Tuesday, November 25, 2008

playlist november 25

1. enright house. broken hands [six acoustic renditions]

2. ducktails. status quo [ii]
3. animal collective. brothersport [merriweather post pavilion]
4. rainbow arabia. holiday in congo [rainbow arabia]

5. his electro blue voice. fury eyes [duuug]
6. the hospitals. this walls [hairdryer peace]
7. us girls. herdcore [gravel days ep]

8. bush tetras. too many creeps [too many creeps ep]
9. harlem. why [plastic ono band cover]
10. p.r.o.b.l.e.m.s. narc grind [narc grind]

11. the usa is a monster. cocaine blues [space programs]
12. wavves. no hope kids [demo]
13. blank realm. keep it [mind peril]

14. my bloody valentine. drive it all over me [you made me realise ep]
15. casiotone for the painfully alone. toby take a bow [twinkle echo]
16. the barbaras. flow [summertime road 7"]
17. wilderness. chinese whispers [nowhere]

18. bobb bruno. snail face [clown's castle]
19. kria brekkan. armour [apotropaiosong armour]
20. jeremy jay. beautiful rebel [a place where we could go]

21. marissa nadler. so long theresa [blog demo]
22. crayon fields. mirrorball [mirrorball 7"]
23. white ring. suffocation [dunno]

24. salem. dirt [yes i smoke crack ep]
25. slurp dogs. lords in the foxhole [postal licks]
26. theoretical girls. lovin in the red [theoretical girls]
27. eric copeland. osni [alien in a garbage dump]

28. thought creature. favourite new machine (golden axe remix) [fav new machine ep]

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Wire Playlist Nov 21

1. Graffiti Island. Head Hunters [Head Hunters 7"]
2. Yussuf Jerusalem. We Ain't Coming Back [A Heart Full of Sorrow]
3. Mayyors. Airplanes [Megan's LOLZ 7"]
4. Psychic TV. Good Vibrations [Hex Sex: The Singles]
5. Wavves. No Hope Kids [Demo]
6. The Samps. Mashed Skins [Demo]
7. Panda Bear. I'm Not (Phaseone Remix) [Phaseone Remix Demos]
8. Black Moth Super Rainbow. Milk Skates [Drippers EP]
9. The Breeders. Walk It Off [Mountain Battles]
10. Beaches. Sandy [Beaches]
11. Animal Collective. Brothersport [Merriweather Post Pavilion]
12. Ducktails. Boating [II]
13. Ducktails. Let's Rock the Beach [II]
14. Gary War. Healthy Living [New Raythenport LP]
15. Nodzzz. I Can't Wait [Nodzzz]

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

playlist november 18

1. cat power. the coat is always on [what would the community think?]
2. mythical beast. eyes in space [scales]

3. bird by snow. you are mom [song bread/another ocean]
4. the barbaras. flow [summertime road 7"]
5. no age. intimate descriptions [teen creeps b-side]

6. nodzzz. i have bad news [nodzzz]
7. sun araw. horse steppin [beach head]
8. air france. beach party [on trade winds]

9. the blithe sons. try to find memory in a dark room [the great orthochromatic wheel]
10. panda bear. i'm not (phaseone remix) [phaseone remixes]
11. ducktails. the mall [ducktails ii]

12. high places. oceanus [split 7" with xiu xiu]
13. fire on fire. sirocco [the orchard]
14. nodzzz. i can't wait [nodzzz]

15. juliana barwick. untitled 4 [sanguine]
16. eric copeland. corn on the cob [alien in a garbage dump]
17. city center. killer whale [forthcoming]
18. salem. haffa [fuckt demos]

19. slowdive. she called [morning rise ep]
20. valerio cosi. hoboland [collected works]
21. sonic youth. death to our friends [evol]
22. raccoo-oo-oon. untitled [s/t]

23. wondercastle. leave you [demo]

