Tuesday, October 27, 2009

playlist 27 october 2009

richard goes solo while shea is submerged in academia/oprah

1. cursillistas. bona dea [observe ember weeks]
2. obsidian pond. sundog sinners [right now]
3. sparkling wide pressure. this room is open [guide me little tape]
4. how to dress well. suicide dream [friday morning hymnal]

5. hanging coffins. sacred grave [s/t]
6. yoga. dreamcast [megafauna]
7. blessure grave. city lights [learn to love the rope]
8. the shadow ring. i am a lighthouse [life review]
9. tonstartsbandht. seriously [dick nights]

10. oneohtrix point never. zones without people [zones without people]
11. excepter. castle morro [black beach]
12. james ferraro. underwater muscle [edward flex presents: do you believe in hawaii?]

alastair galbraith. live on radio one [2008]
14. money is so sad
15. yes jazz cactus
16. untitled
17. milky milo man
18. head down
19. extra eye
20. untitled
21. flickering birds

20. inca ore. innocent [silver sea surfer school]
21. earth station. side b [control belief]

22. mount pleasant. ghost extension [dissolute, dissolute]
23. bonnie prince billy. polestar of my life [vpro session june 1998]
24. tonstartsbandht. sarajevo preadub [dick nights]

25. blessure grave. hindsight [learn to love the rope]
25. swans. raping a slave [young god ep]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


1. CANT. ghosts [7" split w/ arthur russell]
2. pink reason. livin in the city [bloodstains 7"]
3. the shitty listener. we don't have to be in love [crying sweater]
4. emeralds. diotima [emeralds]

5. spectrals. rot with me [forthcoming]
6. best coast. make you mine [7" bsideee]
7. cat killer. my magazine heart [demo]
8. rangers. these things [friendship bracelet comp]

9. grouper. vessel [roy montgomery split]
10. inca ore. always happy [silver sea surfer school]
11. james ferraro. untitled [heaven's gate]

12. speculator. we don't give a shit [demo]
13. luke perry. luke perry's big gym [demo]
14. more bikini babes. fishing with my dad [friendship bracelet comp]
15. rotten tropics. bukowski [demo]

16. christmas island. 29 [19 7" bside]
17. fabulous diamonds. cemetary dub [albert's basement comp]
18. eternal summers. able to [s/t]
19. froe char. resume [demo]

20. sloppy tender. roof buddy [big dream time]
21. taped hiss. sky monoliths [dunno]
22. speculator. fuck this world [demo]
23. lucky dragons. power melody [open power]

24. la lakers. cough genesis ramparts for gulf eurhythmics]
25. russian tsarlag. let ponvinom care [dunno]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

playlist october 13

1. summer camp. i only have eyes for you [new]
2. yarn owl. without you [tiny dots]
3. girls. life in san francisco [lust for life b-side]
4. dunebuggy. baby, oh baby [dunebuggy]

5. fluffy lumbers. harry dolland's [harry dolland's 7"]
6. julian lynch. new jam [new album]
7. ghost wave. mood ring [demo]
8. cold pumas. jela [jela 12"]

9. street chant. scream walk [scream walk 7"]
10. ganglians. blood in the sand [blood in the sand 7"]
11. alaskas. unshackled [universal studios florida rmx]
12. joy orbison. hyph mngo [hyph mngo 7"]

13. matrix metals. flamingo breeze [flamingo breeze]
14. rangers. low cut fades side b (excerpt) [low cut fades]
15. animal collective. what would i want sky [bbc sesh]
16. raleigh moncrief. similes [combed over chrome ep]

17. the temptations. my girl [anthology]
18. the cookies. i never dreamed [one kiss can lead to another]
19. everly brothers. all i have to do is dream [best of everly bros]
20. elvis presley. blue moon [elvis presley]

21. creep fantastic. excerpt [pipe down]
22. sparkling wide pressure. color first [seven inside and out]
23. new yoga. lizard vision [demo]

24. pheromoans. tattoo boom [savoury days]
25. the cave weddings. bring yr love [bring yr love 7"]

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

playlist october 6

1. wrugs. our golden bones [pass the time please]
2. a grave with no name. silver [mountain debris]
3. shahs. pablo picasso [guts ep]
4. hornet leg. wait [ribbon affair]

5. smith westerns. imagine, pt. 3 [newnewnew]
6. hula hoop. cut backs [dunno!]
7. mean jeans. i think u stink [license 2 chill 7"]
8. fungi girls. kowloon walled city [seafaring pyramids]

(playing this thursday at HSP 84 lichfield st, you should come 4sure xoxox!!)

9. ducktails. wishes [landscapes]
10. the parasails. track 5 [the parasails]
11. ducktails. house of mirrors [landscapes]
12. ducktails. beach point pleasant [7"]
13. ducktails. the mall [ii]
14. ducktails. on the boardwalk [landscapes]

15. the yolks. jane [the yolks]
16. dirty beaches. window rail seats [horror lp]
17. matrix infinity. track 01 [divine intervention]
18. mount pleasant. autumn tour [i met her at the televised execution]

19. new yoga. lizard vision [new track yeahh]
20. emeralds. geode [emeralds]
21. matrix infinity. track 05 [divine intervention]
22. cool-world. ice cream [gaydream nation]

23. grouper. hold the way [forthcoming split]
24. brave radar. shimmer [a building]