Wednesday, May 28, 2008

spilled french wine on my 90s chinos. playlist may 27


1. lucky dragons. very 2 [dream island laughing language]

2. black moth super rainbow. zodiac girls [7”]
3. suburban kids with biblical names. trees & squirrels [#3]
4. okay. panda [huggable dust]

5. broken social scene. finish yr collapse and stay for breakfast [s/t]
6. built to spill. else [keep it like a secret]
7. circulatory system. illusion [s/t]

8. the aislers set. been hiding [the last match]
9. microphones. between yr ear & the other ear [it was hot, we stayed in the water]
10. banjo or freakout. rnjoy swimming [upside down ep]

11. xiu xiu. under pressure [women as lovers]
12. wolf tickets. how it felt [milk moon]
13. quinn walker. smile for me [laughter’s an asshole/lion land]

14. born ruffians. hummingbird [red yellow & blue]
15. the hospitals. teams [hairdryer peace]
16. sic alps. microcastle [a long way around to a shortcut]

17. deerhunter. like new [fluorescent grey ep]
18. no age. impossible bouquet [nouns]
19. fuck buttons. ribs out [street horrrsing]

20. crystal stilts. crippled croon [s/t]
21. mi ami. clear light [African rhythm 7”]
22. ponytail. beg waves [ice cream spiritual]

23. shearwater. century eyes [rook]
24. silje ness. dizzy street [armes room]
25. m83. kim & jessie [Saturdays = youth]

26. no age. brain burner [nouns]
27. hdu. stupormodel [metamathics]

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

hope is a white hand that moves through my body. playlist may 20

1. talk talk. april fifth [the colour of spring]

2. bonnie prince billy. (keep eye on) other's gain [lie down in the light]
3. citay. first fantasy [little kingdom]
4. mint chicks. life will get better some day [demos]

5. these are powers. chipping ice [taro tarot]
6. softboiled eggies. try it again/night creature [demos]
7. devotchka. blessing in disguise [a mad & faithful telling]

8. orange juice. tender object [you can't hide yr love forever]
9. the national. beautiful head [s/t]
10. beat happening. what's important [s/t]

11. cursillistas. st leonard [thrush chimes in the field haunt]
12. paavoharju. kevatrumpu [laulu laakson kukista]
13. lau nau. painovoimaa valoa [nukuu]

14. abe vigoda. dead city/waste wild [skeleton]
15. the hospitals. this walls [hairdryer peace]
16. sic alps. dr bag and the pomade nature giants [a long way around to a shortcut]

17. bonnie prince billy. so everyone [lie down in the light]
18. wolf parade. language city [at mount zoomer]
19. great lake swimmers. yr rocky spine [onigara]

20. lucky dragons. i keep waiting for earthquakes [dream island laughing language]
21. raccoo-oo-on. visage of the fox [behold...]
22. white williams. route to palm [smoke]

23. tall firs. hairdo [too old to die young]
24. mi ami. african rhythms [african rhythms 7"]
25. eat skulls. dead families [dead families]

26. stefanimal. one two three four five [awesome feeling comp]

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

introducing special guest jock from throwing shapes!
filling in for shea

1. shearwater. leviathan bound
2. simon joyner. javelin

3. bon iver. creature fear
4. juana molina. salvese quien pueda (four tet remix)
5. golden boots. days are night

6. panda bear. song for ariel
7. atlas sound. requiem for all the lonely teenagers with passed out moms
8. arthur russell. that's us/wild combination

9. andrew jackson jihad. human kittens
10. bonnie prince billy + matt sweeny. lift us up
11. elephant micah. mt neil young

12. eric chenaux. am i lonely
13. xiu xiu + larsen. paw paw paw paw paw
14. ((sounder)). good things

15. el guincho. pelmitos park
16. black moth super rainbow. zodiac girls
17. ariel pinks haunted grafitti. trepanated earth

18. arab strap. kate moss
19. devendra banhart. fall

20. quinn walker. porcupine
21. magnetic fields. i wish i had an evil twin
22. sunnybrook. big waving hands

23. the mountain goats. international small arms traffic blues
24. vivian girls - tell the world

25. boris. statement (7" version)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

don't be a dick. playlist may 6

1. castanets. sway [in the vines]

2. dark meat. dead man [universal indians expanded]
3. deer tick. art isn't real aka city of sin [war elephant]
4. white denim. mess yr hair up [workout holiday]

5. shocking pinks. you can make me feel bad [singles]
6. mount pleasant. there are no roots [demo]
7. brian jonestown massacre. bring me the head of paul mccartney on heather mill's wooden peg (dropping bombs on the white house) [my bloody underground]

8. okay. or don't [demo]
9. rio en medio. let's groove [demo]
10. lucky dragons. morning ritual [dream island laughing language]

11. panthers. don't be a dick [let's get serious]
12. sic alps. hey sophia [description of the harbour]
13. the radio dept. freddie and the trojan horse [forthcoming ep]
14. cryptacize. no coins [dog that treasure]

15. the chills. pink frost [kaleidoscope world]
16. the microphones. oh you coward [little bird flies into a big black cloud]
17. kria brekkan. gomul visa um vori [wildering 7"]

18. the child readers. the infant wing [music heard far off]
19. mean street. less chat more sewing [demo]
20. naked on the vague. the horse he's sick [blood pressure sessions]

21. the national. city middle [alligator]
22. the whitest boy alive. golden cage [7"]
23. vetiver. houses [thing of the past]

24. hot silk pockets. what's the matter [round at grandad's]
25. evangelista. truth is dark like outer space [hello voyager]
26. HDU. grace [demo]