Tuesday, February 27, 2007

we love radio. playlist feb 27

1. hidden cameras. lollipop (awoo)
2. brown recluse sings. calm before the storm (black sunday ep)
3. daniel johnston. walking low (hi how are you?)
4. paper airplanes. fences (boyhood)
5. jordan o'jordan. an old foundry fable (not style nor season nor hard-handed lesson)

6. marnie stern. every single line means something (in advance of the broken arm)
7. ponies in the surf. little boy lost (ponies on fire)
8. the besnard ladies. disaster (are the dark horse)
9. hush arbors. bones by the sea (landscape of bone ep)

10. beirut. elephant gun (lon gisland ep)
11. a hawk and a hacksaw. in the river (the way the wind blows)
12. king kong. orange ocean (buncha beans)
13. the 6ths. city in the rain (wasps nest)

14. fields. feathers (everything last winter) UGGHH SORRY!!!
15. the monks. shut up (black monk time)
16. the evens. minding ones business/you won't feel a thing (s/t)
17. birthglow. fanta (mineral waters ep)
18. sonic youth. teen age riot (daydream nation)

19. japanther. public square (dump the body in rikki lake)
20. !!!. all my heroes are weirdos (myth takes)
21. mt gigantic. blessed be the bicycle (gleanings and gatherings)
22. liars. loose nuts on the velandrome (they threw us in a trench and stuck a monument on top)
23. coughs. life of acne (secret passage)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

so you like it vague, huh? playlist feb 20

1. the for carnation. on the swing (marshmallows)
2. ladybird. fair love (demo)
3. destroyer. j taylor (we'll build them a golden bridge)
4. the sea and cake. middlenight (everybody)

5. the books. a little goes a long way (lost and safe)
6. soccer team. solid ring fighters ("volunteered" civility & professionalism)
7. ride. dreams burn down (nowhere)
8. blonde redhead. 23 (23)

9. electrelane. on parade (the power out)
10. young marble giants. wurlitzer jukebox (collosal youth)
11. silver jews. i'm getting back into getting back into you (tanglewood numbers)
12. urbantramper. sunsets on the empty carnival (tokon & the colours)
13. the mae shi. run to yr grave (7xx7 or PWND)

14. fields. skulls and flesh and more (everything last winter)
15. samara lubelski. sister silvers (spectacular of passage)
16. os mutantes. ando meio desligado (tropicalia compilation)

17. jana hunter. babies (sxsw showcase)
18. tiger tones. pop eats pop (s/t ep)
19. beck. forcefield (one foot in the grave)
20. dinosaur jr. we're not alone (beyond)

21. au revoir simone. fallen snow (the bird of music)
22. dirty three. i remember a time when once you loved me (horse stories)
23. calvin johnson & the sons of soil. tummy hop (live) (s/t)
24. abe vigoda. casual night (sky route/star root)
25. liars. loose nuts on the veladrome (they threw us all in a trench and stuck a monument on top)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i am part of a large family. playlist 13/2/2007

1. dr. dog. old news (we all belong)
2. los campsinos. please don't tell me to do the math(s) (we throw parties, you throw knives bside)
3. the makes nice. candy wrapper (candy wrapper and 12 other songs)
4. arcade fire. the well and the lighthouse (neon bible)

5. avey tare. i'm yr eagle kisser (rare bookwroom records comp)
6. great lake swimmers. catcher son (ongiara)
7. tunng. wood cat (comments of the inner chorus)
8. papercuts. unavailable (can't go back)
9. microphones. get off the internet (don't smoke bside)

10. casper & the cookies. learn how to disappear (optimist's club)
11. the battles. suzanne (tomorrow's eager hands)
12. the evens. cut from the cloth (s/t)
13. liquid liquid. optimo (s/t anthology)


14. flying canyon. crossing by yr star (s/t)
15. shocking pinks. second hand girl (infinity land)
16. bill callahan. the wheel (woke on a whaleheart)
17. paul mccartney. temporary secretary (mccartney ii)

18. the mint chicks. crazy? yes! dumb? no! (crazy? yes! dumb? no!)
19. the tiger tones. he said (s/t ep)
20. air formation. cold morning (daylight storms)
21. explosions in the sky. welcome, ghosts (all of a sudden, i miss everyone)

22. dinosaur jr. pick me up (beyond)
23. not so experimental. harry (s/t ep)
24. my disco. perfect perfection (cancer)
25. boredoms. 96 teenage bondage (super roots one)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

something witty, spelt correctly, suitably ironic

1. Deerhoof, + 81, Friend Opportunity
2. Wire, Reuters, Pink Flag
3. Goblin Cock, Striped Tiger Snaps, Bagged And Boarded
4. Shellac, My Black Ass, At Action Park
5. Q And Not U, A Line In The Sand, No Kill No Beep Beep
6. Dead Kennedys, Too Drunk To Fuck, Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death
7. Bill Callahan, Sycamore, Woke On A Whale Heart
8. J-New, Cosmia From The Block, Yeesh
9. Horsefeathers, Dustbowl, Words Are Dead
10. Chris Bell, I Am The Cosmos, I Am The Cosmos
11. Drones, Shark Fin Blues [Acoustic] Download at www.thedrones.com.au
12. Karen Dalton, Are You Leaving For The Country, In My Own Time
13. Calexico, Quattro World's Drifting, Feast Of Wire
14. The Gin Club, Jim, Fear Of The Sea
15. Panda Bear, Take Pills, Person Pitch
16. Ryan Adams, In My Time Of Need, Heartbreaker
17. Do Make Say Think, In Mind, You, You're A History In Rust
18. Devendra Banhardt, White Reggae Troll/ Africa - Happy BDay Bob!
19. The Dead Science, Cuz She's Me, Bird Bones In The Bug House
20. Elliot Smith, Cupid's Trick, Either/ Or
21. Arcade Fire, Building Downtown (Anti Christ Television Blues), Neon Bible
22. Tim Rogers And The Temperance Union, Rats, Dirty Ron/ Ghost Songs
23. New York Dolls, Looking For A Kiss, New York Dolls
24. Polysics, Plus Chicker, Hey! Bob! My Friend!
25. Deerhunter, Strange Lights, Cryptogram
26. Mastodon, Aqua Dementia, Leviathan