Tuesday, September 26, 2006

play indie rock if that's what you want. playlist sept 26

1. suburban kids with biblical names. loopduplicate my heart (3)
2. okkervil river. o dana (aust. tour ep)
3. shearwater. red sea black sea (palo santo)

4. pet politics. sunday morning (the spring ep)
5. howlin rain. show business (s/t)
6. swan lake. a venue called rubella (beast moans)
7. devotchka. venus in furs (curse yr little heart ep)

8. mestar. konked out (shut the squizwot factories down)
9. the late bp helium. rabbit's ear (amok)
10. orange juice. felicity (you can't hide yr love forever)
11. kinks. big sky (village green preservation society)
12. semifinalists. you said (s/t)

13. ride. kaliedoscope (nowhere)
14. my bloody valentine. never say goodbye (ecstasy and wine)
15. paleo. in the morning (2006 song diary) ***
16. damien jurado. hoquiam (and now that im in yr shadow)
17. peter & the wolf. safe travels (lightness)
18. swan lake. bluebird (beast moans)

19. xiu xiu. save me (the airforce)
20. yo la tengo. pass the hatchet i think i'm goodkind (i'm not afraid...)
21. witch. hand of glory (s/t)

22. sunn o))) and boris. akuma no kuma (altar)
23. shellac. my black ass (at action park)
24. les savy fav. hold onto yr genre (inches)
25. blood on the wall. get the fuck off my cloud (awesomer)

***his entire "song diary" can be downloaded here. CHECK IT ONE TWO

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

was yr face a head in the pillowcase. playlist sept 19

1. page france. chariot (hello, dear wind)
2. peter bjorn and john. young folks (writer's block)
3. okkervil river. the president's dead (aust. tour ep)

4. new sound of numbers. you'll be singing (liberty seeds)
5. magnetic fields. i wish i had an evil twin (i)
6. of montreal. she's a rejector (hissing fauna are you the destroyer)
7. the beatles. rain (b-side paperback writer)
8. 13th floor elevators. fire engine (psychedelic sounds)

9. wilderness. arkless (s/t)
10. sparklehorse. ghost in the sky (dreamt for lightyears in belly...)
11. his name is alive. in my name (detrola)
12. lush. for love (spooky)

13. jackie o motherfucker. rockaway (flags of the sacred harp)
14. explosions in the sky. long spring (how strange, innocence)
15. arab strap. cherubs (elephant shoe)
16. yo la tengo. the room got heavy (i'm not afraid of you ... )

17. the gladeyes. one million kisses (heart full of love ep)
18. danielson. i'm slow but i'm sloppy (7" single)
19. jennifer gentle. i do dream you (valende)
20. mint chicks. crazy?yes!dumb?no! (crazy?yes!dumb?no!)

21. casiotone for the painfully alone. young shields (etiquette)
22. les savy fav. one way widow (inches)
23. joy division. she's lost control (unknown pleasures)
24. parts and labor. springtime hibernation (stay afraid)

25. the ruby suns. there are birds (sea lion)

Monday, September 18, 2006

he don't know if she's got the wedding ring on


well, the RounDUp RDU band competition has FINISHED its SEMIFINAL stages and the FIVE FINALISTS (whoah! too much alliteration) are ready to battle it out this coming saturday at the dux de lux!
aaaaaaand the finalists will be competing in this order:

8:30 pm The Delorians
9.05 pm Mustard
9.40 pm Black Market Art
10.15 pm The Transistors
10.50 pm The Tiger Tones

(click the bandname to check their myspace page)

make sure yr there at 8:30 on the dot because you don't want to miss out on any of the action!

and the night before don't forget a low hum! 9:30pm at the jetset!

finally, for those of you who have been following the bonnie prince billy ad saga - the third and final installment:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

you are a bus i want to catch. playlist sept 12

1. elf power. will my feet carry me home (a dream in sound)
2. evangelicals. diving (so gone)
3. over the atlantic. kevin shields (junica)
4. swan lake. are you swimming in her pools (beast moans)

5. final fantasy. song song song (he poos clouds)
6. shugo tokumaru. mist (l.s.t.)
7. grizzly bear. plans (yellow house)
8. the decemberists. the crane wife 3 (the crane wife)

9. big star. big black car (3rd/sister lovers)
10. kind of like spitting. thrill of the hunt (thrill of the hunt)
11. akron/family. love and space (meek warrior)
12. clinic. the seeker (visitations)
13. oneida. up with people (happy new year)

14. joanna newsom. monkey & bear (ys)
15. espers. cruel storm (espers ii)

16. of montreal. heimdalsgate like a promethean curse (hissing fauna, are you the destroyer)
17. deerhoof. milking (milkman)
18. mint chicks. walking off a cliff again (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)
19. television personalities. this angry silence (and dont the kids just love it)

20. bob dylan. someday baby (modern times)
21. herman dune. i wish that i could see you (giant)
22. chin up chin up. i need a friend with a boat (this harness cant ride anything)
23. sufjans stevens. mr supercomputer (the avalanche)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

and now that i'm in yr shadow

PART TWO of the strange 3 part series of advertisements for the forthcoming bonnie prince billy album, the letting go (out september 19 on drag city)

if you missed part one, check it out here

this weekend make sure you head to the dux both nights (around 9pm-11:30ish) to catch the semifinals of the rdu RounDUp band competition! to check the timetables click here

on a random note - i was reading somewhere that ryan mcphun and the ruby suns are headlining the october a low hum tour. so that's something to look forward to!
also - the first announcement for the big day out is apparently the 4th of october. fingers crossed those tool/muse rumours don't come true!

tune in on tuesday for some cool tunez - new joanna newsom! and heaps of other new stuff as well, probably!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

it's like country music and rock combined, y'know? the ALT.COUNTRY SPECIAL

it's all about twanging goodness and long dusty roads tonight.
big hollah out to mr. timothy dodgers for spinning heaps of the tunes tonight!
massive respect brutha!

1. tim rogers & tex perkins. dinosaurs (my better half)
2. country mike. sloppy drunk (oh)
3. augie march. thin captain crackers (moo you bloody choir)
4. my morning jacket. nashville to kentucky (tennessee fire)
5. byrds. the christian life (sweetheart of the rodeo)
6. emmylou harris. wayfaring stranger (album)
7. calexico. not even stevie nicks (feast of wire)
8. crooked fingers. twilight creeps (dignity and shame)
9. gillian welch. caleb myer (hell amongst the yearlines)
10. m ward. requiem (post war)
11. jenny lewis. handle with care (rabbit furcoat)
12. marah. waly whitman bridge (demo)
13. edith frost. cars and parties (demo)*
14. songs:ohia. just be simple (magnolia electric co.)
15. jim white. borrowed wings (drill a hole in the substrate)
16. smog. drinking at the dam (a river ain't too much to love)
17. ryan adams. hard way to fall (jacksonville city lights)
18. palace bros. riding (there is none what will take care of you)
19. sparklehorse. mountains (dreamt for lightyears ... )
20. neko case. starwitness (fox confessor brings the flood)
21. be-good tanyas. the littlest sparrow (take us out for a spin)
22. lucinda williams. those three days (world without tears)
23. neil young. harvest (harvest)
24. john knee cash. god's gonna cut you down (american v)

*you can download this along with AN ENTIRE ALBUM of stuff, LEGALLY from here. OH YES!!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

if my arm was a mic stand, would you hold my hand?


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OK SWEET SEEYA THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1