Tuesday, January 02, 2007

hello, 2007. playlist 2 jan 2007!!!

1. rusty santos. demon (eternity spans)
2. camera obscura. happy new year (biggest bluest hi-fi)
3. sleeping states. rivers (single)
4. field music. give it lose take it (tones of town)

5. palace bros. i send my love to you (days in the wake)
6. david kilgour. too long from me (the far now)
7. doveman. honey (the acrobat)
8. apostle of hustle. my sword hand's anger (nation anthem of nowhere)
9. do make say think. you, you're awesome (you, you're a history in rust)

10. !!!. sweet life (myth takes)
11. gang of four. guns before butter (entertainment!)
12. BARR. the song is the single (summary)
13. king loser. band on the run (caul of the outlaw)

14. nurse & soldier. green tea (marginalia)
15. the tall firs. don't prey on me (s/t)
16. low. always fade (drums and guns)
17. smog. strawberry rash (julius caesar)

18. of montreal. gronlandic edit (hissing fauna are you the destroyer?)
19. the blow. true affection (paper television)
20. los campesinos! you! me! dancing! (hold on now youngster)
21. blood on the wall. reunite on ice (awesomer)

22. explosions in the sky. catastrophe and the cure (all of a sudden, i miss everyone)
23. jackie o motherfucker. good morning kaptain (flags of the sacred heart)
24. the postmarks. winter spring summer fall (s/t)
25. these new puritans. c16th (now pluvial ep)


Sérgio Hydalgo said...

My name´s Sérgio Hydalgo and I have a weekly radio show called " Má Fama" (Bad Fame in a lame translation) promoting new, undiscovered and forgotten music. The show is also downloadable in a Podcast blog . It showcases one hour of exploratory music hand in hand with breathtaking campfire songs.

During the last months I've been recording and talking with some bands, including Ignatz, Half Asleep, Loosers, Colleen and Six Organs of Admittance

In the beginning of January I'll broadcast one hour of performance + interview with Noah Lennox a.k.a PANDA BEAR. He playied a beautiful set, some days ago at my house, including new songs never performed.


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