Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i will be yr accident if you will be my ambulance. playlist 27 june

1. arcade fire. neighbourhood #2 (laika) (funeral)
2. the 3ds. ice (the venus trail)
3. six organs of admittance. home (school of the flower)
4. sunset rubdown. i'll believe in anything (snake's got a leg ep)
5. metric. monster hospital (live it out)
6. fiery furnaces. i'm gonna run (gallowsbird's bark)
7. the moldy peaches. nyc's like a graveyard (s/t)
8. aberfeldy. someone like you (do whatever turns you on)
9. nick drake. parasite (pink moon)
10. the mountain goats. woke up new (get lonely)
11. broadcast. tears in the typing pool (tender buttons)
12. charalambides. dormant love (a vintage burden)
13. feathers. come around (s/t)
14. beirut. the white whale (gulag orkestar)
15. m. ward. deep dark well (transistor radio)
16. phoenix foundation. sally (horse power)
17. ariel pink. hardcore pops are fun (house arrest)
18. clap yr hands say yeah. graceful retreat (live) (kcrw session)
19. the clean. anything can happen (anthology)
20. matthew friedberger. up the river (winter women)
21. architecture in helsinki. fumble (fingers crossed)
22. os mutantes. baby (s/t)
23. my bloody valentine. only shallow (loveless)
24. comets on fire. holy teeth (avatar)
25. shellac. canaveral (1000 hurts)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

thought I better do this

Hello everybody your new pal RICHARD (not the old one don't get confused now) is here to spread the gospel and introduce himself via blogg!

I've been on the show like a month and a half or something and i've recently got a hold of a computer that I can use whenever I want. My own beautiful computer! This means sweet blog entires coming out the wazoo!

Fingers crossed.

It's like magic.

First up i'll hook you up with a free EP by the excellent Austin, Tx band the Weird Weeds.
click here to check it outtt.
This EP is great. I love it. It is soft and experimental and folky and fun. I think it was released earlier this year or something, so i'm probably posting this late but who cares? It's free. Stop complaining.

Also what's the deal with Becks album One Foot in the Grave? That album's awesome. It makes me sad how underrated it is.


ps: remember to check out our sweet as myspace page located at http://www.myspace.com/guitarmedia

pps: i'll get better on the show promise. promise.

chasing after deer: best of 06 so far!!!!!!

hi all. as mentioned in the PREVIOUS POST tonight is a 2006: BEST SO FAR... show. but with some older stuff too!

tracks in bold orange denote the best albums of 2006 so far!

1. edmund cake. secret girl (downtown puff)
2. bob dylan. i want you (blonde on blonde)
3. bonnie prince billy & matt sweeney. i gave you (superwolf)
4. brian jonestown massacre. anenome (their satanic majesties 2nd request)
5. tv on the radio. dirty whirlwind (return to cookie mountain)
6. sunset rubdown. snake's got a leg III (shut up i am dreaming)
7. television personalities. jackanory story (and don't the kids just love it)
8. destroyer. 3000 flowers (destroyer's rubies)
9. camera obscura. i need all the friends i can get (let's get out of this country)
10. vetiver. maureen (to find me gone)
11. the walkmen. danny's at the wedding (a hundred miles off)
12. dirty projectors. my offwhite flag (the glad fact)
13. akron/family. raising the sparks (angels of light)
14. the fiery furnaces. police sweater blood vow (bitter tea)
15. hdu. schallblute (fireworks)
16. the french kicks. no mean time (two thousand)
17. danielson. ship the majestic suffix (ships)
18. jenny lewis. rise up with fists (rabbit furcoat)
19. elliott smith. fond farewell (basement on a hill)
20. midlake. bandits (trials of van occupanther)
21. minisnap. march hare (march hare ep)
22. olivia tremor control. spring succeeds (dusk at cubist castle)
23. reduction agents. the pool (dance reduction agents)
24. pink floyd. vegetable man (7" single)
25. comets on fire. jaybird (avatar)
26. beat happening. indian summer (jamboree)
27. sonic youth. what a waste (rather ripped)
28. the sneaks. throwback (7" single)

Monday, June 19, 2006

now flames are licking at yr feet

HEY sorry the blog has been kinda neglected lately! i'll try do a big awesome update sometime next week with heaps of mp3s and shit!

ok so this post is mainly concerned with cool gigs that are coming up in the next month-or-so that you should know about and then go to!

- a low hum on friday is going to be ACE! the sneaks, shaky hands + thought creature. 10pm at the jetset lounge. be there.
- then on saturday you can catch minisnap upstairs at the dux. this is the side project of the bats with kaye woodward on lead vocals. and they're really good.

