Friday, August 29, 2008

The Wire Playlist 29th August

1. Icy Demons. Miami Ice [Miami Ice]
2. Mersault. The Furnace [Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues]
3. Jay Reatard. Trapped Here [7"]
4. These Are Powers. Cockles [Taro Tarot EP]
5. Gang Gang Dance. House Jams [Saint Dymphna]
6. DJ STV SLV. Apollo Narrow (Raekwon & Ghostface Killah vs Caribou) [online]
7. Madlib. Anthenagin [Beat Konducta Vol. 5; Dil Cosby Street]
8. Nite Jewel. Chimera [Unreleased]
9. Department of Eagles. Waves of Rye [In Ear Park]
10. Karl Blau. Before Telling Dragons [Nature's Got Away]
11. Pens. FReddie [Demo]
12. Wavves. So Bored [Wavvves]
13. Black Orphan. Moon Decay [Demo]
14. Brian Jonestown Massacre. Golden Frost [My Bloody Underground]

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

they just wanna get high and have fun. playlist aug 26

1. damien jurado. honey baby [rehearsals for departure]

2. dept. of eagles. teenagers [in ear park]
3. mount eerie. lost wisdom [lost wisdom]
4. ganglians. radically inept candy girl [demo]

5. knit separates. love steep [unreleased]
6. fantastic magic. imminent grove [unreleased]
7. shocking pinks. this aching deal (acoustic) [rarities]

8. icy demons. 1850 [miami ice]
9. mount pleasant. i lost a friend (redux) [mount pleasant alowhum ep]
10. religious knives. major score [the door]

11. wreck small speakers on expensive stereos. rain [river falling love]
12. perfect shapes. witch trials [demo]
13. these are powers. cockles [taro tarot]

14. valet. hide in incense and walls [ep]
15. parenthetical girls. four words [entanglements]
16. rainbow arabia. omar k [the basta ep]

17. growing. green flag [all the way]
18. future islands. flicker & flutter [wave like home]
19. the shining path. lonely hearts killers [chocolate gasoline]

20. eat skull. shredders on fry [sick to death]
21. yikes. pink cigars [secrets to superflippin]
22. pens. hate yr calendar [demo]

23. mount eerie. greek ghosts [dawn]
24. meursault. the furnace [pissing on bonfires]
25. pere ubu. laughing [the modern dance]

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Wire Playlist August 22

1. Future Islands. Flicker & Flutter [Wave Like Home]
2. Religious Knives. Downstairs [The Door]
3. Department of Eagles. No One Does it Like You [In Ear Park]
4. Growing. Green Flag [All the Way]
5. Tujiko Noriko. Shayou [Blurred in My Mirror]
6. Saturday Looks Good To Me. Whitey Hands (High Places Remix) [Demo]
7. Teengirl Fantasy. Azz Klapz/Customize IT [Unreleased]
8. Telepathe. Devil's Trident [Beat Mother]
9. Mirror Mirror. Love is the Law [Society for the Advancment...]
10. Eat Skull. Shredders on Fry [Sick to Death]
11. Brian Jonestown Massacre. Golden Frost [My Bloody Underground]

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

guitar media bringing the anti-party yet again playlist 19th August 2008

1. magnetic fields. when my boy walks down the street [i]
2. smog. natural decline [rain on lens]

3. sic alps. bells [a long way around to a shortcut]
3. bird by snow. domestic freedom [songbread/another ocean]
4. mount eerie. moon sequel [dawn]
5. atlas sound. holiday [virtual 7"]

6. pocahaunted. sweat lodge [christina carter & pocahaunted split]
7. sebadoh. true hardcore [the freed man]
8. atlas sound. ativan [live or something, in austin or georgia who knows]

9. bonnie prince billy. molly bawn [is it the sea]
10. warmer milks. rwanda [rwanda 7"]
11. xiu xiu. dr troll [fag patrol]

12. the microphones. map [glow pt 2]
13. jandek. down in a mirror [chair beside a window]
14. xiu xiu. 20, 000 death for eidelyn gonzales [life and live]

15. mt pleasant. feel good [claw friends]
16. bird by snow. life is easy [songbread/another ocean]
17. the music tapes. cumulumnimbus [for clouds and tornados]

18. brian wilson. surfs up [smile]/grouper and xiu xiu. in the city [creepshow]/ brian wilson. surfs up [live 1966 piano rehearsal]
19 animal collective. doggy [campfire songs]
20. swan lake. are you swimming in her river [beast moans]

