Tuesday, February 23, 2010


1. high places. when it comes [high places vs mankind]
2. fluker love. in love [s/t]
3. lashes. sunny skies [forthcoming cassette]
4. peepholes. stop picking on aretha pudding [stop picking on aretha pudding ep]

5. times new viking. rocks in my heart [split w/ axemen]
6. balaclavas. night worship [roman holiday]
7. craft spells. the fog rose high [demo]
8. gas. [compressed gas]

9. fluffy lumbers. gradeschool fantasy [harry dolland's 7"]
10. rangers. out after curfew [suburban tours]
11. blissed out. tropical fantasy edit [demo]
12. crop rotation. depths new mix [demo]

13. gowns. stand and encounter [unreleased]
14. blood! witchless [beko 30]
15. driphouse. romati (excerpt) [forthcoming]

16. basketball cards. the kids are all grown up [basketball cards 7"]
17. man legs. animals [animals 7"]
18. rene. rout88 carcass diner [view from the zone]
19. diva cup. ramona ali [x minus one]

20. zola jesus. night [stridulum]
21. xiu xiu. this too shall pass away (for freddy) [dear god i hate myself]
22. 90210. untitled (excerpt) [s/t]

23. my bloody valentine. all i need [isn't anything]


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

guitar media playlist feb 16

1. baby sloth spirit. final program (ssslow edit) [eyes]
2. konnichiwa. celestial navigations [ep]
3. radio dept. heaven's on fire [heaven's on fire]
4. john k. lostinthebeat [lost in the beat]

5. u.s. girls. the mountain's high [go grey]
6. kria brekkan. place of you [uterus water 7"]
7. o paon. a) [7"]
8. scout niblett. bargain [the calcination of scout niblett]

9. daytime television. rip off [worst demo world]
10. sparkling wide pressure. private mystery school [what day it is]
11. arizona jaguar. A [1993-2009]
12. vacation dad. hemp scented body lotion [vacation dad]

13. pink priest. sleepyhead [beko 31]
14. city center. heat isn't the word [cops don't care 7"]
15. infinite body. carve out the face of my god [carve out the face of my god]
16. atlas sound. christmas synths [blog]

17. raw thrills. for someone [beko 29]
18. spectrals. it's very kind of you to put up with me [paradise vendors com]
19. cough cool. great shredder event [buy some dust]
20. lois magic. dead quiet [cs]

21. my disco. young [dunno]
22. axemen. sick and tyred [split w times new viking]
23. dignan porch. on a ride [7"]
24. home blitz. don't talk to me [out of phase]
25. haunted houses. truth [the invisible war for the mind]

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

guitar media playlist feb 9

1. kurt weisman. self-portrait with skull [orange]
2. king dude. my beloved ghost [demo]
3. u.s. girls. red ford radio [go grey]
4. hype williams. problem chalice pt 4 [s/t]

5. truman peyote. anotherother [friendship bracelet vol 3]
6. oneohtrix point never. nobody here [memory vague]
7. silicon oasis. untitled [s/t]
8. kurt weisman. orange [orange]

9. big troubles. wouldn't mind [bside]
10. the twerps. good advice [the twerps]
11. rhinoceros. i was pulled out to sea [before this place was a city...]
12. girls in the eighties. vacation [teenage royalty]

13. many mansions. frontier gnosis [peaced together]
14. yo la tengo. cherry chapstick [and then nothing turned itself inside out]
15. more bikini babes. took off my shoes [friendship bracelet vol 3]
16. foxy baby. backstage pass [foxy baby]

17. flashback repository. side a (excerpt) [s/t]
18. speculator. stay cool [luke perry split]
19. blues runner. side a (excerpt) [mind surfers installation]
20. mossy throats. vhs hallucination [3" cdr]

21. raw thrills. why can't i say let go [demo]
22. ch-rom. teenage cop [call me rom]