Tuesday, April 17, 2007

(it just fell down the) back of a fridge. playlist apr 17

1. frog eyes. idle songs (tears of the valedictorian)
2. battles. atlas (mirrored)

3. grizzly bear. he hit me (and it felt like a kiss) (Live on KEXP)
4. department of eagles. no one does it like you (gold suits)
5. jennifer gentle. hidden flower (new astronomy)
6. lawrence arabia. dream teacher (demo)
7. low. hatchet (drums and guns)

8. minus story. stitch me up (my ion truss)
9. the mae shi. eat the prize (heart beeps ep)
10. golden smog. tarpit (blood on the slacks)
11. gowns. white like heaven (red state)

12. brown recluse sings. margo, left in bed (black sunday ep)
13. elephant parade. thirteen things (bedroom recordings)
14. the concretes. are you prepared (hey trouble)
15. marissa nadler. dying breed (songs III: bird on the water)
16. people press play. studio (s/t)

17. durutti column. the missing boy (lc)
18. the smiths. reel around the fountain (s/t)
19. the fugs. slum goddess (slums first album)
20. thee, stranded horse. churning strides (churning strides)

21. xiu xiu. helsabot (fag patrol)
22. samuel flynn scott. giving up is my new morning sun (hunt brings us life)
23. yokel ono. 3 pound infant with a crack habit (tour ep)
24. the twilight sad. that summer, at home i had become the invisible boy (fourteen autumns and fifteen winters)

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