21. ariel pink. suicide notes [oddities and sodomites vol 1.]
22. the godz. you won't see me (the beatles) [godz 2]
23. the pink noise. pure candy [birdland]

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

HEY LOL. playlist 12 aug

1. y'all is fantasy island. with handclaps [7"]

2. no age. scheduling mishaps [no age/liars tour 7"]
3. lucky dragons. oh i understand [dream island laughing language]
4. arab strap. blood [the week never ends around here]

5. high places. gold coin [high places]
6. the sea and cake. fuller moon [car alarm]
7. mirror mirror. love is the law [the society for the advancement of inflammatory consciousness]

8. mount pleasant. i lost a friend today [claw friends]
9. lesser gonzalez alvarez. love for longer [why is the bear billowing]
10. thanksgiving. i forgot yr name [the in the world ep]

11. arch m. 21st union [moontan]
12. john maus. bennington [beaterblocker compilation]
13. salem. brewstreet [fuckt]

14. brightblack morning light. hologram buffalo [motion to rejoin]
15. weird weeds. dream songs [i miss this]
16. daniel johnston. held the hand [1990]
17. the music tapes. [for clouds and tornadoes]

18. telepathe. devil's trident [beat mother]
19. koushik. nothing's the same [out my window]
20. parts & labor. solemn show world [receivers]

21. labradford. scenic drive [single]
22. zach hill. stoic logic [astrological straits]
23. banjo or freakout. what to do [five old songs]

24. spinto band. needlepoint [moonwink]
25. dan friel. horse heaven [ghost town]
26. fabulous diamonds. lp6 [fabulous diamonds]

27. harvey milk. death goes to the winner [life the best game in town]

Friday, August 08, 2008

The Wire Playlist August 8th

1. Jay Reatard. An Ugly Death [Painted Shut 7"]
2. Koushik. Bright and Shining [Out My Window]
3. High Places. The Tree With the Lights In It [High Places]
4. Arms. Kids Aflame [Kids Aflame]
5. Paavoharju. Tvotto Tanssii [Laulu Laakson Kukista]
6. Parenthetical Girls. Gut Symmetries [Entanglements]
7. Salem. Trufours [Prom]
8. The Spinto Band. Summer Grof [Moonwink]
9. High Places. Gold Coin[High Places]
10. The Clean. Too Much Violence [Anthology]

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

oh it's a soy sauce fish. playlist aug 5

1. grizzly bear. mother and child reunion [live]

2. women. upstairs [women]
3. karl blau. before telling dragons [nature's got away]
4. arms. shitty little disco [kids aflame]

5. beach boys. heroes and villians pt 1 & 2 [smile bootleg]
6. ducktails. gem [ducktails ii]
7. liars. leaving my old life behind [liars/no age tour 7"]

8. mean street. you do the math [new track!]
9. marineville. time [forthcoming]

10. steve hauschildt. indoor travel [rapt for liquid minor]
11. sentridoh. king of the dull thump [losers]
12. graffiti island. head hunters [demo]

13. karl blau. two become one [nature's got away]
14. the chills. pink frost [kaleidoscope world] req for texter in london!
15. adventure. wild wild ride [adventure]

16. papa m. black is the colour [two ep]
17. peter wright. sumner wives wheeling prams on the esplanade [distant bombs]
18. panda bear. untitled [young prayer]

19. chairlift. planet health [does you inspire you]
20. catatonic youth. side a [7"]
21. male bonding. one door closes another door opens [demo]

22. apse. legions [spirit]
23. salem. redlights [i smoke crack ep]
24. prurient. cocaine death [something]

25. tv ghost. rebel [tv ghost]

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Wire Playlist 1st August

1. Takka Takka. Everybody Say [Migration]

2. Brian Jonestown Massacre. Satellite [My Bloody Underground]

3. Stereolab. Silver Sands [Chemical Chords]
4. The Walkmen. The New Year [You & Me]

5. Karl Blau. Mockingbird Diet [Nature's Got Away]
6. Ducktails. Backyard [Ducktails II]

7. Dominique Leone. Nous Tombons Dans Elle [S/T]
8. Madvillain. Never Go Pop [Madvillainy II]

9. El Guincho. Abejitas [Folias CD-R]
10. Koushik. Lying In The Sun [Out My Window]
11. High Places. Vision's the First [7"]