Tuesday, November 06, 2007

whatsup guys

1. castanets. and the swimming [in the vines]

2. gravenhurst. farewell, farewell [the western lands]
3. the antlers. east river berlin wall [cold war ep]
4. animal collective. purple bottle [live at neumos 2006]

5. feu therese. les enfants [ca va cogner]
6. bob dylan & the band. i'm not there [i'm not there ost]
7. beirut. interior of a dutch house [demo]

8. flying saucer attack. a silent tide [s/t]
9. eric copeland. la booly boo [hermaphrodite]
10. m.i.a. paper planes [kala]

11. rob. the panda coming [panda bear/surf city mashup]
12. deradoorian. grey teeth [demo]
13. grizzly bear. blackcurrant jam [worried noodles]

14. rivulets. to be home [you are my home]
15. my little airport. debbie, don't send this song to others [we can't stop smoking the vicious and blue summer]
16. christopher francis. one [worried noodles]
17. jesus and mary chain. teenage lust (acoustic) [the sound of speed]

18. pants yell! reject, reject [alison statton]
19. san francisco water cooler. rockers escape [s/t]
20. sambassadeur. the park [migration]

21. shocking pinks. emily (live on rdu) [free dfa comp]
22. the art bears. the song of the martyrs [the world as it is today]
23. pussy galore. yu gong [sugarshit sharp]
24. fuck buttons. sweet love for planet earth [street horrrsing]

25. this heat. sleep [deceit]
26. some girls. the dna will have its say [the dna will have its say]

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