Tuesday, August 14, 2007

\m/ playlist 14/09/07 \m/

simone filling in for shea! oh yeah!

1. red house painters. katy songs [s/t 1]
2. department of eagles. no one does it like you [forthcoming?]
3. the cilentele. bookshop casanova [god save the clientele]

4. belle & sebastian. if yr feeling sinister [if yr feeling sinister]
5. metallic falcons. snakes & tea [desert doughnuts]
6. viking moses. werewolves in the city [single]
7. akron/family. don't be afraid, you're already dead [love is simple]

8. m.i.a. paper planes [kala]
9. magik markers. axis mundi [boss]
10. the blow. hock it [poor aim: love songs]
11. white rainbow. mystic prism [prism of eternal now]

12. bobby birdman. i will come again [heart caves]
13. dirty projectors. police story [rise above]
14. april march. mignonette [chrominance decoder]
15. the brian jonestown massacre. wisdom [methodrone]

16. jens lekman. if i could cry (it would feel like this) [night falls over kortedela]
17. bird by snow. black elk in the mountains [ecstatic giving]
18. tender forever. hot [the soft & the hxc]
19. holy shit. i don't need enemies [stranded at two harbours]
20. woods. make time for kitty [how to survive in the woods]

21. jackie-o motherfucker. northern line [liberation]
22. mirah. cold cold water [advisory committee]
23. cat power. headlights [dear sir]
24. part chimp. cover me [cup]

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