Tuesday, October 16, 2007


1. tom brosseau. committed to memory [cavalier]

2. japancakes. only shallow [loveless]
3. phosphorescent. wolves [pride]
4. sea saw. microphone [magnetophone]

5. bob dylan. let me die in my footsteps [bootleg series vol 1-3]
6. the 1900s. everybody's got a collection [cold & kind]
7. grizzly bear. alligator (choir version) [friend ep]

8. shooting spires. sky for a sea [s/t]
9. weird weeds. a goose [forthcoming ooooh]
10. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. somewhere in europe/hotpink! [worn copy]
11. mattress. in yr pocket [single]

12. my bloody valentine. thorn [you made me realise ep]
13. psychedelic horseshit. anxiety [blown speaker standards]
14. red pony clock. don't forget who yr friends are [god made dirt]
15. tullycraft. the punks are writing love songs [every scene needs a center]

16. shonen knife. a day at the factory [s/t]
17. math & physics club. nothing really happened [baby i'm yrs ep]
18. the mekons. dark dark dark [natural]

19. grizzly bear. little brother (electric) [friend ep]
20. jeffrey lewis. end result [12 crass songs]
21. fire engines. candyskin [hungry beat]

22. young marble giants. searching for mr right [colossal youth]
23. eyeless in gaza. three kittens [photographs as memories]
24. teenage jesus & the jerks. i wake up dreaming [no new york comp]

25. holy fuck. safari [lp]

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