Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PLAYLIST 31/3/09

chillips in for shea...................

1. the meanest boys. i'll take whatever it takes [???]
2. the child readers. fortune [music heard far off]
3. christina carter. capable of murder [original darkness]

4. xiu xiu. suha [knife play]
5. atlas sound. dovers jam [12/31/08 at the drunken unicorn]
6. smog. prince alone in the studio [wild love]

7. lamborghini crystal 1992. first two tracks from side b of [cool runnings holiday]
8. the fall. deer park [peel sessions]
9. maher shalal hash baz. king of the north [blues de jour]

10. woven bones. with you alone [hozac hookup klub 001]
11. whatever brains. mt whatever [mt whatever 7"]
12. idle times. million miles away [hozac hookup klub 002]

13. gore. after [hart gore]
14. alps of nsw. t.c.h.u [s/t]
15. teeth mountain. keinsein [wfmu live radio shitttt]

16. ducktails. excerpt from surfs up [acres of shade]
17. ***SOME OF*** crazy dreams band. four winds of the owl [crazy dreams band]
18. thee oh sees. ruby go home [help]

19. thanksgiving. the lake at night [the lake at night 7"]
20. alastair galbraith. more than magnetic [hurry on down]
21. blithe suns. trying to find memory in a dark room [

22. fruit sand. oakland [we came from our parents]
23. chrome. chromosome damage [alien soundtracks]
24. the hunches. fall drive [exit dreams]

25. scott. the seventh seal [scott 4]
26. diane cluck. untitled [mon arcana]
27. cat power. bathysphere [september 18th 1996]

28. the ribbon. field [???]

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


1. zola jesus. dog [new amsterdamn]
2. sunny day in glasglow. (cult of) the cemetery flowers (mandolins version) [you can’t hide yr love forever]
3. mika miko. i got a lot [will be xuxa]
4. the shivers. african passport [in the morning]

5. the pink noise. gold light [gold light 7”]
6. my bloody valentine. only shallow [live in vancouver]
7. reading rainbow. feral kids [demo]
8. hype williams. dolo [dude wants female]

9. street chant. scream walk [demo]
10. the super vacations. mister mystery [s/t]
11. pygmy shrews. catheter [big time]

12. arthur russell. keeping up [another thought]
13. ulaan khol. untitled 3 [ii]

14. nite jewel. what did he say [good evening]
15. sdf. you drive [demo]

16. dolphins into the future. day 1, the runner/day 5, the gift [excerpt] [plays themes from voyage]
17. forest swords. red rocks fogg [demo]
18. pumice. twin neck double kick bum chin [split 7” w/ grouper]
19. spirit photography. Into the heart of [time is racing 7”]

20. assassins 88. Go go second chance verson [demo]
21. male bonding. years not long [demo]
22. jeans wilder. burnt toast [???[
23. night control. those girls [death control]
24. bill callahan. eid ma clark shaw [sometimes i wish i were an eagle]
25. sore eros. one by one [second chants]

26. grizzly bear. cheerleader [veckamishtreiu0923lakjd;fz.z]

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

playlist march 17 2009

1. blank dogs. calling over [seconds ep]

2. crystal stilts. love is a wave [love is a wave 7"]
3. cryptacize. blue tears [mythomania]
4. dum dum girls. yrs alone [captured tracks 12"]

5. grouper. heavy water/i'd rather be sleeping [dragging...]
6. grouper. rising height [split 7" with pumice]

7. night control. good looks [death control]
8. david thomas broughton. so much sin to forgive [dublab session]
9. caethua. a first breath [the pleasures of manhood]

10. zola jesus. last day [new amsterdam]
11. jeans wilder. navy blue [nice trash]
12. sore eros. smile on yr face [second chants]

13. the beatles. revolution take 20 [RARE SHIT BRO]
14. the microphones. 8 months in olympia [olympia talent show]

15. night control. star 129 [death control]
16. forest swords. kaibasa claps [demo]
17. peaking lights. 5 records skipping together [clearvoyant]

18. blank dogs. the threes [the seconds ep]
19. dan deacon. wet wings [bromst]
20. country teasers. bung oats [woar]

21. banjo or freakout. from stardust to sentience [cover]
22. gun outfit. on the beach [dim light]
23. blessure grave. feeding the silence [split 12" with cult of youth]

24. eric copeland. track 1 [RGAG]
25. neil young. tonight's the night [tonight's the night]

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Wire Playlist March 13

1. Blank Dogs. Calling Over [Seconds]
2. Girls. Lust for Life [Lust for Life 7"]
3. Cryptacize. Blue Tears [Mythomania]
4. Crystal Stilts. Love is a Wave [Love is a Wave 7"]
5. Night Control. Star 131 [Death Control]
6. Charles Hamilton. Way Cool [Excellence of Execution Mixtape]
7. Mount Pleasant. I've Been Feelin So Good [Pop Hits City EP]
8. Gun Outfit. The Valley [Dim Light]
9. Blessure Grave. Feeding the Silence [Split 12" with Cult of Youth]
10. Blank Dogs. The Tied [Seconds]
11. Dum Dum Girls. Yours Alone [Captured Tracks 12"]
12. Night Control. Good Looks [Death Control]

Friday, March 06, 2009

The Wire Playlist March 6

1. Bridez. Rolling Stoned [Heart 7" B-Side]
2. Ganglians. Lost Words [Split 7" with Eat Skull]
3. Girls. Lust for Life [Lust for Life 7"]
4. High Places. Head Spins (Allez Allez Remix) [Unreleased]
5. Roxanne Shante. Bite This [Fly Girls: B-Boys Beware]
6. Lady D. To The Beat [Fly Girls: B-Boys Beware]
7. Dum Dum Girls. Brite Futures [Split 7" Crocodiles/Pens/Graffiti Island]
8. Strange Boys. This Girls Taught Me a Dance [And Girls Club]
9. Fruit Sand. Oakland [We Came From Our Parents]
10. Grouper. Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping [Dragging a Dead Deer...]
11. Grouper. False Horizon [Split 7" with City Center]
12. Camera Obscura. My Maudlin Career [My Maudlin Career]
13. Camera Obscura. You Told a Lie [My Maudlin Career]
14. Quintron. Waterfall [Too Thirsty 4 Love]

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

the most professional radio show on the planet 03/03

1. akron/family. before and again [s/t]
2. some distorted fucked cable

3. fabulous diamonds. lp1 [s/t]
4. deerhunter. lake somerset [cryptograms]
5. smog. hangman blues [the doctor came at dawn]

6. black dice. lazy tv [repo]
7. please. sutton hoo hoo [?????????]
8. john maus. my whole worlds coming apart [love is real]

9. ctpfa. suitcase in hand [pocket symphonies for lonesome subway cars]
10. alps of nsw. l.g.o.m.w.o.c.t [s/t]
11. the alps. lunar mansions [a path thruogh the sun]

12. young marble giants. final day [final day]
13. dna. egomaniacs kiss [no new york comp]
14. internet forever. 3d [demo]

15. arthur russell. a see through thought [another thought]
16. real estate. black lake [7"]
17. bpb. you can't hurt me now [beware]

18. religious girls. esl [dddemo?]
19. the samps!. magnetic thy [dunno]
20. the love is so fast. beautiful stranger [s/t ep]

21. teengirl fantasy. gasmaskk [demo]
22. the velvet underground. sister ray [white light/white heat]

23. xy lover. d.h lawrence [demo]
24. xiu xiu. sad pony guerilla girl [life and live]

24. NMH. naomi [on avery island]