- thursday july 6th you can catch pig out at the dux
- friday july 7th, the dukes at the dux

- thursday july 13th at the wunderbar is australian electro outfit casionova. this should be really awesome
- friday july 14th at the media club is lawrence arabia of the reduction agents fame. this should also be really awesome as well !
- saturday july 15th is the renderers at the dux!

whoa, that's pretty awesome huh. by christchurch standards anyway! (see here for ultimate awesomeness)

tomorrow night we are going to be having a vague "2006: best of" show so tune in if you wanna know what's been cool so far this year, and what's going to be cool.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

i hope the pope makes you a saint. playlist 13/6/06

1. pavement. cut yr hair (crooked rain, crooked rain)
2. connan & the mockasins. naughty holidays (again) (uuu it's teasy)
3. broadcast. tender buttons (tender buttons)
4. the most serene republic. jazz ordinaire (phages ep)
5. john lennon. oh yoko! (imagine)
6. lawrence arabia. the mystery lair (s/t)
7. sleepers union. collect my particles (giant spheres)
8. ¡forward russia! seven (give me a wall)
9. the metallic falcons. airships (desert donuts)
10. neil young. let's impeach the president (living with war)
11. silver apples. i have known love (contact)
12. jesus & mary chain. taste the floor (psychocandy)
13. shocking pinks. it's hard to breathe (dance the dance electric)
14. foundry field recordings. holding the pilots/holding the facts (prompts/miscues)
15. the vaselines. jesus wants me for a sunbeam (way of vaselines)
16. ween. baby bitch (chocolate and cheese)
17. shapes and sizes. boy, you shouldn't have (s/t)
18. thom yorke. black swan (the eraser)
19. angels of light. kosinski (everything is good here/pleasecome home)
20. belle & sebastian. fox in the SNOW (yesterday, get it?!) (if yrfeeling sinister)
21. leonard cohen. avalanche (songs of love and hate)
22. tv on the radio. wolf like me (return to cookie mountain)
23. dungen. panda (ta det lugnt)
24. sonic youth. helen lundeberg (rather ripped)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

wiity/ironic title to come. the POP! special 6/6/06 !!

1. the magnetic fields. when my boy walks down the street (69 love songs)
2. stars. the first five times (set yourself on fire)
3. of montreal. tim wish you were born a girl (cherry peel)
4. the aislers set. the red door (the last match)
5. jens lekman. black cab (oh yr so silent jens)
6. belle and sebastian. get me away i'm dying (if yr feeling sinister)
7. the brunettes. you beautiful militant (mars loves venus)
8. wolfie. hey it's finally yay (awful mess mystery)
9. apples in stereo. ruby (her wallpaper reverie)
10. tullycraft. molly's got a crush on us (disenchanted hearts unite)
11. the blow. jet ski accidents (bonus album)
12. sambassadeur. new moon (s/t)
13. the tall dwarfs. meet the beatle (the sky above the mud below)
14. the reduction agents. waiting for yr love (the dance reduction agents)
15. the zombies. care of cell 44. (odessey and oracle)
16. the beatles. you won't see me (rubber soul)
17. the chills. dole drums (7" single)
18. oh no! oh my! walk in the park (s/t)
19. camera obscura. suspended from class (underachievers please try harder)
20. math & physics club. movie ending romance (movie ending romance ep)
21. architecure in helsinki. do the whirlwind (incase we die)
22. the boy least likely to. rock upon a porch with you (b-side)
23. olivia tremor control. holiday surprise 1, 2, 3 (dusk at cubist castle)
24. the kinks. the last of the steam-powered trains (village green preservation)
25. mirah. person person (you think it's like this but really it's like this)
26. envelopes. sister in love (demon)
27. pine. sunroom (long player)
28. deerhoof. dummy discards a heart (apple o')
29. ariel pink. let's build a campfire there (the doldrums)
30. the sneaks. kuzai (heart you girl) (7" single)

Monday, June 05, 2006

how to make a baby elephant float

hey all.

first up, cheers to timmy for a fittingly awesome show last tuesday. i had that annoying cold that everyone seems to have, but fortunately it only lasted a few days so now it's ALL GOOD! hope everyone's enjoying the long weekend and keeping nice and warm.

just picked up a few mp3s from jagjaguwar records.

first, oneida with a track from their new album happy new year. this one is called up with people. also got a track from a band called ladyhawk, they're from vancouver and signed to the label last month. their little press blurb got me interested:

"Ladyhawk's core is bracing rock. Neil Young's "Tonight's The Night" is the hailstorm on the hood of The Replacement's "Let It Be", while distorted guitars invoke the thread and swerve of Silkworm and Dinosaur Jr. Helped along the way by members of Black Mountain, it will be hard to find a more hauntingly beautiful set of rock music than this debut"

their debut self-titled album is due for release on june 6th but you can grab a track from the album already! it's called the dugout

also, from matador, another rockier track from the new misson of burma lp, the obliterati - 2wice.

went and saw alps and jessica something jewish on saturday night. was pretty cool that these guys are from australia and the usa and they're playing in all these small gigs around new zealand. was a good night. the two acts contrast well; alps set was very intimate and cosy, and JSJ's was very danceable and abrasive. i was talking to the guys afterwards - their next stop is auckland where the play at the schooner on wednesday. would highly recommend checking them out.

in other gig news, the next a low hum tour has just been announced and it is cool as! the sneaks, the shaky hands and thought creature. is hitting chch friday 23rd of june. also i think minisnap are playing the next night at the dux, so that's cool too!

also, the fiery furnaces are confirmed for playing auckland on july 5th at 4:20 bar. the good news for me is that i might hopefully be in auckland at that time!

um yeah, that's about it. the pop special will be tomorrow night so tune in. also, i got the new thom yorke album the eraser the other day, so will be dropping a few tracks off that next week.