Tuesday, July 31, 2007

playlist 31st July 2007

big ups to special guest dj toby

1. crescent. cup [little waves]
2. circulatory system. yesterday world [s/t]
3. okay. now [the low road]
4. beat happening. hot chocolate boy [dreamy]

5. adrian orange & her band. you're more home [s/t]
6. the zombies. butchers tale [odessey and oracle]
7. lou reed. the bed [berlin]
8. smog. what kind of angel [julius caesar]

6. bodies of water. we are co-existors [ears will pop & eyes will blink]
7. music tapes. single made the needle sing [1st imaginary symphony for the nomad]
8. graves. i'm feeling tuff [seldom slumber]
10. m ward. i'll be yr bird [transistor radio]
11. jana hunter. a goblin, a goblin [carrion ep]

12. love. live and let live [forever changes]
13. residual echoes. fresh eyes [first eyes]
14. silver apples. you and i (contact)
15. alps of nsw. i.n.l.(f.a.w.d.f) [s/t]
16. daniel johnston. speeding motorcycle [yip jump music]
17. sunset rubdown. trumpet, trumpet, toot, toot [random spirit lover]

18. sleepers union. giant spheres [giant spheres]
19. first nation. monkey [s/t]
20. animal collective. april and the phantom 3 [spirit they've gone spirit they've vanished]

21. half japanese. vietnam [charmed life]
22. olivia tremor control. califnornia demise 3 [black foliage]
23. magic weapon. cloudy people [s/t ep]
24. tim kinsellas. the singularity song [crucifix swastika ep]
25. the whiskers. the idle rich [s/t]

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