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Wire Playlist Nov 14

1. Cold Cave. Dreamscaper [Demo]
2. Nite Jewel. Weak 4 Me [My CD]
3. Nite Jewel. Spiritual Nite Life [My CD]
4. Fight Bite. Small Wonder [Emerald Eyes]
5. Eric Copeland. Corn on the Cob [Alien in a Garbage Dump]
6. Eric Copeland. Osni [Alien in a Garbage Dump]
7. Talbot Tagora. The Weather Man [Demo]
8. Nodzzz. In The City (Contact High) [Nodzzz]
9. Nodzzz. Losing My Accent [Nodzzz]
10. Pens. High in the Cinema [Pens/Male Bonding/Graffiti Island Split]
11. Japanther. Um Like Yr Smile is Totally Ruling Me Right Now [Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt]
12. Japanther. Radical Businessman [Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt]
13. Zazen Boys. Fureai [Zazen Boys 4]
14. High Places. Namer [High Places]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

playlist 11/11/2008

1. cheval sombre. i sleep [7"]

2. joose keskitalo. saimaan rannaila [joose keskitalo & kolmas maailmanpalo]
3. wavves. side yr on [wavvves]
4. nodzzz. in the city (contact high) [s/t]

5. fight bite. small wonder [emerald eyes]
6. grouper. giving it to you [wide]
7. larkin grimm. parplar [new shit]

8. eric copeland. king tits womb [alien in a garbage dump]
9. golden axe. tree huts [party alarm bells?]
10. daniel johnston. tears stupid tears [1990]

11. talbot tagora. the weatherman [?!]
12. pyramids. sleds [s/t]
13. roxy music. more than this [avalon]

14. peter and the wolf. balld of redhook [mellow owl]
15. belle and sebastian. like dylan in the movies [bbc sessions]
16. japanther. bloated corpse [tut tut now shake your butt]
17. times new viking. anything can happen [shred yr face]

18. u.s girls. i bradley [gravel days]
19. yussuf jerusalem. with you in mind [a heart full of sorrow]
20. nice face. rotting around [can i fuck it]
21. palms. agniezska [it's midnight in honalulu]

22. the splinters. splintered bridges [oh splinters!]
23. mi ami. ark of the covenant [ark of the covenant]
24. benoit pioulard. loupe [temper]

25. psychic ills. i take you as my wife again [????]
26. the alps. cloud one [new album]
27. sexy kids. sisters are forever [7"]
28. koen holtcamp. you mean the world to me [new shit]
29. vivian girls. where do you run to [s/t]

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Wire Playlist November 7

1. Fight Bite. The Accident [Emerald Eyes]
2. Belle & Sebastian. The State I am In [BBC Sessions]
3. Nite Jewel. Let's Go the Two of Us [Good Evening Demo]
4. Beaches. The Sky Was White [Beaches]
5. Wavves. Weed Demon [Beach Demon B-Side]
6. Pallers. Humdrum [Humdrum 12"]
7. Hello Seahorse! Won't Say Anything [Hoy A Las Ocho]
8. Black Milk. Long Story Short [Tronic]
9. Black Milk. Hold it Down [Tronic]
10. Eric Copeland. Alien in a Garbage Dump [Alien in a Garbage Dump 12"]
11. Sexy Kids. Sisters Are Forever [Sisters Are Forever]
12. Golden Axe. Medley [Favourite Machine Remix EP]

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

OBAMA PLEASE. playlist nov 4

1. neil gaiman. bloody sunrise [comp.]

2. nudge. war song [infinity padlock]
3. ducktails. let's rock the beach [ducktails ii]
4. the fucking ocean. adam vs the fucking ocean [demo]

5. wounded knee. a hibees lament [s/t]
6. nice face. way it's gotta be [can i fuck it?]
7. mayyors. airplanes [7"]

8. talbot tagora. hunger strike [7"]
9. japanther. um like yr smile is totally ruling me now [tut tut now shake ya butt]
10. herr jazz. olympia [demo]

11. cheval sombre. hyacinth house [unreleased]
12. fight bite. the accident [emerald eyes]
13. city center. haunted/hawse [blog demo]

14. deerhunter. dot gain [weird era cont]
15. mount pleasant. fir friends [demo]
16. late young. monochrome [demo]

17. deerhoof. chandelier searchlight [offend maggie]
18. rusty santos. safe to say [dunno]
19. bjork. baenin [s/t]

20. cold cave. dreamscaper [the trees ep]
21. hollow stars. only yr love [7"]
22. these are powers. cracks in the lifeline [terrific seasons]
23. hush arbors. water ii [s/t]

24. the present. africanized beatnik [world i see]
25. cause co-motion. i lie awake [7"]
26. little claw. feeding you [race to the bottom]

27. michael gira. purple creek [i am singing to you from my room]