Tuesday, May 26, 2009

playlist may 26

1. crystal stilts. love is a wave [love is a wave 7"]

2. vivian girls. death [moped girls 7" bside]
3. mayfair set. already warm [7"]

4. girls. god damned [girls ep]
5. sunset rubdown. you go on ahead (trumpet trumpet II) [dragonslayer]
6. fluffy lumbers. harry dolland's [demo]

7. juliana barwick. bode [florine]
8. pajo. bullet [scream with me]
9. boduf songs. left behind like a piece of shit [there is something hanging above]

10. grass widow. lulu's lips [grass widow]
11. polyester raincoat. mind my room [demo]
12. the fresh & onlys. i saw you seeing me [i'll tell you everything 7"]

13. cold cave. chrissie sally [cremations]
14. wives. saving some for myself [s/t ep]
15. little girls. tambourine [tambourine]
16. animal collective. hey friend [animal crackbox]

17. ducktails. dancing with the one you love [ducktails]
18. beach fossils. lazy day [demo]
19. dirty beaches. low rider [forthcoming]

20. gowns. johnny [s/t cd-r ultra rare bro]
21. pajo. teenagers from mars [scream with me]
22. arthur russell. answers me [world of echo]

23. best hits. angle of mine [family days]
24. new yoga. born 2 chill [demo]
25. thrust lab. durkey [wind breaker]

26. the sun downers. the summer song [the girl with the thing in her hair]
27. woods. military madness [songs of shame]
28. vivian girls. moped grillz [moped grillz 7"]

29. many manions. big white house [return to source]
30. norse horse. on rooftops [demo]
31. smarts. general ideas [smarts]
32. teen sheikhs. sacked [demo]

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

playlist for 19/05/09

richard, all alone.

1. big black. kerosene [atomizer]
2. bipolar bear. algiers [abstract distractions]

3. mythical beast. big sky [raven sings the blue presents: vol 1.]
4. real estate. saturday morning [atlantic city expressway ep]
5. wounded knee. bools rule [shimmering new vistas]

6. nothing people. pushing buttons [late night]
7. trudgers. nothing perfect ever [7"]
8. tyvek. flowers [the world's lousy with ideas]

9. palace brothers. stable will [peel session 29/07/94]
10. silver jews. trains across the sea [starlite walker]
11. palace brothers. trudy dies [peel session 29/07/94]
12. jeffrey lewis and the junkyard. to be objectified [em are i]

13. peter jefferies. neither do i [the last great challenge in a dull world]
14. mount pleasant. reverie, reverie [nocturnes]
15. alastair galbraith. huxley [morse]
16. basketball nightmare. hug your spirit [demo???]

17. silk flowers. cannibals and headhunters [flash of light 7"]
18. the shivers. cheree (suicide cover) [in the morning]
19. ghosts. bones [demo]
20. repairs. lottery [s/t]

21. ganglians. radically inept candy girl [12"]
22. dog bite. goodbye mrs fierce [the owls and the eyes ep]
23. dana jewell. baby come on [underwater peoples compilation]
24. cass mccombs. dreams come true girl [single]

25. ariel pinks haunted graffiti. flashback [7"]
26. street beat. one by one (keeponwalking) [solo songs]
27. deerhunter. rainwater cassette exchange [rainwater cassette exchange ep]

28. valet. dealer vs ocean [false face society]
29. xiu xiu. i am the center of your world [chapel of the chimes]
30. russian tsarlag. keepers black glove [untitled c20]

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

playlist may 12


1. beach fossils. daydream [demo]
2. deerhunter. circulation [rainwater cassette exchange ep]
3. teen sheikhs. cracked [demo]

4. dirty beaches. michael i'll come see [fixture records comp.]
5. liam the younger. okay [clear skies over black river]
6. duck dive. white wind [perfumed salad]

7. real estate. snow [underwater peoples comp.]
8. cresting. reed letters [cresting]
9. liechtenstein. roses in the park [survival strategies for the modern world]

10. henry's dress. definitely maybe [henry's dress ep]
11. peepholes. my traps [demo]

