 2007

minimal shit drumming; totally where it's at. playlist sept 25

1. luna. bonne & clyde [penthouse]

2. celebration. evergreen [the modern tribe]
3. little wings. saturday [soft pow'r]
4. tenniscoats. donna donna [totemo aimasho]

5. final fantasy. this lamb sells condos [he poos clouds]
6. beirut. nantes [the flying club cup]
7. alastair galbraith. this hard [mirrorwork]

8. surf city. dickshakers union [s/t ep]
9. tyondai braxton. hold onto distance [history that has no effect]
10. gang gang dance. nicoman [rawwar ep]

11. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. she's my girl [loverboy]
12. bearsuit. steven fucking spielberg [oh:io]
13. dan deacon. totally boner eat shit [crystal cat b-side]

14. mogwai. yes! i am a long way from home [young team]
15. slint. glenn [tweez]

16. bonjour monsoon. robot vampires from the sun [r.v. ep]
17. boris. pink [pink]
18. eyeless in gaza. john of patmos [photographs as memories]
19. shadow ring. city lights [city lights]

20. black kids. i'm not gonna teach you [wizard of ahhhs demo]
21. prinzhorn dance school. realer, pretender [s/t]
22. Aa. good ship [gAame]
23. the count five. psychotic reaction [dunno eh]

24. sightings. debt depths [through the panama]
25. hella. post-ivy league depression [total bugs bunny on wild bass]
26. disasteradio. awesome feeling [visions]

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i've got styles for miles and miles. playlist sept 18

1. scout niblett. comfort you [this fool can die now]
2. the gin club. hometown girls [live recording]
3. labradford. wr [mi media naranja]
4. xy lover. expand yr instants into oblivion [demo]

5. the mountain goats. blood royal [orange raja]
6. the vietnam war. city lights [demo]
7. andrew jackson jihad. lightning bolt [ghost mice split]
8. john maus. the silent chorus [love is real]
9. indian jewelry. bombing nightclubs [sangles redux]

10. magik markers. empty bottles [boss]
11. aidan baker. still my beating heart beats [still my beating heart beats]
12. Aa. horse steak [gAame]

13. his name is alive. this is my confession [xxmer]
14. the motifs. backwards/envelopes [away]
15. damon & naomi. cruel queen [within these walls]
16. guided by voices. my valuable hunting knife [alien lanes]

17. akron/family. there's so many colors [love is simple]
18. these new puritans. numbers [colours/numbers]
19. lungfish. necrophones [necrophones]

20. little pictures. this house can fit us all [you and me and my amplifier ep]
21. celebration. evergreen [the modern tribe]
22. electrelane. at sea [no shouts, no calls]
23. eric copeland. green burrito [hermaphrodite]
24. HEALTH. glitter pills [single]

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


1. yellow fever. culver city [demo]
2. irene. by yr side [long gone before summer]
3. scout niblett. do you want to be buried with my people [this fool can die now]
4. the haircuts. the gate [sorrow is the way to love]

5. queen victoria. the endless night [the endless night]
6. beach house. auburn and ivory [s/t]
7. arthur russell. you and me both [calling out of context]

8. miracle fortress. little trees [five roses]
9. john maus. do your best [love is real]
10. liars. the other side of mt heart attack [drum's not dead]
11. picastro. hortur [whore luck]

12. a place to bury strangers. another step away [s/t]
13. wyrd visions. sigill [half eaten guitar]
14. santa dads. the lion song [axis mundi]

15. galaxie 500. tugboat [today]
16. phony bone. penny [demo]
17. wooden shjips. we ask you to ride [s/t]
18. le loup. le loup (fear not) [the throne of...]

19. the wipers. over the edge [over the edge]
20. broken social scene. ibi dreams of pavement [s/t]
21. this heat. twilight furniture [s/t]
22. foot village. wherever the fuck arnold schwarzenegger's from [world fantasy 10"]
23. phoenix foundation. bright grey [forthcoming]

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

where'd you learn to stage dive with such grace? playlist sep 4

1. harry nilsson. ten little indians [pandemonium shadow show]
2. prairie cat. grumpy forever [attacks!]
3. alaska in winter. close yr eyes, we are blind [dance party in the balkans]
4. le loup. i had a dream i died [the throne of the third heaven of the nations millenium general assembly]

5. black dice. gore [load blown]
6. add n to (x). metal fingers in my body [avant hard]
7. DNA. egomaniacs kiss [no new york compilation]
8. jay reatard. i know a place [i know a place 7"]

9. eric's trip. stove [love tara]
10. most serene republic. multipication desks [population]
11. sly hats. liquorice night [liquorice night]
12. tullycraft. twee [beat surf sun]
13. scout niblett. dinosaur egg [some ep]

14. magic weapon. capital of colour [forthcoming ep]
15. dirty projectors. gimme gimme gimme [rise above]
16. old time relijun. daemon meeting [catharsis in crisis]
17. a place to bury strangers. to fix the gash in yr head [s/t]
18. gang gang dance. 2a glory in itself 2b egyptian [god's money]

19. magik markers. bad dream/hartford beat suit [boss]
20. animal collective. fireworks [strawberry jam]
21. the cave singers. seeds of night [invitation songs]

22. white rainbow. mystic prism [prism of eternal now]
23. nina nastasia & jim white. in the evening [you follow me]
24. dd/mm/yyyy. mr t cereal [are they masks?]
25. lightning bolt. forcefield [ride the skies]