Tuesday, March 06, 2007

try to remember always just to have a good time. playlist march 6

1. grizzly bear. la duchess anne (horn of plenty)
2. odawas. the ice (the raven & the white night)
3. david thomas broughton. i don't want to believe you (it's in there somewhere)
4. dan deacon. the crystal cat (spiderman of the rings)
5. alps. everything (s/t ep)

6. dungen. intro (tio bitar)
7. usaisamonster. voices to be heard (sunset at the end of the industrial age)
8. welcome. first (sirs)
9. mice parade. tales of a las negras (s/t)

10. electrelane. to the east (no shouts, no calls)
11. tk webb. phantom parade (phantom parade)
12. paul duncan. red eagle (above the trees)
13. smog. chosen one (julius caesar)

14. camera obscura. shine like a new pin (biggest bluest hi-fi)
15. feist. i feel it all (the reminder)
16. the rosebuds. silence by the lakeside (night of the furies)
17. battles. atlas (mirrored)

18. seventeen evergreen. ensoniq (life embarasses me on planet earth)
19. the coolies. holiday/vacation (bless the babies & their mothers ep)
20. deerhunter. hazel st (cryptograms)
21. pink moutaintops. cold criminals (axis of evol)
22. cheeseburger. tiger (s/t)

23. my disco. pale (cancer)
24. these new puritans. en papier (now pluvial ep)
25. melt banana. shield for yr eyes, a beast (cell-scape)
26. fugazi. lockdown (13 songs)

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