Tuesday, November 27, 2007

you make supper so nice. playlist nov 27

1. neil young. ohio [live at massey hall 1971]

2. dan rossen. graceland [cover]
3. bonnie prince billy. the world's greatest [ask forgiveness]
4. yeasayer. waves [all hour cymbals]

5. dan rossen. too little, too late [jojo cover]
6. panda bear. ain't got no troubles [s/t]
7. frog eyes. masticated outboard motor [ego scriptor]

8. m.i.a. pull up the people [arular]
9. the black lips. veni vidi vici [good bad not evil]
10. marnie stern. vibrational match [in advance of the broken arm]

11. mount eerie. mount eerie pt 6 [parts 6 & 7]
12. shocking pinks. affection [dance the dance electric]
13. !!!. take ecstasy with me [7"]

14. magnetic fields. three way [distortion]
15. the show is the rainbow. gothic cajun [gymnasia]
16. japanther. river phoenix [skuffed up my huffy]

17. these new puritans. en papier [beat pyramid]
18. black mountain. tyrants [in the future]
19. a place to bury strangers. don't think lover [s/t]

20. television. elevation [marquee moon]
21. vampire weekend. cape cod kwassa kwassa [s/t]
22. why?. the hollows [the hollows ep]

23. okay. beast [huggable dust]
24. big black. crack [hammer party ep]

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