Tuesday, October 30, 2007

circular brackets are the dark horse playlist 30/10/07

big thanks to the g-man gareth for filling in for shea!

1. gravenhurst. trust (the western lands)

2. yeasayer. sunrise (all hour cymbals)
3. stephen malkmus. ballad of a thin man (i'm not there ost)
4. orilla opry. shadow shadow (lighthouse for strugglers eyes)

5. swirlies. wrong tube (blondertongueaudiobaton)
6. cap'n jazz. little league (analphabetapolothology)
7. the black swans. change (change)

8. beirut. forks and knifes (la fete) (the flying cub cup)
9. lightning paw. somethings true (holy, holy)
10. css. knife (friend ep)

11. broughton and casati. the rage (the rage ep)
12. pants yell! tried to be good (alison stratton)
13. the red krayola w/ art and language. fairest of all (trapped by liars)

14. the teenagers. scarlet johansson (fuck nicole)
15. yume bitsu. i wait for you (yume bitsu)
16. yo la tengo. fourth time around (i'm not there ost)

17. the pyramids. piblokoto (s/t)
18. the liars. cycle time (s/t)
19. white hills. radiate (heads on fire)

20. the breeders. safari (safari ep)
21. pylon. volume (gyrate)
22. radiohead. reckoner (in rainbows)

23. HEALTH. zoothorns (s/t)
24. les savy fav. patty lee (lets stay friends)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i live for yr fleeting touch. playlist oct 23

1. ben & bruno. given the attributes (100 grim reapers)

2. graves. grupe park [seldom slumber]
3. begushkin. nightly things [nightly things]
4. orillia opry. shadow shadow [lighthouse for stragglers' eyes]

5. octopus project. queen [hello, avalanche]
6. maritime. for science fiction [heresy and the hotel choir]
7. codeine. barely real [barely real]

8. john maus. too much money [love is real]
9. swervedriver. girl on a motorbike [mezcal head]
10. half cousin. police torch [iodine]
11. white rainbow. waves [prism of eternal now]

12. the tough alliance. a new chance [a new chance]
13. jonquil. pencil, paper [lions]
14. moon + moon. act two [la societe]

15. david thomas broughton & 7 hertz. weight of my love [s/t]
16. golden axe. pumps on prepay [demo?]

17. yeasayer. sunrise [all hour cymbals]
18. phosphorescent. and the swimming [cover]
19. palace bros. come in [glr session 1994]

20. monster bobby. i heard you moved away [gaps]
21. woelv. drapeau blanc [tout seul dans la foret...]
22. math & physics club. do you keep a diary [baby i'm yrs ep]

23. the dead c. bad politics [making losers happy comp.]
24. the coathangers. don't touch my shit [s/t]
25. death sentence: panda. little one vs big one [puppy kitten or both]

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


1. tom brosseau. committed to memory [cavalier]

2. japancakes. only shallow [loveless]
3. phosphorescent. wolves [pride]
4. sea saw. microphone [magnetophone]

5. bob dylan. let me die in my footsteps [bootleg series vol 1-3]
6. the 1900s. everybody's got a collection [cold & kind]
7. grizzly bear. alligator (choir version) [friend ep]

8. shooting spires. sky for a sea [s/t]
9. weird weeds. a goose [forthcoming ooooh]
10. ariel pink's haunted graffiti. somewhere in europe/hotpink! [worn copy]
11. mattress. in yr pocket [single]

12. my bloody valentine. thorn [you made me realise ep]
13. psychedelic horseshit. anxiety [blown speaker standards]
14. red pony clock. don't forget who yr friends are [god made dirt]
15. tullycraft. the punks are writing love songs [every scene needs a center]

16. shonen knife. a day at the factory [s/t]
17. math & physics club. nothing really happened [baby i'm yrs ep]
18. the mekons. dark dark dark [natural]

19. grizzly bear. little brother (electric) [friend ep]
20. jeffrey lewis. end result [12 crass songs]
21. fire engines. candyskin [hungry beat]

22. young marble giants. searching for mr right [colossal youth]
23. eyeless in gaza. three kittens [photographs as memories]
24. teenage jesus & the jerks. i wake up dreaming [no new york comp]

25. holy fuck. safari [lp]

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

24hrs until revolution. playlist, 9 october w/ timmy dodgers

tim rogers, a most ordinary set of events, the luxury of hysteria
spoon, don't make me a traget, ga ga ga ga ga
sunset rubdown, up on your leopard, upon the end of your feral days, random spirit lover
thurston moore, honest james, trees outside the academy
animal collective, unsolved mysteries, strawberry jam
liars, houseclouds, liars (2007)
battles, leyendecker, mirrored
king loser, 76 comeback, you cannot kill what does not live
the bronx, dirty leaves, the bronx
the drones, i don't ever want to change, gala mill
kill devil hills, drinking too much, heathen songs
grinderman, depth charge ethel, grinderman
the gin club, you make it hard, virginibus puerisque
iron and wine, carousel, the shepard's dog
akron/ family, running, returning, akron/ family
elliott smith, angel in the snow, new moon
devendra banhart, tonada yanomaninista, smokey rolls down thunder canyon
architecture in helsinki, heart it races, places like this
the go team, titanic vandalism, proof of youth
okkervil river, unless it's kicks, the stage names
ween, what deaner was talkin about, chocolate and cheese
radiohead, 15 step, bootleg - live at bonnaroo 17-06-2006
karen dalton, are you leaving for ther country, in my own time
the frames, song for someone, the cost
tim rogers, goodnight boys, the lucxury of hysteria

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

richard and i are wearing the same warehouse hoody. playlist oct 2

1. pearls and brass. away the mirrors [the indian tower]

2. surf city. free the city [s/t ep]
3. adrian orange & her band. fire dream [s/t]
4. low low low la la la love love love. mayfly [ends of june]

5. romona cordova. brother [the boy who floated freely]
6. jim white. counting numbers in the air [transnormal skiperoo]
7. songs of green pheasant. the ballad of century paul [gyllyng street]

8. bearsuit. looks a bleached coral faced crow with jewels for eyes [oh:io]
9. jonquil. sudden sun [lions]
10. fire engines. candyskin [hungry beat]

11. black lips. not a problem [arriba tijuana]
12. the haircuts. the last stop [sorrow is the way to love]
13. dean & britta. white horses [back numbers]

14. kimya dawson. tire swing [remember that i love you]
15. mount eerie. in moonlight [what the heck? comp]
16. wzt hearts. lava nile [thread ropes spell making yr bones]

17. liars. volcano police [plaster casts b-side]
18. HEALTH. heaven [s/t]
19. the oblivions. ride that train [play nine songs]

20. animal collective. brother sport (live) [live on npr]
21. peter and the wolf. the ivori palms [the ivori palms]
22. the doves. the storm [some cities]
23. six organs of admittance. strangled road [shelter from the ash]

24. the octopus project. upmann [hello, avalanche]
25. swell maps. hs art [a trip to marineville]
26. pre. scenes from a 1963 los angeles love-in [epic fits]

27. not so experimental. track 3 [ep]