Tuesday, May 08, 2007

i'll try my best to catch up with you. playlist may 8

1. peter & the wolf. fireflies (fireflies)
2. dudley benson. it's akaroa's fault (nurimix) (awesome feeling comp. free with real groove mag)
3. islaja. pete p (ullal yyy)
4. electrelane. cut and run (no shouts no calls)

5. page france. the ruby ring man (... and the family telephone)
6. cats on fire. higher grounds (the province complains)
7. abe vigoda. world map forever (sky route (star roof))
8. thought creature. yr telepathy (awesome feeling comp.)
9 dungen. sa blev det bestamt (tio bitar)

10. aria c jalali. bohemia (with a sea) (postmodernism ep)
11. thee, stranded horse. tainted days (churning strides)
12. department of eagles. balmy night (new demo)
13. horse feathers. finch on saturday (words are dead)

14. ladybug transistor. always on the telephone (can't wait another day)
15. priestbird. life not lost (in your time)
16. the gladeyes. damien & monika party at yrs (awesome feeling comp.)
17. grouper. cover the windows & the walls (cover the windows & the walls)

18. handsome furs. handsome furs hate this city (plague park)
19. phosphorescent. joe tex the taming blues (aw come aw wry)
20. neutral milk hotel. in the aeroplane over the sea (in the aeroplane over the sea)

21. throwing muses. the river (house tornado)
22. pterodactyl. astros (blue jay)
23. parts & labor. new crimes (mapmaker)
24. so so modern. skeleton dance (awesome feeling comp.)
25. not so experimental. resist! unlearn! defy! (awesome feeling comp.)

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