12. allah las. los olivos [demo]
13. family portrait. mega secrets [mega secrets 7"]
14. rangers. woodland hills [yoga mat]

15. karl blau. bird song [nature's got away]
16. half japanese. daytona beach [greatest hits]
17. pens. high in the cinema [3 way split with male bonding/graffiti island]

18. baby sloth spirit. astrorhythmics [demo]
19. norse horse. on rooftops [demo]
20. vice city rockers. christmas calculator [demo]

21. benoit pioulard. ahn [temper]
22. coconot. verbena de los delfines [cosa astral]
23. gowns. white like heaven [red state]

24. home blitz. stupid street [live outside 7"]
25. cool world. cabana boys [demo]

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Wire Playlist May 8

1. Lawrence Arabia. Apple Pie Bed [Chant Darling]
2. Pill Wonder. What We Know [Demo]
3. City Center. Open/House [City Center]
4. Gentle Friendly. Ride Around Shining [rcrdlbl.com]
5. Beach Fossils. Daydream [Demo]
6. Burial/Four Tet. Wolf Cub [Moth/Wolf Cub 12"]
7. Teengirl Fantasy. Floor to Floor [TGIF EP]
8. Deerhunter. Circulation [Rainwater Cassette Exchange]
9. Deerhunter. Game of Diamonds [Rainwater Cassette Exchange]
10. The Cool Kids. Popcorn [When Fish Ride Bicycles]
11. Charles Hamilton. Way Cool [Excellence of Execution]
12. Liechtenstein. Roses in the Park [Survival Strategies in a Modern World]

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

playlist may 5

1. casiotone for the painfully alone. man o'war [vs. children]

2. juliana barwick. youcatcher [raven sings the blues presents: vol 1]
3. a gal. the wishing song [demo]

4. beach fossils. vacation [demo]
5. grass widow. to where [demo]
6. sunshower orphans. loisaida [demo]

7. naked on the vague. goodbye dear cliche [chitty chat 7" bside]
8. pink reason. going home [the world's lousy with ideas vol. 8]
9. the intelligence. thank you god for fixing the tape machine [fake surfers]

10. alan & rocha. clandy [demo]
11. turtle ambulance. queen lil [demo]
12. new yoga. "wet smoke 1997" [demo]

13. trudgers. dream building [demo]
14. blank dogs. ages ago [the world's lousy with ideas vol. 8]
15. city center. young diamond [s/t]

16. pill wonder. what we know [unreleased]
17. peace in. everest [demo]
18. flux forces. over my dead dottie [reanimated]

19. fantastic magic. imminent grove [raven sings the blues comp]
20. twinsistermoon. bride of the spirits [7"]
21. headdress. seethrough [lunes]

22. golden axe. hot n cold [katy perry cover]
23. street beat. so tubby [unreleased]
24. forest swords. down steps [fjree feather ep]

25. kid romance. fuck punx [7"]
26. mika miko. keep on calling [we be xuxa]
27. pillow talk. or mummy be good [downtown unga wunga]
28. personal & the pizzas. brass knuckles [7"]

Friday, May 01, 2009


1. Sunset Rubdown. Idiot Heart [Dragonslayer]
2. Friendship. Highhorse Master [4 Songs]
3. Real Estate. Suburban Dogs [Atlantic City Expressway]
4. Turtle Ambulance. Antelopes [Demo]
5. Atlas Sound. Dovers Jam [Live in Atlanta]
6. Night Control. Good Looks [Death Control]
7. Neon Indian. Should Have Taken Acid with You [Demo]
8. Burial. Moth (Excerpt) [Burial/Four Tet 12"]
9. Nite Jewel. Lover [Good Evening]
10. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names. 1999 [#4]
11. Magic Kids. Hey Boy [Hey Boy 7"]
12. Neon Indian. Deadbeat Summer [Demo]
13. Mika Miko. I Got a Lot (New New New) [We Be Xuxa]
14. Mika Miko. Blues Not Speed [We Be Xuxa]